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Episode Forty five

“Babe??!” Raphael called as he tapped her, she looked at him and smiled “Is something wrong???” He asked.

“Nope, just thinking on how you loved me even though I can’t talk” Stella said via signs trying to change the topic.

“I love you not your voice, I love everything about you, but I know one day you will use your voice again” Raphael said smiling as he stood up and hugged her again.

“Thanks” She said via signs, and she went to get their orders. They began to chat and laugh with chatting on their phone and occasional talking which was all done by Raphael.

*** *** ***

“Like, I can’t believe she did avoid us” Alexa said sadly, sitting in front of her was both Roland and Nicholas, they all had their food in front of them.

“It was after her seizure, she began to avoid us” Roland said as he took the bottled water up to his mouth and drank little. Then a little crowd began to gather, some people were quarreling, the three rolled their eyes and sighed in frustration.

“You stupid fool, how dare you come and lord yourself over us??? You are nothing but a poor useless piece of trash” A voice yelled angrily, the person was in the middle of the crowd

“That’s should be Vivian, the bullie in the Junior secondary two” Roland said shaking his head and the two nodded.

“You are nothing but a parasite that feed on our money in the name of scholarship” Another said angrily.

“And there goes her twin witch, Linda” Nicholas said after chewing his food.

“I…….. I…….. I……. Ammmmmmmm sorrrrry” They had the person stammer and they all looked at themselves and sprang up to their feet and went straight to the middle of the crowd, as they were going, they heard someone say.

“I don’t know when this Vivian and Linda’s episode and bully will end, is it the poor girl’s fault??? They are just to wicked and mean” A girl said whispering to another girl who nodded, they got to the middle of the crowd when Vivian pushed down Aliyah who hit her butt very hard on the ground, Alexa went to her and helped her up, dusted her clothes as they were walking away, Vivian hit Alexa roughly but the later didn’t pay attention.


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the fvcking ducking fool is this??” Linda asked angrily. Alexa didn’t answer.

“Are you deaf or something….” Vivian was cut short by Nicholas.

“Please just stop this nonsense and…” Nicholas was saying when Linda interrupted him.

“Which bastard, that does not have a father nor a mother, talks there???” Linda said and everyone gasped, Roland was so angry that he made to slap her but Nicholas stopped him, just few seconds passed and they heard a loud sound, definitely a slap. Alexa just slapped Linda.

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“You hit me, I didn’t talk, you abused me, I said nothing, but then you talk to someone trying to make you not loss your respect and dignity that’s if you had any but you insulted him, he does not have a father, then what’s you business about that, even if he has no one, what the hell is your business… Haven’t you looked at yourself in a mirror, you looked like an ape wait!! And ape is more good looking then you are, it is because of your constant interference in people’s business that you didn’t notice that both you mouth and legs are getting twisted and you..” Alexa said pointing to Vivian “The last time I checked you were the one that is always at the last position in your class, Aliyah here is better and more brilliant than the both of you put together, aren’t you even ashamed of yourself, your parents are rich but am sure they did be disappointed to have children with undeveloped and useless brains, the both of you that have both parents, what has become of that in your miserable lives, you should both cover your faces in shame, a Js one student was sent to teach and tutor a senior, what a shame!!! Well am sure that isn’t shame to you guys because all you know is makeups and impressing boys, well good luck… Gosh!! Have just wasted my time talking to these bullies of no brians” Alexa said and dragged Aliyah away, everyone was so shocked that they all quietly left, Linda and Vivian stormed out angrily.


queen” Nicholas said laughing.

“Like seriously” Roland replied.

“Just tired of those idoit called seniors” Alexa said and they laughed, they all sat down and looked at Aliyah whose head was bent.

“I…….. I…….. Ammmm sorrryyyy” Aliyah said crying, Alexa went to sit down beside her and hugged her.

“No worries, we are here for you” Alexa said and she disengage from the hug.

“Am sorry too Seniors” Aliyah said.

“Ofcourse, no problem” Roland said while Nicholas nodded. They all ate, talked and after some minutes, they all went to their classes.


Stella walked into a restaurant with her cross bag slung over her shoulder, she looked around after spotting Barr. Kunle, she sat down a waiter came to her and dropped a glass cup of wine on her table she nodded and he left. She brought out her phone as it vibrated.

Barr. Kunle : Hi, good day, we will be talking via texts today, we have to do it, because I feel someone is watching us.

Stella : Good day sir, OK I feel that too.

Barr. Kunle : So how is it going??

Stella : Fine Sir, I have started the investigation, I have read stories about the past about them and wanted to be more acquitted with the story before investigating.

