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Episode Thirty Seven
Brian is in his office, he is in a very deep thought that he didn’t see or hear a thing when Andy, his friend entered.

“Briiiiiannnnnnn!” Andy screamed after calling his friend twice, Brian jerked out from his thought, he glared at Andy, who sat down in front of him.

“Can’t you call me without shouting” Brian said angrily.

“Well tell me once again, I have been calling you for like eternity, where the hell was your mind??? And what will you be thinking that deep” Andy asked.

“Uh- I am sorry, I was thinking about something, so how about George, and Michael, what’s the update” Brian asked.

“I can’t seems to reach my friend now but, I was promised that I will be replied soon” Andy said.

“Oooh, OK but is he the only one that can help, can’t we send someone after them” Brian asked as he stood up walked to a refrigerator, brought out a bottle of wine and two glass cup, he walked back to his seat, sat down and the two proceed to serve themselves.

“We can’t send someone, because if we do, Michael will surely bring the person down or send the person to jail which means danger for us, my friend has alot of connections in Nigeria and luckily, I do know one of his secret that will ruin his reputation forever, so I am positive he will answer me soon” Andy explained laughing.

“OK then, please be fast about it” Brian said.

“So what were you thinking that much that you didn’t hear me when I called you” Andy asked again.

“Nothing serious, but we just have to be careful of Frederick Douglass” Brian said, while Andy nodded, just then Andy’s phone rang, he picked it and after talking for someminutes, he looked delighted. “What’s up??” Brian asked as he poured himself another drink, sipping it slowly as he looked at his happy friend.

“Well, the person just answered me, he had connected me to another person who will help out carry this plan of us out and I was given the person’s contact and email, so our operation is about to start and am sure you will win this time” Andy said happily,Brian smiled and they both talked for few minutes, after that Andy left for his workplace with Brian accompanying him to his car. Brian sat down in his office, placed his head backwards resting on the chair, he sighed.


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do hope we don’t get cheated or outsmarted” Brian thought aloud.


It was a Saturday morning, Michael was in his room, after cooking and eating with the rest of the family, they had also done cleaning in the house and in the compound, it was fun because the kids were playing and talking as they were cleaning the housing and doing house chores including George who was in charge or washing the clothes with the washing machine after the chores the kids were in the sitting room reading, while George was in the balcony attending to an online meeting.


day Nick” Michael said as he was sitting on his study chair with his tablet placed before him, he was having a video call with Nick, who had a big smile on his face.

“Oh my!!! Good day, how are you, the family and Nigeria” Nick asked happily.

“Oh, we are good, How is Piper also and both Daniel and Belle” Michael asked.

“They are all good, both Daniel and Belle are on their break from their jobs, the last time we spoke they told me they will call you in a convenient time and I am also on break, my boss hasn’t called me for any job yet or anyone” Nick answered.

“Oooh OK, that’s great” Michael said smiling.

“Wheels, Piper showed me something very suspicious and I am also suspecting something and think this might help us somehow” Nick said looking at Michael.

“What’s it???”

“Well she showed me this…” Nick said as he raised a photograph to Michael, Michael looked at it very intensively.

“Wait, these are Brian, Andy, Frederick and Andrea, what are enemies doing together” Michael asked surprised because he knew these people well, they were the ones that caused havoc in the business world because of their dirty actions.

“That was my very point, What are the enemies doing together???? And if you have studied them which I know you have when in the agency, you will know that these people are enemies to Darlingtons and everything that concerns Darlingtons” Nick explained.


So there coming together only mean one thing…….” Michael said thinking.

“To destroy Darlington and everything that belongs to it” They said in unison.

“Oh my goodness!!!, I am very sure that they know where we are right now, I am sure they might have set someone for the task but who??” Michael said angrily.

“That’s my exact thought, you guys have to be super careful and watchful, please all of you must stay alive, please be careful” Nick said concerned.

“Don’t worry, we will be very careful Nick, what about the other one we were investigating????” Michael asked looking around to make sure no one was there.

“You mean the death of both James and Maria Darlington, I haven’t found solid evidence but I am sure the death was not natural just as you too”Nick said.

“Yes, I know they might be shocked but dieing, that’s out of it, I think there is something fishy” Michael said thoughtfully.

“Yes, same here, who would hear that their child had an accident and just die, there’s gatto be something and from our findings, they are not heart patients, they don’t have heart problems, so I don’t quite understand, there is something we are missing” Nick said.

“Hmm, do you know who I suspect??” Michael asked.

“Ofcourse, who else, Frederick, only he is the principal suspect, he was the closest person to James, they were like good friends, so the suspect gotta be Freddie” Nick said.

“Yeah, I thought about that too, we have to go deeper in our investigation, I will tell my boss and friends, we will all do this and put that criminal behind bars” Michael said angrily but later smiled.

“Don’t worry about it, who ever he is, he won’t escape from us this time” Nick said.

“Thanks……” As Michael was saying, he heard his someone calling him.

“godfather!!!” Ashley called.

“Yes!!, a minute” Michael told Nick who nodded, soon Ashley was in Michael’s room dressed up, she came to where he was, she didn’t know, he was on a video call.

“godfather, we are going out, TJ want to take us to the school, they called for us, so you will be the only one at home” Ashley said smiling at her godfather, who nodded.

“Daddy is going with you guys??” Michael asked and she nodded her head in the positive.

“Yeah, we won’t…….” She was saying when she noticed Nick on the tablet looking at her “Oh!!, hi” she said, she didn’t even wait for him to answer “I have seen you somewhere……. Where???? Nick!!!!!” Ashley screamed happily.

