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A Cracked life episode 30

💘She loves her handsome enemy 🔞

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Chapter 30 🔞

Some people know how to provoke, but what did she expect after kicking their second in command right on his d×¢k, who knows if she broke his shaft.

“When did she finish her punishment?” Franko smirked.

“She does well for a cleaner, maybe the school authority should employ her” Greg threw in and they all laughed except Tyler, to their surprise, he didn’t find it funny.

He simply walked away leaving them with no choice but to follow him. “Useless bastards!” Eve cursed.

“That Greg is a son of a bîtch! His generation will end up cleaners!!” Vicky snorted

“I will go to the restroom” Molly excused herself.

“Why didn’t Tyler say anything? He used to be the sassiest of all of them, his wagging tongue never stops making fun of Molly, I wonder what happened to him” Eve noticed.

“I was struck by his silence too, I feel so sorry for Molly,” Vicky said and shook her head sadly.

“Sunny is so lucky, her parents just listened to her and now she is no longer in a day school, I heard she now lives in school” Eve said.

“Team Queens is dead and I hate it, now that Rhena and her friends are posing as if their father owns this school, and Rebecca had the nerves to even admit that she is now friends with them” Vicky shrugged.

“I have lost my appetite, let us go back to class” Eve confessed.

“Yeah, we can take Molly’s lunch, I know she will only pick at it all day, she won’t have the appetite to eat it again” Vicky accepted, carrying Molly’s lunch box and bag, and they went back to their classroom.


Mrs Smith had slept beside Justin all through the night to avoid the cunning Jeff from finding a way to get her to bed. She still remembers how s××ually addicted he can be around women.

She heard about his slut foundation and kept wondering if that is the best thing a responsible adult should offer to society. Indirectly promoting fornication, directly to her, oh, how much she despises this man! How did he get her to fall for his lies back then, this irritating s×× maniac!

She found out Justin was already awake and he had tucked her to bed, he has really grown to be a gentleman and more respectable than Jeff and she thanked God for not letting him have his father’s horrible personality.

“Good morning!” Mr Smith came into the room, he yawned heavily. “No one offered to give me food last night, too bad, I hope I get one this morning” he grinned.

“That should show you that nobody wants you here, you came uninvited and you have overstayed your welcome, get out!” Mrs Smith said angrily.

“Charlotte, give me those papers, don’t start a war that you can’t end” he demanded.

She laughed at his words, “Are you threatening me, Jeff?” She asked and went to look him eyeball to eyeball.

“You know, what I wanted was to build a legacy, get more wealthy and famous like your parents. I thought maybe that is going to change your mindset about me, then I will come for you and we will live together as one big family with our son and… we could then make more beautiful babies” He said sincerely.

“How sweet, tell that to someone who doesn’t know you. Anyway, your secret is safe with me, but just remember to stay far away from me and my son. Jeff, the door is open now, go with your men and never look back, if you push me, I will give you away, that is a promise, and not just a mere threat” she said and walked away.

“I have lost, she doesn’t know what is coming” he murmured. He went to his men and they left.

Mrs Smith went to check up on Mr Mc Millan. She ordered her men to bring him to the dining table.

“Mom, about Sophia…” Justin started as they settled to have breakfast, she stopped him by raising a finger.

“What is it about that girl that you fancy so much? Justin, I have not discovered that girl’s identity for now and I hate it for you to go close to her. She might get the opportunity to hurt you” she watched him closely.

“What about her identity? Is it about earlier? Don’t tell me you bought that? And you can’t simply sum her up with that, you know those girls did that on purpose” Justin said sadly.

“You will not understand” Mrs Smith shook her head.

“Then make me understand. I overheard your conversation with that… trainer, I guess, but she has to eat and be mentally fit to go to the mission so nothing bad will happen to her” he begged.

“Don’t worry, I have ordered someone to give her food, I am not that heartless. Now, can you eat your food?” Mrs Smith raised a brow.

“Yeah, thank you” he replied with a smile. It delights his heart to know that she is safe for now.

“Anyway, I know what I am doing, I want to use her and catch the spy” Mrs Smith smiled.

“I guess that is why she will follow them to the mission, I just pray they haven’t plotted another evil but her, I don’t want anything to happen to her, Mom” Justin requested worriedly.

“Don’t worry, son. That girl is not as fragile as you think, she has to bring out the beast in her and fight her demons alone” Mrs Smith advised.

Justin shrugged, nodded and started eating, she smiled at her naive son and settled to eat.

“That woman is trying to play with me, I don’t trust her to be with those documents, you must find a way to take it from her” Mr Smith said to his men immediately he stepped down from the car.

“Alright, sir. We will do just that” Flying dragon saluted. He bowed and turned to leave, but he called him back.

“What about that investigator? Where you able to track down his family?” He inquired.

“No, sir. But we found something on the CCTV camera at the hotel” Flying dragon replied.

“I need to see it!” He demanded and followed Flying dragon to the computer room.

Mr Smith watched as the investigator walked around the slut foundation hotel, he saw when he had shook hands with him and after the party, he walked up to Miss Lola and they seemed to be talking about something serious.

