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A cracked life episode 51 – finale

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Chapter 51 (Last Chapter) 🔞

“Hi,” Molly said, chewing on her lower lip nervously.

Sophia looked at her very best friend. The only person who always tells her the truth even if it’s going to cost their relationship. That one friend who has remained faithful and loyal to her since they were kids.

Others had said she was like that because of the money and the fact that Sophia seemed like a canopy of protection to her, but Sophia knows that Molly wouldn’t always get on her nerves by telling her what to do and what not to do even when she knows how much she hates to hear it if that was her reason.

She knows that Molly values their friendship more than anything else, and she doesn’t ever get offended no matter how she treats her, but hates her being rude to others much more than to her.

Molly is the only person who her parents had approved of their friendship because her mother knows she’s a good influence on her and she’s as bright as her in terms of study and smartness.

She never forgot this friend even when she was in the deepest part of hell. She always forces herself to forget about everything else and move on, after all, she wasn’t there when she needed her the most, but she couldn’t bring herself to do just that.

Sophia tore her eyes away from Molly’s straight to soul gaze and looked at her other friends. More of the people she controlled than friends.

They say birds of the same feather flock together, only thing being that she was the one telling them where they should fly to and they won’t hesitate to do her bidding.

And there’s the guy standing solidly behind Molly, Justin’s best pal. Molly’s supposed enemy, it is obvious that they are together now as his hands were on her shoulder for support.

Against herself, Sophia smiled still looking at the large and strong hands covering most of Molly’s shoulder. Quite a lot has changed in the past months she was facing the most crucial part of her life.

She remembers Tyler coming uninvited to her house for dinners and following her around like a puppy. She had been fond of him because he was a family friend.

He’s nice and if she had wanted a boyfriend, they must’ve been together before Justin came into the picture and everything changed.

Now he’s the lover of this same girl who he couldn’t stand her sight. Molly always avoided him because of his constant peeking at her, but Sophia had told her to face him and never let him intimidate her.

“Who is he that Molly of all people should be afraid of? If he gives you a hard time, tell me and he will face the wrath of Team Queens!” She had boosted her morale a year ago.

“I’m not afraid of him. I didn’t want to come between the two of you since he’s also your friend. I thought you wouldn’t like it.” Molly had braced up and raised her chin up to defend her ego.

That marked the beginning of their fight. Molly pushed decency back and faced him heads up, even lashing out at his friends, never backing down or letting them win. It’s funny how it ends.

“Oh, this feels so awkward!” One of them broke the silence.

“I’m so–rry, I shouldn’t have come here!” Molly turned around slowly to leave.

“Where the hell do you think you are going?” Sophia asked as tears ran down her cheeks. “It’s you that never listens to news, you could have called me first!”

Molly turned to look at her again, tears streaming down her cheeks. She ran into her friend’s arms. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t there for you when you needed me the most. I am the worst friend ever!”

The others didn’t wait for an invitation. They covered the two girls in a happy embrace. All of them had missed each other’s company.

Tyler stood watching the girls. He felt sorry for Sophia, and happy that she’s back now and united together again with the person he thinks is one of the most important people in her life.

“That’s enough, the two girls should breathe. This calls for celebration!”

*Few months later*

Sophia didn’t know she would get used to living with Fred and his family. Most at times because they reminded her of her parents and their love life, but they are like family to her now.

She thought Christmas spent without her parents being present wouldn’t be fun, but it was amazing her name being included in the Christmas tree of such a big family full of love and compassion for her.

Fred had chided her to call Justin during Christmas, but she had been adamant about it and so, refused to. She still needs time to accept everything that has happened.

She would remember life at the assassins foundation and feel sad that Alex had to sacrifice himself for her like that though Fred always reminded her that it wasn’t her fault.

She couldn’t stop blaming herself for taking her bad luck to the Assassinators camp, intruded into Gena’s love with Alex and brought a sad end to them.

Sitting alone in one of her parents’ exclusive hotel’s room as a very important person, her mind drifted off to the sluts foundation and how Stella saved her.

