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{ BlackBurn Academy: Blood Thirst }

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.


The wh0le week has been a frightful one. Everyday bodies are recorded to be missing.
The wh0le news stations keep giving the same information day after day.

Curfews has been held a lot of times. Now, everyone are told to be at home before it’s 6 o’clock pm.

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Not to talk of my nightmares, it’s been greatly increasing nights after nights. Seeing the same thing over and over again.

Nothing seems to be a resolve to this case. Not even the nation’s forces could stop the killings, instead it keeps killing them.

For the good one week school has been seized from resuming, I haven’t heard from Miss Martin nor Mr Noméd.

I don’t know if they’re alright or dead. It’s just me with my crazy friends everyday. Which I’m very thankful for.

Mom was in her room, today she’s got no shift. But she looked so tired when she returned from work and headed to b£d immediately after eating.

I laid on my b£d, dozing off at the call of nature.
My wh0le body was still and calm, like I was taken to a different dimension.


~ Writer’s POV ~

Her wh0le body was still and calm, like she was taken to a different dimension.
The wind blew on her, it wasn’t the normal kind of wind.

This was totally different. Weird and strange.
It was almost an hour she had slept when a thin voice from nowhere echoed into her room, causing her to wake up.

Now, I ain’t talking about the normal wake up, first time in Elise’s life, she’s sleepwalking?

Unconsciously heading out of her room and out of the house, heading to nowhere in particular.
The road was empty so, there was no chance for an accident.

Uncontrollable, she walked into the silent wood. She kept moving in further, deep into the dark forest.
She made a stop, but she was still asleep.

The rowling sound of the wood monster echoed, silencing the night creatures. As if his rowl was an authority, a command even the wind could obey.

His heavy breath could be heard from a far distance, and the sounding steps of his movements cause earthquakes.
With an ugly smile on his face, he approached to her sleepy body.

“Finally,” he hissed, licking his canine teeth. ” Your blood belongs to me. ”

He held her both hands, moving her head to the side. He sniffed on her skin, exhaling deeply.
Her blood was magnificent, it was doing something great in his inside even though he haven’t tasted of it.

Nothing smelled like it. Not even the bloods he has fed on, tasted like it.

He has longed waited for this moment, and here it is, with him about to dine on her.
He opened his mouth to devour her but was stopped by a hand around his neck.

“No!” He cried, but his grip was still on Elise.

The hand kept struggling, making no effort to let go. And when he saw, the creature’s grip was getting lossy on Elise, he kicked her away.

Not to h-rd for her to get hurt, but to make some little distance away from them.
She fell to the ground, still deep in her sleep.

The creature moved vigorously around, making body movements to get the figure off him. Luckily, the figure did let go off him.
He laughed disgustedly, “Hello, Noméd, didn’t expect you’ll be here.”

“I won’t let you hurt anyone else, not even Elise. “He warned.

” Wow! I’m so happy for you two, but it’s a pity none of you will live to see each other. Or else.. that will be in the after life. Surrender her, and I’ll let you go. ”

” If you wanna have her, you’ve got to get to me first. ”

” I hate it when people acts so stubborn, it gets me annoyed! “He dashed to Noméd, raining punches and bl-ws but Noméd being too smart, was able to dodge all them.

Elise hearing too many sounds, woke up. She rubb£d her eyes to get a clear view of her environment only to find herself at the middle of nowhere.

She looked at the two creatures as they fought tirelessly against themselves. Raining down bl-ws and kicks to each other.

It was h-rd for her to recognize the smaller creature, but afterwards, discovered that it was… Démon.

“Démon?” She called and the two creatures stopped, staring at her.

She was terrified at their looks. One looked extraordinarily scary and horrible and the other looking almost paled to death and somehow like the devil’s advocate.

They continue fighting, no one was winning the other.
All she did was to hide behind a tree watching the scene.
It wasn’t like the WWE championship game she always loved,

This was almost a fight to the dead redemption.
This kept on for more than hours, yet, none seems to be giving up.

Elise didn’t need anyone to tell her that she was far from home. And thinking about going home is not a good idea.

