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A Cracked life episode 46

💘She loves her handsome enemy 🔞

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Chapter 46 🔞


Mr. Smith woke up and looked around his environment in surprise. When the face of Flying dragon registered in his eyes, he sat up immediately and looked curiously at him.

“Thank goodness you are awake! I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep my promise to you. How do you feel now sir?!!” He asked his boss worriedly.

“How did you bring me here? Where’s Charlotte and Justin? She must be shocked to see you bring me here without notice. Anyway, you have done well, this is the only place in the whole world that I am safe now.” Mr. Smith shook his head.

“Well, she was, but I think she got a call from someone and it seems Justin is in the hands of whoever the person was, so she left after telling me what to do. I feel they are danger but I know your safety is most important now.” Flying dragon replied.

“Justin is in danger? If that’s true, we need to go out there and look for them. I can’t let anything happen to that boy, he’s the only prize I have got in all these years.” He said, forcing himself out of the bed.

The nurse came in and told him that he’s not fit to stand up or do anything. He disagreed with her and said he knows himself and how he feels, that he must go in search of Justin.

They were still exchanging words when Xena, who was still weak and couldn’t go with the other assasins to back Mrs Smith up at the base, came in,side and he asked her what was going on.

“I can’t really tell what’s happening ’cause I have been indoor under medical supervision and didn’t get the whole story. I can only say that Justin was kidnapped and our boss has gone to save him, she called for backup in case if anything happens. Everyone else has already left except the ones in the temporary cell and myself.” Xena explained quietly.

“Flying dragon, we can’t just sit here and fold our hands, I think whoever is behind the attack yesterday is also the one trying to lure me into his net. Call the men and get them ready for war, the bastard has bitten more than he can chew.”

Flying dragon did as he was told. Mr Smith’s phone rang when they stepped into his car and was fastening the seat belts.

“Yes? Who am I speaking with?” He said to the caller.

A female voice came in. “Hello sir, I am one of the girl’s at the sluts foundation. You have been looking for Sophia for a while now, I have a lead. She left her phone and some kind of a voice recorder I the hotel room we shared before she left.”

“I hate fake news. I know you are doing this to get something off me, don’t play pranks on me if this news isn’t worthwhile, you might end your life in the process.” He retorted coldly.

“Sir, it’s not fake. It’s true that I need a favor from you, but it is confirmed that the phone belongs to her and the tape has been played, your voice…”

“Stop! You must be saying the truth. Stay put wherever you are and keep them safe with you. I promise you a huge reward awaits you for this wonderful information. I will get back to you soon. Thank you.”

Mr. Smith cut the call and gazed at the phone for some seconds before he told the driver to get going to their planned destination. “I have to make sure my son is okay first, she can wait, after all, I am making all that wealth for him.” He thought out loud.

When the car pulled over at the base. He saw the assasins looking for a way to get in,side. One of the girls peeping into the base through the fence came down to address the others waiting expectantly for feedback.

The girl sighed and shook her head. “There’s no hope for us if we go in,side there. The security is tight, and there are many cameras mounted now, they are smart. I feel they know we are coming, so they are prepared for war.” She said weakly.

“My men will be here soon, you should wait for them and you guys will move in together for a counterattack. It’s not safe here, let’s move farther away from here before we get heard or noticed.” Mr. Smith said.

“Alright, sir. Guys, let’s listen to Mr. Smith and move…”

“There’s no need for that! Don’t stress yourselves moving to any other place, we will gladly take you to another place!” A voice said mockingly as they turn around and saw that they were surrounded by soldiers.

“Your men are facing challenges, and wouldn’t easily get to your aid in time, they probably won’t make it alive,” one of them said as they moved closer to the assasins.

They couldn’t do anything because they were unprepared and if they should fire at them, all of the assasins, Mr Smith and his right hand man will be dead. They surrendered.

“Please, kill me first!” Justin’s voice distracted West who already cocked the gun and was ready to pull the trigger.

He turned to face him as a dangerous scoff became visible on his face. “I think she will be more hurt watching her son die.” He laughed and moved closer to him.

“I’m ready, you should take my life first!” Alex came in when he noticed the guy was determined to shoot anyone of them.

“I choose who to kill first! How about I blow off your head by putting this right in your mouth?” West shoved the tip of the gun into Justin’s mouth.

Sophia knew it was going to happen. She couldn’t stand any of it, but she can’t help it since there’s nothing she could do to stop the continous cracking of her life. When is it ever going to end?

Is it ever going to end or this is how tattered her life would be till the end? She pondered in her aching heart, helplessly.

Justin is her enemy, right? His family including himself had hurt her and this is a great opportunity to pay them back in fifty folds, but why does it hurt to watch him get tortured? West was right, she is still stupidly nursing some feelings for him!

She was surprised at herself when she lurged forward and held Weston by his shirt. “Please don’t! I will do whatever you want me to do, just don’t hurt him, please!!”

Tears stung her eyes as she refused to let go even when West pushed her to stop getting on the way. “I am the one person that deserve to die! West, I am very sorry, I love him!!” She cried wailed.

