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A Bride For The CEO Episode 44


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Episode Forty Four
Gerry is sitting behind his desk obviously thinking, a young man enters.

“Good day boss” The man greeted immediately he entered but Gerry didn’t answer because he was lost in thought “Boss! Boss!!!” He called a little louder, Gerry jerked, looked at him and motioned for him to sit down which he did.

“Am sorry I hope I haven’t kept you waiting for so long” Gerry said as he stood up and got a bottle of wine and two glass cup.

“No” He answered.

“Ok, down to business” Gerry said as he served the both of them.

“Boss, I made my findings and from all angles, there is someone Jimi has, because if he didn’t have anyone, Barr. Kunle won’t have taken the companies from you” The man stated.

“That’s true but the question is who?? Who does he have??? He has been in prison for a long time and his beloved wife and unborn child are dead, like you know, six feet down, so who does the idoit have!!!” Gerry yelled angrily.

“Boss, you have to calm down” He said.

“Jude, that’s the point, how can I calm down when my riches are slipping away from me gradually” Gerry said looking sadly, Jude shook his head.

“I understand Boss, I understand the pain and everything but don’t worry I and the boys will do something about it” Jude said assuringly.

“Hmm… OK, when whatever you are doing gets done, come for your money, OK??” Gerry said while Jude nodded.

“You should hold on to the girl, so that your slot can be saved” Jude said.

“Ofcourse, I have her wrapped around my fingers”

“I trust you boss, but boss, I wonder why you said we shouldn’t eliminate Barr. Kunle, like he is a pain in the ass, like that man is a smart, intelligent and sensitive bastard just like Jimi”

“You have answered the question yourself, the guy is a sensitive, intelligent and smart bastard, killing him will spell doom for us and I am sure the man will surely see the end of us if we take one wrong step” Gerry said as he sipped his drink slowly, Jude nodded.


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agree with you”

“With Gaberialle wrapped around my fingers, I am saved and rest assured that the wealth, I have amassed all these years won’t be snatched away from me” Gerry said smiling.


Boss, yes that reminds me, how about tiger’s child???” Jude asked.

“Ohhh, he should be fine, but am sure that she and that child are not getting along, which you know is none of my business, my business is having her wealth which she doesn’t know she has” Gerry answered with a smirk.


have seen him once, he looks nothing like late tiger” Jude said “guess her hormones overrided his” He said and they laughed.

“Assuming Tiger was alive, he would have gotten into a fight with you for calling him weak” Gerry said and they laughed again.

“Just painful he died in a street fight” Jude said.

“Seriously, I killed him you fool” Gerry thought and sniggered “Ohh yeah that’s was sad, I wasn’t happy I lost a good man that know and understand his works” He said aloud “I killed his because he was getting bold, rude and been a threat to me” He thought again.

“I will be on my way, boss, see you later” Jude said and stood up along side Gerry.

“Yeah and don’t forget your assignment including the boys and make sure you are trailing Gaberialle for me OK” Gerry said, Jude nodded and walked out if the office “Just finish up my job and I will eliminate all of you” He muttered and laughed as he went back to his seat.

“Barr. Kunle, what to do with you??” Gerry asked himself as he looked into space.

** ** ** **

“What the fuc-” Alexa was saying when both Michael and George stared hard at her.

“Language, big sis” Adrian said giggling.

“What in the world just happened” Alexa asked still surprised.

“I can’t believe this” Ashley said laughing and everyone joined in the laughter.

“Michael, your crush issa crazy girl” George said and the kids nodded.

“She talked like a queen, seriously and I love girls like that” Adrian said.

“Same here” Ashley and Alexa said together still laughing.

“Queen of her own kingdom, she is so crazy and do you know what, Michael you left out this quality when describing her, Becca the crazy queen that rules the damn street!!!” George said laughing along side his kids.


am happy you see her behavior funny and crazy in a sweet way” Michael said grinning childishly.

“godfather is in love with a crazy queen, am gonna write a story on that”Ashley said giggling.

“Have you told her about what you feel for her” Adrian asked throwing both Michael and George off balance “I can counsel and advice you on how to go about it, because am sure you are new to this” Adrian said.

“Wait?? What???!! How old are you again???” Michael asked surprised.

“Dad, c’mon is not by age, been slow is a problem, what if another dude gets her??” Alexa said folding her hands.

“Yeah-” Ashley was saying when George cut in.

“Jeez!!! Oh goodness!!!, who ever gave me these adult children” Goerge said and Micheal laughed. George’s phone began to ring, he picked it immediately.

