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A Cracked life episode 48

💘She loves her handsome enemy 🔞

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Chapter 48 🔞

“Arrest them too!” Fred pointed at Mr. Smith and Flying dragon. “Make sure they don’t escape, they can be cunny!” He advised and rushed to Sophia.

The navy men untied Mr Smith and Flying dragon and handcuffed them as they took them away.

Two soldiers came in and untied Justin and Alex. “I think this guy is still alive!” One of the soldiers said checking Justin’s pulse.

Fred carried Sophia and ordered the soldiers to bring Justin too to his car because he’s impatient about waiting for the ambulance.

“Take the woman and the other three people with you to the police station for questioning!” Fred commanded as he entered his car and sped off.

Alex’s corpse was carried away along with Celina’s corpse which was found in one of the rooms.

They found Cynthia who was under the care of a nurse and took her to the hospital while Mrs. Smith and the others were taken to the station as ordered.

Fred didn’t know his phone was ringing because of how agitated and perplexed he was at that moment as he drove to the hospital without even looking out for road signs and the curses he received from other drivers and pedestrians.

He didn’t want to think about the what ifs that accompanied his action back there at the army base. He didn’t want to think about how everything will end of actually Sophia didn’t make it.

He had taken that decision because in many years of his work as an undercover investigator, he had many experience of the bad guy using his captive to escape and knew the only way to save them the stress is hurting the captive and praying he or she survives it.

If she makes it, she will save the situation. If she doesn’t, then his plans will go with the winds and that will be recorded in his black book as one of his failed missions.

When he was able to persuade his wife so that he would come back here to meet Mr. Mac Millan as he later learnt the man’s name is, he was really excited that the man made the right decision by secretly contacting him.

“I know everything about Mr and Mrs Williams death and loss of wealth. I worked for the man that murdered them and claimed their wealth. I also think their daughter is still alive.” The man had said immediately he met with him at the meeting place.

“Their daughter is still alive? By chance, have you met her? I want her to be safe before I start fighting to get Mr Smith down.” Fred had inquired.

“When I first met her, it wasn’t a pleasant meeting, though…”

Mr Mc Millan had gone ahead and told him everything he knows about Mr Smith and how he was able to get the couple out of the way to claim their wealth.

He told Fred about how their daughter was also framed and disgracefully sent out of her home. He said he met her as one of the assassins that works for Mrs Smith.

“I didn’t know she was the one because I only saw a passport of hers during the day we killed her parents. But when Mrs Smith dismissed me and told me to stay calm and away from her path, I started feeling guilty and all…

So I decided to find the girl online anyhow, by any means possible to help her as an unknown person, but I only found the s×× videos and nude pictures.

I also found her Instagram ID and saw her pictures which made me recognize her as the girl I saw at the Assassinators camp and she was even the one that personally kidnapped me.”

He had told him how he sent her endless messages that never got any reply because the account wasn’t active and it was deactivated plus other accounts associated with the account because of the released videos.

He explained how he looked for ways to contact a good and trustworthy person to help him bring up the case, but found no one.

Then he talked about watching the news where Fred, a well known undercover investigator narrowly escaped from the hands of a certain man and he recognized Flying dragon crossing the road and entering a nearby pharmacy so he knew that he’s fighting against Mr Smith.

That led him to digging him up and getting his contact information which he used to get to him.

“I don’t care if I end up in prison, it’s better than having sleepless nights dealing with unclear conscience. I just want to stop that dreadful man no matter what it takes and also that girl from making further mistakes. It’s only deserving for her to mourn over her parents death with the feeling that she’s safe.”

Fred had cleared his throat and asked him how he will get to meet Sophia and Mrs Smith. He had taken him to the Assassinators camp after getting assurance that his safety was guaranteed.

When they got there and Fred met with the few assasins walking around the camp worriedly, they didn’t hesitate to tell him everything that was going on especially when Fred said he’s an acquaintance of their boss as Mr. Mc Millan fearfully stayed back in the car after showing him the entrance.

He had called for a permit from NYDP and gotten authority directly from government to control the soldiers and cops for his safety, he also has the connections, so getting a go-ahead order was an easy thing for him.

On their way to the base, he had gotten all the information he needed and surprised the young man that had been controlling the army because of his father’s influence on them.

“How can a full force rebel against the country they are supposed to protect because of someone eager to take revenge?” Fred had wondered as they parked in front of the gate and stepped down.

“Aish seriously! People are easily controlled by money!! Just a thousand dollars and a son pulls the trigger on his mother, that’s how scary the world has become!!!” Mr. Mc Millan replied, following him.

Fred glared at him. “Aren’t you one of them? Go into the navy car and sit your ass down before you get shot if they can’t be controlled, okay? I will see you if I come out of this alive!”

