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A Cracked life episode 29

💘She loves her handsome enemy 🔞

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Chapter 29 🔞

Mrs Smith thanked the doctor and sent someone to take him home safely, a nurse was assigned to spend the night over for Xena and Justin’s sake.

“Don’t mention, ma’am” the doctor shook hands with her and left.

“When do I hope for her to gain consciousness?” Mrs Smith asked the nurse and took a closer look at the unconscious girl’s arm.

“Tomorrow or next, that’s due to shock,” the nurse replied.

“Okay, I will go out now” She said and went to the underground storage room to see Mr Mc Millan.

“The documents are not complete” She said and expected an explanation from the man.

“I forgot, the thing is… I already gave the Barrister two of the documents that were found in the W/R international school, a student gave it in, but I wasn’t able to get his ID. He used a fake Facebook account to send it to me and I printed out the screenshots” He confessed.

“We need that too” Mrs Smith sighed.

“But why do you need them, that man needs to be turned in” Mr Mc Millan asked, curiosity written all over his face.

“That is not supposed to be your business, right? We had a deal, concern yourself with appeasing me so you and your mother will be safe, get it?” Mrs Smith warned.

“I got that, sorry” Mr Mc Millan nodded.

Skyler ran into the storage room immediately. “Someone…a man, is here with some men that look exactly like the ones we fought with earlier. I don’t know how he got in,” he broke the news.

“What?” Mrs Smith was shocked.

“It must be Mr Smith, he can’t see me here or else, he will kill me, oh God! How did he know?” Mr Mc Millan shivered fearfully.

“Shut the f×¢k up and don’t make a noise if you really want to stay alive! Let’s go, Skyler” she followed the boy out.

The door was locked leaving Mr Mc Millan in total darkness again. He regretted ever knowing who Mr Smith is, what if he loses his mother and his life because of all this?

He should have simply disappeared and quitted working for him instead of trying to expose him or let greed for more wealth poison his mind. Now look at his plight!

When Mrs Smith got to the hallway, Mr Smith’s men held their gun ready to pull the trigger at the slightest order from him.

“Calm it boys, we have come in peace, remember?” He told his men.

They backed off immediately, Mrs Smith glared at him for somewhile before inviting him in, his men wanted to follow, but he told them to wait for him there.

Mrs Smith asked all her servants to give them privacy, they all left and she walked around the room restlessly, this man has caused her discomfort in her own house, how in God’s name did he know this place?

“Is that how ill mannered you have become? From what I learnt about you, your mother raised you well, when did you change, Charlotte?” Mr Smith asked

“I don’t understand, state your mission here and don’t waste my time talking rubbish!” She said angrily.

“Is that the way you talk to your husband and the father of your child? You should welcome me and at least offer me a seat if you don’t have my favorite drink, whiskey” Mr Smith joked.

“You deliberately want to make life tough for me, huh? Jeff, you took my happiness away like the snake you are and now you can’t let me be? What makes you think you are welcome here?!” Mrs Smith questioned furiously.

“What we shared, the outcome of our collective efforts! Where is my son?” Mr Smith laughed and sat down, nonetheless.

“Wait a minute, did I tell you to sit? And don’t call him your son again, you have no business with him, get it over with and bounce!” Mrs Smith fused.


“No matter what you do, you will never take him away from me, he shares my DNA and there’s no two ways about it. I’m not here for that now, just hand over the documents that son of a gun gave you” Mr Smith demanded.

“Look at this lunatic, do I look ten to you? I know you would come for it. Why? Are you afraid of being poor, going to jail or people slashing you with their wagging tongues?” She confronted, eyeball to eyeball.

“Charlotte, I don’t want to have issues with you, and you know that. Just give Caesar what belongs to him” he reprimanded.

“And what about what belongs to God? Just get lost, Jeff… you don’t even have a surname, poor thing, I forgot. He is afraid to go back to the slums. You know, money can take a guy out of the slums, but will never take the slums out of the guy, that is your case right now, sorry ass!” Mrs Smith mocked.

“Charlotte, don’t push me! You know me, you know what I am capable of…” he boiled.

Mrs Smith matched up to him and thr-st a finger unto his chest, “yes, I know you and your little history of constantly breaking the law. But do you know me? Do you know what I can do to you?” She retorted aggressively.

“Don’t let me draw a battle line…”

“Do it! Draw a battle line and let’s get started!! I won’t hesitate to stamp a deal with you and help this country by removing your likes!!!” She roared.

The door opened and Justin came in, he looked at the man curiously and looked at his mother to tell him what was going on.

“Oh my! Welcome son! Thank God his face wasn’t badly burnt!” Mr Smith grasped and rushed to hold Justin.

“Excuse me, Mr… who are you? Mom, what is going on here?” Justin asked, backing away from the man.

“I am your father, you have been living with me ever since you turned eight. She took you from the hospital after you had the accident… wait, so you really have amnesia?!” Mr Smith was dumbfounded.

He couldn’t believe that his son who has spent almost all his life with him can not recognize him. Is that really how powerful losing someone’s memory could be?

“Jeffrey, don’t force it, you are right. He has amnesia, but the doctor assured me that he will be alright” Mrs Smith said curtly.

“Excuse you? This is how serious it is and you locked him up in this… this inn…more like a cave? Charlotte, I thought I was selfish, now I see what you have become!” He raged.

