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Episode Forty Seven
“I’am glad you are here” Michael said as he stared deeply at Becca who was sitting in front of him. They are in a beautiful restaurant, Michael had a long sleeves shirt on, but he rolled up his sleeves, he had a denim jeans on. Becca was putting on a short black flair gown and a white scandals on, her hair was backed up and little of her hair were left unpacked, it was left falling over her eyes.

“Hmm.. I too” Becca hummed “Let’s eat and please stop staring at me, it makes me uncomfortable” She said, Michael chuckled.

“That reminds me.. Why aren’t you in school??” He asked, Becca stopped eating briefly, looked at him and smiled.

“I don’t have enough money, I will go later when Jemima gets to the university but I might just go to do a course, you know all these one that don’t take time” Becca said.

“Oooh.. What if I wanna help you to go to school??” Michael asked as he ate his food.

“Well I don’t wanna go yet” She replied simply.

“OK then” Michael said “What do you wanna be??” He asked again.

“A wrestler” Becca said and Michael choked, he started to cough, Becca stoop up, gave him water which he drank, she rubbed his back.

“What the hell!!!!” Michael screamed “You can’t” he said horrified and then Becca burst out laughing.

“Just joking” Becca said she went back to sit down.

“Better be, so what do you wanna be or do??” Michael said relived.

“Many things, I wanna be a newscaster, a writer and a motivational speaker” She answered smiling.

“Awwwwnnn that’s great”

“I wanna ask you a question” Becca said casually.

“Am all ear for my queen” He said and she blushed.

“I heard something about someone, the person has a short time on earth as in you know the person is going to die soon and the person also have loved ones but each time he wanna tell them, he feels so sad and scared, only few of the loved ones know about it and also this person in question does not want to tell anyone anymore, he feel uncomfortable and depressed about it.. What do you advice the person” She asked as she sipped her drink.


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That’s a very difficult one, but if the person feel sad, uncomfortable and depressed to tell the issue to his loved ones then he shouldn’t yet but he should look for a convenient time to tell them, I think that is what I will advice him to do” Michael explained.


Okay then, that’s better, thanks” Becca responded.

“Becca you do know I like you right???” He asked sincerely and immediately Becca stopped eating and looked at him.


do you hate me before now ??” She asked jokingly.

“Becca! C’mon be serious” He said seriously which gained her attention, he held her hands across the table caressing them gently “Ever since I met you, you have occupied my thoughts, my mind, I haven’t felt like this in a long time and when I even felt like this, it wasn’t for long but yours have been for a while.. Rebecca I more than like you, I want to always be with you, mere mentioning you name gives me joy and make me behave like a child…… “Michael was interrupted by sobs, he looked and saw Becca in tears “I don’t mean to make you cry, did I say something wrong… Maybe I should stop.. I am sorry” He said and handed her a handkerchief, which she took.

“Michael I will tell you the truth…. I don’t think…” She said and stopped, Michael heart raced very fast as they stared at each other “I can ever do without you” She said and the excitement in his heart knew no bound “Since the time I had your voice, I felt something for you too, I thought you wanna be my friend only, I do get scared sometimes when I think you might not like me back”

“I do, and I am happy you feel the same for me” Michael said excited.

“Yes I do, and yeah thanks for making me feel special and wanted” Becca said smiling like a child.

“Hmmmm… Talking about wanted” He said smiling to her with mischief and winking seductively.

“Jeez!!!! Stop it” She said and they both laughed.

“Close your eyes” Michael said gently.

“Hmm… I don’t usually like that, I should be sensitive to my environment in case anything happens, I want to be alert…”


Becca” Michael interrupted her and groaned, she giggled.

“Fine” She said and closed her eyes.

“Opened them now”

“Wow!!!” She exclaimed when she saw three beautiful and pretty cases “The case looks so beautiful” she said admiring the case “Yes.. I have been meaning to ask you.. Where do you work??? You normally look moderately expensive, you have never mentioned that to me” She asked with seriousness.

“Oh that, I work in the Darlingtons’ company here in Nigeria” He said.

“What??!!! Are you serious??” She asked shocked.

“Why??? You look surprised, any problem??”

“I have heard alot about that company, gosh!!! They are so rich, like they have bastard money, you know what I mean they are money, they are all over the world.. And you work in one of their companies.. I don’t even need to ask you what you do there, even the lowest worker earns more than a government worker and I am sure you did alot before you got a job there like it’s hard to entered that company and get a job, but it worths it at the end, am happy for you.. Like they are madly rich” She exclaimed and Michael watched her “Girls drool over the men, I think they are brothers or friends, I don’t really bother myself about them but I must say they have done well and they are hard working” She concluded.

