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A Bride For The CEO episode 36


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Episode Thirty Six
Gaberialle was dressed in a black outfit, from her bandana to her heals, all was black. She looked around the agency, a smile found its way to her lips, she took her black bag, locked her car and started to walk into the agency, as she walked to her destination, people around were throwing greetings at her which she responded to with smiles, as she got to her office which was also shared by four more people, she stopped as she heard her name, she had her hand on the door’s knot.

“You will see, I will still be the one to married Gabe, seriously!” A voice which Gabe recognized to be Sam’s spoke, every one of them except Sam burst into laughter.

“Marry!!?? Ordinary date, you haven’t taken her on and you are here saying marriage, keep deceiving yourself, don’t go and looked for a girl that suit you and get married,be there building your castle in the hair” His colleague, Tade said.

“Leave him oooo, let him be dreaming the impossible there, even me I can’t even date him talk less of Gabe” A girl who has tribal marks on her face said, Sam turned to her in anger.

“How will I date you, you that your tribal marks looks like that of a cat’s whiskers” Sam said angrily and hissed.

“That’s enough you two, all I know is that Sam just give up, you been saying this since I came to this agency, just give up and get another girl because RED doesn’t even know you are existing other than just been her junior colleague and don’t take it out on Sonia” Stella wrote while Sonia the girl with the tribal marks reads out, while both Sonia and Tunde nodded their heads.

“See, you should heed our warnings, Mr lover boy” Tade said smiling at Sam who sit down on his chair.

“No matter what you say, RED is mine and I will give her sometimes, I tell you, she will fall for me” Sam said smiling to himself, his colleagues looked at each other and burst into laughter.

“Hmmm… OK ooo….. ” Sonia was saying when the knot of the door turned and walking in to the office is Gabe who had a smiling face on.

“Good Morning RED” They all chorused.

“Good Morning” She answered and sat down, her own area where she had her office belongings is the most beautiful and expensive of all, she brought out her laptop, wore her specs and began to operate the laptop, the rest went about their business laughing quietly as Sam has looked at Gabe who didn’t even spare in a glance. On her table she saw a paper folded, she opened it.

“Gooᙃ Morning to the woman of my dreams” She rolled her eyes after reading and seeing it is for Sam, she crumpled it and threw it into the waste bin.

“Well, that is your dreams, I hope you heed the warnings I gave and even the rest as given you” Gabe said pissed off, as she wanted to continue what she was doing she saw another one but this was plastered on her drawer, she took it and read it.

“ᘜooᙃ Morning Sis!!! I love the things you bought for me, they are so beautiful, I will be eating lunch with you today and please I will be paying this time please! ” She smiled and kept the paper in a book beside her. After few minutes of checking whatever she was checking on the laptop, her door flung open, she raised her head and before her was a man she loathed, a frown immediately rested on her face, the man walked in and stood before her after closing the door.

“What are you doing here???? Barrister Kunle” She scowled.

“Good morning Cherry” Barr. Kunle said looking at her.

“Stop calling me that, and get the hell out of my office” Gabe yelled at the man.

“One day, you you know that you have made a very grave mistake in putting Mr. Olujimi Oyinlola in jail” He said shaking his head.

“So says the man that was my father’s lawyer, who was a coward to defend his client” Gabe said pissed off.

“You left the criminal and put an innocent man in jail, you will come to the realization of what I am saying, that you have done countary to what you believe in” He said painfully.

“Get the hell out of my office before I unleashed my anger on you” Gabe yelled at the man who took one last look at the girl who once took him as her uncle, he shook his head and went out, as he got outside, he saw Stella who heard all their conversation, as he wanted to turn to leave, she head his wrist.

“What???” He asked, she motioned that she is mute “Ohh” he said, Stella took her notepad and she wrote something down and gave it to him.

“I believe you Sir, where can we meet I want to discuss with you” The note read.

“Seriously” Barr. Kunle said, she nodded her head and he gave her his business card and walked away, she kept it and was about entering, when a girl ran pass her into the big office, Stella stood at the doorway, as she looked at the lady been scolded by an angry Gabe.

“Get out of my office, the next time someone barges in here without my consent, I will deal with you or better still cause you to be fired” Gabe said angrily to the lady who was shedding tears and shaking.

“Am sorry ma” was all the lady could say.

“Sorry for yourself idiot, get out now!!!” She yelled again and the lady ran out almost knocking Stella down, Stella turned to leave.

“Hey! Baby love, come in” Gabe said as she saw Stella who was about to leave, Stella walked in “I need a little help and company here” Gabe said smiling. Stella smiled too, walked towards Gabe.


“Seriously godfather” Alexa said, that morning the family went to the gym which was at the side of the house, only Ashley was absent, she was in the house with TJ, who was cooking because they would be going out today.

“Yes, we have to do it that way, in order not to make her suspicious” Michael said as he was doing his exercise with the equipment while both Alexa and Adrian watched him, George was also doing his.

“It sounds wonderful, I bet Ashley’s gonna be happy, we will give her a surprise birthday party within us” Adrian said grinning.

“Yeah, but putting the things we’re gonna be needing in the gym room??? What if she sees it???” Alexa said.

“Nope, she wouldn’t, because Ashley doesn’t really like the gym” George said.

