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A cracked life episode 50

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Chapter 50 🔞

“There’s no progress even after putting the two of them on the same bed? Doctor, you know better, I hope there’s nothing fatal about her injury?” Fred queried the doctor worriedly.

How can someone who woke up almost the same day she was admitted into the hospital not stir since then? He had thought taking Justin to her ward would help and he even told the nurse to put the guy beside her on her bed.

For the past three months, he has been very busy dealing with the culprit, Mr. Smith. The government has laid claim on the sluts hotel to set up children’s hospital and an orphanage home.

Mrs Charlotte Smith was found guiltless, and so, was released and she has been frequenting the hospital to spend time with her son. Fred noticed she cared for Sophia as well.

All the assassins have told their stories in court and were granted pardon, all were sent to the rehabilitation center for a three months program before they can be sent to any force they choose to join.

Mr Smith was sentenced to life imprisonment after clearing the names of Sophia’s parents, her name, too, and the s×× videos were banned from the internet.

Fred knew that damage had been done to the girl’s life with the s×× video, but since her name was cleared, she would get over it soon and with time, people would forget about it and delete it from their devices and minds.

Weston was charged for murder, harassment and misuse of office, he has to serve in prison for twenty years, then hope for freedom if ever granted, and that depends on him staying alive till then. Fred pitied the young man that is going to spend most of his youth behind bars.

Fred has also moved his family and work back since the danger lurking around the shadow is gone. He must be careful in the future not to indulge in undercover investigation again so he won’t activate such danger and jeopardize his marriage again.

All the documents were released to the Williams family lawyer, everything is still intact and everyone is waiting for the heiress to the W/R’s fortune to wake up and claim what rightfully belongs to her.

The doctor shifted on his seat and tapped his spectacles lightly. “She didn’t suffer any great injury or shock, so it still surprises me that she’s in a coma. The young guy was the one I feared would not make it, but he’s coming around.”

“Are you sure there’s no mishap somewhere? Like… medically?” Fred was curious.

He didn’t want to go back to his family without knowing if the girl would ever wake up again. Maybe she’s trying to rest and ignore this cruel world for some time. Three months should be okay for her though.

“Would I tell you she’s medically fine if I’m not sure about it?”

“I don’t know what to believe now. I just want to check up on her before going, I don’t know when I will come to visit her again especially now that my wife is about to put to bed.”

“Your wife still has one month to go, Fred, why the rush? However, you can see the girl before you leave, let’s go.”

They left the doctor’s office together, and met Mrs Smith halfway to the long hall that served as a waiting area and passage for the rows of doors at each side.

Fred noticed the tears that filled the woman’s eyes which she’s trying hærd to blink back in,side. He didn’t know what the tears signified.

“They finally woke up, I think we should give them time alone.” She said, forcing a smile to her face.

Fred almost jumped up, but he still had his dignity to protect, seeing the curious glances from people waiting in the hall and the nurses at the reception area.

He didn’t heed to the woman’s plea and checked for himself. He peeped in,side through the keyhole and confirmed that they were awake.

They were in each other’s arms crying their sadness out. “Thanks, Mrs Smith. You helped them a lot. I admire you for being a strong woman.” He spoke frankly.

The woman smiled as they went to sit down in one of the long chairs in the hall to wait.

Looking at the names of the students who passed the final exams on the school’s website, Molly smiled when she saw that Tyler passed.

She didn’t bother about her name as she called him to congratulate him. “You made it! I’m happy for you.” She said as soon as he picked up.

She was on the yard’s rooftop enjoying the wind as it blew her long skirt and hair about. She didn’t know the person she’s talking to on the phone was behind her.

Tyler cut the call and waited for her reaction. Her back was turned to him, so he didn’t see her facial expression, but he knew she would be infuriated.

She hissed and punched the phone’s screen as she tried calling his number again. She was startled when the phone rang behind her.

That’s what Tyler wanted, he chuckled and walked closer to her. “You made it too. Congratulations, babe,” he pecked her.

“You startled me on purpose, huh? I didn’t check mine, there’s no reason for me to fail. I was only worried about you, bighead.” She laughed.

He changed the subject. “My grandparents came with me.” He watched her pale and held her as she went rigid.

“Why? Did you…”

“Don’t sum things up in your head, they contacted my parents first and I had no choice but to accept their invitation. They are saying their apologies to your parents,” he assured her.

“What’s the plan now? Perhaps they’ve talked you into accepting their offer to study abroad!” She panicked.

He laughed and held her hands firmly. “I’m never leaving you even for a second again, it is a promise. Well, they are calling me and my parents back, I think they have reflected on their actions and accepted they were wrong. I was suspicious at first, but seeing them kneel down to apologize to your parents, I felt they have changed for good.”

“Whatever, just as long as you stay with me or take me with you, I don’t give a damn about them.” She whined.

“We are going to different schools, so we should wed first before entering college.”

She looked at his face. “What was that about? Are you asking me to marry you or commanding me?”

“Oh, I forgot I should kneel down and… f×¢k! I forgot to buy a ring. I should also rehearse the perfect words to say.” He teased her.

“It’s a good thing you know. Ask when you are ready. Let’s go down so I can see for myself. I’m curious”

“Don’t worry, they approved our relationsh¡p, if not, I wouldn’t let them come see your parents. But my grandma concurred with my Mom, they said we are still young and need to be out of college before marriage.”

“What were you thinking before?” She laughed. “With the way you are going about it, I feel you won’t let me concentrate on my studies, s×× is always on your mind.”

