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Episode Thirty Three
“I really miss you grand father and grand mother” The kids said as they dropped flowers on the graves, which shows that some people have been assigned to take care of the place, both the graves were the only ones on the small land, which is beautified with different beautiful flowers, that were neatly trimmed and arranged. They decided to visit the graves because they haven’t visited it because of the attacks over their lives, it was still in the morning.

“Mom, Dad, we are doing well, your kids and grand kids are doing well and fine, I really miss you, you didn’t even wait for me to see you when I recovered from the accident….. I really do love you, and Junior brother is doing good but sometimes he behaves like the eldest, thanks for bringing him to the family” George thought as he dropped the flowers on the both graves which are side by side.

“Am keeping my promise and assignment, although you didn’t want me to joined the agency, but I have to, to appreciate everything you have done, I don’t even know how to repay you…. Because of you both, I am living freely and happy, you embraced me and loved me, you gave me everything and even allowed me to do something an adopted child shouldn’t have a say or talkmore of doing, I am really grateful, you are my angels and as long as I live I will protect the family, I LOVE YOU, MOM AND DAD” Michael thought and dropped his flowers too, his eyes were w€t, the family hugged, George patted Michael’s back and mouthed “They were the best” Michael nodded, they walked to the back to the car, George said they should go ahead, they entered the car and waited for George.

As George came out of the graves area, he closed the gate, locked it and dropped the keys back to where he took them, looking ahead, he saw that their car has been driven forward which was some distance away.


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George said as he saw the car far away, he started to walk away from the grave ‘s area in deep thought and suddenly he was jerked back, as he has just collided with someone, he looked back to apologize but the person seem not to care.


she didn’t even looked back to get a sorry” he said to himself as he looked at the lady that was afar off now. As he wanted to start walking back to the car, he saw a object that was stucked on his clothes.

“What’s this????,Oooh she dropped this” He wanted to turned to see her but she wasn’t in sight “SCAR” He read what was imprinted on the beautiful bracelet.

“Dad???? Cmon, do you wanna go to the land of the dead!!! If you stay one more minute you might be taken” Ashley yelled with her head out through the lowered window, George laughed and ran up to to the car with the bracelet in his pocket, he entered and the drove off.



you think he is gonna show up??” Brian asked, back in America, the four has been trying to get Michael’s location but to no avail but here they were waiting eagerly for the important information that Frederick Douglass says he has, they have been waiting for two hours.

“Chill it” Andy said and Brian gave his friend a look to kill, Andrea was reading newspapers oblivion of maybe they were awaiting someone’s arrival or not. Soon the door flung open, and Frederick came in, he sat down lit a cigarette and began to puff out smoke in the room.

“Our target is in Abuja in Nigeria” Frederick said finally, the three looked at him.

“Oh my!!! Are you serious???!” Andrea asked.

“Well, am never wrong” Freddie replied.

“But how???” Was all Brian could ask, because after four days of futile searching this man in front of him got an answer.

“Have you forgotten, James Darlington was a very close friend to me, he is so harmless, naive and innocent” Freddie said with a evil grin.

“Oooh” Andy muttered.

“He had told me beforehand about where he did love his family to stay, if there was any problem but until yesterday I found the information useless but now….. Well gentlemen, it is very useful now” Freddie said and launched into evil and terrible laughs, the other man stared at him in disbelief.


is more to this” Brian thought and gave a fake smile and they all clapped.

“Trust me, I will take it from here, time to visit a old friend” Andy said nodded his head.

“A toast to the fall of Darlingtons” Freddie said and they all lifted their glass cups and made a toast, only Brian wasn’t gulp his drink, he held the cup and began circling his top with his fingers, he had a blank expression.


Turning from one side of the bed to the other was a body that is covered from head to toes, pulling the duvets down, reveals the face of a beautiful lady, she still had her eyes closed, still enjoying her beauty sleep when her phone began to ring, the ringtone filled the room which is obviously a room in an expensive hotel, the phone stopped ringing and after some minutes it started to ring, she reached out for the phone amidst others which was on the a night stand.

“Who the hell are you???” She yelled into the phone as she has a frown in her face obviously the culprit had disturbed her beauty sleep.

“Hey!! Am so gonna kill you if I see you!” The person yelled back, soon they both began to laugh.

“Am so sorry I didn’t tell you, am back to Nigeria after the vacation and a little of my mission, am really sorry babe” She apologize.

“No problem Gaberialle, it’s fine” She responded “I have missed my honey, love, cupcake, my….” She was saying when Gaberialle began to laugh.

“Ruth, I hope David is not there, I don’t want him to break my head” Gaberialle said laughing, Ruth also joined her.

“Seriously Gabe, you not serious” Ruth said and chuckled, Gabe got off from her bed, she connected her call to a small Bluetooth device which she plugged into her ear, she started packing her bags.

“Berialle, seriously am not happy with you, I have told you to stop going on dangerous missions and you should really consider leaving that agency, I can’t afford to loss you” Ruth said sorrowfully.

“Bestie, am so sorry, you were worried about me, don’t worry I will stay alive for you, at least you are my one and only family” Gaberialle said as she was so sad she kept her friend, who has been with her since childhood worried.

