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Episode Thirty Two
“Hmmm… Baby are you alright??” Michael asked as he and Alexa were doing the dishes while both Adrian and his Dad were watching TV.

“Yes, am fine, please excuse me” Alexa said as she they were through with what they were doing, she went to her room, took a book and went outside the house to sit down in a small hut which had a swimming pool some distance away from it. She opened the book and began to write some thing down with a sad and sorrowful look. Back inside the house Adrian, George and Michael were watching TV.

“When Ashley wakes up, we can go for sightseeing right???” Adrian asked.

“Of course” The men replied, soon they heard a sound that someone is at the door. George stood up and went to open the door, he came back later with keys a nylon bag, he went back to were he was sitting.

“Wow!!!, TJ brought these and also told us to always lock our doors” George exclaimed and said as he brought out the packs of two tablet and two Sims, a land telephone.

“Okay, Wow!! Very good and great” Michael said as he puts the land phone on the table, both man took a tablet each and inserted the sim, and began to organized the phone to their taste. Adrian was focused on the TV.

“Make sure you write your numbers out, I will do the same so the kids will know or have it” George said.

“Okay” Michael said as he stood up and went to dispose the cartons, he went to his room took his phone searched for some numbers and saved it on both his Nigeria Phone and tablet. He came back downstairs after putting his former phone in a safe place, he came back down stairs and saw George with both his phone and tablet copying something.

“I wanna call my friends” Michael said, George nodded.

“Really???” Adrian asked happily.

“Yes” Michael followed the instructions on the Sims packs and loaded the airtime TJ brought to them, George followed suit. Michael started a video call after some minutes the person picked it up, Willams appeared on the screen.


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who we have here” Willams said full of smiles, Michael placed the tablet horizontal, supporting it with a cushion pillow.


Michael said, Adrian and George joined him, He was sitting on the ground while the two were sitting on the chair.

“Hii” Adrian and George greeted.

“Hi” Williams said smiling “how is the little girl and what about Alexa????” Willams asked.

“She is fine but Ashley is yet to wake up” Michael answered, Willams nodded.

“OK, I really wanna do something but you can send your contacts to me, so I can contact you, you can also talk to Daniel because they are all together” Willams said.

“Okay, bye” Michael said and hung up. Adrian took his godfather’s phone and began to operate it, while George was also doing something on his phone. “Ok let’s me call this people” he said smiling.

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“You wanna call Nick and the rest???” Adrian asked excited, Michael nodded, they both stood up and went to the dinning, they sat beside each other, supported the phone which was placed horizontally. He started to call, he was Video calling Daniel.

“Oh my goodness!!! Boyfriend” Daniel screamed “Adrian!!!” He added happily.

“Oh my!!!! I missed you all” Belle said as she joined Daniel.

“I too, where is Nick???” Adrian asked.

“Yeah, where is he??? Williams told me you guys are all together, and wait are you in a restaurant???” Michael said looking behind them.

“Yeah, we are in a restaurant and that because Nick wants to propose to Piper…” Belle was saying when Michael screamed.

“What?!!! He just met her, didn’t he?? and he wants to get married???” Michael asked as he screamed.

“Cmon, stop been old fashioned godfather, what’s wrong???” Adrian said, they laughed.

“He is not proposing marriage, he asking her to be his girlfriend” Belle said smiling.

“Wow!!!” Adrian said smiling showing his thirty two “godfather don’t you think I can have a girlfriend too” Adrian asked immediately Michael tilted to his godson’s direction.

“Well, young man, I and you Dad will skinned you alive” Michael said and they all laughed “does she know… About him” Michael said, they nodded that they understood what he was saying and thankful Adrian stood up and went out.

“Not really, he only told her what he was doing, is very dangerous but guess what, she didn’t mind, I pray nothing happens to them” Daniel said.


okay, I wanna watch the proposal” Michael said.