He tilted her head up, k×ssed her l-ips lightly and winked at her s-ductively. “Aren’t you curious to know how good I am in bed?”

“Stay away!” She gasped, pushing him aside.

Before he could come near her again, she took to her heels and collided with Eve.

“Serves you right!” Tyler muttered as he watched her wince in pain.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were coming!” Eve apologized. “I have good and bad news, Molly. You have to come with me now!”

Molly hissed at her. Another news from Eve? “I don’t want to hear. You are a carrier of bad news.” She rolled her eyes and walked past her.

Eve followed her, not minding Tyler who was waving at her to stop. “I’m serious, Molly! Sophia is back to her family house, didn’t you watch the news yesterday and today?”

That stopped Molly in her tracks. She had watched yesterday’s news and had gone to the hospital only to be told her friend was in coma and no one is allowed to disturb her. How come she’s already at home?

“You didn’t watch the news just now. Anyway, everyone is going to see her and I think you are the only person who can console her.” Eve said seriously.

“What would she think of me? She must have suffered a lot, and I will just appear before her now. As a friend or foe? I can’t go.” Molly said sadly.

Tyler came to stand in front of her. “You should go,”

“Tyl, I’m nervous and…”

“I will take you there. I think she needs you now.” He grabbed her hand and led her to his car through the back of the building to avoid their parents seeing them.

Sophia hesitated before she entered her parents bedroom where they were murdered. Hot tears warmed her cheeks.

She had woken up three hours ago at the hospital. Justin was right beside her. He woke up when she laid her head on his chest and cried her soul out.

“I’m sorry for everything that my family and I did to you. If I hadn’t come into your life, he wouldn’t have used me. Please, forgive me.” He whispered apologies to her.

“Why did it take you so long to remember? I wish everything didn’t take such a bad turn, I can’t believe that I missed you even when I was supposed to be mourning my parents.” Sophia wetted the hospital’s blue shirt which he wore with her uncontrollable tears.

“Now that I remember everything, I don’t think I deserve your love. I understand how it must’ve hurt in the assassins camp when I was trying to win your heart.” He said sadly.

She pulled away from his embrace to look into his eyes. “You already had my heart from the very beginning. I only thought you didn’t like me and you actually raped me to get what you wanted.”

“How can I do that? I was a lonely boy who derived joy from watching your pictures. I followed you everywhere on social media and I sent you chats, even when you never replied to any of my messages. When I learnt my father was working for your father, I agreed to live with him so that I can go to the same school as you.” He said sincerely.

“I need time to download everything that has happened. You can go with your mother, she has been waiting for you to wake up. I hope we become real lovers someday.” She had k×ssed him.

“I will be happy if you take good care of yourself. I don’t date sick and weak girls.” He had smiled mischievously. He helped her come down from the bed and led her to the door.

“Don’t worry, I’m stronger than you. Your mother trained me well, you better watch out and never try to offend me.” She had said to him as they departed at the door and Fred ran over to hold her.

Sophia watched Justin leave the hospital with Mrs. Smith before she accepted Fred’s offer to drive her home. Now she regrets coming back to this house that will forever remain lonely and cold without her parents.

“You will be fine. Everything will be okay again, trust me.” Fred’s voice startled her.

She wiped her face and turned slowly to look at him. “I doubt that everything will ever be normal again. Thank you for saving me, Mr. Fred. I am indebted to you for life.”

He flashed a smile at her. “Don’t be like that, I just frown at injustice, I would have done it for anyone else. Some people are waiting to see you outside.”

“I don’t want to see anyone. Mr. Fred, can I go with you to your house? You are the only person I can trust now.”

“You are welcome to come with me, but you must know that you can’t run away from those people forever. They all care about you, and were deceived to believe that you and your parents are evil. They feel sorry now, especially when some of them benefitted from your parents Goodwill” Fred advised, tapping her shoulder fondly.

“You are right, but I don’t know what to tell them and I don’t have anything to say to those reporters.” Sophia confided in him.

“You mustn’t say a thing to the reporters, and I don’t advise you to go downstairs. You can talk to your friends first.”

She nodded and moved towards the door. Her hand was on the doorknob when he held her on the arm to stop her.

When she looked at him in an awkward manner, he asked; “What about Justin?”

When she remained silent, he continued; “Well, it’s true he did you wrong, but I know he meant well for you and was only used. I also know that you have feelings for him.”

Intimidated, her eyes fell and her cheeks felt warm. “Is it that obvious?” She smiled shyly. “It’s true, and I hope there’s no charges against him?” She asked thoughtfully.

Fred shook his head. “You two were drugged and, after a thorough investigation, I think you particularly were also under the influence of alcohol. Two of the men who were securities worked for Mr Smith and that’s why it was easy for him to get to both of you.”

“I thought as much. I have always wondered how Justin and his friends entered the hotel without invitation cards even when I gave the guards a strict warning to not let that happen.

And the guy that served us that red wine easily gave it to him , neglecting my orders. I didn’t think much about it because I was exceptionally happy that very day, I also liked him back then.” She confessed.

“So when are you going to meet him again? I would like to dine with him and his mother. She’s an admirable woman.”

She batted her lashes at him. “I hope your wife isn’t a jealous type, if she is, don’t appreciate or shower praises on other women in front of her like that. Except you want your balls to get cut off.”

Fred laughed. He was happy that she’s getting better each second. “I heard that you are an arrogant and spoilt brat,”

“Whoever told you that. Maybe I am…” she left and took deep breaths as she went outside to meet her friends.

She remained grateful to Fred for his selfless help, she wasn’t sure her revenge would have saved her and brought back her family name.


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