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Episode Twenty Seven
“How is she???” Williams asked immediately he got inside the hospital, Nick was sitting close to Michael while both Daniel and Belle were standing.

“We don’t really know, but I hope she is OK, because if anything happens, it’s really gonna break Wheels” Belle answered and Williams sighed. He took his phone that was ringing from his pocket, he looked at the caller and instead of answering the call, he waited for it to finish ringing and sent a message instead.

“Michael, I just received a message saying the kids wanna talk to you, what should I tell them” Daniel said as he stood in front of Michael who was in a bad shape, he waited for an answer but when he got none he asked “Should I ask them to come instead???” He asked, Nick wanted to oppose it but Michael nodded, soon a nurse came and handled some equipment to Nick and went away, he started to work on Michael’s wounds. Daniel walked to where Nick and Belle were standing and sent a message with his phone.

Adrian and Alexa who has been longing to talk to their godfather, saw him sitting down with a sad face as they walked into the hospital, they run and wanted to hug him but stopped suddenly when they could see blood in his clothes, and hands.

“What happened???” Alexa asked with fear.

“Is Ashley….” Adrian couldn’t finish his sentence because he feared what he wanted to say.

“No.. Not at all babies, she is fine, just in the operating room” Michael said as he tried not to cry and pulled them into a gentle hug.

“godfather, you don’t look good, were you shot????” Alexa asked when they disengage.

“Not really but, I have been treated already, am fine” Michael said and smiled.

“Thank God” Alexa and Adrian said, they sat down beside Michael after saying hi to Nick who admired the kids. Few minutes later, Michael had changed his clothes, Williams, Belle and Daniel where sitted close to Michael but on another bench, the doctor came out.


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is her guardian????” She asked.

“I am” Michael answered.

“She is fine and we should be thankful that it was really major it hit any of her vital organs, you can go and see her some minutes later” The doctor said smiling, Michael smiled to with so much happiness.


you” Michael said, Williams walked up to them.

“Where do I make necessary payment???” Williams asked and he was told by the doctor who went away after giving Michael an handshake.

“Am so happy everything turned out well” Williams said and Michael hugged him.

“Thanks boss” Michael muttered. They disengage, the kids requested to see their sister, Nick took them to the ward and came back immediately, Williams walked away going to pay.

“Wow!!! Am happy nothing is out of control” Nick said smiling.

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“Same here because Wheels will be so broken” Belle said and gave Michael a punch.

“Ouch!!!” Michael said holding his shoulder because Belle has punched on his wound.

“Hey! Don’t kill my patient, or you will get sued” Nick said smiling along others.

“Thanks guys….. ” As Michael was talking, George burst into the hospital and saw Michael, he walked to him immediately.

“Where is my daughter???” George asked.

“She got shot and his receiving treatment right now” Belle answered.

“She got shot!!! Michael you let my daughter get shot! How date you let that happened and you know how she react to pain, why do you let that happened!” Goerge said with a raised voice, Michael didn’t say anything, he kept looking. “You won’t talk, I know it was because of you carelessness….” As he was saying Belle cut him short.

“Hey! Shut that crap you call mouth up, you bastard!!” Belle yelled at George and quickly put her self in check because of the hospital staffs who looked at her, telling her to reduce her voice.

“Who are you??? I don’t have business with you…” As he was saying, his phone rang, he picked it and what happened next shocked everyone.


“Am sure, she gonna be fine” Adrian said assuringly looking at Ashley who was sleeping.

“Ofcourse” Alexa replied, they looked at Ashley who was fast asleep. Alexa left the ward, Adrian stayed behind, returning back to her godfather, she was surprised to see Michael pulling her father by his clothes, going outside the hospital with the other following him, she followed behind quietly.


“Boss, Natasha was killed” Kennedy said as he got to where is bosses were. He had gone to help Natasha after doing something, he did had in his mind to help Natasha from afar but was also afraid inorder for her not to see him as someone who was after her or someone that was bad, so he delayed before going to meet her and finally when he got to the building he saw her dead body.


no!!!” Boss said shaking his head.

“Have you cleared all evidences???” Mr Mark asked.

“Yes, I blowed up the building” Kennedy said. “Boss, am going after them, if I don’t kill Michael, I will kill someone close to him, he will also feel the pain of losing someone” He concluded.

“That’s true, you can go” Boss said and Kennedy went his way, both boss and Mr Mark smiled. Kennedy went straight to the hospital, a tracker was placed in Ashley’s hair, unknown to anyone. He knew because he has looked at Natasha laptop before blowing up everything.


George’s phone rang, he picked it, Michael and the rest were looking at him.