“OK, he is here and he wants to start… I can see Piper, ooh… See” Belle said as he took the phone and pointed it to the place the event was going on. The place was design with balloons, both red and white, and on the sides it says ‘will you be my girlfriend??’

“Move a bit closer, so I can hear him” Michael said and they moved closer to them. Nick was kneeling in front of the confused Piper.

“Nick, what’s going on???” Piper asked in her usual tiny voice.

“I have always said that I won’t love anyone but when I saw you, my mind and decisions changed, what did I say changed?? I meant melted. Will you be my girlfriend” Nick said smiling.

“Awwnnn…. So sweet” Belle said touching her chest.

“Girls!!!!, jeez!!! Nick is something else” Michael said smiling, some people were gather around them.

“What if I said no” Piper asked Nick, who only smiled the more.

“I will smile and continue to smile until you accept me, you know my smile work wonders” Nick said, Piper punched him playfully.

“Yes!!!!, I will” Piper screamed, Nick slide the ring into her finger, he stood up and they hugged, people around them clapped and congratulated them. He carried her in bridal style to their table.

“Good job Nick!!!!” Michael said finally, as they all settled down to eat.

“Wheels!!!!!!” Nick screamed cause he was seeing him for the first time.

“Hey! Don’t block my ears, good job man and congratulations” Michael said.

“Thanks, how are you and the country??” Nick asked.

“We are fine” Michael answered.

“Hi… Wait Mr Michael???” Piper said with popped eyes.

“Hi…. Piper nice to see you”Michael said smiling at Piper who smiled to childishly.

“You almost gave me an heart attack, I thought you were gonna say no” Nick said as he held his chest in a funny way, they laughed. All the friends talked and jested with each other, laughing, smiling or chuckling.


“Big sis!!!” Adrian has been yelling but still he got no answer. He got to the hut to see Alexa, he walked up to her “Big sis, I was cal……” Adrian was saying when he stopped mid sentence to see his Sister with w€t, red and puffy eyes “Big sis.. What’s wrong??? Did something happen??? Did you miss America and your friends???” Adrian asked as he squatted beside his sister who wasn’t responding “talk to me please” he added as tears stream down his cheeks.

“Adrian, stop crying, Okay I will wipe and stop my tears” Alexa said as she wiped her tears and stopped crying, she looked at Adrian who was eagerly waiting for her to answer his questions “I heard godfather said that if Dad hadn’t married Clara, Ashley won’t be in the operating room, what if we are the ones endangering his life, what if he doesn’t like us anymore because we are Clara’s kids, what if…” Alexa said and they both started to sob.

“Oooh, help us Lord” Adrian said with tears.

Back inside the house, Michael had finished talking with his friends and decided to go and check on the kids, as he was getting close to them he could hear them sobbing, he listened again and moved closer, the sobs became louder.

“Jeez!!! Are you guys alright???, What happened???” He asked as he saw their faces which they were wiping with their hands now, they both bowed their heads and gave him no reply, he was curious, he looked at a book that was on the table in front of Alexa, he took it before the little girl could protest and what he read was shocking “Oh my!!!! When the I make this statement….” He asked himself inwardly and immediately the scene of the event that happened between he and George came flooding in “Gosh!!!!” He screamed mentally. “Babies, this wasn’t what I meant, I was concerned and worried about you guys that I had to say that, but I don’t mean I didn’t love you, of course I do love and cherish you guys, you are wonderful, smart and lively kids, I wouldn’t wanna trade that for anything” He said as he squatted to their level, they were both in front of him.

“I…. I…. thought you don’t like us anymore, but I am happy now, thanks godfather” Adrian said as he smiling happily and scurried into the house leaving Alexa with Michael.

“Thanks godfather, I was over thinking things, thanks” Alexa said smiling.

“You are super welcomed” Michael said, and they both began to walk to the house when they got near the swimming pool, Michael gently pushed Alexa in unexpectedly.

