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Episode Thirty Eight
As Becca was walking to the call center, tears could be seen crawling down her cheeks. ******For as long has she could remember she has been an orphan since she was little, an old woman who recently passed away was the one who was taking care of her and until one fateful day, the both of them saw little Jemima by a river bank, after some years of taking care of both of them, the old woman died leaving them nothing except for an old apartment. Just recently when the hospital was giving free check up, she went to check up on herself because of the way she had been fainting and falling ill, then she was told the shocker of her life, that she only had sometimes to be on the surface of the earth because the state of her illness has so much worsen, and she had no money to take care of herself, ever since then she had been living her good but short life to the fullest, spending time with friends and creating good memories.*****

When she got to the call center, she dialed the number and it began to ring, when the owner finally picked up and talked her heart skipped at the voice.

“It’s me Becca, that you saved Sir and also helped” She said as she was drawn to the cool and beautiful voice of her helper.

“Oh, Becca the queen that rules the damn street” He said and laughed, Becca heart leaped for joy hearing him laugh, she wonder what her frail heart will do if she sees him.

“Yeah, that’s me, thanks again for saving me and giving I and Jemima an huge amount of money, I really do appreciate it Sir” Becca said smiling sheepishly.

“No problem, you are welcomed, please call me Michael” Michael said over the phone, smiling.

“Oh, Mr Michael” Becca said purposely.

“Nope, just Michael” Michael said again.

“Okay, Mic… Mic… Michael” She said as she found it difficult to call her helper by his name. “Can I ask for a favour???” Becca asked slowly.


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he answered.

“Can I see you???” She asked.

“Am right behind you” He said, she turned her head and searched “Just kidding” he added.

“Ohhh” was all she could say.

“Am actually going out now to get some food stuff, just tell me where you are so we could meet up” Michael said and Becca told him “OK, just give me few seconds” he added and they both ended the call.


You are crazy already, Wow!!! I like his voice, Well girl, thee is mad” Becca said to herself after she paid her bill and headed to where they were to meet.


Michael came down from a cab, he decided to take a public transport, he has a simple dress on , and on his feet were scandals, looking ahead of him, he saw Becca who was sitting down like a spoilt princess, he smiled because that was how she also sat down that very day, he saw her. He walked towards her, stood in front of her but she was asleep, he took in all her beautiful features and finally, he tapped her a little, she opened her eyes. Becca wanted to shout at the person that just woken her up and had disturbed her peace, but immediately she landed her eyes on the person, she stopped, looked at he person and stood up.


day” She greeted him.

“Hey, Becca, why will you sleep in a public place like this, seriously!” Michael said and immediately, she recognized the voice, she stood stunned as he heart was felt as if it was dancing.

“Michael” She said as she looked at him from head to toe, he perfectly fit the description of Jemima and also his voice were the same she had heard over the phone, she smiled.

“Yep, that’s me, how are you now???” He asked.

“Oh, I am fine” She answered “So you said, you were getting some stuffs here??” She asked.

“Yep, food stuffs” He said.

“Food stuffs???? Don’t you have a wife, fianceé or anyone to get you that, how will a man like you go to the market to but foodstuffs, c’mon you will be cheated” Becca said.

“Hmmm.. I don’t have anyone of whom you mentioned but thank goodness, you are here, let’s buy it together” Michael said, Becca nodded and they went into the market and started to buy what Michael wants to buy. After few minutes, they were through, as they walked out of the market, Michael started to laugh.


funny???” Becca said to Michael with a smiling face, the two seems to enjoy each others company.

“Seriously girl!, you were brutal” Michael said as he was referring to Becca’s negotiations with the sellers.

“Ofcourse, I don’t want you to get cheated, because if you are not careful you will” Becca said, as they both laughed and stopped by the road side, so as to stop a cab for Michael “Guess this where, I say goodbye, thanks for everything” Becca said after few minutes of flagging cab down, which thankfully one answered, Michael nodded and was walking away with Becca looking at him sadly, he got to the cab but didn’t enter, the cab drove off,leaving him behind, Becca noticed and ran up to him.

“Oh, you missed the cab, don’t worry I will flag down another….” As she was saying, she felt arms wrapped around her, Michael had pulled her in a hug,He pulled out after realizing what he did.