“No problem Captain Cutie” Ruth said smiling “I want to say something and don’t dare interrupt or ignore me…..why haven’t you call or checked on him for nature sake, he has only you, c’mon Gabe, the boy has nothing to do with all this… You have to see him when he and my son came to visit, seriously, it’s unfair” Ruth said and immediately Gabe felt sad, she sighed.

“Seriously Ruth, I have been busy…” Gabe was saying when her friend cut in.

“You seriously want me to believe that, you have been saying that for thirteen years now, seriously!!! It’s unfair” Ruth said as she tries to hold back her tears, Gabe was already sobbing. “Poor Nicholas has nothing to do with what happened, I know you hate to hear this but this is too much Gabe, he is more withdrawn now, he doesn’t even smile, even my son Roland feels so hurt and sorry” Ruth said and disconnected the call. Gaberialle slumps on the bed and she began to cry, the tears rolled down freely and her mind wondered to the past.

**** FLASH BACK ****


A very happy and wealthy family of Ifeanyi Martins were eating on the table, four of them, a boy who just clock eightneen and thirteen years old Gaberialle.

“Happy birthday once again son” Martins wished his son with smiles.

“Thanks Dad” Junior answered.

“My junior is already grown up now, I love you son” Adaeze his mother, wished her son.

“Thanks Mom” He answered.

“Brother Matins Junior, please let’s eat, am starving, and yeah happy birthday but in this case you will give me gifts not me giving you” Gabe said smiling.

“Seriously!!! Cherry, you never change, no problem” Junior answered with smiles, as they wanted to start eating, they heard gun shots, before they could process what was going on, masked gun men had entered the house.

“Lie down!!!!” One of the three men that entered into the house yelled, they hurriedly left the dinning table and layed down where they were instructed.

“Sirs, please don’t kill us, I will give you money, please don’t kill us, please” Martins pleaded.

“Actually, we were paid to kill you, so you have the guts to take the praises of that belongs to someone else right???” The masked gun man who was referred to as Spencer said.

“Someone else!???” Martins replied.

“Spencer you dey do ceremony, kill the bastards and move” Another of them spoke angrily. And immediately, the whole family were shot except Gabe who crawled to the dead bodies and was crying, as she was doing that one of the men looked at her lustfully, dragged her up took her to the sofa, tore her clothes and raped her, she could her them hailing the man who they called boss, as they were leaving the house, one of them shot her and every where became dark.


Opening her eyes slowly, every where was at first blur, she closed it and opened it again and immediately someone yelled calling the doctor. She discovered she was in a hospital and beside her was her best friend Ruth Emeka Nnamdi, who was the one calling the doctor, the doctor came to check her and left telling Ruth to come to see him later.

“Cherry???” Ruth called as her friend eyes darted left to right.

“Mom???? Dad???? Junior???? Where are they???” Gabe asked as the past events came flooding in, she began to cry “They are dead right???” She asked and her friend nodded her head slowly with tears running down her face. After some minutes Mrs Emeka Nmandi walked into the hospital, she met her daughter with swollen face outside Gabe’s ward.

“Ada ( which was Ruth’s native name), how is your friend???” Mrs Nmandi asked.

“Mama, she has woken up but slept back and also she cried when she knew she had lost all her family members” Ruth said crying as her Mom hugged her.

“Chai!!! ( exclaimed), Oh poor thing, don’t worry, I will do all for her to be well and we will take her in and help her since she is your friend, you know money is not the problem, thanks to your late father. You know we are also friends to the family, I will help her, don’t worry” Mrs Nmandi said.

“Thanks Mama, the doctor want to see you and I will quickly go to school and tell my house master that I won’t be coming for a while” Ruth said.

“Okay, the driver is outside, tell him to drive you to and fro” The woman said and walked to the doctor’s office while Ruth walked out of the hospital.

“What??!!!” Mrs Nmandi exclaimed, the doctor looked at her. “She is pregnant and any other options are dangerous” She said repeating what the doctor told her slowly.

“Yes ma’am, do talk to her about it and we should be grateful that after a month in coma, she came back to life” the male doctor said, the woman nodded and left the office, and went to the ward, she met the two girl, Gabe was eating, Ruth was feeding her, she broke the news to them slowly, Gabe almost injured herself but she was held my her friend and her friend’s mom.

******* PRESENT ********

Gabriella stood up went to the bathroom took her bath and brushed her teeth. As she finished dressing up, her phone began to ring, she peered at the screen and smiled before picking it.

“You have missed me, don’t worry, am coming soon and I know you have a lot to tell me, am coming Stella” She said and the person ended the call, she smiled and checked her phone, Stella has sent her some messages, she began to check them, after checking them she smiled and shook her head at her Mute friend, Stella has been mute since when they met, taking one last look at the hotel room, smiled.

“Back to office Red, am coming Abuja, to resume my jobs…. Gaberialle Martins Ifeanyi is coming, I AM RED, I FIGHT FOR JUSTICE, AM THE QUEEN OF MY KINGDOM THAT NEEDS NO KING!!!!” She yelled mentally, locked the door and started to walk downstairs.


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