“Am sure if they hear this from you, they did be happy” Michael said.

“If I ever see them, I will give them a thumps up and say “Guys your are really amazing” they deserve it” She said with her hands formed in a thumps up, Michael laughed at her behavior.

“So???” He said pointing at the cases on the table “Open them” she smiled and obeyed, the first one was a wrist watch, a beautiful one which had her name and Michael’s.

“Becca and Michael” She reads, the and was written in a love symbo.

“Do you love it???” He asked.

“I super love it!!” She exclaimed, she proceeded to open the next one “Wow!!!” She exclaimed, this case had two necklace very beautiful ones, one had a key and the other a heart, Michael took the two and fixed them together “Wow!! The key and the heart hmmm.. Wonderful”

“Am happy you love them, so which one do you think I should take??” He asked sweetly, Becca smiled.

“First I know men want something manly and not girly.. So you have the keys let me have the heart” She said, and Michael haven a relief.

“I thought you would let me wear the heart… But am happy am having the keys” He said and Becca laughed.

“Our names are on it??” She said more like a question, Michael nodded, she smiled, he stood up and helped her with the necklace, he sat down and she also helped him with his.

“Thanks” He said with smiles as she sat down.

“And you too” She said and proceeded to opened the last one, when she did, she was stunned, she looked shocked with her hands covering her mouth “What!??” She said when she found her voice and looked at Michael who was smiling.


**”I wish she would come, even if not for me, I wished she would come with Momma, so I can see her and checked how she is and how she is doing, I have really missed her alot, I hope she is eating when and she hasn’t lost her good and hour glass figure…”** Nicholas chuckled when he wrote this, he is sitting in his room in the dormitory, the room is beautiful, he is painted purple and white, pictures of both him and Roland with their families are seen hung on the walls of the room, the room is a definition of been rich, it is shared by Nicholas and Roland alone **”I wish I could just see her and maybe hugged her but she won’t want to”** at this point he had a sad expression **”If I can just get to see her, I will be happy and my birthday will be fulfilled and wonderful, Mom you are the best mother in the world and I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH AND FOREVER, I know you love me in you own way…. I will always love and care for you…. Congratulations to your son, I am FOURTEEN today.. Happy birthday to me”** He wrote, closed the book and kept both the book and the pen in a drawer and locked it. Stood up from his seat and went to layed down on his bed, he looked at the side of the bed, Gaberialle’s picture was gumed beautifully there, she was smiling “I love you mom, take care and be safe” he said and kissed the picture. He stood up and went to the bathroom, which was in the room.

“Where is Roland???” He asked himself as he was through with bathing and putting on a mufti, students were freed from lectures today “Or did he forget my birthday.. Hmmm” He said and thought, he shrugged ” If he did, I will remind him” He said and went out fully dressed as demigod, he was putting in a Polo shirt over a blank trousers. As he was going, every where was quiet and he wondered what was going on. He was still in his thought as he entered the cafeteria, flowers were thrown at him, alot of students were standing and singing a birthday song for him.

“Oh my!!!” He exclaimed as he looked around.

“Let’s move to the hall!!!” Roland screamed, Nicholas smiled, he wasn’t expecting this, he hugged his friend, they disengage and everyone moved to the hall, as they all got to the hall, he was stunned and amazed, the hall was decorated with balloons, flowers and beautiful things, by the side of the podium were big and beautiful cakes, before he knew it the hall was filled to the brim, he was still standing.

“Nicholas Martins Ifeanyi, please come up here” Roland said, he went up and the hall went on shouting and screaming, it died down after some times.

“This is my way, our way of saying happy birthday… Happy birthday best” Roland said and hugged a already crying Nicholas.

“Thanks alot” He whispered to Roland, turned to the crowd, bowed his head and said “Thank you” they shouted back “You are super welcomed”

“So seat back and enjoy” Roland said, Nicholas went to a seat pointed to him, all the seats in the hall were arranged around a table, four or five chairs around a table, he went to seat, there, Alexa and Aliyah were seating beautiful dressed.

“Happy bbbbirthday Nick” Aliyah said excitingly and hugged him, she disengaged immediately “Am sorry” She apologized, Nicholas smiled, he made her stand up, admired her and hugged her, she was surprised.

