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A cracked life episode 42

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Chapter 42 🔞

He didn’t put her down until he got in front of his car. “The secret meeting is held in an underground building of the restaurant. Only my manager knows. It is so because no one will ever suspect a hot dog, soup and noodles restaurant.”

“Sensible. I know you are now suggesting we should start going. Alright, I’m ready, let’s go!” She accepted knowing his tricks.

Two minutes later. He parked in the lot, came down and opened the door for her. When she was out, he possessively threw his hand around her waist and led her into the restaurant.

“It looks like a shopping mart. Kinda local from the outside, but it’s pretty awesome here. Just your taste. Adorable.” She praised as he pulled out a seat for her.

“No one knows I am the owner. And how do you know about what I like and what I don’t like? I don’t think we have had enough time to share our likes and dislikes, or have we?” He winked at her.

“Do I need to be told before I know my husband’s taste for quality, good principles and alluring beauty? A wife works hard to make a good partner. I wasn’t trained on that ground, so you should be celebrating that I figured that out on my own.” She licked her lips.

He grabbed the menu and showed her what they have. “I know what you would like. And thanks for giving me enough attention to know my taste.”

“You are welcome…” she smiles up at him. “…honey” then muled the word in her mouth.

He reached out to place his hand on top of hers. He gazed into her eyes and chuckled softly. “Thanks for accepting to be mine. I love you so much, baby.”

He is expecting a reply, a very positive one, she knew. Sophia looked at their hands and didn’t see any future between them. There are only regrets piled up.

“Good evening, sir. I didn’t know you were the one that came in here. Should I get you your usual?” A waitress came in at the right time to save Sophia at that awkward moment.

He looked up at the girl and nodded. “What would you want to take, sweetie?” he asked Sophia, chuckling.

“Erm… I think what you ordered would be fine by me, I don’t know what I really want now. Thank you” she replied. Silence grew between them as they waited for dinner to arrive.


“It’s almost time to close the restaurant, you two should be fast about what you are doing and get going immediately” The manager said to Alex.

Justin, who went out to throw away the garbage, came inside too. Alex told him about their boss’s order and they took their cleaning tools and set to work.

Justin wondered why the man suddenly wants them to close earlier than other nights. He decided to do his job, get paid and go search for Sophia in one of the clubhouses he saw around yesterday. Clubs are always open until dawn.

He mopped the restaurant easily because they were just two tables that were occupied. Table 7 was occupied by a group of teenage boys. Table 20 was occupied by a man and a woman… probably a couple.

He liked the fact that he wouldn’t be bumping into customers and excusing his way through to clean the tables and mop the floor.

He and Alex cleared and cleaned the empty tables, before they were done, those boys who were already wasted found their way out.

Alex went to excuse the couple so he would clean the table and leave before their boss comes out from his office again. The chef, waiters and other workers are already gone, it’s just the two of them left.

“Good evening. Please, if you don’t mind, I want to…” Alex’s voice trailed off when he recognized the face of the young lady. “Soph–Sophia?!” He stuttered in shock.

Sophia looked up immediately and her eyes widened. She was as shocked as Alex. They were still staring at each other when Justin walked over to them.

“Alex, you know how that man can be…” he paused when the face of the young lady registered in his eyes. He opened his mouth and closed it.

Sophia tore her eyes away from Alex’s gaze and looked at Justin. Her heart skipped a beat and she forgot how to inhale and exhale, it felt as if her nostrils were blocked.

“Sophia?” He choked.

“Justin” his name in her mouth was a whisper. She didn’t even recognize her own voice.

“Honey, what is going on? Who are they?” West asked, snapping Sophia out of her castle in Spain.


Molly was at a loss of words to say when Tyler came into her home nights ago. She had expected him to react badly to the unkept and poorly furnished home, but he disappointed her and she developed more affection for him.

Her parents had tried talking her out of dating him especially when they discovered his status as an heir to one of the most prosperous companies in Korea and America.

When her mother saw how in love she was with him, she decided to let them be and see how things went. She had said afterwards, “I hope his family accepts a poor girl for the future CEO of Meyer Empire.”

Molly had sighed and ignored the nagging voice that kept reminding how that her mother and Tyler’s friends could be right about the fact that they are worlds apart.

She understood it today. As she walked on the road bumping into people and even cars, tears streaming down her cheeks, she found out that loving a rich guy is a big crime.

She was unhappy that she met her best friend, Sophia, and couldn’t do anything to help her or talk her out of going away again, but now, she’s broken. Her heart is gradually ripping apart. Her soul seems to have angrily left her body. She was dispirited.

It was hard for her to focus on the road even when many people spat and shouted at her for not looking where she was going. Many drivers rained abusive words on her for being oblivious to her sorroundings, that didn’t perturbe her.

Was it her fault that her parents are poor? Was it her fault that she has been living in one burg all her life without ever going for vacation or spending a holiday elsewhere because there’s not enough to eat three square meals a day not to mention going for trips?

