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Episode Thirty Four
Both George and Michael were sitting down in the sitting, each with his laptops.

“Tell me one thing, after putting the kids in school, are we just gonna stay at home just doing work online because I really wanna be going to work” Michael said, George looked up from what he was doing.

“Same here, I have thought about it, don’t worry about it, we can just request for two offices here in this state” George said.

“Hmm… That’s good” Michael said smiling.

“About ourselves, I think we shouldn’t say anything about it or confirm anything except to the heads of the company or what do you think is best” George said looking at his friend who had a surprised look “What is it???”

“I can’t believe you are saying this, like seriously, are you kidding me” Michael said surprised “Well, I love your idea, it is the best” He added.

“Thanks buddy” George replied and laughed when he saw that Michael was still looking at him with disbelief, as the both if them wanted to start what they were doing, their kids entered.

“Hey!!! Lonely men” Ashley said standing in front of them, both her siblings went to sit down.

“Yes Princess Ashley” George answered l.

“Prince Chad’s lover” Michael answered to and they all burst into laughter.

“Opponent to the imaginary evil queen” Adrian and Alexa teased.

“But when will I go to school and you guys aren’t you gonna go to your workplace” Alexa asked, as Ashley went to disturb Michael until he put her on his laps putting his laptop on the table, while both Adrian and Alexa were sitting on their father’s laps, his laptop was on the table.

“Of course we will and you guys will go to school too, we will make your school preparations with TJ, and by Monday, which is some days away, you all be in school” George said, TJ walked in after exchanging greetings.

“Baby girl, I got to go get somethings” Michael said and prayed that Ashley won’t oppose, which thankfully didn’t happen. He and TJ walked out of the house and drove out, leaving the kids with George.


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have a lot to do today, I want to settle everything that needs to be settle such as our bank accounts and so on, here we have filled the docvments you gave us” Michael said to TJ.


sir” TJ answered, Michael nodded.


In a very beautiful house, a black car was packed in front of the house, someone entered and sat down. Gaberialle coming out from her kitchen, the person sitting down ran to her and hugged her almost pushing her doing with her weight.


how is my baby love doing??? Stella you have grown fat, see you” Gabe said and on Stella face was a huge smile, Stella brought out her writing note, wrote down something and passed it to Gabe.

“Ahhhh!! Fat!!, not at all, I have missed you” Stella wrote, Gabe read it

“Ohhh same here Stelly, so tell me the gist you have for me, let me check what I put on cooker” Gabe said and stood up, went to the kitchen, after few minutes she came back. Stella handed her the book and Gabe couldn’t stop laughing, Stella had a smiling on her face. “What about my Uncle???” Gabe asked, Stella nodded and wrote “He is fine”. “How about your evening classes and your work at the agency???” Gabe asked.

“Fine but stressful and not lively for a nineteen years old!!! But I love it though” Stella wrote with a frown, Gabe read it and laughed heartily.

“You never change, well am back now baby sis, and yes, I bought somethings for you” Gabe said and Stella smiled “But before that, let’s eat” she said.

“Thanks” Stella wrote with a smiling emoji, Gabe said it and smiled.

“Anyone ever told you, you are bad at drawings???” Gabe said teasingly, Stella make a funny face and started to chase Gabe around the house, after some minutes they stopped, each panting after they were calm,they went to eat.


Gaberialle dressed up in a short gown with her sunglasses, she came out of her house, she looked at her phone expecting a call but none came after few minutes of waiting, she began to dial again and this time, whoever she was calling picked it.

“Good morning David” She greeted smiling.

“Hey!!! Captain Cutie, how are you??? You back huh???” David asked at the other end.


am good, hmmm…. Is Ruth at home??, have been calling but she is not picking up” Gabe said.

“Seriously…… That’s so unusual, but she’s at home now…. Wait you guys quarreled???” David asked.

“Yeah, thanks, I will just head home” Gabe said.

“Okay dear, you guys should settle quickly, no wonder she was somehow yesterday, well bye and come visiting soon, bye” David said.

“Bye” Gabe said and ended the call, she entered into her car, started the engine and drove out of the compound with an elderly man waving and locking the gate.


Gabe drove into a very big and beautiful mansion when the gateman saw her, she packed in a the area created for cars, which had seven different cars in the park, she came down and began to walk towards the door, when she got to the door, she placed her hands on a small screen which read her finger prints, looking at the technology she smiled, it wrote “ɯҽʅƈσɱҽ Ƈαρƚιαɳ Ƈυƚιҽ” she entered and sat down.

“Hon, are you back???, the meeting was so fast, so what…..” Ruth was saying when she stopped onseeing her best friend who meant so much to her, she felt the urge to hug Gabe after two months of not seeing her but she held back, within few minutes Ruth was wrapped in Gabe hands.

“C’mon bestie, am back, OK am sorry” Gabe said as tears rolled down her eyes.

“Shhhh, stop crying, sit down” Ruth said as she helped her friend to sit down gently.

“I don’t mean to abandon him for years, I don’t but each time, I see him I remember what happened, am so sorry” Gabe said crying.

“I know, but we also know that Nicholas is a child every mother wishes for, children are gift from God, and looking at him, he is your exact replica, I can tell that he misses you so much, and I know you are afraid of breaking down in front of him but don’t worry, I will be by your side and am sure you will overcome this, Gabe let the past be past, I know it is hard but trust me, release yourself from this, from the past, I will always stay by your side” Ruth said patting the sobbing Gabe.