West turned around and gripped her by the hair again. “You will do whatever I tell you to do for this fool? Gracious God! Alright then, k×ss me!!” He smirked.

When Sophia hesitated, he put the gun on Justin’s forehead and told her not to waste his time or he will blow her lovers skull. “We can finally consumate our marriage today!” He laughed.

Sophia looked at Justin who was slowly becoming conscious. She went on tiptoe and pressed her l-ips on his. He refused to let her go as he pulled on her hair so she won’t break the k×ss.

Justin’s eyelids stuttered open. He was shocked to see his Sophia k×ssing the guy who almost s×¢ked life out of him. Someone who is determined to destroy his life! He forgot that he was tied up and tried to pounce on the guy.

“Sophia, stop! I remember everything now. It isn’t what you think, what happened that day wasn’t supposed to happen. Please, don’t make another mistake, I looked everywhere for you!!” He wailed, struggling to get free and go give her solace.

Sophia had to bite West’s lower lip before he freed her and winced. “How dare you!” He howled and struck her on her left cheek.

Sophia’s ear blew like a trumpet in her head as she watched with blurry eyes and dizzy brain as West faced Justin again and punched him on the stomach. Justin spat blood on West’s face and worsened the situation.

He furiously snatched a small knife from one of the soldiers and stabbed him twice on each of his laps. Justin’s s¢ræm could awaken the death, it shook the building they were in.

“West please, stop hurting him…” Sophia cried weakly.

“Leave my son alone! I already told you to kill me. I am the person that hurt you, not my son, he has done nothing wrong!! His only crime was being born by an evil mother!!!” Mrs. Smith cried, fighting to free herself and go to her son.

“Sophy, I’m sorry that you are caught up in the middle of all these! I think you should fight for your own life, you have saved us enough. There’s no way anyone of us are going to get out of this place alive, so stop now and find a way to save yourself. I believe he cares about you, he won’t hurt you if you stand by him.” Alex advised, getting tired of everything happening.

“I’m tired of living like this! God, why me? What did I ever do wrong? Am I the only unrighteous girl on Earth? Dad, Mom, why did you leave me to go through such pain alone?! Someone should tell me this is unreal! Somebody please, wake me up because I am dreaming!!” Sophia allowed the tears stream down her face. Her heart bled.

That outcry weakened West, he froze with the knife in her hand and blood blinding his vision.

Justin coughed out blood and managed to breath and keep his eyes open as he watched Sophia. He hated himself for being the one used to hurt her from the very beginning and his parents are the devil behind the mask.

The opening of the door broke the suspense. Some soldiers pushed Mr. Smith, Flying dragon, and the assasins into the room.

Everyone was shocked except West who was excited to see that he’s defeating his enemies.


Molly watched Tyler go brokenheartedly. She could only cry as he turned and went away, carrying her heart along.

A car pulled up in front of her and Tyler’s friends came down from the car. It seemed they have been watching them abd they saw everything that happened.

“Yeeh! Some girl is feeling down, huh? I told you that you can have any other male in that school, but not any of us.” Greg said as they walked around her as if she’s a tree.

“You and Tyler are worlds apart, don’t you get it? If you are not careful, his grandfather will destroy your family and end your miserable life for you. Greg, aren’t we saving her life?” Franko asked, pinching her cheek mockingly.

Molly turned sharply and slapped Franko on his face. “You two better stay out of this, you won’t like me if I pour my venom on you both! I don’t blame you guys, your kind will never feel!!” She yelled at them and walked away.

Franko was too shocked by her reaction to reply or pay her back. Greg wasn’t left out, he folded his hands and shook his head in awe.

“Oh man, damn! She got guts!!” Greg exclaimed. “Hey, we can’t let her off like this, let’s go deal with her!!” He said to Franko.

“No, don’t! This is not the right time for that. With that temper, she will kill us if we confront her.” Franko stopped Greg from going after Molly who was already out of sight.

“Let’s go then” Greg said as they go in,side their car and drove off.

Molly cried home as if she was the one that got slapped by Franko and not the other way round. She sat outside her house and cried to her heart’s content before she went straight into her room and locked herself in.

She didn’t know that it was the morning of another day when she woke up after crying herself to sleep. She had greeted her mom good evening, and requested for dinner when she went downstairs and met her in the kitchen.

“Did you hit your head on something? Are you hurt in the head or what? How can you be so ridiculous, it’s almost mid-day! And look at your face, it’s all swollen, have you been crying?” Her mother asked worriedly.

“Ah, no! I wasn’t hurt, how can I cry? I took Dad’s advise seriously. I mean, he’s right, I have to study hærd, get good grades, make it out of college, get a good and well paid job in a big office so that we won’t be begging someone to live in a wretched house.” Molly lied.

Her mother smiled proudly at her. “That’s my cute pumpkin! Sweetheart, you don’t have to force yourself too much, if it was that easy, we would have done that and not make our kids suffer. Your father should also understand that.”

“Mom, I want to ask you some adult questions. Hope you don’t mind?” She started.



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