A bite at the cherry episode 18 – 19


{ BlackBurn Academy: Blood Thirst }

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.



I flinched, turning to who had called me.
“Jesus christ! Dionne you scared the shit out of me. What are you doing here? ”

” I should be asking you that. ”

” Well, guess we both should be asking ourselves that.” I shrug.

” You’re stalking on the principal, aren’t you? “I asked.

” Me? Stalking on the principal? “I scoffed. ” Why would I ever think of doing that? ” I denied.

He smiled. ” It’s on your face. ”

” Congratulations for seeing that. Can we get out of here before someone else sees us?”

“If you say so. ”


” You spent hours. ” Flo said angrily.

” Minutes. And besides, I met Dionne. ”

Lora’s expression change, ” We didn’t talk much but… he isn’t my problem now. ”

” So, what is your problem now? ”

«Mr Noméd… » Said my brain.

“I don’t know yet.”


It’s been two days since I last saw him. Since the day he zoomed out of the school with Miss Martin.

I am totally down and I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t seen him since two days or because I’m just so concerned about his whereabouts.

Or maybe, I might be sick.

“Are you alright?”Lora asked.

“I don’t think so…” And everything became blur.

I woke up to see mom sitting beside me. I was in my own room for that matter, laid on my bed.
My head still ache so I didn’t give any attempt to sit.

“How do you feel?” Mom asked with concern on her face.

” I still feel pains all over my body. “I breathed heavily, ” how did I get here? ”

” Lora called me. ”

” Ow, ”

” Are you hungry?”

I shook my head, “I’m cool. Look, don’t worry about me,mom, I’ll be fine. Okay?”

” I know,babe. I’ll leave you to rest. In case you get hungry…”

“… I know where to find my food.” I completed with a chuckle.

Darkness grew near. The night breeze wasn’t woozing as always and the slow movement of the fan won’t do justice to the heat I was feeling.

My eyes were heavy but I couldn’t sleep. I rolled several times on my bed, the heat was too much.
And I’m f*cking burning under my clothe.

I changed to my singlet and a mini knicker, throwing myself back in my bed.
I felt my skin, my temperature was really high and I’m definitely not sure if I’m gonna survive this before morning.

When I was driven by sleep, finding myself in a different world. Everything looked different from my world, like I am in my imagination.

I called Lora’s name, then Flo’s then mom but none answered. I was scared to the bones, this isn’t another crazy freaking nightmares again.

There were no house, no cars nothing. Just an empty space. “Hello, is anyone here? I need help, I don’t know where I am!”

“You’re in my world. ” Said a familiar voice. I stiffened, not wanting to look at him. He walked to my front, with the usual smile which got me more scared. “Hello, Elise. Welcome to my world.”

“This place is as creepy as you are.” I say, “What am I doing here?”

“To see the future. To see what is yet to happen. With me and my people, we will take down every single souls that breaths starting from you, Elise. ”

” What makes you think you will have me? ”

” Because, there’s no one to save you, not even your little boyfriend. As soon as I am done with you, he’s next. ” My heart skipped a beat.

” You’re not going to hurt him, are you? “I asked, terrified.

” Don’t worry, I’ll make his death a quiet and peaceful one. I promise. ”

” Don’t you ever touch him!” I yelled. ” Don’t you ever lay a hand on him, you hear me! ”

” Why do you bother about someone who doesn’t like you? Why do you think that he loves you so deeply the way you do love him? He doesn’t care about you.”

” I don’t love him, but I won’t let you hurt him. ”

” You can’t lie to me, Elise. Remember, you’re in my world. I know everything in your mind, what you think and what you’re yet to think. ”

” Congratulations with that, Mr Lawford. Now, can you get out of my head? ”

” Leaving so soon? C’mon, we barely talked and you plan to leave? ”

” I don’t wanna talk… with you. Well, don’t worry, I’ll figure my way out myself. ” I shut my eyes close, opening it again to find myself back into my room.


But something about last night kept ringing in my head. Especially when Dionne talked about Mr Noméd having no feelings about me.

Guess he’s somehow right about that. Maybe, I’m being to pushy towards him.
Mom had to persuade me not to come to school, but sitting my ass for damn 24 hours on my bed wasn’t my thing.

I convinced her that I was gonna be fine and that if anything was to happen to me, I’ll give her a call. “Good bye, mom.” I said, as I stepped out of the car.

“Good bye, sweetie.”

“And don’t… be late for work or Mr Dan will have your salary divided.”

She chuckled. “I won’t.”