Barr. Kunle : OK, no problem but be careful because Gerry is a cunning man.

Stella : I know sir, and I will be careful.

Barr. Kunle : OK, do you need help in anyway, if you do pls don’t hesitate to tell me.

Stella : OK sir, I will tell you.

Barr. Kunle : Okay, when you get up from there, go towards your 12 ‘O’ clock, you will see a red car, get in, he will take you to your class.

Stella : OK Sir, bye sir. And I will keep you updated.

Barr. Kunle : OK, thanks, bye.

Stella : Bye sir. She put her phone in her bag, gulped down the drink in front of her.

“It’s very bad to waste” She thought, as she stood up to leave, she looked over at Kunle who nodded his head slowly and with that she walked out of the restaurant, after few minutes of walking, she saw the car, hopped in and the car drove off. After someminutes Barr. Kunle left.


Michael and George were on their lunch break, but they were in their office, they had earlier eaten and talked together before going to their various offices.

“Let me call these people” Michael said smiling as he began to video call Daniel.

“Jeez seriously!! Dude!!!” Daniel yelled immediately he saw Michael.

“Hi” Michael said looking at Daniel who was smiling suddenly someone pushed Daniel off and an angry face showed up, she had wounds on her face and her lip was cracked “Oh my goodness!!!, Belle?? What happened??” He asked.

“I feel like whipping you right now, or punch that face of yours, we were scared” Belle said angrily, Daniel was sitting beside Belle, he was laughing quietly.

“Am sorry, shit happened, George and I had a fight and all of that” Michael said and Belle huffed.

“So he had a fight with you and he fvcking smashed your phone or seized it??” Belle asked with furrowed brows.

“What!!?? Nope, OK fine, I am sorry, it wont happen again” Michael apologized.

“It’s fine” Belle responded.

“How have you been, any trouble???” Daniel asked.

“Oh, not at all and yeah, I saw my mom” Michael said smiling.

“Awwwwwnnnn” Belle and Daniel said smiling.

“How is boss???”

“He is fine and has also tried to reach you” Belle answered.

“Ohh, OK I will call him later” Michael answered.

“Nick too has been worried sick, he said he had somethings to show you” Daniel said.

“Yeah, I will give him a call too, and yes Belle what happened to your face???” Michael asked Belle who eating pizza.

“Just one of the missions I went as a lone ranger, but I brought the guy down, so no worries” Belle replied.

“Ohhhh, please be more careful and cautious too, don’t ruin your beautiful face, so Daniel won’t say he doesn’t recognizes you” Michael said and they all laughed.

“He won’t dare” Belle said looking at Dan, who nodded and peaked her fore head.

“Hey!!!! Am still here, don’t get all lovely dovey” Michael said eyeing them, they laughed.

“Very funny” Belle said smiling.

“Well then, bye, I will call you guys later” Michael said.

“No, we will give you a call soon” Daniel replied.

“Extend my love to those beautiful and handsome champions, tell them I miss them and to that d!ckhead called George, tell him when next I see him I will destroy his face” Belle said, Michael chuckled, Daniel laughed.

“OK, I will, bye and take care” Michael same, they replied with ‘same here’ and hung up. Just as he dropped his call, another call entered, he picked it and immediately Nick’s image popped up.

“There you are!! Thank goodness!!!, wait are you in the office???” Nick said.

“Yeah, sorry about you not been able to reach me” Michael apologized.

“It’s fine, am relieved, I could talk to you anyways”

“Thanks, how and you and Piper??”

“Oooh, we are fine, whay about you guys over there”

“We are good too”

“That’s great, about what we were talking about, the death of George’s parents” Nick said and Michael nodded as he plugged his headsets.

“Piper gave me some videos but I can’t seem to get what it is about but I do know that something is very important in the video but I can place it” Nick explained.

“OK, send me the videos later then”

“Okay I will”

“Babe!!!!” Piper called.

“Guess, I have to go, I will call you later then” Micheal said smiling knowingly.

“No you can stay, let’s continue….” Nick was saying when Piper called again.

“Really???” Michael said laughing along side Nick.

“Okay then, extend my greetings to everyone especially the kids” Nick said and Michael nodded and they ended the call.


“You are welcomed everyone” Brian said to Andrea, Andy and Frederick who were all sitting down, he was sitting in front if them.

“Thanks” They responded.

“So how is the job going in Nigeria” Brian asked.

“Very well, am sure they will be successful, just few more times” Andy answered.

“Hmm…. Okay” Brian said. Just then Frederick’s phone rang, he picked it after telling everyone it was the spy from Nigeria, the phone was in loud speaker.