“Don’t you dare raise your voice at me! Yes, I admit, I am very selfish, but remember that his staying with you is endangering his life! I won’t let him go out there and get killed by your countless enemies, he is safe here and I don’t care if you think it is selfishness or helplessness!” Mrs Smith returned.

“But the animal that did this to him is with you, why haven’t you killed him? Charlotte, that man can go to any extent to make sure my life is miserable, kill him already!”

“Getting cold feet already? Don’t worry, I know how to handle my enemies and make them pay for hurting me, so just get going already!” She sent him off.

Justin looked from one face to another, he looked confused and then tried to remember the man’s face. He felt dizzy and the only thing he could remember was talking to a girl…

“Sophia!” He s¢ræmed, fell down and fainted.

They rushed to take their child to his room and the nurse quickly started treating him.

“Did you see what you have done? He was trying to remember who you are and now this, yet you pretend to be a changed person! You are also selfish and always cunning Jeff!” Mrs Smith said angrily.

“Who is Sophia?” Mr Smith asked curiously.

“I think it is some girl he must have known in the past, someone he must have cared so much about and loved,” Mrs Smith replied more calmly.

“Oh, seems he can only remember her name” Mr Smith said knowingly, he knows Justin was all over a girl he hasn’t met before, but he seemed so withdrawn back then after coming back from a night party as he claimed.

Mr Smith decided to let him go on a trip to Seoul, Korea and see new people and things to forget about whatever was eating him up and this accident happened.

“He lived with you, you must know if he has a girlfriend or…” Mrs Smith pressed.

“He doesn’t have a girlfriend that I know of, he wasn’t really that close to me. I was always busy working to make sure I give him a good life like his mates, so he is always out with his friends” Mr Smith answered.

“And you claim to be his father, who cares? If you don’t know a thing about him, that simply means you are not worth being called a father. You should just say you were busy stealing from other people, not working” She snorted.

“Bantering words with you is pointless, I think me and my men will spend the night here, it is already too late, you wouldn’t want anything bad happening to your husband” Mr Smith shrugged.

“What? No way!”

Molly found it hærd to sleep. She glanced at her bedside clock and saw that it is almost one morning, she sighed and stood up to go look out the window.

“That was too harsh, right? What if he reports me to the school authority? What will I tell my parents if his parents find out and decide to come and report me to them?” She soliloquized.

What does she care about? It will even be better if he tells the school authority, she will be expelled and her parents will have no more excuses to not get her out of that school.

And if he reports to her parents, she will have to defend herself and tell them how he s××ually approaches her and harrass her.

“s××ual…harassment?” She chewed on the words and spat it away through the window, “that is nonsense. You k×ssed him back, right? You like him, right? So what?!”

She jumped into bed and decided to push the thought aside and sleep. She needs a lot of energy to face him and his friends too if he decides to pay her back with violence.

“So help me God” she whispered a prayer and dozed off after some minutes.

*Next Morning*

Molly ran downstairs, straight into the kitchen, fully dressed for school and was running a comb through her hair as she greeted her mother.

“Who told you combing hair in the kitchen is hygienic, Molly? When did you start misbehaving?” Mrs Bryan asked her daughter.

Molly is the last child of Mr and Mrs Bryan Wesson, her two older siblings are married and no longer live with them.

“Since yesterday, Mom!” She laughed while hugging her mother.

“What are you talking about? Please, go outside and do that, I am not joking with you!” Mrs Bryan scolded sternly.

“Okay, Mom. You don’t have to be so mean, I have missed your angry face, and I know this is the only way I can see it again!” Molly mused and left.

“Can you imagine that? There is nothing I will not hear from this girl!” Mrs Bryan shook her head in disbelief, then laughed at how sweet her daughter has always been.

A few minutes later, Molly carried her school bag and ran into her father’s car. Mrs Bryan ran to her and gave her her lunchbox.

“Thank you, Mom, you are the best!” Molly pecked her mother.

Mr Bryan k×ssed her wife goodbye and entered his car. “Hope you didn’t forget anything? You know how forgetful you can be” he asked Molly.

“I didn’t, Dad” her countenance changed. She would love to tell her father that she doesn’t want to go to that school again, that the school is no longer what it used to be, but she can’t trouble him just now.

She has tried to do that before and it didn’t end well, and starting again this morning when he is hurrying to work, nay, she can’t do that.

Molly thought about Tyler and what he would do to her today. She didn’t want to swallow the What ifs. What about what she saw in the principal’s office? No, that shouldn’t bother her… but it should, because that is probably the reason why the principal always finds fault in whatever she does and is always ready to punish her.

Her friends too, but they didn’t do well during her own punishment, how could they neglect her while she helped them during the time they were undergoing their own punishment?

She doesn’t care anymore, she will just let it slide and never help them next time, it’s as simple as that.

When the car stopped in front of her school, she was hesitant about leaving because her mind jumbled.

“Goodbye, Dad” she mumbled when she finally stepped down.

She was lucky for half of the day until lunch break, she was eating with her friends on a table when she saw Tyler and his friends coming to their table.

“Guess who is coming here?” Eve hissed.

“These guys will never stop!” Vicky shook her head.

Molly refused to look up, she stuffed more and more food into her mouth and pretended not to hear her friends or notice Tyler and his friends when they came to stand before them like bodyguards.

“Someone is going to choke!” Greg mused and pushed her bent head, her nose k×ssed her food and the other students laughed at her.


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