The first place I looked at was the garage, Mr Noméd’s car wasn’t there which means he wasn’t in school yet.
I hung my bag well on my shoulder making my way in.

The break period approached, I with my friends we went to the cafeteria. My head hurts pretty badly and I wouldn’t want to go back home.

I mean, it’s still 12 o’clock.

“You still don’t look alright.”Flo said.

“I know, but it’s better than staying at home. ” I answered.

” You should see the nurse for a little assistance. ”

” I don’t want any extra drugs… for the meantime. ” I felt my stomach growl. Not the growl for hunger, I was feeling the urge to pull out.

“I think I need to go to the rest room. See you guys later.” I quickly left the cafeteria, making my speedy way to the toilet where I had to vomit everything in my stomach, including my intestines.

“Gross,” I flushed the toilet, washing my hands and my mouth in the sink.

As I walk back to the cafeteria, I saw Mr Noméd talking to a lady. He didn’t see me and I’m thankful for that.

I have never seen her before and she definitely doesn’t work here.
Maybe she might be applying for a job or something.
She looked so beautiful, extra ordinarily sculpted that no fault could be found on her.

Just a single look, then you’re out for her contact.

He walked with her until they entered his office. The way she looks at him was so different from a boss and his staff’s look.
It was more of a look that tells that they’re a thing together.

I felt reluctant to it but in,side me, I was angry at the way he talked and smiled with her. And the worst of it is that, he took her into his office!!

What am I even thinking?
Is that jealousy talking?

I think I am jealous because I am!

Lunch period was over, I had free class. I took my history note from my locker, heading to the library.
Not just to read, I’m probably going with it to get some rest.

Then I saw him leave his office with the same lady. I don’t know why but the strange feelings keep burning in my in,side, Dionne’s words still sounding in my ears.

“He doesn’t love you the way you love him, you’re only fooling around with him.”

I held my book to my chest, leaving to the library.
Maybe, I’m just being too pushy around him.


Okay, lemme say about Elise’s dream. Think about her conversation with Dionne.
What did he said?

He’ll destroy every single soul that dwells in it.
I’ll keep saying it, Dionne is the vallian here. 🤔🤔


{ BlackBurn Academy: Blood Thirst }

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.


Another extra three days and we still haven’t talked nor seen each other.
I was getting weaker every single time I think about him.

I keep regretting why I pushed him away back then in his office when he first k-ssed me. I know he’s only trying to pay me back for what I did. And I’m so sorry.

A junior walked up to me, “Miss Martin wants to see you in her office.”

If she’s gonna ask me how my dream has been all these weeks, I’m definitely not gonna answer her.

I knocked and she permitted me in. “Miss Maria.. Are you alright? You don’t look okay today.”

“It’s nothing, just have a fever that’s all. ”

” You shouldn’t be in school today. I can call your mom to come pick you up. ” She searched for her phone on her desk.

” Don’t worry, ma’am, I already met the nurse. ”

” You sure you don’t wanna go home? ”

” I’m fine. ”

” O.. kay. So, I actually called you to help me give this to Mr Noméd. Can you help me with that? ”

” S.. sure. I will. ” I took the book from her.

” In case if he asks for the other book, tell him that I’m still working on it. But if he doesn’t… ”

” I don’t have to bother explaining. “I completed.

She smiled. ” Thank you. ”

” Anytime. “I exited her office to Mr Noméd’s office.

I opened the door after knocking. Our eyes met, but then I looked at the same lady who was with him three days ago.

I shut the door behind, heading close to his desk. “Miss Martin.”

He was still glaring at me but I took my gaze off, returning it back to the pretty lady opposite him.

I almost stumble but she held me by the arm, “Are you alright?” She asked me.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Thank you.”

I left the office for the both of them. I’m really not feeling myself right now. Maybe I just have to go home.


I went to his office again, I was sure the lady was gone before I thought of visiting again.

I opened the door, but he was leaving when I entered.
“You’re leaving?”

I guess he just noticed it was I who entered.
” Miss Maria? What are you doing here? You should be in class.”

“I don’t have lecture now. I wanna talk to you. ”

He stared at his wrist watch, ” Miss Maria, I wish we could talk but…”

“Can’t you give me a bit of your time? ”

” Miss Maria… ”

” I get it. You’ve got a lot to do, things to work on, places to go and I’m not that much important to you than any of those. Right? ”

” It’s not what you think… ”

” Is it?” I chuckled. “Then tell me, what is it? We barely saw each other. We barely even talked since this week and now I think we have the chance, you’re leaving? ”

He made no comment.

