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Episode Forty Eight
“I wonder what we are doing in a school, don’t just take forever, I will wait for you here” Gabe said. They drove into a school, they all came down and went their way, Stella and Ruth after Gabe said she would rather wait. When they left, she brought out her laptop and began to work and also chat with George, she has grew fond of him but still denying it to herself each time her subconscious tell her, she continued to smile as she chat and also plan what she would do to bring her preys down.


Nicholas has a nose mark on, the mask was covering from the beneath of his eyes to his chin, he held his bottled water, he walked towards Gabe, who has came down from the car and was leaning on it.

“Ouch!!!” Nicholas said in pain as he purposely fell down, Gabe turned and saw him, she went to him and helped him up, in the process, he sniffed her cologne and smiled, he also saw her birth mark which was up her chest “Thank you ma and Good Afternoon ” He greeted.

“You are welcomed, Good afternoon to you too, I hope you are not hurt” She said and held his arms, he noticed new bracelets but he didn’t see the one that has ‘SCAR’ in it.

“Maybe, she lost it” He thought “Am fine ma” He said and she nodded and went back to lean against the car “Can I stay with you for a while, I don’t wanna go to my room yet” He said carefully hoping and praying she accept but she kept quiet, he turned and wanted to go.

“Ofcourse, you can” Gabe said smiling at him.

“Mom, you are so beautiful” He thought and smiled “Thanks” He said to her.

“So what’s with the nose mask???” She asked him.

“Ohhh.. Nothing, just wanna put it on for the time being so I don’t spread my illness” Nicholas lied.

“Ohhhh sorry about that, get well soon OK??” She asked as she pats him slightly on the shoulder.


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so what are you doing here?? Are you here to see someone??”

“Nope, I just tagged along, I really don’t know why I am here” She answered truthfully.

“Ohhh… OK” Nicholas answered, he was deeply hurt that she didn’t remember his birthday but he shook the feeling off.


how are you doing and school work.. Are you a border???” She asked, he chuckled.

“Am fine and school work is fine and yes I am a border” Nicholas said.

“Ooooh OK”

“Hmmm…. That’s something I am practicing for in my class.. Like a play… Will you listen to it and can I practice with you, it involves hugging thou” He told her.


OK no problem”

“I will start now” Nicholas said “Mom why did you leave me… Why??? If this is your way of caring for me then, am seriously hurting… Mom please I love you a lot please just show me you care, I love you” Nicholas said with so much emotions, Gabe was just staring at him and gently he hugged her at first she was stiffed but later she hugged him back. They later disengaged. “How was it???” He asked.

“Huh??? Yes beautiful and awesome” She said.

“I have to go now” Nicholas said.

“Oh OK… But what’s your name??” She asked suddenly, Nicholas’ heart raced.

“Oh I am Nick” He said, she nodded.

“Oh Nick, I am Gaberialle, I can also be called Gabe”

“Nice name ma, bye, and thanks for everything”

“And you too” She answered and they both waved at each other, Nicholas walked away.

“Nice kid” Gabe said smiling “What are these people doing??” She asked herself and sat in the back seat.


“What???!!!!” Nicholas screamed as he saw, Ruth, David and Stella, as he entered the room, Roland was laying on the bed.

“Happy birthday!!!” The chorused happily, except Stella who had up her writing pad, she had also written happy birthday on it. He moved towards them and hugged them.

“Thanks alot.. Wow!!” He exclaimed when he saw the heap if gifts.

“You are super welcomed” Ruth said, they all talked, played and gisted. They all left the room, Stella, David and Roland went ahead while Ruth and Nicholas were behind.

“Hmm… You mom is..” Ruth was finding it difficult to say anything about Gabe.

“It’s fine, I know she is busy” He said casually.

“Yes, but she actually came here, she should be outside” Ruth said, he smiled.

“It’s fine, I will look at her from a distance that I always do” Nicholas said sadly, Ruth hugged him “Momma, am fine, or I will be fine, just take care of her” He said smiling sadly.


why I love you son, don’t worry she will come around one of this days” Ruth said, they disengaged, he nodded. They walked for some minutes, the rest were standing beside David’s car talking which was packed away from Ruth’s car, Gabe was leaning on the car looking forward “There she is”She said and as if controlled, Gabe walked away from the car and exercising her body.