“Yes???” He said “Oh my!!! Gaberialle!!” George said grinning wildly, Michael gave him a thumps up while the kids winked at him. He went to his room to continue his call because of the funny stares his children and Michael were giving him.

“Guys, you guys have school tomorrow right??” Michael asked.

“Yep!” Alexa answered excitingly and they all turned and stared at her, she immediately stood up to walk away but they all surrounded her.

“Hey easy there” Michael said smiling mischievously as he blocked her from leaving, she turned to the other sides but both Ashley and Adrian stood their grounds staring at her suspiciously.

“Cool big sis” Adrian said smiling.

“Who is he???” Ashley asked.

“Who is who??” Alexa said pretending to be unaware of what they were saying.

“A new found crush!??!” Adrian asked excitingly.

“I….” She was saying when Micheal grabbed her and they all began to tickle her.

“Will you talk??” Michael asked still tickling a laughing Alexa who shook her head in the negative, they all increase their ticking.

“I will talk” She said laughing hard with tears falling off her eyes, and she told them about Nicholas and Roland, and her crush on the latter. After few minutes of playing, they all went to their room and got busy with whatever they wanted to do.


Gaberialle is sent sitting on her chair in her office, she is the only one in the office. Her mind has wandered off…


Gabe moved anxiously around, fondling with anything her hands can touch, Stella who was in the living room watching a movie and also chatting with her phone, she looked up and frowned.

“Sis, are you alright???” Stella chatted Gabe up, as Gabe’s phone vibrated, she was startled but when she saw it was from Stella she looked at her and smiled, she was by now sitting in the dinning room which was next to the living room where Stella is.

“Hmmm…. Yeah, just waiting for something” Gabe texted back.

“Hmm.. Okay then” Stella texted.

“You’re chatting with Raphael right??”

“Yeah, he said he likes me and want me to be his girlfriend and he said he is serious about it, that he want a serious relationship with me, I have also wanted to tell you but you seem somehow lately”

“Oooh sorry about my behaviors, hmmm… Do you like him too??”

“Yes, he told me since a week ago, am yet to reply him, I said I will after I tell you and Sis Ruth” Stella texted smiling.

“Just follow your heart, we are here for you, what did that my big headed Bestie say??”

“Same thing as you said”

“Well OK, how old is he??”

“Uhn…..” Stella texted back, which got Gabe suspicious as she sprang to her feet and walked to Stella whose face was a little sad.

“Answer me” Gabe said looking at Stella who was playing with her fingers.

“Thirty eight” Stella wrote in her notepad, Gabe screamed.

“You gotta be kidding me, you a nineteen years old girI wants to get serious with a man old enough to father you” Gabe said very shocked, she ran her hands into her hair, looked at Stella who was already smiling and laughing though she didn’t made a sound.

“Just joking, he is Twenty two years old, he is in his final year in school, Sis Ruth even knows him, he works for her company, a per time computer engineer, he still in school, she said he is responsible and a descent young man ” Stella wrote on her note pad with a drawing of a laughing emoji. Gabe smacked her playfully and slumped on the chair with relief.

“You sacred me, don’t ever do that” Gabe said, while Stella nodded smiling, just then her phone vibrated, she took it “Am coming soon” She said and went into her room, connected her Bluetooth in her ear and started to call someone, she seems nervous.

“Yes” The voice she has missed said to her, she smiled but later frowned.

“Remember me??? Gaberialle???” She said and immediately the he gasped.

“Oh my!!! Gaberialle!!” He said surprised and happy, she rolled her eyes and clenched her fits in anger.

“Yeah, it me, I hope you didn’t wait for long for my call” She said “Ofcourse you are expected to wait and be anxious fool” She thought.

“I actually did, thought you forgot about me, am so happy you remembered” He said and she could feel sincerity in his voice.

“Ohhh, sorry about that, I was busy” She said as she sat down on her bed.

“I hope you aren’t too stressed out??” He asked as again she could feel concerned.

“Are these guys bad???” Her subconscious asked, she frowned and shook her head in the negative “That’s how they behave, they pretend to be good, wolves in sheep clothing” She thought angrily.

“Rialle!!” He called and she snapped out of her thought.

“Yeah, ohh so sorry I zoomed out” She said laughing.

“Can we you know meet somewhere, maybe later” Goerge said.

“Oh yeah, ofcourse”


“No need to thank me, we can also chat later if you don’t mind” She said.

“Ofcourse” He replied happily.

“So bye then”

“Bye too, have a great night rest” George said and with that they both ended the call.