“Yes…….. She is fine….. Brian you know Michael, he won’t….” George was saying when a slap landed on his face, everyone was shocked. Michael slapped his friend, looking at his face, he was angry. “You….. Slapped me” George said shocked, that will be the first time Michael will do something like that, As if that wasn’t enough, Michael took George by the clothes and begin to pull him out of the hospital, his friends followed him, Alexa was wondering why??. On getting outside the hospital, Michael punched again and slapped him.

“You are mad, stupid, you are a fool, do you know it’s because if your foolishness your daughter almost got killed” Michael said enraged, Nick made to move to him but was stopped by Belle who shook her head. “You still talk to those wolves, after all what they did, you still had the nerves to pick and answer those bastards’ call, what are you??? a fool?????” Michael spoke with so much anger.

“I have told you a hundred times quit the hatred, they are innocent!!!!” George yelled at Michael which made Alexa flinched, although she couldn’t hear what exactly they were saying but she knew something was up. This words made Michael so enraged that he slapped George’s face again and this time very hard that George’s mouth almost got twisted.

“You are nothing but a fool, you keep blind folding your eyes to these guys, that are ready to take you out any minute, just one mistake and we are gone, and you still stand here talking rubbish, they are jealous and envious of you, open your eyes and sense, open your brian if not we are dead, be wise” Michael said still enraged.

“Oooh, I see now, so what they said was right, it is you who are envious and jealous, you gold digger!!!!” George said and spat, They were all shocked.

“How dare you call…..” Belle was so enraged that she wanted to talk but Michael raised hand stopped her.

“You were given everything, even a position in the family has my younger brother, you were given everything but still you wasn’t satisfied, you have been controlling my life and family, am not a kid anymore, am a family man, don’t control me, you literally control my life my business, everything, do you know what people are saying, am a puppet to you!!!! George said with so much emotions and sadness.

“George try to understand me…”Michael was saying after few seconds of silence but George cut him short.

“You are living a life for me, Michael, am nothing but your puppet do you know what Anderson and Brian says, they say……” Michael cut George short with a slap, he pushed the latter we hard that he almost fell, unknown to them Alexa moved a little closer.

“If you mention those bastards’ name again am gonna slap you or even punch, you are a fool George, a world wide stupid fool that can’t read what is written clearly before him, you a fool, fool that what you are, if you had listen to me, you won’t have married Clara, your child wouldn’t been in the operating room, you fool, look, look at this….” Michael said as he pulled off the shirt he was putting on, which revealed his bandage body “I was almost killed because of you carelessly, Ashley got shot too because of your foolishness and stupidity, you are nothing but a fool and an ungrateful soul and a fool, you can’t imagine what I have been through you because of you, I……” Michael was saying with so much pain that Belle hugged him gently and held him by the hand and they walked to a bench that was some distance away.

“Wow…. That’s was some emotional heart pouring” Nick said smiling and walked away.

“I did love to beat you up right now, but he won’t allow that, just because he cares and loves you and your family.I wonder how stupid and foolish you are that you don’t know those bastards are after you, wisen up” Daniel said and also walked away to meet Nick who was already inside the hospital sitting on a long chair, he joined him.

“Seriously, you guys really amaze me, we all know that Wheels has a very bad temper that why he hates to be anger but you guys waited for him to punch and slap him, really!!” Nick said smiling, Daniel too smiled.

“I really wished boyfriend has beaten the hell outta him, nigga is too stupid and foolish” Daniel said laughing. “But boyfriend will be so mad at himself now right now” Daniel said.

“Belle stopped him from saying what he doesn’t want to right????” Nick asked.

“Yeah, am grateful, Belle stopped him, I had forgotten when I was enjoying the scene” Daniel said and they both laughed. Then they saw Alexa coming in towards them.

“Hey Alexa” They both said.

“Hey, Daniel, Hey Nick” Alexa said as he covered up her sadness with a smile.

“How is you little sister????” Nick asked as Alexa sat down between the both of them.

“Am sure she is fine but she is sleeping and Adrian is with her” She answered Nick.

“You must be tired right now” Daniel said looking at her, she nodded her head.

“This should lit you up” Nick said giving her his phone, she looked at him and smiled “I do hope you know how to operate one??” Nick asked.

“Of course, I do, and I hope you don’t have what a kid shouldn’t see or what will make me go blind in seconds” Alexa said collecting the phone from Nick, Daniel and Nick were shocked, they laughed.

“Of course not” He answered. Alexa went straight to YouTube and started to watch cartoons, she invited both the men to watch with her, they agreed and started to watch it with a lowered volume.


I know everyone is seriously mad at me, I know that, guys I am so sorry, this last week has been tight, I had exams, I was exhausted and I couldn’t even reach my phone for a while. And I also got hook up with something very serious, my life was involved. But am hopefully fine and OK now, so I am so sorry, deeply sorry and I didn’t leave you guys intentionally, the situation I found myself was very urgent and unexpected but hopefully am good.

Am deeply sorry, am really sorry from the depth of my heart…..

Am sorry….

I love you all….

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