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A cracked life episode 47

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Chapter 47 🔞

“You are free to ask me anything. You are an adult too, being nineteen is not a joke and you will soon be done with your final exams and walk your way to college.”

“Oh, stop! There’s still a month and two weeks more before I turn nineteen. You are right though, I feel sad that Sophia won’t be with us during this final exams. She bragged so much about the things she would do at college, now she’s not here.”

Mrs. Bryan shook her head sadly and hugged her daughter passionately. “She was such a darling even when she was arrogant to the outside world. I remember the first time I met her, it was…”

“Unpleasant!” Molly completed for her, laughing. “It was so for me too, and she isn’t someone who easily says sorry, but behind that raised chin and fearless eyes is a weak girl struggling to get away from her haunting demons.”

“Yep! It’s a pity she… I hate to talk about what happened to that poor girl. I wonder where she is and if she’s doing well. Less I forget, you wanted to ask me something. Come on, let it out and remember that you just missed school today. I intentionally left you since we would go out together to for another house.”

“Yeah… I wanted to ask if…” her voice trailed off. She swallowed hard and tried again. “Well, you see… how did you know you loved Dad?” She squirmed in her mother’s arms.

She tried to pull away from her, but her mother wouldn’t let her go. She hugged her tighter and ran her fingers through her hair.

“If you are pushing towards that kind of adult feeling, especially with Tyler, it’s time to stop so that it won’t hurt much later.” Mrs. Bryan advised, knowing that it won’t end well and she doesn’t want her daughter to get hurt even more.

“Why?” Molly asked and forced herself out of her arms. “Tyler loves me too. We were just unlucky because of his grandfather!”

“Loving… a rich guy is the same as chasing the winds. If you love him and you are sure he feels the same for you, the best you two must do is to breakup.”

“That’s true!”

They heard a voice concur behind them. They turned around to see Eve. She was in school uniform.

“That’s because rich guys are cowards! I wasn’t going to tell you, but I couldn’t concentrate in school as everyone kept talking about it. Tyler is on his way to the airport, he’s leaving.” Eve broke the sad news to her friend.

“What?!” Molly exclaimed. “No, it’s not true, he can’t leave me just like that… when we haven’t even started…” she took to her heels.

“Molly!!!” Mrs. Bryan and Eve called and ran after her. They got tired on the way and waited to catch their breaths.

“How is it possible for her to run so fast?!” Her mother wondered.

“I’m sorry, this is all my fault. I shouldn’t…” Eve tried to apologize for breaking the news to her friend.

“This is not time for that, Eve. We should go get some cash for taxi and go after her, I don’t think she has any money with her!” Mrs. Bryan cut her off, grasping her hand.

“Alright. I will rush to the house and get it, you shouldn’t run again, it’s not good for you. You can wait for me here!” Eve ran back to the house while Mrs Bryan kept gasping.


“Good morning, sweetie!” Fred pecked his wife as he handed her a cup of coffee.

Angelina pushed the coffee back to his palms, lay down on the bed and turned her back on him. “Are you really going to leave again? Nothing is ever going to stop you, Mmm?” She asked, sniffing.

“I thought we already talked about this. I am not going there to stay, I promise to come back immediately after meeting with the man. That would have been over yesterday but I had to text him and postpone the meeting to today” He said sadly.

“I don’t… want you… to go anywhere. I am very worried about you going back to the enemy’s zone again when you don’t know what he has in mind. He is probably looking everywhere for you after you escaped.” Angelina mumbled.

Maybe he made a mistake by telling her everything that happened between him and Mr. Smith. She’s afraid to let him leave and go back there while the man in question is still there looking around for her.

He bent over and kissed her shoulder. “Thanks for worrying about me, but I rather advise you to worry about and take care of yourself. I already promised…”

“That’s not the first time you have promised me that and you did not keep it! Fine, just go. It’s not like I can stop you.” She shrugged his hands off her shoulder.

Fred turned her face so she would look at him as he put a finger on her lips. “You can stop me. If it’s safe, I would have loved you and the kids to be with me. Don’t you trust me anymore?” He asked, looking into her eyes.

“There’s no point in arguing with you, you always win anyway. Just keep your promise, no matter what happens or I will come looking for you.” Angelina said stubbornly.

He smiled, “you will come looking for me in the form of a super woman to save me, huh? Make sure to grow wings because devil respects angels more.”

She stood up, took the coffee and drained it, and threw the cup at him. “Don’t keep the man waiting, and don’t expect me to see you off, just get out.” She lay down again.

Fred left sad and worried about her. He hopes everything will be over soon so he can be a real husband and a father so his marriage won’t collapse.

West looked at the faces of his enemies and laughed out loud. This is what he has ever wanted and Sophia gave them to him on a platter of gold.

She has refused to say even a single word to him after Mr. Smith and the other people were brought into the room yesterday evening.