*** PRESENT ***

“Jeez!!!” Gabe screamed startled and looked to the direction of where the sudden noise came from, only to see a smiling Stella “You scared the shit out of me” She said with her hands calming her chest.

“Sorry, I have been standing here since, and you just Zoomed out” Stella texted Gabe who was already with her phone.

“Ohhh” Gabe said.

“And yeah Sir Gerry needs your attention” Gabe sprang up immediately, she was putting on a black trousers, black short sleeves shirt, wrist watch and bracelets, a black bandana and black sneakers, Stella gave her a thumps up, she returned it with a smile.

“Thanks” Gabe said and dashed out of the office and after closing the door and few seconds passed, Stella walked to Gabe’s desk and started going through her drawers, the desk was a beautiful and specially designed one, the last drawer has a password.

“Think, Think” Stella thought to herself, as she closed her eyes for a while.

“Her surname” Stella thought and punched in the alphabets but it was wrong.

“These password should be all of Gabe’s history and story” Stella thought again “Yes!!” She thought and smiled “SCAR” She thought and punched in the letter, and slowly the drawer opened, She took out a file and close the drawer slightly. As she was about checking the file, she heard foot steps. She took out her phone and began to take pictures of the file hurriedly and accurately, She dropped the file into the drawer, the steps were getting closer. She pushed the drawer and it locked itself, she turned the chair and the door burst open. She sniffed the air as the fragrance of the person hit her nose, she rolled her eyes, slowly and steadily brought out a book but before she could finish what she was doing, the chair turned around obeying the push of someone and immediately the person lean very fast to kiss Stella but she caught the person’s by the neck and tightened her grip.

“Ste-Stella” He stammered and yelled “Ahhhhh, you are killing me” Sam said and both Sonia and Tunde entered.

“Ahhh, what’s going on here??” Sonia asked obviously surprised to see Stella holding Sam by his neck.

“He thought it was Gabe sitting here and he wants to take advantage of that to kiss her” Stella wrote has she released Sam who was still holding his neck coughing, the note was passed to Sonia who passed it to Tunde, Stella was standing with her bags slung across her shoulder.

“Sam!!!!! Ahah!! This isn’t love it is obsession, what if you have succeed and someone sees you??? C’mon stop been a dump head” Tunde said obviously fed up of his colleague’s behaviors.

“Don’t you ever-” Sam was saying when Stella hit him hard on the neck.

“You are the most stupid person I have ever seen” Stella wrote angrily while Sonia reads it.

“A hundred percent right” Tunde said.

“You should thank you stars, it wasn’t Gabe and that she didn’t see you, if not, am sure you also know how your story will end right??” Sonia said.

“Be warned” Tunde said and others nodded in agreement. They left Sam who sat down with the look of frustration on his face.


“Hey! What took you so long” Raphael who has been waiting in a restaurant for Stella, said as she came to hug him.

“Am sorry, something at the office” Stella said via signs.

“OK darl” Raphael said.

“I will go order our food, and please let me, am not sick, am only mute babe” Stella texted Raphael, he read it and chuckled.

“OK” He said smiling at her, she stood up and went to bring the food, when she came back, he has a sad expression on.

“Babe, what’s is the problem??” Stella wrote and passed it to Raphael who nodded like a child.

“You know I like you so much and am not always happy when someone I like is crushing on someone else” Raphael murmured.

“Babe???, I don’t get” Stella wrote, Raphael reads, he took her phone, unlocked it and showed her the pictures she took from Gabe’s office. She looked at the pictures, just one of the picture looks so familiar, she tried to remember where she has seen the person but she couldn’t.

“I know, am not as handsome and rich as they are but…” Raphael said and stopped, he holds Stella’s hands.

“Yes!!!!!” Stella thought as he remembered where she saw the person in the picture “One of the pictures belongs to that man Sis was talking to but why……. Ooh my goodness!!! No, this can’t be!” Stella thought deeply, she felt a slight pressure on her palms and then she realized it was Raphael been nervous and not knowing what to say.

“It’s fine, I just saw the pictures and saved it, it nothing serious besides these men are way pass my league” Stella wrote in her note pad. She hugged Raphael, who reciprocated it back with a tight hug, they disengage and Stella stood up to go to her seat.

“But mehn!!! Michael and George Darlington are so handsome and rich, these dude looks good” Raphael said laughing, Stella stopped in her track and looked at Raphael “Michael and George Darlingtons, don’t you know them???”

“What???!!! This can’t be!!! But how, why, what, who?!!” Stella thought surprised.


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