What crime has she committed by falling in love with Tyler? Why would his family humiliate her in such manner? What has she done to deserve such inhumane treatment from his grandparents?

She finally gave up on life. “Death, where the f×¢k are you? I can’t stand this humiliation anymore!” She screamed and smashed her mobile phone on the ground.


She froze when she heard his voice behind her. She waved it away and shook her head in disbelief. Wasn’t she there when his grandfather told him to make a choice?

“If you choose that thing, you will cease to be my heir! Can’t you see she is here for the money?!!” His grandfather’s voice rung a loud bell in her ears almost destroying her eardrums.

She didn’t want to believe he actually chose her over his wealth. Oh, maybe he came to apologise to her for leading her on even when he knew the consequences.

She turned slowly to look at him. “Don’t worry, I will be fine. I am such a big fool for not understanding the handwriting on the wall” she mumbled, sniffing.

“Stop crying!” He cupped her face and ran his thumb over her lips. “Come here,” he gathered her into his arms.

“What are you doing, Tyl. Your family needs you, I can manage on my own. Let’s not get things more complicated, just go and…”

He shut her up with his lips. They were standing in the middle of the road. Car horns blew around them, headlights flashed around them as many people around took out their phones to snap and video record the moment.

Aren’t they crazy? Many bloggers will have an article to write for the rest of this week. They will paint the story white and blue just to make sure it generates revenue for them. It’s an amazing scenario.

When they paused to take a breath, he pulled away and shouted loudly, “I love her more than a f×¢king company and wealth! Y’all can keep your f×¢king heir to yourselves!!” He claimed her lips again even when she was dazed by his action.

Moments later, they held hands and walked to her house. She was still amazed by what he had done earlier, so she kept peering at him and smiling to herself. “You are amazing,”

“What? I’m no longer a jerk, right?” He grinned sheepishly.

She nodded. “It’s fascinating how you do… things. I expect another thing and you do a different thing altogether”

“Do you blame me for being crazily in love with you?” He goes to stand in front of her and hop playfully so she would be on a lighter mood.

She abruptly stops walking. “I hope they don’t create trouble for my family. I don’t want to drag them into this…mess.” She said worriedly.

He sighed. “I didn’t even think about that… anyway, they know better than to do something stupid, I won’t mind getting them arrested. That might not work, but I know exactly what will hurt them the most, so you don’t have to worry.”

“What could that be?”

“Let’s go already, it’s getting late.” He avoided her curious glare.

When they got to her house, they had to lie about everything that happened. He said he wanted to just spend the night over and her parents accepted.

He slept on an armchair in the parlor. It was very uncomfortable, but he had no other alternative. Molly could only give him her bedspread when she found out he was cold. He got pneumonia and body ache at the end.

Molly felt sorry they couldn’t afford a comfortable couch. She had woken up in the middle of the night to check up on him, and had watched him sleep for somewhile before she went back to her room.

She also thought of Sophia for half of the night, wondering how she is doing and where she had gone with that man the day she found her.

Each and every day since the day she saw her in that wrecked house, she always begs Tyler to escort her there. Whenever school dismissed, they went there to wait for a miracle to happen.

Other days when he took her out on a date, they would go there and wait. Molly’s love for Tyler renewed every day as he never complained or refused to keep her company there.

Mrs. Smith looked at the guards furiously. How can they come back to report that they didn’t see Justin and Alex again?! “What nonsense are you guys spitting out?!” She barked at them.

They bowed their heads and apologized. “We are sorry, ma’am. They intentionally got away from us, and we have searched everywhere for them…” one of them was saying, but she cut him short.

“Oh really?! What should I say to you guys? Right, bravo! You did an excellent job, is that it? I left my son under your care and you two had the audacity to abandon him and come back? Oh, Lord!” Mrs. Smith broke down to tears and everyone was surprised.

Xena wasn’t fully recovered, but she could walk around now and interact with other Assassinators. She was the only one who could go close to their boss to give her solace.

Stella felt too guilty to go close to her ever since the last meeting. She feels the woman already knows about their threatening actions towards her son and Sophia, so she found it hard to go near her when she was in pains. It was all their fault after all.

Gena cared less about how the woman felt. They all were on the training ground when the guards came back to tell their boss what happened. She too knows that Alex and Justin would be stranded now wherever they are and they would never let the guards follow them easily.

Ivy was torn between telling the truth and her friends. She was alright with whatever the girls did especially when Gena was the one who Introduced her to the organization, but she hates it now because people keep getting hurt. She can’t believe how they eat and sleep comfortably after doing all that.

Skyler was hurt during the last mission. He could only watch and feel sorry for their boss. For her to be in tears like this, it means she has been keeping it in for a very long time.

“Oh, I’m sorry… What am I doing?! Someone, please, get the coordinators to continue from where I stopped. I will be inside, excuse me.” She quickly went inside.

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