“From now on, call me Nick, I love it in your voice, I know you might be scared but when we are alone call me that and stop being scared and shy before me OK” He said, she nodded “You are beautiful” he commented and she blushed.

“Hmmmm…. I’m here” Alexa said laughing, they disengaged and sat down.

“Sorry” Nicholas and Aliyah chorused.

“Happy birthday Nicholas” Alexa said and they hugged again, they disengaged and sat down.

“Thanks, you are beautiful” He said.

“Awwwwnnn thanks” Alexa said smiling.

“Roland told you that already, am sure of that” He said, the girls laughed and nodded, they listened and watched the party unfold.


Ruth was seen all dressed and David her husband is equally dressed they are putting some wrapped items into their cars.

“Babe, I think I will have to go ahead” David said when he was through with what he was doing.

“Yeah, no problem” She answered walking close to him.

“Is Captain Cutie coming???” He asked, holding his wife by her waist.

“Yeah, but she doesn’t know about it, only that she knows am visiting someone, she agree to tag along because she said she was bored in the office, Stella is coming along too, Stella knows about it, she was even the first to chat me up about it” Ruth said adjusting her husband’s clothes.

“OK then, take care and drive safely” He said and kissed her.

“Sweetie!!! Stop!!” She said laughing as she held his hands because it was traveling all over her body.

“OK but for now, later today we will see about that” He said and kissed her forehead, she hit him on his chest playfully “Ouch!!!! Should I hit mine, he said pointing at her chest and winking.

“Sweetie!!!!” Ruth screamed laughing and moved backwards away from her husband who wanted to followed her “See, if you go late Roland will fry you” She said, he laughed.

“That’s one is a case on his own, very stubborn, but later today you won’t have an excuse” he said smiling, he blew kisses at her, she catcht them playfully and placed her hands on her face, they both laughed, he entered into the car and drove off.

“Madam Jane!!” Ruth called and immediately a woman in her late fifties came out “Let me drop you off your place, you should rest ma”Ruth said respectfully.

“Thanks alot Mrs” Madam Jane responded, Ruth had told her not to call her madam because the madam Jane was old enough to be her mother, they both entered the car and drove off after the gate has been locked by the gateman.


“This is a ring, is it too early for…” Becca was saying when Michael cut in gently.

“To be my girlfriend for now” Michael said smiling “This ring is to say, you will soon be mine although you are mine but you will soon be fully mine” Michael said and Becca giggled.

“Awwwwnnn” She said, He took the ring and put it on her engagement finger, She stared at him and the ring “Thanks” She said.

“Let me see the pictures you have taken and even take pictures of you” He said and took her phone, it had a password “What’s your password??” She told him some numbers “What does it stand for??” He asked.

“The first day I met you” She answered and he smiled, they took different pictures, while Becca was eating snacks that they ordered, for, Michael was checking the pictures he took.

“This is Jemima right???” He asked showing her a girl picture, she smiled and nodded “What’s this??” He asked again showing her a photo.

“It’s a bracelet, I make them, I made them for Jemima and my street friends” She answered.

“It’s beautiful, names are written on them.. Make them for us”

“Thanks and I will, although it might take sometimes but I will”

“Okay no problem, eat that fast, we are going to the mall and don’t insist” Michael said as Becca wanted to talk.

“OK, thanks alot” She replied.

“You are beautiful” He said and she blushed and smiled, they went on talking, after few minutes they left the restaurant and drove different and beautiful places and later to the mall.


“I am more than happy today, you all made my day, thanks I love you all, thank you” Nicholas said as he held back his tears, the students sensed the emotions in his voice and cheered him up with claps and joyful screams. The party came to an end with everyone saying they enjoyed themselves. Aliyah and Alexa said their farewell and went home. Nicholas and Roland were the last to leave “Thanks alot buddy, love you” He said and they hugged, they disengaged.

“Let’s go to the room, am tired” Roland said exhausted, Nicholas laughed.

“You, go ahead, I will be with you shortly let’s me get something from the cafeteria” Nicholas said, Roland nodded.

“Don’t take forever” Roland said.

“Okay” Nicholas said and they went different ways, As Nicholas was going back to the hostel, he looked sideways and saw a woman leaning on a car, her body seems familiar, he moved closer a bit and as the woman turned, he stared at her with widen eyes, she was still some distance away from him, she looks as if she was waiting for someone and tired. He looked again, as she put off her sunglasses.

“Mom???!!!!” He yelled happily and silently, just then an idea came up in his head “I pray it works” He muttered.

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