“Give me a pen and book” Nicholas said, Ruth obeyed, he wrote something on it, folded it and gave it to her “Momma give this to Mom and yeah I will need a necklace and bracelet, I will describe it to you later”

“OK, take care” She said collecting the paper “Give your momma a sweet hug and a good peck” Ruth said sulking, Nicholas laughed heartily.

“Momma!!!” Nicholas said laughing, he hugged and pecked Ruth in her cheeks, she did the same to him “Bye” He said, she waved at him and she walked away, she hugged her son too, they played a little.

“Let go, am exhausted” Nicholas said when Roland walked up to him.

“Yeah me too” Roland said and they both walked to their room.


“Take care Stelly” Ruth said to Stella, the latter waved at them.

“We will send some cash soon” Gabe said, Stella nodded with smiles “See her face, money lover” She said and they laughed. Stella walked away into her school compound.


“Thanks for the food” Gabe said after eating, Ruth only nodded, they are in Ruth’s house, both are sitting on the couch. David wasn’t around, the TV was on, it was tuned to a news channel. But Gabe noticed that Ruth has been quiet “Bestie are you alright??” Gabe asked, Ruth looked at her faintly and smiled.


“Don’t tell me that.. Please tell me the problem.. Please” Gabe pleaded genuinely.

“Take this” Ruth said as she gives Gabe a folded paper which she collected.

“I hope this is not one of the men…..” She was saying when her eyes caught a word “Mom??” She read confused, she read from the beginning.

Hi Mom, I hope you are doing well and healthy. You look slimmer then before, please do eat well. I hope it will get to a time I won’t just only be seeing you from a distance but I will also hug and talk to you. Thanks for coming to day, it made my birthday fulfilled..

Thanks and I love you.

“Wait???? This is Nicholas, today is his birthday, today mark the fourteenth year when those bastards……” Ruth looked at Gabe who had tears in her eyes, as she stood up to go and comfort her, Gabe stood up and ran to a room, locked the door.

“Gabe opened up” Ruth said knocking.

“I want to be left alone” She replied, Ruth sighed and left.


Stella is in her room, she looked around, locked her door and pushed a shelf to reveal a secret room, she entered pulled back the shelf and sat down. On the wall are lot of papers, pictures and cut out news papers. There were also news papers and two laptops.

“What exactly is the Darlingtons’ crime that Gabe was assigned to bring such hardworking and nice people down, like I don’t get” She thought to herself, as she took up a book, she has been writing her thoughts and feelings inside this book. She looked at her laptop and licked on a video, Two women came out looking sad and downcast but later they wiped their tears and did high five.

“Who will go to the almighty Gerry’s office looking sad and when he or she comes out, they do high five… Something is definitely wrong… I can feel it, something is surely wrong… I wished I could watch what happened in Gerry’s office” She thought and hissed “I won’t be able to watch it because that cunning man is super secretive.. I know what to do but I hope that Gerry isn’t using Gabe for wrong reasons” She thought again and sighed, she began to write and type on her laptop.

**** ****

“Wait??!! What!!!?? Oh no!!?” Gerry screamed as he stared at his laptop and also at the TV, he switched off the TV angrily and slammed the laptop close “Jimi’s companies has been taken away from me, just like that, What going on??” As he was still thinking, the door flung open to reveal Barr. Kunle and five men all dressed in black.

“Sign these papers, someone capable will take over the companies, you assistant is no longer needed” Barr. Kunle spoke angrily to Gerry who just stared at him, the latter is fuming inside of him but is afraid to do anything.

“Fine” He said after looking at all of them, he signed the papers which took him five minutes, he kept flipping the pages with anger and sighing them, while he was busy with signing and been angry, one of the man was secretly planting cameras and audio recorder in his office “You can’t just come to my office as if the word is in your pocket, you get to give me the respect, this is my damn office” He said with his head still bent over the papers, Barr. Kunle moved closer to him, and also the men, Barr. Kunle placed his two hands on the desk and leaned towards Gerry, who was also looking at him.