“Well, OK, I agree, she gonna be happy, I know that” Alexa said smiling.

“TJ knows about the plan as well, he will be helping us” Michael said and stopped what he was doing ” That remains me, the gifts I bought from Dublin for you guys, I brought it here” Michael said and the kids scre-med happily and ran out of the gym room.

“Those kids are something else” George said smiling and immediately they heard Ashley scre-med too for joy.

“I got you something too” Michael said.

“Thanks, let’s get going before the kids comes here to call us out” George said and they all left the gym room.


Driving into a beautiful compound, which was a school, everyone in the car marveled.

“Wow!!!! A beautiful School” Ashley said.

“Yes!!!” Alexa and Adrian said as they all looked from inside the car, both Michael and George were admiring it too. The car stopped and they all came down from the car, the school was lively as some students could be seen playing.

“These are boarding students,they all came outside to play, this school is one of the best here and secured, I’ave called to tell them we are coming, so let’s go” TJ said and they all made their way into a big and beautiful office, sitting on a beautiful and rocking chair was the principal of the School, she is beautiful and a married woman, the picture of her family could be seen on her desk and also on the wall in the office.

“Good Afternoon, Welcome to Prestigious Academy, please do have your seats” She said politely with smiles.

“Good afternoon ma, I was the one that call to tell you that we did like to put put these kids in your school for many reasons which safety is one of such reasons” TJ said, the woman nodded her head.

“Of course, we don’t divulge personal information to anyone” She said.

“So they are the Darlingtons” TJ said.

“Oh my goodness!!!” The woman exclaimed as she stood up, she was wearing white trousers and a white top with has “DARLING” imprinted on it sides, which was a product from Darlingtons’ “Oh my, so good to have you here Sirs” She greeted with surprise.

“The pleasure is ours” George and Michael said “please do have your seat” they told the woman who sat down.

“I hope you do understand why we want our children here” George said.

“Of course sir” She answered “And I promise you won’t regret putting them here” she added.

“Thanks” Michael and George said smiling at her.

“We would leave you all for a while, we have something to catch up with” Goerge told his kids who nodded and pecked them before they left the office, leaving TJ with them.


After few minutes of testing and examining the kids, the principal was surprised because they were so brilliant and only had little problems which could be solved. The kids were realesed and they all went out.

“We will wait a little for both Mr George and Mr Michael”

“You guys go on, I will come later, am pressed” Alexa said.

“OK no problem, please be safe” TJ said.

“We should go to the cafeteria, because am really thirsty” Ashley said. TJ, Ashley and Adrian went away while Alexa went to the restroom. After she was through, she came out and was going towards the cafeteria when she heard someone sobbing, she stopped, turned to her left and saw someone.

“Hmmm… Hi” Alexa said to the person who head was bent. She raised up his head slowly and finally his graze met with that of Alexa who marvel at his handsomeness.

“Hi” He said as he wiped his tears.

“Can I sit??” Alexa asked, the boy nodded, she sat beside him “You guys sure have a beautiful school” She said.

“Yes, you are not from Nigeria, are you???” The boy asked as he noticed her accent.

“Yeah, just got here” She answered. “Why were you crying???” She asked looking at him straight in the eyes.

“Hmmmm.. Just my family issues” the boy replied sadly.

“Oh, am sorry about that, but all will be well” Alexa said smiling at him, which he returned back with a smile.

“New boarding student???” The boy asked relaxed.

“Nope, new day student” Alexa replied “You’re boarding???” She asked.

“Yes” He answered.

“So what class???” She asked.

“JSS 3” He answered, Alexa jumped from where she was sitting down, she had a frighthen expression. The boy was confused.

“Oh! Please don’t punish me Senior, I am so sorry I didn’t know at all, please don’t punish me, am a junior to you” Alexa said and immediately the boy started to laugh, Alexa joined in.

“It doesn’t work that way, it’s fine anyways” The boy said with smiles.

“Oh, I didn’t know” Alexa said as she was happy, she made him laugh and even smile. As they were talking and laughing, another very handsome boy came towards them.

“Oooh Bestie, have been searching all over for you” The other boy said and stopped on seeing Alexa who was gashing all over him already but didn’t show it, he had a questioning look.

“Ohhhh, am sorry” He apologize, looking at his friend, he saw that his gaze was on Alexa who was pushing an invisible hair behind her ear “Oh, she is a new day student, hmmmm, she is…..” That was when he knew, he didn’t ask for her name. “What’s your name????”

“Ohhhh, Am Alexandria but am popularly called Alexa” She said as she cast a quick glance on her new found crush.

“Okay, Alexa but we will call you Lexa, so Lexa meet my friend, brother and everything you can think of, is name is Roland while I am Nicholas” Nicholas said, they both stretched they hands for an handshake, which she took one after the other.

“Nice to meet you Nicholas and Roland” Alexa said “Hmmmm… I got to now, see you when I resume school Seniors” She said and walked away smiling as if she just won a lottery.

“Wow!!! She issa beauty” Roland said.

“Yup and I will tell you all the gist because I know you will kill me if I don’t” Nicholas said as he walked to his friend and threw his hand on his friend’s shoulders.

“Thank goodness you know, let’s head to our hostel” Roland said and they both began to walking away, gisting.


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