“So… You all think you are wise right?” The feminine voice said laughing, they were all surprised to hear a female voice.

“Who are you???” Andy asked, looking at his colleagues.

“Awwwnnnn, so you joined them too, Andy???” They were all taken aback.

“So you all, Frederick, Andy, Brian and Andrea are together now who would have thought that, enemies gathered together to bring down a common enemy, well, am sorry because am bringing you all down, am sorry your preys are mine” The voice said again and laughed.

“Who the hell are you??? And what have you done to the guy that has this phone??” Brian asked.

“Ohhh, I killed him” The voice said again.

“If you don’t tell us who you are, we will find you and kill you, trust me” Andrea said angrily.

“Kill me!!???, well I just woke up from death, I defeated death somedays ago, you guys should set your homes well because am exposing all of you soon and then it will be only me after the prey” The voice said again this time, she was very angry.

“Then stop been a fool and tell me who the fvck you are chicken!!!” Freddie yelled.

“I am Natasha Allen!!!!” She yelled and hung up, the phone fell off Brian’s hand, all had a scared expression.

“We are fvcked up!!! That’s Kelvin Allen popularly know has Boss, that’s his wicked and mean daughter!!!, the mafia Queen!!!” Andy yelled.


George, Michael and the kids were in the car. Michael was driving, George was sitting down in the passenger’s seat with his phone, he is chatting with someone, the kids were at the back seat watching a cartoon.

“Are you chatting with her???” Michael questioned.

“Hmmm…. Yep” George answered smiling, Michael smiled too and the car became quiet except from the voices from the cartoon the kids were watching.

@@ CHATS @@

Gaberialle : Hi!! You are online today.

George :yup, how are you doing??

Gaberialle : Oh, am good, and you??

George : Am great too, yeah that reminds me, are you working because you complained of stress the other day and the lady I saw you with, is she your sister and sorry to ask is she mute??

Gaberialle : So many questions.

George : Sorry!!

Gaberialle : Nope, it’s fine, yep she’s mute and she is my sister and friend and yeah I am working in a small company.

George: Ohhh ok.

Gaberialle: Yeah.

George : Hmmm… Can we meet up somewhere, tomorrow???

Gaberialle: Yeah, no problem, just text me the time and the address I will be there.

George : Ohh OK, thanks a alot.

Gaberialle : No problem, I gotta go now, see you there tomorrow.

George : OK and by the way you are beautiful.

Gaberialle : Am flattered

George: I wasn’t flattering you, I am serious, you are beautiful.

Gaberialle : Awwn, thanks alot.

George : you are super welcomed

Gaberialle : Bye, enjoy the rest of your day.

George : And you too.

“Seriously!!!! Stop smiling, am sure your cheeks will be tired right now” Adrian said as he looked at his Dad, who has been smiling since when he started chatting.

“We are here guys” Michael said as he drove into a beautiful compound, they all got down.

“Wow!!! This place is super beautiful and big” Ashley said as she looked around.

“You can say that again Ashy” Alexa said, looking around.

“So, let’s go to see my mother” Michael said and they all nodded nervously “Don’t be nervous, she is not that strict and mean parent” He added, he pressed a button.

“Just a minute!!” Someone yelled from inside, the door was opened to reveal Veronica in a short and crop top, she screamed.

“Ademi!!!!!!!” Veronica screamed as she jumped on her son, who hugged her “I was so worried sick about, thought something bad happened” She said as she hugged him tightly.

“Nothing happened and mom???!! You are crushing me” Michael said and Veronica chuckled along side the kids and George, Veronica disengage slowly and looked towards where the sounds came from.

“Who….. Wait!!!??? Oh my goodness!!! Darlingtons!!!?? Ademi you brought them” Veronica said happily as she moved to the kids and hugged them, they were happy.

“Hi grandma!!” The kids chorused happily.

“Oooh, it makes me sound like a very oldd woman but it sounds beautiful in your voices” Veronica said, she was kneeling down in order to be able to see the kids well “so let me pass a simple test” She said “You are princess Ashley and the youngest ” She said pointing to Ashley who smiling widely “You are Adrian… You are handsome, cute boy” she said as she touched Adrian’s cheeks “And you are Alexandria…” She said finally and they all hugged her.

“Hmmm….. Are we been left out???” Michael asked smiling, as George stood beside him.

“Ohhh….. Obviously” Veronica said smiling and then she noticed George “Ohhh… Good day, am so happy to see you” She said as she stood up and extended her hand for an handshake, but everyone gets shocked when George layed down flat on the floor, he prostrated.

“What??!!!” The kids and Michael screamed while Veronica stared at him with a popped out eyes.


Hmmm… Hi guys…

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