What if Dionne ends up taking him down? Standing here and watching them fight will give him the chance to get her.

She made up her mind to run away no matter what but the loud scre-m of Dionne stopped her. Démon has just given him a scratch on his chest.

He held Démon’s neck t¡ght, throwing him against a tree. He turned to her, slowly walking towards her direction.

She looked at Démon, then at him. Again at Démon who was still getting himself from the hit, then again at him.
Each second he got closer and closer and… Closer.

He rose his hands to stung his claws in her, but Démon quickly held her and they both stumbled continuously on the ground.
He looked at her, probably to check if she was okay, but her staring at him made her terrified.

Noticing this, he pulled away from her not to get her more terrified than she already was.
He dashed back at Dionne who was still growing at the scratch, running his fangs on him.

Dionne held one of his hand, pulling him closer that their skin could touch the other.
“Just like your father.” His husky voice echoed. “Poor thing you’re gonna die here with your… pathetic girlfriend.” He threatened, stressing the last two words.

” You’re wrong, seems like you’re the one who’s gonna die here.” He said and Miss Martin stabb£d Dionne a sword passing through his belly, piercing into Démon’s.

Démon gr-aned painfully, staring down at the sword. Miss Martin noticed it, pulling the sword entirely from the both creatures.

His body was returning to normal, his skin looking fresh and handsome, his fangs sank back to its position and his canine teeth were like that of a normal human being.

He almost fell but Elise made it quick to him and they both fell to the ground. Dionne on the other side, disappeared out of the woods with his bleeding wounds.
She touched his wound, feeling his blood on her hand.

“Démon, I’m so sorry. I… I didn’t mean to.” Miss Martin apologize as she knelt beside his body.

He smiled.” It’s okay, it’s just a scratch.”

“A scratch?!” Cried Elise, “you’re badly hurt and you call this a scratch? ”

He smirked, his eyes gradually closing. He fainted on her arms.
“Démon? Démon can you hear me?” She was trembling in fear, her heart nearly out of her chest. ” DÉMON!!! ”



{ BlackBurn Academy: Blood Thirst }

Written ✍️: Cisca. H.


Elise watched as they laid his unconscious body on his king-size b£d. His eyes were closed, he looked dead. Long dead.

They tried to convince her to go, but she insisted to stay with him. Beside him until he awakes.
She has been crying since he passed out, holding his face as if that would work.

Her head was on his chest as she wept, scre-ming his name to wake up. “Don’t leave me, Dionne, please don’t leave me.”

“You promised you’d be there for me. You promised to take care of me, to protect me from him. You can’t leave me all alone, you can’t just go away like that.” She sniffed, “Who will save me when he comes? Who will cuddle me when I’m scared? Who will k-ss me on my forehead and tell me that everything is alright? To hold me t¡ght and never let me go? ”

She was like that until sleep took her. The morning sun approached but the thick silky curtain wouldn’t let it’s ray make its way in.

She opened her eyes but seeing him still laid on the b£d made her down to nothing. She looked at his ribs were the sword was pierced, it was healed like nothing ever happened to him.

She rested on his chest, listening to the beat of his heart. It was gradual, normal like a sleeping prince.
“Démon, are you awake?” She asked, hoping he’d just nod his head and say ” yes, I am. ”

~ Elise’s POV ~

I left the room, heading to the dinning room. I met Miss Martin with some other guys I haven’t seen before. They were only three, had the same sed-ctive looks and a killer l-ips like Démon.

Guess I’m forgetting one person… The pretty lady in Mr Noméd’s office?
What the heck is she doing here?

I stood still, staring at the four of them one by one, I stopped at Miss Martin whose eyes rose confusedly at me.
“Miss Maria?” She called.

“Who are they?” I asked.

“This is Miss Meyer,” referring to the pretty lady. “This is Scott, Ed and Jackson.” She introduced and they waved a smile at me which I returned with a smile.

“Why do they have a nice name unlike Mr Noméd? “I asked.

Miss Martin danced her eyes as if she’s searching for an answer in the floor. “I uhm.. I already told you, that’s to avoid suspicions.”