Fred matched the break in front of the hospital with all his strength. He rushed inside and called for help. Nurses came out with two stretchers and carried the unconscious girl and boy to the emergency room.

Pacing around the waiting room, he finally remembered his phone and rushed back to his car. He settled down, took deep breaths and slowly took the phone from where he left it.

He was surprised to see seven missed calls and four unread messages. He opened the missed calls and called his wife back.

Molly stood at the peak of the hill and looked down. This is the easiest way to die, right? If she goes out to buy hazardous substances, she will be questioned and maybe saved.

She doesn’t want to live anymore. She hates the idea of living… All her life, she has done nothing but obey rules and accept orders.

She wanted nothing else, but to make her family proud. Even when she loved Tyler, she had to take permission and wait for it to be granted before she went ahead to have a boyfriend or a lover.

The only times she has felt free and talked because she felt like talking was when Sophia was with her and when Tyler was there.

She thought Sophia has taken away her chances of being happy and free when she left, but Tyler mended her heart and gave her hope.

Why did he leave without telling her? Even if it was for her to be happy and live well, she doesn’t want that at all, he is her happiness and wellness.

“You are such a coward, Tyler. How can you give in like that? You couldn’t even fight for our love! Did you ever love me or was it a one-sided feeling?” Molly mumbled.

She was really depressed and the only way to end it all was to end her useless life.

Her father too doesn’t think about her happiness, he even said it today that he’s not proud of her. So why live and be reminded of the shame everyday?

“Goodbye to this wicked world. It’s the harshness of the earth that makes an infant die at birth or after experiencing a tiny bit its cruelty…”

Molly said her last prayer and took the risk…

Sophia heard a voice calling her name, but she didn’t want to listen. She ran farther away from the voice and deeper into the desert she’s wandering around.

She didn’t feel or think, she was just free as the wind blew her hair backwards as she thought she could spread her wings and fly even though she has none.

It was so quiet and peaceful wherever she is and she knew she was going to meet her parents and find solace in their loving arms.


The voice called more closely behind her. She recognized the voice, but there’s something greater than the owner of the voice. Her parents are waiting for her, she must go see them at that moment before it gets late.

Sophia hopped on happily and hummed her favorite song when she felt she was closer to her parents. She’s excited about seeing her parents after being apart from them for such a long time now.

“Sophia, you can’t go to wherever your mind is leading you! You must stop now!!”

The voice tried to talk her back to her senses. How was she to believe that while her instincts has never deceived her. I know what I am doing, she said in her head.

She paused and looked around her surrounding when she was greeted by a big rock. Which way will she go now? She must cross over to the other side to be able to see her parents before the owner of that voice gets closer.

“Sophia, don’t you dare cross over! You won’t see your parents there and even if you do, there would be so many people there so you can’t recognize them! You have to come with me, believe me, please!!”

She saw the truth in those words but she refused to turn around no matter how curious and eager she was to look at the face of the person trying to take her mind off her journey.

All she knew was that she knows that person, but she’s right about her decision. Who does he think he is and what right does he have to tell her what to do?

“Leave me alone! Who are you to tell me what to do and what not to do?! Stop perturbing me, can’t you see you are the only noise around this peaceful place?!!” She frowned.

“I am someone who loves you and doesn’t want to be separated from you even for a second. I did you wrong, I just remembered my past, and I want to live everyday of my life showing you how sorry I am for letting the devil use me.” The voice cried desperately.

“What’s he talking about?!” She scoffed. “Is there any devil other than human beings? If that’s all you followed me to say, I clearly get it, so bounce and get off my back!” She continued climbing without looking back.

“No! Don’t go, please!! Okay, I know the shortest and easiest path to follow so that you can see your parents. It’s not a lie, I will lead you there and you will accept to do what I tell you in return.” The voice said seriously.

“Really? You are not deceiving me, right? Can I trust you?!” Sophia twirled around excitedly almost falling down from the rock which she has already climbed half.

She saw the most handsome young man which her body responded to and his voice has been the sweetest melody in her diminishing memory.

Yes, she has a memory with him though it seems as if she’s seeing him for the first time, meanwhile, his voice told her she knows him more than herself. His voice was in her past, now in her present and later on to her future.

“I cross my heart. You can bring your hand for a pinky swear!” He promised, stretching out his hand.

His eyes met hers on purpose and she couldn’t look away or refuse to accept his hand.

Her eyes were fixed on his as she stumbled down the rock and reached out to hold his hand.

“Come on, trust me. You will thank me later!” He urged her to keep coming closer to him.

She did and when her hand came closer to his, he grabbed it and pulled her out of the rock and they fell down together, his back on the ground, the sun beautifying his eyes, his heart excited because she won’t be able to leave him again…

He pushed her over and pinned her down on the ground before she had a chance to think about everything and see that he’s lying to her.

He brushed his lips over hers and told her to wake up…


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