“Am sorry, I didn’t mean to take advantage of….” Michael was saying when suddenly, Becca hugged him to.

“It’s fine, and don’t apologize, I understand, I hate goodbyes… Can we be friends???” She asked looking at Michael.

“Ofcourse” He answered “I will give you a call when I get home” he said.

“About that, I don’t have a phone yet, I called you through the call center” She replied smiling.

“Oh, Can I get you one, please, don’t say no, please” Michael pleaded with Becca who shook her head in the negative but after much pleading, she yielded “Oh we are in front of a phone selling shop and also a sim registration shop, that’s good” He said as he turned to go to the phone shop, Becca wanted to follow him” Uhm, you stay behind, you are too brutal in negotiations” Michael said and they both laughed.

“Don’t buy an expensive phone, if it’s too expensive, I will reject it” She said.

“Yes ma’am” Michael answered, Becca collected the nylon bag that was with Michael, he entered into the shop bought a phone and Becca went to buy Sims after registering it.

“Thanks alot” Becca appreciated, as they both walked away from where they were standing, Michael now has Becca’s numbers.

“You are welcomed Queen Becca” Michael said smiling at Becca who also smiled, she gave Micheal the nylon bag, flagged down a cab, Michael got in after waving at Becca who has a smiling and happy face. When the cab was no longer in sight, she turned around and also took a cab and headed home, smiling to herself.


“Oh my goodness!!” Michael said, as he got to the compound and saw the car outside, they were back, he hit his head and walked into the house, as he entered, George was on his laptop, the kids were playing a game, they just bought it. Adrian was the first to see him.

“Welcome godfather, you went to the market right???” Adrian asked, as they all looked at him smiling.

“Yep, how was your day at the school??” He asked and that earned a scream from the kids, Goerge looked in their direction with a frown.

“If the cops come knocking at the door, I will gladly release you all including your godfather” George said.

“Oops, sorry Daddy” They all said including Michael, Goerge’s face dissolved into a smile.

“You will tell me everything, we are starting from my baby Ashy” Michael said as they all followed to the Kitchen narrating their all what that happened in the school.


“What are the rules Darlingtons???” Michael asked the kids who were already prepared for school, in their radiant uniforms, Michael was also dressed up while George was just coming down from the stairs, also dressed up.

“Be careful, be alert, be cautious and discreet!!” The kids yelled happily.

“Okay, that’s nice, let’s go” They all went outside the house with bags, they entered into the car and drove off after greeting the old man at the gate, who was now working as their gateman both Michael and George disagree with TJ in putting an old man at the gate but the old man pleaded to let them allow him to at least work, which they agree to.

“Here” Michael said as all of them were already at the backnof the car, giving the kids their bags and lunch bags too, both men pecked the kiss goodbye and drove off to their workplace.

“Bye Adrian, don’t forget what we have been told” Alexa said as they were all standing in front of Adrian’s class.

“Yes, big sis, bye” He said and entered the class.

“Princess Ashley same goes to you too” Alexa said as she pecked Ashley on her fore head and helped her with her bags into the class.

“Bye, and Ok” Ashley said and waved at her sister, as she sat down on her seat. Alexa walked to her class, a lecture was already going on.

“Good day Ma’am” She said as she stood in the door way, the teacher looked at her and smiled.

“C’mon in” The teacher said, Alexa obeyed “Introduce yourself please”

“My name is Alexandria D. George, but you can call me Alexa” she said smiling.

“Okay Alexa, you can have you seat” The teacher said and pointed to a chair that was side by side with that of a smiling and happy girl, she sat down and the teacher continued.


Sitting in a beautiful and well furnished office, which on a beautiful shelf has different laurels arranged on it, the office smells nice and pleasant, the man sitting on the chair was attending to his mails, as his door flung open, he looked up to see his secretary trying to avoid the entry of someone.

“Bisi, let the person in” He said in his husky voice, the secretary obeyed and left the person, she was struggling with, the person entered and closed the door, it was Barrister Kunle. On the table was the man’s name Orji Gerry.