” You know what? Maybe Dionne was right about one thing, I’ve been wa-isting the hell of my time thinking you’re the right person but you’re not. Maybe it was a mistake knowing you at the first place. ” I push the door open, ” By the way, sorry for taking your time.” I said, shutting it hærd behind me.

I sniffed heavily, sighing sobbingly. I wiped off the tears on my cheeks… I’m probably going home.


“Hey,” she greeted me with a smile.

I rubbed my eyes softly, as I sat up on my bed. “Hey. How did you get to know my house?”

“Lora told me. How you feeling?”

“A little better. Thanks for your concern. ”

” Oh, it’s nothing. Have you eaten yet? I can get you something from the fridge.” She asked and I nodded my head.

” I have eaten.”

“You sound sweet when you act like a mom.”

” Really?”

” Mm-hmm.”

” Awwn. Thanks for the compliment.”

I chuckled. ” You know about us, don’t you?” I asked. I know she wouldn’t want to ask but I’m quite sure she’s much aware of Mr Noméd and I.

She nodded.

“He told you?”

“No, it’s obvious in the way you two look at each other. And how jealous you were when you saw him with the lady. ”

I looked at my thighs, pinching my fingers. ” It was? ”

” Don’t worry, I’m not telling anyone. It’s okay to fall in love with him, besides, who wouldn’t?”

” You’re crushing on him too? ”

” Me? No! Why would I? “She adjusted herself on my bed. ” He’s just a close friend of mine since we were little. Aside that, there’s nothing going on between us. ”

I smiled in relief. Remembering what happened earlier, I looked to my window. “Wanna tell me something?”

“Don’t you think he might be keeping something away from me? ”

” If he really is, I think you have to make him say it by himself. ”

” He’s not gonna tell me. He’s definitely not willing to tell me either. Miss Martin, you’re a very good friend to him and if there’s anyone he’d tell his secrets, it’s you. ”

” Get me a pen and paper. ” I did as she instructed, and she wrote his name on the paper.

She gave it to me and I frowned. “That doesn’t make any sense, it’s still as crazy as it sounds.”

“Look at the name very close, what do you notice? ”

” I notice that it still doesn’t make any f*cking sense at all. How can someone bear such a freaking name? ”

” He doesn’t want anyone to know what it means. I think he’s doing the right thing by hiding it’s original pronunciation. ”

” You know, you’re getting this more complicated than it already is. Maybe you should be a little bit more specific. ”

” Rewrite the name backward. ” She said and I started rewriting it.

We stared at each other for a while, then I looked at the paper again. “Démon Dorcas?” I said. “That’s even a lot more creepy and complicated than it was.”

She nodded. “Why would he think of changing it’s original pronunciation? What is he scared of?”

“Nothing. You know the ‘Démon’ almost sounds like the devil’s-Demon and not everyone would be smart enough to see the difference. And… it’s gonna create suspicions. So, it’s better off keeping it that way. ” She sighed. “You already know what Dionne is, right?”

” Yeah, Mr Noméd told me. Have they met before? You know, they always act weird towards themselves and I don’t know why. ”

” That’s because they have met probably, centuries ago. Démon has hunted him twice but he still came back and this time he won’t want to let him go. ”

” What really happened? ”

” Dionne’s father and Démon’s father weren’t in good terms. During the eighteenth century, they’ve been hundreds of wars between this two groups and none was ready to surrender to the other. But one day, Démon’s father thought of making a peaceful talk with Dionne’s father, little did he knew that the lycan’s weren’t ready for peace. ”

” Démon’s father rode to the lycan’s kingdom, returning with a gladdened heart. He also hosted a party for their reunion. Two weeks later, the lycan’s came with a surprise attack. Démon’s father died protecting his people and immediately, Démon was made the new King of the vampire clan. ”

” And he’s sworn to hunt down every lycan’s till his last breath. Although he successfully slayed Dionne’s father, he knew getting Dionne would be much more difficult. And when he learnt he was attending the academy, I helped him work his files to gain the job. ”

” So you mean, Mr Noméd is our principal because Dionne is attending the academy? And… that…he is a… vampire king?!”

“Yes, and after he ends the lycan’s, he’ll return back home. ”

” You’re a vampire too? ”

She nodded,

” Holy cow… And no one knows yet?! “I said almost like a yell.

” We’re pure blood, we know how to control our thirst for bloods unlike the lycan’s, they feed on who and whatever they come across. ”

” Is that why he barely stays in school, because of Dionne? ”

She nods again. ” As far as Dionne is alive, he’d stop at nothing until he gets what he wants. ”

” My blood? ”

” Your blood. ”


To Be Continued…