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A brief romance with the devil batch 4



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– A tale of Bayo and Bunmi (Episode 7)


She grabbed my balls and pushed me against my sofa with her Goliath size, attacking me with with kisses and aggressive caressing, specifically squeezing my n!poles. Just as Samson exhausted his last strength in pulling down the temple against the Philistines so did Bayo placed his hands firmly on Bunmi pushing her away from his top struggling for breath. Not here, not now and not soon, even if you have completely lost respect for my body which has become your s£x toy you don’t have to disrespect my matrimonial home and my wife, this I won’t take from you for any reason “Bayo yelled at the top of his voice, pointing his index finger directly into Bunmi’s face”.

She stood speechless for a few minutes gazing at him like she had seen a ghost, you pushed me like a thrash can? Wow! How ungrateful can you? “She said panting and walking around like a wounded lioness “. I knew we are already heading towards another conference of emotional blackmail, I quickly reduced my tone to soften the battle ahead, Bunmi! Bunmi!! “I called her twice while she snubbed”. Sincerely, I am sorry for pushing you away but you know that this isn’t right in all fairness and rational point evaluation, I might not be the best of a husband to my wife but she is the best any man can ever have as a wife, that is enough reason for me to respect this home, please I have always kept to our s£x schedule, today is my time off and I quickly decided to make dinner for my wife hence I am not expecting you to badge into me all in the name of signing any docvment. With all due respect kindly use the exit ” Bayo opened the door for Bunmi to go out”.

Just at the balcony Bunmi and my wife collided with their shoulders and exchanged shallow pleasantries which was facially evident that Bunmi was upset, but vague a deceptive smile as usual. My wife being a private local detective kept mute and waited for about two minutes carefully watching her exit our compound. She entered the living and greeted, untied my daughter from her back and gave her to me. Why did Bunmi leave in that manner? “She asked”. In what manner did she leave? ” I cunningly asked”. I don’t know but I think something wasn’t right anyways or did you both have an argument over work? You never mentioned at any point that she was going to visit and don’t know why she keeps bumping into us at home at her will? I think we deserve some privacy out of your work place, anyways that’s by the way, how has your day been? “she conclusively gave me a soft land after asking series of technical questions”.

I quickly rushed into the kitchen to prepare dinner for my wife to avoid further verbal missiles from the chief detective. I prepared the dinning and served her, after we had eaten I ran warm water for her to bath, my wife won’t fail me because she has a special way of saying thank you when she is pampered. My guesses where accurate because my wife had worn a light s£xy lingering with mild deodorant waiting for her guest speaker in our wonderful and romantic healing vigil. All the s£xual musical instruments gave been well stationed especially my microphone, she came into the room after ensuring my daughter was fast asleep. She kissed me over and over again, moving her body erotically and slaked my hunger with her [email protected] in my mouth. She kissed my navel to ensure I get fully aroused and immediately took up my microphone for a wonderful worship session, she was humble to core as she dipped my penis in her mouth at a calculated interval which showed her level of experience.

She rolled her tongue on my penis cap and I felt a sharp pain like I was pierced, hold on baby, please put on the light “I requested”. I observed my penis to see if I had any injury behold I saw scratched which looked fresh, but for the excitement of the moment local man needs to c-m and spit out some of the waste around my loins, I grabbed her to continue the matter before us, but she resisted and brought out a gold eating from her mouth.

Who is the owner of this earring I found around the sofa? “She asked in a tone of having a counter question to my answer”. What earring and how many women do we have in this house? “I returned the question trying to gain balance”. Ooohhhh really! She dropped the earring in my hand, this is already getting tough if I don’t respond intelligently. Oooh this you mean? “I asked” Yes! “That I mean she twisted her eyes and pointed at the earring in my hand”. They where part of the samples Bunmi brought to show me, she had called earlier if she left it here, I quickly picked my phone and called Bunmi.

Hello Bunmi, sorry I had to call this late, the earring you where asking about was found by my wife a couple of minutes ago, I will also check if the other two earrings you asked about are here by dawn “I said”. My wife looked and smiled, she placed her hand by the pillow and brought out the ash coloured singlet I wore earlier and pointed a session stained with heavy makeup and asked “did Bunmi also forgot her make up on your singlet?”

I really don’t get what you mean by all these insinuations, but if it is where you are driving at then am shocked, any ways good night, talk to you tomorrow “Bayo quickly initiated a quarrel, backed his wife and slept off”.


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