He changed plans and decided to think about what to do to hurt them greatly overnight. There are many ways to kill a rat

Sophia also refused to willingly go with him to his house, so he had to order the soldiers to carry her into his car by force.

“You are my slave and I choose what happens to you. Always keep that in mind and also the fact that you signed the papers willingly!” He had reminded her when she looked at him in an askance manner.

She remained silent since then till the next morning. He ordered her to dress up so they can go and deal with their enemies with an assurance that she will thank him later when her eyes clears from the infactuation.

Sophia sat down quietly and stared at her hands which she folded on her laps. She didn’t want to look at Justin’s face or pay attention to Mr and Mrs Smith and the others because she might do something stupid again.

Whichever way West chooses to hurt them, he should and she wouldn’t concern herself again no matter how it hurts. She will try hard to hold it in and not shed a tear, that’s a promise she made to herself.

West went over to Justin was unconscious. He slapped him so he would wake up, but he didn’t even stir.

“He lost a lot of blood already, if he remains here, I’m afraid he might bleed to death.” Mrs. Smith said tearfully.

“Who tied his wounds up?!” West howled, looking around at the few assassins who weren’t tied up.

They looked at each other and pretended not to hear him. He looked at the soldiers who looked surprised and confused.

West undid his belt and hit the assasins angrily. “You fucking assassins killed my father!”

Just then, a younger soldier bursted into the room and reported an intrusion. “I don’t know who they are!” He added.

“Oh, fûck! Y’all go out there and make sure no one comes in here!!” West commanded and grabbed a short gun.

He twirled around and shot Alex twice on the chest. He growled and died instantly.

Sophia’s head snapped up at the gunshot and she broke her promise. “No! Alex… ” the first few days at the assassins foundation flipped into her head.

West didn’t look back, he shot the two assassins that lunged towards him and the others froze in fear. None dared to make any move towards him.

“Hey, come on! Come and stop me!!” He howled and released shots to the roof. “Are you going to stop me too? Come on, hate me all you want now!” He screamed at Sophia as she was crying silently.

Some men broke into the room immediately and he exchanged bullets with them as he moved towards Sophia. He grabbed Sophia by the neck and told them not to come near or she will die.

“Mr. Fred?” Mr. Smith was shocked when he recognized the face of the man who has come to save them.

Flying dragon hid his face when he saw him too. It’s an insult to his guts for a man who escaped from him to be the one here to save them now.

Fred raised the gun to Sophia’s face and surprised everyone especially Mr. Smith and his right hand man.

“No!” Mrs. Smith found her voice again. Even when Alex was shot a while ago, she wasn’t able to cry out. She had let her tears flow as she made only muffled sounds.

But there’s no way she’s going to sit there and watch this stranger kill Sophia while she doesn’t know if her son is still alive.

Fred shot Sophia without wasting any time, the navy men that came with him rushed over and apprehended West who was shocked as he watched Sophia lean against him breathlessly.

“Why? Who the hell are you?!” West cried as his gun was taken away.

When he was dragged outside, he saw the soldiers all lined up with their heads bowed in respect and obedience to their country.

He understood what just happened… Whoever they are must be sent directly from the government officials. He’s done for! How in God’s name did such a thing happen?!!

Molly wandered around at the airport and cried her eyes out when she couldn’t find Tyler. She had ran first to his house and the housekeeper told her he’s catching the first flight if his grandfather didn’t release his private jet for his departure.

“Why would you do this to me?! I will never forgive you for this!!” She muttered to herself as she was restricted from moving further.

She didn’t know her mother was following her, but she didn’t care when she came to hold her and stop her from rushing into the restricted places.

“Leave me alone! He can’t go just like that!! Why did he confess to me? Why did he love me? Why did he come into my life if he’s going to leave like this?! Why me?!!” She cried uncontrollably.

Molly froze when her father walked to her and slapped her for the first time on her cheek. She was sure her father danced around in her eyes.

“Why should you disgrace me like this?! Other young girls out there are only working towards making their families proud and all you could do is disappoint me like this?! What do you know about love?!” Mr. Bryan scolded angrily.

Molly looked up at his face, tears poured out of her eyes the more she tried to focus. “Up until now, I have made you proud. So I am not allowed to feel? Was I supposed to stop my heart from loving him?! Dad, if it was possible, I could have done it a long time ago!” She retorted.

“Molly, stop now! Don’t talk so sassily to your father!!” Mrs. Bryan reprimanded her.

“I don’t give a damn anymore! After all, he just said it that I am a disgrace to the family. He has never cared about how I feel, all he wants is for me to go to school and live his dreams! What about my dreams?!” Molly barked.

“Let’s not do this here, come on let’s go home!” Mrs. Bryan took her daughter’s hand so they would go home.

“I’m sorry, Mom. I am tired of all of these! I will find my way home.” Molly pushed her mother’s hand away and walked away. She didn’t mind the crowd or her friend who was gaping at her as if she’s a weirdo.

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