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A brief romance with the devil last batch



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– A Tale of Bayo and Bunmi (Episode 9)


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Calls kept coming in from my wife requesting to know my whereabout, my heart skipped at each beep of my phone. I queried myself on why I didn’t open up to my wife at the beginning, as I miss steps because of excessive intake of alcohol. I summoned courage like the prodigal son and drove back home to face my challenge. Getting back home, my wife in her usual manner hugged and kissed me, babe you are drunk “She held my hand and assisted me to sit”. Just relax, let me quickly run warm water for you to bath “She offered”.

Hope this woman isn’t planning to roast me “I took dressing”. She came in again, held me firmly and led me to the bathroom as we bathed together, after which I couldn’t remain anything till about 4:21am when she woke me up. When I felt her tap, I pretended to be deep asleep but she continuously hit me to ensure I woke up. Babe sit up, I need to talk to you “she said”. Can’t this wait till later please “I replied”. Hmmmm okay if you say so ” she kissed me and went back to sleep”.

At 6:00am she had set breakfast on the dinning, your food is set babe and aren’t you going to work today? “She asked”. Babe, guess I had told you I was quitting my job so why taking me back through this discussion? Less I forget, what did you discuss with Bunmi? “I asked inquisitively”. She told you we spoke? Wow, anyways I only appealed to her that she should overlook your reactions and not terminate your job because we sincerely need funds at this point ” she said”. Was that all you both discussed “I asked furiously” Yes of course! Did she say otherwise? “My wife replied”.

No! She didn’t! I got more scared to eat breakfast because I suspected my wife might have watched the video but she is only pretentious and feigning ignorance. I carried my wife on my lap and ensured I fed her first, watching her closely if anything will happen to her, finally I ate when I noticed she was normal. What kind of a meaningless life am I living ” I said to myself”.

At 7am I drove down to the office to meet Bunmi, to plead with her not to send the video to my wife as she claimed she had sent it. Good morning Bunmi “I greeted with a slight bow”. Good morning on time Mr handsome and another time Mr Arrogance of the Universe ” she replied sarcastically. Bunmi this is too early, I came to apologise for the way I spoke to you, its not intentional, it was because it was affecting my marriage I needed to take caution.

Oh really, so you value that thing you call a wife more than I? “She said”. Hold it right there I take exception to that, talk to me how ever you feel, please and please don’t ever involve my wife again in any of these conversation ” Bayo said “. And if I do, what will happen? “Bunmi dared”. I thought you will change but you are just too puffy, I certainly must send your s£xual videos to your wife today unfailing “she said angrily”.

This isn’t fair Bumni, blackmailing me was never part of our deal, I have met all the conditions of our terms including sleeping with you on a roaster and depriving my young wife her rights on some of these occasions ” Bayo knelt down begging and crying”. And who cares about that? “She yelled”.

I care, yes I care “Bayo’s wife opened the door and responded”. Bayo and Bunmi where surprisingly electrocuted, as they both couldn’t alter a word. Oooohhhh you are surprised? Wonderful, I decided to do an extra work the day Bayo came hope narrating how you gave him an interview link and how he ended up finding out you where the CEO.

There is nothing to worry about as the video won’t make any difference “Bayo’s wife said and flipped a diary titled A TALE OF BAYO AND BUNMI”. My husband had written a nolly wood movie with your s£xual escapades beginning from how you abducted, humiliated, s£xually extorted, disrespected me and even blackmailed him. ” She said “. Babe where did you find this? “Bayo asked”. Not to worry that’s the story for another day, officer arrest them “She called in the police”.

Bayo and Bunmi was remanded in prison for two months, finally Bayo was asked to pay a fine of 2 millionaira for faking his kidnap with his mistress, which his solicitor argued that he was under duress as video evidences from Bunmi shows that he really wanted to go back home at all cost. While Bunmi was sentenced to 21years imprisonment with hard labour.

The devil doesn’t give out a gift without expecting to take a pound of flesh from you, not everyone would be lucky to have a wife as that of Bayo who has a large heart to forgive, the reverse would have been the case as Bayo would have lost his marriage, lost his job and also lose his mistress.

No matter how enticing the offer is, never have a romance with the devil…

Thanks for reading to the end, pls drop your thought below.

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