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Episode Thirty One
“With much and solidify evidence, both Anthony Woods and Kelvin Allen has been found guilty and imprisoned, the latter will be executed at a time that will be stated while the former was given a suitable punishment alongside their accomplices….” The newscaster said, as the people in the airport stopped to listen, later they were going about their business.

“Bastard, wolf in sheep clothing” George spat, he was neatly dressed and with him was a bag. After four day of preparations they were finally ready to leave. The kids were besides him taking pictures with different pose.

“Two criminals down” Daniel said as he sighed looking away from the TV, Nick chuckled, Nick was holding a bag. He was in between Belle and Daniel, Both the men were carrying bags but Belle was only held some books. Coming behind them are Williams and Michael.

“Great job” Williams said smiling “And yeah, I got you guys a place and also a guide, the person can be trusted, our agency is there in Nigeria but they are more secretive, after sometimes you can tell him to leave OK” Williams explained “And I have texted the address to you, the wall has ears, so I won’t say anything but just know that if you don’t understand or get anything ask the guide OK, everything has been provided in a more secured and good place, one of your houses there in Nigeria” Williams concluded.

“Thanks alot, I have always been checking on our investments in Nigeria, including the company’s and our personal ones, it has been going on well and wonderful, am happy to give means of livelihood to Africans, back to our country” Michael said smiling as he pushed the movable bed, Ashley was on.

“Yeah, please be super careful and be in touch” Williams said while Michael nodded.

“Of course I will and thanks again” Michael said as he and Williams were with the others.

“I will miss you all” Belle said smiling. “Group hug???” She asked.


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that include us???” Adrian asked.

“Of course handsome” Belle answered and they all hugged, the included the sleeping Ashley gently.

“Ready guys???” George said as they were already some distance away from the rest, they turned back and waved at them.

“Yes” Michael replied, as he held the bags, including George who held two bags.


land!!” Adrian and Alexa said, after waving non stop at Williams, Belle, Nick and Daniel, they entered into the plane. Williams and the others went their ways.

After placing Ashley in a convenient place, they all sat near her, Michael distributed the books Belle gave him , he had told her to hold it, Adrian and Alexa were given story books that they had decided to read on the plane while the men were reading business books, and they all got busy, the plane took off.


“Woah!!! It’s hot here” Adrian said immediately he got down from the plane which had touched ground already. George and Michael pulled the movable bed out gently, Alexa got down from the plane after been woken up by her little brother who woken up a bit earlier then her.


Both George and Alexa chorused, Michael smiled.

“Of course, as always” Michael said and immediately he regretted he said it because the kids bombarded him with questions.

“What do you mean as always??, have you been to Nigeria before???, how many days do you spend here??? Why didn’t you tell us???, how was it then????” These were the questions they asked Michael who rolled his eyes.

“How many questions at a time, c’mon guys we just got here, and your godfather’s story was not too great maybe that was why he didn’t tell you guys” George told the kids and immediately they became silent, Michael kept pushing the moveable bed with a bag in his hands, the kids were walking beside him, while George was on the other side. They stopped and waited for few minutes, they saw a car, the car was big enough for all including Ashley, the car stopped before them. A young man that should be in his twenties came out of the car, he was wearing a black suit.

“Good day and welcome to Nigeria” the young man said “you can call me TJ” he added and handed over his card to Michael who looked at it and nodded his head.

“Thanks” They chorused, he opened the car and they all entered including Ashley who was placed gently at the back.


the car is cold” Adrian commented, TJ put off the A\C in the car and lowered the windows.

“Much better, thanks TJ” Adrian said smiling and the young man nodded.

“I hope we do enjoy Nigeria” Michael said quietly as he has seen the logo of his agency on the car and his doubts were cleared. After few minutes of driving they arrived in front of a black gate, TJ got down from the car and went to opened the gate, came back into the car drove in and came down to locked the gate. They all came out and TJ ushered them in.

“Wow!!!” Adrian and Alexa exclaimed as they stepped into the house. TJ showed them around the house which was very beautiful and modest.

“I loved the way the rooms were made upstairs” Alexa said smiling.

“No don’t worry about that, we will do that ourselves” Michael said as TJ wanted to take their bags upstairs, he nodded.

“Two cars will be brought tomorrow, make yourself comfortable” TJ said and with that he drove out with George locking the gate.

“Am famished” George said as he stepped into the house, he saw his kids eating.

“Toasted bread, godfather made it”Adrian said as Michael came out with bread on both plates and a jug of milk. Both men sat down around the dinning table with the kids and they served themselves.