“You bastard, you snake, you are sitting down comfortably while someone else is in the prison paying for your crimes, I will be the one to put you back to where you belong Gerry” Kunle said angrily as he hits his fists on the table.

“Good morning” Gerry said and laughed so heartily, Kunle had killed him in his mind “Well, who would believe you, you are just wasting you time barrister, go get a life and stop pestering me” He said with smiles.

“You brainwashed the little girl into believing your lies, you systematically took everything away from her and her father’s friend, you implicate Mr Jimi and sit here enjoying been free but am sorry, am taking that away from you, am gonna return things to were they are supposed to be” Kunle said.

“You and I know that no one, I repeat, no one will believe you, even now the girl hates you and blame you for not standing up for her Dad, Gaberialle is not gonna believe you, she is mine now, she believes everything, I mean everything I say, so stop wasting your precious time, go and live your life and leave me the hell alone!!!” Gerry yelled.

“This is not the end, I assure you, I will put you in jail and you will rot there bastard!!” Kunle yelled back and walked out of the office, after slamming the door so hard.

“Why is this bastard here again???, and I can’t just eliminate him, because it will arose suspicions, I know what to do to him” Gerry said to himself and smiled, his door opened again but this time, it opened gently to reveal Gaberialle who was smiling, ran up to him and hugged him.

“How is my Uncle doing????” Gabe asked as she disengage from the man, who also had a smiling face.

“You uncle is doing well, just that he misses his little Gabe” Gerry said smiling , as Gabe sat down on a chair in front on him with her legs on the table, while he went to get them a drink, he sat down after pouring the drink into two different glass cups.

“Thanks” She said and they both did a toast.

“Am so proud of you Gabe, you are the best, because of you the government has decided to give us a huge amount of money and increase our pay, Am so proud of you, you have never lost a mission before, c’mon you are the best” Gerry said, praising Gabe.

“Awnnn, thanks Uncle that’s so sweet of you, am glad to be back after the mission and my vacation, and I am super happy you are proud of me, thanks so much I will continue to make you happy” Gabe said, they both gulped down their drinks, they talked for some minutes.

“You are the best child, and I am sure Matins will be happy, including your mom and brother” He said and Gabe bow her head, as she didn’t want her uncle to see she was sad “C’mon don’t be sad, you are supposed to be happy because you are the best in everything you do, Smile baby” He said and Gabe lifted her head and smiled.

“Thanks Uncle, I have to go now” Gabe said as she stood up, hugged her uncle again and went out, Gerry smiled. His phone began to ring, he took it and checked the caller, he smiled when he saw it.

“You have a job for me right???……. Involves alot of money!! Wow, send him in by tomorrow, I know what do do, OK bye, thanks alot” He said smiling.


Stella was sitted in a restaurant waiting for someone, as she tilted her head sideways, she saw Barr. Kunle, he sat in front of her and dropped his bag on his laps.

“Good day Sir” She wrote, passed it to him, he read and took out his pen to write on the book but Stella took the book and wrote again. “You can talk sir, I’m only mute not deaf” He read.

“Oooh, OK good day…. So tell me about yourself and why you want to help me???” Kunle said.

“Oooh OK, My name is Stella Maris, well I don’t know my parents, I have been an orphan since I could tell my right from left, the person taking care of me died suddenly one day and I was thrown out of the house, Gabe saw me roaming the streets one day helplessly, she helped me for some years, so I decided I wanna follow her and I want to work, so she put me in the agency and she put me also in evening classes which I have been attending, I don’t really have a surname but I chose Maris because it sounds similar to Martins which is Gabe’s surname.. I wanted to help you because Mr. Gerry doesn’t not seems to be a good man, I feel he is lying and deceiving Gabe, but I can’t tell her in order not to destroy anything, so when I saw you that day, I was happy that I saw you because it has been a while you came by, so I wanna help you because I can see, feel and also know you are right” She wrote down and passed it to Kunle, who was eating, he had gone to collect their orders, Stella’s food was in front of her, Kunle collected it and read it, Stella began to eat. After reading, he sighed deeply which made Stella look up.

“Hmm…. I will tell you their story” He said, he had a very sad and agonizing expression, they made Stella to stop eating and she fixed her gaze on him.


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