“When did you see this?” He asked curiously.

“Yesterday. And we also saw Miss Lola and Cynthia leave the hotel around three o’clock in the evening and the CCTV footage says they came back after two hours” Lee reported.

“Find out where they went and who they met. At least, we have found a suspect, I will roast them alive if what I am thinking is true” he gritted his teeth.


“You will be taken to the airport by these two, the plane will take you to Asia, your mother is already waiting for you there. The money in your account is enough to start up something and build a new and better life, and Mr Smith will not be able to find you no matter how hærd he tries.

So, don’t ever show your face anywhere around South Korea or America again, because those two places are his hunting grounds” Mrs Smith said to Mr Mc Millan.

“I understand, thank you” Mr Mc Millan accepted happily. So he is a free man. Four men escorted him out.

“Bring Sophia and call the Special Assassinators to meet me in my office” She ordered her guards and left for her office.

Minutes later, everyone say down and waited for her to address them, Sophia was brought in by one of the guards.

“Mendoza, you can leave us now” she sent the guard off. The huge man bowed and left.

Alex felt sad seeing Sophia hurt, it was a good thing their boss did not ask the guards to beat her to pulp so she will confess.

He felt guilty because his girlfriend is a part of it. He had planned to ask her out and start a new relationsh¡p with her, and break up with Gena and now this happened.

He has no chance at all again, he is a coward. He couldn’t even do anything about it and Justin has confronted his mother about it, so he gave up. But one thing that is for sure is that he is done with Gena, he hates her even more for what she has done.

He wondered what ma’am Smith is waiting for to punish them, isn’t the truth obvious? What other proof does she need before believing the naked truth?

“I informed you about the mission we have tomorrow and gave you the tips of a successful operation, am I right?” She started, they nodded. “Does anyone have any questions concerning all that I have told you before?” She inquired.

“No!” They chorused.

“Then I conclude that everyone understands the terms and conditions of the mission ahead. And you know how dangerous it is and how you must abide by the rules and stick to the new names I have you all. On no account, I repeat, on no account will you answer your real names out there, have I made myself clear?!”

“Yes, ma’am!”

“Good. I know you must be wondering what she is doing here…” Mrs Smith said pointing at Sophia, “she will be going to the mission with us”

Mutters erupted from them and she raised a hand to stop them. “I am not done!”

“Yes, she will go with you guys, but as a ghost assassin. That is because all her barges will be taken away, she is left to save herself and survive, then she can be regarded as one of us again” Mrs Smith took away all the barges she has personally pasted on Sophia’s shirt.

“That one gone, you will be able to get this barge again if you are able to provide the culprit since you said you are not. When you prove your innocence, your barge is yours and a promotion to a voice assassinating officer” she said to Sophia.

“How possible can that be?” Gena whispered to Stella.

“When she is six feets I guess” Ivy smirked.

“She will be a hero in the grave” Stella shrugged.

“You all must commence training immediately, you leave tomorrow night” she finalized.

“Stand. Bow. Salute. Go!” Skyler controlled and they matched out of the room in one single row.

Sophia stay back, she looked at the older woman, bowed and walked out sluggishly.

Molly turned the tap on, bent her head over the sink and washed her face in tears. What has she ever done to these boys?

Even before she became friends with Sophia, they have always found reasons to look for her trouble, she used to fight back and shout at them… but she can’t do that now.

She flipped her hair and looked at her face in the mirror. Her eyes locked with his eyes, she saw him right there in the mirror instead of her face.

What? When did she start seeing things? This head game is taking over her and she doesn’t like it one bit. She shook her head to shake his image off, but he is still solidly standing there gazing at her.

She turned to make sure her eyes are correct and saw that he is right there staring at her as if she is a moron.

Molly was freaked out by his presence, this is the end for her, who knows what he will do to her, it is just the two of them there.

“I’m sorry about earlier” he apologized about his friends attitude towards her.

Molly looked up in surprise, Tyler of all people is apologizing to her? She needs some air!

“Wha…what did you just say?” She stuttered.

“I said I’m sorry for what my friends did. I hope you know I didn’t tell them to do that. I…” he trailed off.

“I thought…” she mumbled looking at her toes, “you…would report me to the school authority or even want to… Tyler, I’m so sorry for yesterday!” She put her hands together in apology.

“Why would I do that? I was a jerk, I shouldn’t have done that, I didn’t know what I was thinking” he said, looking everywhere but at her. He felt restless.

They stood there in silence. She was at a loss of words to say and he was afraid of making a move towards her to avoid getting another kick.

“Well…” they started together, glanced at each other and looked around them warily.

“Thank you for not reporting me. I really appreciate it, I don’t know what I would have told my parents if you did” She finally said and smiled at him.

“You are welcome. I should go first, lunch break is over” he said and turned to leave.

“I like you too, Tyler,” she stopped him in his tracks.

He turned slowly to look at her. “I just wish I can trust you, but the thing is… I don’t want to end up like the other girls that have been in your life. Heartbreak is one thing I can’t handle. Excuse me” she said and left him standing there and looking at himself in the mirror.


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