“Even at the real prounciation, it still sounds weird. “She said, sitting on one of the couch.

The rest of them smiled while Miss Martin sighed, “Well, that’s not up to me to tell. Maybe, he just prefers bearing the name.”

“Miss Meyer, right? ” I asked, facing my gaze at the pretty lady.

” Yes, Miss Maria. I remember you, we’ve met before, right?”

“Yep, at Bay Hills. You were with Démon. I remember you. “She smirked.

” It’s officially nice to meet you again. ”

” You too.”

“So, what now? ” Asked Miss Meyer.

” s£nd a message to the clans, we’ll meet tonight. ” Démon said from behind, my eyes stared in shock and excitement as I looked at him.


~ Writer’s POV ~

“Where the heck is Elise?” Flo stormed.

“How will I know? We both just heard the news now. ” Lora defended.

” Sorry, I almost forgot. “She sat back on Elise’s b£d. “She isn’t picking up my calls either. Did Miss Maria said anything? ”

” No. ”

” Girls? “Called Mrs Maria as she entered the room. ” I just got a phone call from Miss Martin, she said Elise is with her. That means she’s safe, you two shouldn’t bother anymore. ”

They both heaved a relief sigh.” I’m heading to work. If you need anything, there’s something in the fridge. ”

” Okay. ”

” Bye, girls. ”

” Bye, Mrs Maria. “She exited the room and out of the house.

“I’ll be leaving by twelve, what about you?”

“Same time with you. I was thinking of spending the night at your house. ” Lora said.

” You’re scared? ”

” Kinda. ”

” Hope your parents ain’t gonna kill me if they find out?”

“No, Flo. It’s not like you’re a stranger or something. They both know you’re my best friend. ”

” Yes, yes. I almost forgot that. ”

Lora frowned.

” What? Just kidding. “She chuckled.


~ Lora ~

I slept in one of the rooms in Flo’s house. Although she had asked me to stay in her room, but I wouldn’t want to disturb her night with my scre-m.

I decided to stay awake for the wh0le night. I didn’t want to close my eyes cos I ain’t ready to see him.
The window which faced the backyard was closed but suddenly, I heard it open.

I $h¡veryed at first but calmed down as no one was there. It’s probably because I’m overthinking, right?
I shut it close again, turning to head back to my b£d when it open again.

Now, this isn’t my brain talking, someone or something is doing this.
I was about to close it when a hand held it halfway,

“Dionne, what are you doing here?”I was shocked to see him but he pushed it open, letting himself fall on me while we both made it to the ground. ” Dionne?” I called but he was long gone for the word… FAINTED.

I left him on the floor, leaving to Flo’s room to tell her what just happened. Thankfully she wasn’t asleep yet. She opened the door and I didn’t even let her close it, I started with.

“Dionne is in the room.”

“What room?” She asked.

“My room.”

” What?!” She scre-med, then covered her mouth.” What? You mean he’s there now?”

I nodded.

We left to my room to find him still laid unconscious on the floor. It was now I notice the blood rolling out of his ribs.

“He’s wounded.”

“I don’t care, we need to do something to get rid of him. I can’t stay under this roof with him. “I said, hating the fact that I was staring at him.

” I’ve read a lot about lycan’s, they’re the heaviest creatures in the world, even in their human form. ”

” So, what are you trying to say? ”

” That I can’t carry him out of this room, even with your help. His weight is probably gonna pull us down.”

” What if we throw him out of the window? “I suggested. ” What do you think?”

” You think that’s a good idea? ”

” Yes. At least, when he lands down there with his bones broken, all this crazy happenings will come to an end. ”

” Okay, give me a minute, I’ll be back. ”

” Where to? ”

” I need to get something for this.” She said and left the room.

I looked at him, hissing angrily. “Why won’t you let me rest for once, Dionne? Why do you keep following me around?”

He grabb£d me by the hand, ” Lora… Lora.. “he said weakly.

I shoved his hand away. “Even till your death, you still want to take me along? F*ck you, Dionne. Die for good. ”


To Be Continued…
Cisca Writes ❤️

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