“When will Ashley wake up???” Alexa asked looking at her sister who was still sleeping on the bed placed in a corner in the sitting room.

“Very soon honey” George replied. When that were through eating, they took their bags and went into the rooms to arrange their things, either adding or removing some furniture from the room to the others, within some hours they were through, the kids after bidding the men good night they went to sleep.

“Take this” Michael gave George a pack that was containing a new phone while he held the other one “Nigeria Sims and memory cards are in the phones, so it will be easy to call here, we keep the other ones but we can use our laptops here” he added.

“Okay, that’s great, where is this place??” George asked.

“This is Abuja” Michael said and George nodded.

“Okay, wait!!! what just happened???” He asked as the house became suddenly dark, he looked around.

“Well, the light just went off” Michael said and immediately the children screamed.

“Ahhhhhhh…” The kids screamed, the men chuckled.

“Calm down guys, beside your bed is a table that has a lamp on it, use you hands in search of any button, push it, just do anything with the button until it it comes on” Michael screamed back.

“Are you sure the cop won’t arrest us for disturbing the peace of the neighborhood” George said, the both of them carried Ashley’s bed to her room, Michael put on the lamp in the room.

“Am gonna stay with her here” George said and Michael nodded.

“I will check on the others, good night buddy and you too” Michael said and pecked Ashley. He went to the kids rooms checked on them, their lamps were on, he and went his room took his bath and layed on the bed and slept off.


Back in the America, in a office were sitted men with black suits and had a glass of wine before them. Frederick, Brian, Andy and one other man whose name is Andrea. Andrea is a friend to Andy.

“I really appreciate you guys for coming, accepting my request and agreeing to work together, so let’s submit our information” Andy spoke looking at the men.

“I can’t seems to get George after the incident about Anthony and Kelvin” Brian said.

“Am faced with the same problem, he transfer my informant some where else and I can’t seems to get him too” Frederick said sipping his drinking.

“Have you guys tried going to his office to find out about him???” Andrea asked.

“Will that work???” Brian asked.

“Well we have to find out”Andrea said, and they nodded.

“Am sure in no time we will get him” Andy said “That will be all for today” he added.

“Hey Isabel, I have a task for you” Frederick said immediately the person he was calling picked up “it will be texted to you and I need an answer ASAP please” he said and ended the call, he stood up and after saying good bye, he left including Andrea.

“I told you it will work out didn’t I” Andy boasted.

“Am surprised you didn’t get killed, I was waiting for you remains” Brian said and Andy punched him playfully “You are a genius for this you have done” he added.

“Bitch, seriously!”Andy said laughing.

“Thanks” Brian said, Andy frowned.

“I must have beaten your expectations for you to have thanked me, Wow!! great buddy” Andy said and they both laughed and headed out of the office, when they got to Brain’s car, they stopped.

“We have to be careful and cautious” Brian said as he entered into his car, the windows were lowered.

“Yes, I know that, bye, see you next time” Andy said and waved his friend, Brian droved away, while Andy walked back to his office.


Alexa opened her eyes suddenly, she said her prayers stood up and went to the bathroom, brushed her teeth and took her bath, wore her clothes, brushed and packed her hair, as she wanted to go down stairs, she had a flashback.

“****if you had listen to me, you won’t have married Clara, your child wouldn’t been in the operating room****” These words resounded in her head, as that was what she heard her godfather say to her Dad.

“I don’t think godfather is happy with us, we are Clara’s kids, what if he hates us or doesn’t like us because we are her kids, what if… If…” She said and stopped as the thought of that made her shiver, tears rolled down her eyes “Clara, you didn’t do well at all” she said again and wiped her tears but they kept falling.

“Big sis!!!!!” Adrian yelled from down stairs.

“Yes!!! Coming” Alexa shouted back after wiping her tears and cleaning her face, she made her way down stairs after checking on Ashley who was not in her room.

“Good morning family” Alexa said and sat down with her Dad and Adrian around the table, looking around she saw Ashley on her bed still sleeping.

“Good morning” they all responded.

Michael who was serving them noticed her eyes but she diverted it away from him, George also saw it but she turned her face away.

“Uhmmmm…… Smells nice” Adrian said as he perceived the aroma emitting from his hot meal placed before him.

“Thanks” Alexa said coldly and began to eat, Adrian also started to eat.

“It’s called Jollof Rice, saw it on YouTube and decided to try it” Michael said smiling.

“Wow!!! That’s great godfather unlike Dad, he sure is a bad cook, I think you need to go to a school that teaches how to cook”Adrian said and they smiled.


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