“Hi princess” Nick greeted, Ashley bow her head slowly, she cause the two man to laugh.

“My siblings told me alot about you, I saw the pictures too, thanks for everything Nick” She said smiling.

“Oooh no, no need to thank me, it a pleasure doing that for you, beautiful” Nick said smiling at the little girl, who winked at him, Michael almost choked.

“Baby, he has a girlfriend” Michael told Ashley quietly after he was thrown in squeals of coughs.

“Hmm.. Mmmm, you are old school godfather” She whispered in his ears but loud enough for Nick to hear, they all laughed, “Take care of yourself godfather, if you feel so lonely, call us but don’t worry we will be back soon” she concluded.

“OK” He answered.

“Bye Nick” Ashley said waving to Nick, who also waved at her, with that both Michael and Ashley went out of the room, Michael soon came back after someminutes.

“Sorry about that” Michael apologized.

“Oh, it’s nothing” Nick answered, they both spoke for sometimes, before they ended the call, after Michael told Nick to be careful of the tasks he gives Piper to do concerning Frederick.

Michael took his phones,headed downstairs with a little bluetooth device plugged to his ears, he went to the kitchen to prepare something.

“We have to get some food stuffs” He said to himself, as he wanted to proceed with what he was doing, his phone rang, he picked it.

“Hello” He said and waited for some seconds.

“Hello Sir” A female voice said, Michael stopped what he was doing.

“Yes???” For some seconds, he didn’t recognize the voice, he tried to recall, after few seconds he remembered and before he could talk the person had answered him.

“It’s me, Becca, that you helped” The person said and immediately Michael had a big grin on his face, he slapped his face quietly and composed himself.


Feeling very uncomfortable because of the heat that has engulfed her, she was about shifting from the side she was to the other, when she felt both of the sides occupied, she opened her eyes slowly.

“Seriously!! Guys!!??” Becca said as on the both sides of the bed were her two gang members.

“Becca!?” They all screamed, which woke another girl who had her head on the table near the where the bed was.

“Becca!!” The girl screamed and stood up and they all hugged Becca who was trying to breathe because they were hugging her tightly.

“Guys, you are hurting me, my rib cage” Becca said, they all disengage and laughed. The two girl left the poorly furnished room.

“Jemima, c’mon, am not dead, stop crying” Becca said “Well, am going to die soon but don’t cry now” She said, but Jemima even cried louder.

“I hate you Becca, stop reminding me you will die soon, stop!!! Please, do you know how I will feel, do you??? Do you think I will be happy or be able to get over it when you finally die, Becca NO!!!!!!!” Jemima screamed as she sat down because she and Becca have been standing since, Becca sat beside Jemima slowly, sighed.

“Sweetheart am so sorry I said that, and I am sorry I won’t be spending years with you because of what am passing through, It not also easy for me, knowing that I will die soon, I will miss you especially, that’s the reason why I want you to go to school, complete your secondary school education and also your university education, am saving all the money I can, it not easy for me too, but I can’t sit here and cry doing nothing, instead I want to make good memories with people I love and care for, and Jemima, you are that person, I want to live my life to its fullest before my time’s up, so please stop been sad and sorrowful, its hurt me alot” Becca said as she fought her tears back, which obeyed her.

“Am sorry, I….” Jemima was saying when Becca hugged her.

“Hey, you gotto stop feeling sad, so my heart won’t hurt so much to stop functioning, so I can spend more time here and beat some goats too” Becca said and they both laughed “What’s that????” She asked as she saw a swollen envelop, over Jemima’s shoulder when she hugged her.

“Oh yes” Jemima said happily, she dis engage form Becca hurriedly “A very cute handsome man caught you from falling yesterday, paid your hospital bills and also gave us this yesterday” she said smiling.

“Seriously!!!” Becca’s eyes widen.

“Yep, but he didn’t leave anything behind excerpt from his number” Jemima said sadly and bows her head slowly, waiting for Becca to scold her.

“Baby, c’mon raise up your head, I know I will have scolded you but I am not going to, don’t worry, I will call him to find out his whereabout and appreciate him properly”Becca said as she pulls up Jemima chin bringing her full face to face her “Smile Mima” Becca said and Jemima smiled until the both of the laughed. “So some of the money will be going to your Schooling, some to will be kept for accommodation in case we are thrown out of here, then some for food stuffs and the rest, we take all the gang members for a treat”Becca said.

“Ofcourse, I know already, thanks alot… I pray you will be alive to eat……” Jemima was saying with tears threaten to fall, when she hugged Becca “if you won’t be alive, I will never forget you” She said.

“If you forget me even because of love, I will hunt you down”Becca said jokingly and they both disengage laughing “Why are you not in school???” Becca ask as she began to do press ups.

“Seriously Becca, today’s Saturday, am a day student not boarding one'” Jemima said rolling her eyes, because even since she started schooling through Becca’s help, her benefactor has always forgotten that she was a day student.

“Oh, I didn’t know, sorry” Becca said as she continued to do the push ups, Jemima went to bring some water and food for Becca, when she was through with her little exercises, she took her bath, reasted for a while and ate what the sixteen years old Jemima prepared.

“Take, this is the number” Jemima who was already reading her books, gave Becca the piece of number.

“Okay, thanks” Becca said collecting it “I will go to the call center to call him, and please keep that money” She said pointing at the money, which Jemima grapped and placed in a safe place “Stay in and be safe, I will be back” Becca said, Jemima nodded, and she went out of the house.


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