“Ohhhh… My!!! godfather, you are asking for problems right???” Alexa said as she wiped some water away from her face, Michael was laughing.

“I should have taken you pictures, so I can show your crushs, sure that they will be super happy to see it” Michael said pulling his tongue out towards his goddaughter.

“Am gonna kill you godfather” Alexa said as she came out of the water and began to walk fast to catch Michael but he was faster then her and ran into the house, she followed him laughing.


In the evening, TJ was at the house, he was in the kitchen with Michael, George was in the dinning, sitting on a chair and looking at both Michael and TJ at intervals because he was busy on his laptop.

“Thanks for the bread and butter” Michael told TJ who was washing some vegetables.

“No problem” He answered.

“So we wanna cook vegetables soup and semolina” Michael said for the again.

“Seriously!!! Dude you have said that a thousand times” George wailed.

“Sorry” Michael said chuckling. TJ began to teach Michael how to cook the meal, which he got almost immediately. After few minutes the food was still steaming. “Well, well it is simple but the making of the semolina is stressful” Michael said as he bent his back which made a sound, both Michael and George looked at each other and started to laughing, TJ smiled.

“You can also follow this channel on YouTube to help you” TJ said, Michael nodded.

“Okay, thanks” Michael responded.

“Sirs, I have to go, later then” TJ said as he waved them goodbye and walked out of the house and out of the compound. Michael began dishing the meal, when he was through, he wanted to call the kids but they were already there in the sitting room.

“Smells nice” the kids said smiling.

“It’s a Nigerian food, and it eaten using the hands” Michael said.

“What!!!!” Adrian, Alexa and George said shocked.

“Yep, but we can use the cutlery and please stop the shout, or we did get arrested” Michael said and they wanted to start to eat, they heard a sound, they all turned to Ashley’s direction, they all stood up and went to stay around her, she had just turned from one side of the bed to another.

“Prince Chad, don’t go there, the evil queen is gonna get you, don’t” Ashley said with her eyes closed her family members chuckled.

“She’s is Disney world” Adrian whispered chuckling.

“The evil……” She was saying as she opened her eyes slowly and met different eyes staring at her “Who are you…….. Wait!!!! Adrian, Alexa, Dad and godfather….. Oh you are all in citadel land, we have to save my prince Chad, and I have been looking every where for you guys, thought the evil queen took you all” Ashley said and smiled.

“Well, no evill queen took us and you are back to earth” George said with smiles.

“Earth????” Ashley said as she sat up with the help of Michael and George.

“Yeah Princess Ashley” Alexa said and Ashley closed her eyes trying to remember what happened and immediately the sences came flooding in, she smiled, jumped down from the bed and hugged her family, her wound has been healed totally.

“Welcome princess” Michael said and bowed down slightly which got them laughing, Ashley’s laughter brought warmth to their hearts.

“Hmm mm…… Wait…. This is not our house, where are we????” Ashley asked as she looked around confused.

“We are in Nigeria, since a day ago” Michael said and immediately Ashley screamed happily.

“Wow! Am so happy” Ashley said excited “Am famished” she said and they all walked to the dinning room as she wanted to eat, she first stared athe food strangely “Are you sure, am not still in my kingdom????” She asked.

“Of course not, that is an African dish” Alexa said laughing.

“Okay….. Wait, how long have I been out??” She said as she was about to sit.

“Let just say Six days” Michael said, Ashley jumped startled.

“Six days????” Ashley asked with dis belief “I haven’t taken my bath or anything right???” She said with horror, Michael nodded.

“What????” Ashley screamed with popped out eyes “Oh my sweet Jeez! you can’t be serious boy!” She added rolling her eyes, her family members were seriously laughing.

“Yes princess, I will take you to take your bath ma’am” Alexa said laughing. Both the girls went upstairs.

“When I said baby Ash is back, then welcome to everything but kids” Michael said and they all laughed.


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