“Thanks, I will do my best” Gabe said after wiping her tears and smiling a little at her friend.

“That’s the spirit… So we are going for shopping now, let get some money wasted!!!!” Ruth screamed happily.

“Am sure Mama looking at you from heaven and wishing she has the opportunity to smack you right now, you’re always wasting your money on shopping, Jeez!!! Ruth you have thousands of clothes already” Gabe said shaking her head, Ruth laughed, as she got up from beside Gabe.

“Well, Mama” Ruth said looking up”Am sorry but the thing is that I haven’t shopped in a while because of this girl here, so I know you understand, thanks” she said, looked at her friend who was laughing and smiling, “Just few minutes more and we are going shopping but before then….. Gabe what happened to your bracelet, it so unlike you not wearing it??” Ruth said and immediately Gabe checked her wrist.

“I….. I…..” Gabe said trying to remember where she left her precious bracelet and immediately she remember “Ehhh!!!!!, seriously!!! It must have fallen off when I collided into someone” She said sadly.

“Ohhhh, but seriously you should have noticed, because I trust you, you really do love that bracelet to let it go…. Well let me guess you were on a mission again” Ruth said looking at her friend who nodded her head slightly. “Well okay, no problem, I will get another ones for you, so you decided what you wanna write on it, so I can tell the person” Ruth said.

“Wait!!???, don’t tell me you will do that???, don’t waste you money OK” Gabe said.

“I know you were gonna say that, I know you, you don’t like people helping you but sweetheart that not me, you know I am stubborn and I always have a way” Ruth said and smiled to her friend.

“OK ma, now go and dress up” Gabe said and pushed her friend towards the stairs, Ruth giggled. Ruth went upstairs and in what looked like eternity to Gabe, she came out in a black short off shoulder grown with a golden sneaker and light make up, her bracelets and wrist watch on her both wrists.

“Ready????” Ruth said as she walked down the stairs, she finally got to get friend.

“Wow!!!! Anyone that sees you outside will think you are single except for the wedding ring you have on, you are Mnmuah!!!” Gabe said blowing kisses at her friend, they walked out of the house and after much insisting on the part of Gabe, they took her car instead of taking one of Ruth’s luxurious cars.

“So girl, have you met anyone yet, you know the one that shakes your heart just like me and my heart rob David” Ruth said dreamily.

“Seriously???” Gabe said as she looked at her friend briefly before returning her gaze to the road.

“Yeah, when are you gonna get a man, Gabe! You are not getting any younger and don’t dare tell me you not going to get married, cause I will struggle you” Ruth said looking at her friend who was driving, she was sitting down in the front seat.

“Well, Well, I haven’t found any bestie” Gabe said.

“But, Stella told me a guy was acting all lovey dovey on you” Ruth said showing her white neatly arranged teeth which had a gap between the teeth in front.

“Seriously!!, close your teeth and don’t let me give you gaps in between all” Gabe answered and they laughed “Sam is out of it, he behaves like a….. I can’t even find the adjective to qualify him…. He behaves stupid sometimes” Gabe concluded.

“Ouch!!!!!” Ruth said feigning been hurt “Oh my!!! You just destroyed the guy’s personality”.

“Well yeah, I wish for someone like my Dad……” Gabe said and remained silent for a while, Ruth noticed the sad face of her friend which was on the road.

“Well, Captain Cutie, we are here, don’t take us some where else” Ruth screamed that Gabe has to hit the brake with her foot which cause the car to come to a sudden stop, throwing both their artificial hair forward.

“Ruttie you haven’t quited this your screaming, I pray you won’t block David’s ears soon, nor mine” Gabe said to her giggling friend, she packed in the packing lot, they both came down and Gabe signed thankfully that few people were there, if it were other wise, they would have heard people screaming and shouting to get a glimpse of Ruth or take a picture.

“You are happy, there are few people right???” Ruth said smiling.

“Of course, that’s what I call relief, having a rich person and a celebrity has a friend is sure hectic” Gabe said rolling her eyes, Ruth laugh and suddenly shrieked “What’s up???” Gabe asked.

“I forget my card” Ruth said as she pushed the air with her left fist.

“Am sure not as rich as you but let’s use mine” Gabe said as she took out her card from her purse and gave Ruth who immediately took it with a smile of triumph “Wait??!!, you lied didn’t you???” Gabe asked as she saw her friends smile.

Yep, you are unpredictable, you know that, even before you allowed Mama to pay for yourself and your son, we knew what we went through, after that you got a job and pleaded to us to stop helping you, I told you to come stay with me in my compound but you refuse and decided to stay at the Company’s house and use the official car after rejecting a car I wanted to buy for you, you are very very very very stubborn, so I don’t trust you one bit, you might change your mind and won’t allow me pay, so here” Ruth said smiling mischievously, raising the card up and puts it back in her purse “No escape for you bestie” Ruth said pulling her tongue out at her friend who was smiling.

“Fine, fine, you don’t need to download my life history” Gabe said rolling her eyes which looks as if they will fall off her sockets, Ruth burst out laughing.

“You suck in that!!” Ruth said laughing and miming the way Gabe rolled her eyes, which got Gabe herself laughing.

“I didn’t do that!!” Gabe said and Ruth hits her playfully on her shoulder and began to run away into the mall with Gabe running behind her, they were both giggling.


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