“I have told you, I won’t let you reap where you didn’t labour, I told you, I will see the end of you but guess what, this is just a tip of an iceberg, be prepared Gerry, cause when I come suddenly and powerfully upon you, you will wish you never betray your friends and even use his daughter” Barr. Kunle spoke softly with a terrible and deadly voice “Sign” He commanded, Gerry looked at him and continued to sign.

“Take your stupid papers and get the fvck out of here” Gerry yelled throwing the paper at Barr. Kunle, who caught it and laughed heartily.

“Bye, you will welcome poverty in your life once more, and Newsflash, if anything happens to anyone around me then you will dig your grave early, every legal person knows about this… So don’t try anything stupid because if you do, am sorry mehn, you will be shocked at the mightiness of what will hit you, and you know what, it will crush your bone, you bastard” Barr. Kunle, Gerry was shaken off balance, the former left with his men.

“People can be easily deceived, he signed thousands of papers not knowing that only five are important….. Ignorant fool… Spider?? Do you plant those things well??” Brr. Kunle asked with a smile, the man nodded, they the cars they brought and drove off.


“Hey!! The doctor said you will be fine okay???” Michael said to Adrian, who was laying down on his bed while Michael was sitting my his side, they were at home. A day ago, Adrian fell ill and he was being treated by Michael. The others are in school while George in the office.

“godfather, am so bored and tired, can I go watch TV??” Adrian asked, Michael nodded.

“OK but for few minutes” Michael said, Adrian nodded weakly, Michael carried him and they went to the sitting room, Adrian sat down, while Michael went to prepare something for Adrian, when he was through, he came with the food and give Adrian who took it with smiles.

“How is queen doing????” Adrian asked, referring to Becca, they all now address her as queen, Michael grinned before he knew it “Seriously godfather I only asked a question” the little boy said laughing.

“She is fine, we spoke this morning” Michael said as he remembered what happened when he told them about Becca being his girlfriend “You guys almost screamed my head off and almost blocked my ears” he said and the both laughed.

“Especially the girls but it was amazing and wonderful to hear, am happy for you, finally you won’t be a lonely and sad man anymore” Adrian said.

“What????!!!” Michael said laughing and shaking is head at Adrian “Are you sure you’re sick cause I don’t get” He said jokingly.

“Am not feeling well, but my mouth is super cool and healthy” Adrian said smiling at Michael, who shook his head.

“Just a minute” Michael said but he wanted to stand up, his phone rang, it was George, he picked up.

“Michael, you got to check the news now!!!” George screamed with urgency and hung up. Michael rushed to the TV, took the remote and went to a news channel, Adrian was wondering what was going on. On the news, Brian, Andrea, Frederick, Isabel and Andy are being handcuffed and her dressed in prison clothes.

“Oh my goodness!!! Finally” Michael said happily “Dangerous criminal arrested” He reads out with smiles and laughter, he took his phone and wanted to call back but what Adrian said stopped him.

“Isn’t that Nick, the one that was with us and your friend???” Adrian asked, Michael looked and lo, Nick was handcuffed, he looks very bad, Michael stood confused.

“What happened????” Michael asked himself, Adrian continued to eat.


“Finally!!!, Am only the freaking one after them now, so let me do this” Tasha said smirking as she placed a knife on the picture of both Michael and George “Dad, am doing this for you” She said smiling at Kelvin Allen’s picture, it is her father’s picture. Xavier her boyfriend came in “You revenged on Nick right?? For not being bad like you and saving people that were meant to be dead right??” She said looking at him as he smoked.

“Yeah, correct babe, he deserve more, he should be grateful I didn’t finish him off, we were meant to kill not save them but he only kill bad guys thereby earning praises for his good deed, well, am happy finally, he gets to taste prison has I have” Xavier said laughing, they both laughed.


“Boss… What’s going on??? I don’t get anymore, there is more to this” Michael said to Williams his boss, they were video calling, both Belle and Daniel were there.

“We don’t understand either, we were happy for the arrest of those bastard, but seeing Nick been arrested, we are confused” Williams said, just then, Piper came inside and joined the call after greetings.

“Xavier Bassett is around and when he is then She is also around…..”

“Natasha Allen, Boss’ daughter” Daniel and Belle said.

“Then this is not looking good” Williams and Michael said slowly, Piper nodded.



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