Fred and his wife had talked her into going for a vacation to Korea two weeks ago. She accepted since it was going to cost her nothing to come out of her shell. She already grew fond of Fred’s kids, especially the seven months old baby boy.

She wasn’t happy about leaving, but now she loved the sense of privacy she felt for the past two weeks. She would tour the country, call them like twice each day and share her experience.

She could have gotten herself a lot of friends, but unfortunately, she doesn’t understand the Korean language the way her late parents who spent most of their days in Korea did.

Sophia gazed at the screen of the laptop in front of her on the table again and tried to make out the faces of the Air Force members. She smiled at the good job Mrs Smith did where the assassins were concerned.

“She must be so proud of them wherever she is now.” She whispered softly, touching their faces one by one.

Stella, Gena, Ivy, Xena and Skyler joined the Air Force and they are doing just fine by their obvious glow. Sophia knew they would pull through, but didn’t expect them to do that just so soon. They are too much!

Sophia went to sleep feeling contented and more at ease with herself. She has nothing else to worry about while the most important people in her life are doing well.

She has united with her friends, met some of her parents’ loyal workers and partners, talked with their family lawyer, kept in touch with some investors and trusted everything into the secure hands of Fred for now so her parents’ business won’t fall as she tried to recollect herself.

The only thing left for her to do was contact Justin again. She told him to wait and he’s doing that. It’s unfair for her to neglect him like that while she misses and thinks about him every single day and sleeps with him in mind.

She was woken up the next morning by a call from Fred. When she picked up, the whole family’s voice echoed in her soul as they sang her a birthday song.

“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!! Happy birthday our dear Sophia, happy birthday to you!!!”

Tears rolled down her cheeks. It was tears of joy. How can they already keep her birthday in mind while she has totally forgotten about it.

“Thanks so much! Oh, why am I so emotional!?” She appreciated them. Cautiously optimistic, she hurriedly ended the call to accept another one.

“You are nineteen, sweetheart. I’m still your senior, don’t ever forget that.” Molly’s voice rang in her ear.

“Aye, this girl, why don’t you ever change? You are so full of yourself, I mean, you are but a few months older than me.” She scoffed.

She knew Molly had more things to say to her, but a tap at the door distracted her and she said goodbye to her and ended the call. Notifications would surely disturb her phone for a few days.

She’s happy even though she didn’t feel all that groovy to throw a party, her friends will gladly accept to plan one for her. Thank God her own birthday escaped her mind.

“Who is there? I don’t remember asking for room service!” She asked as she stretched her messy and tumbled hair.

Greeted by silence, she hissed and went to open the door. Justin’s gorgeous smile greeted her, warmed her cheeks and widened her eyes and mouth.

He thrusted a single rose flower to her face. “Happy birthday, beautiful. I’m not good at waiting for so long, I would rather accept a kick in the butt.” He said poetically.

That was her idea of a r0mantic boyfriend. She flew into his arms. She doesn’t care how he knew where to find her or how he got there, all she knows is that his presence is the best act of disobedience.

“I missed you so much!” She screamed.

He carried her to the bed and made her sit down while he stood between her legs. “Then why haven’t I heard from you? I waited for what seemed like eternity!”

She threw her arms around his neck and pulled his head down until their foreheads touched. “What matters most to me now is that you are here with me. Explanations can wait… or I’d appreciate it if it goes to hell!”

“Well then, whatever you want, her majesty!” He reached into his pocket and brought out a small box. “I’m not good at choosing gifts. I hope you…”

She snatched it from him and threw it at the bed. “Your being here is the best gift I have been waiting for. I love you so much, Justin, that’s the only thing that I know.”

“You… Sophia, you really love me? I’m blessed!” Justin held her tighter.

“I have always loved you from the start, it was just hard for me to admit, following the unfortunate turn of events. Can you please k×ss me now?!” Sophia gasped.

He pulled her away to arms length. “This is the second time you are asking me to k×ss you, do you remember?”

She raised an inquisitive brow as a mischievous smile crept to her lips. “Is there a problem with that? Oh, maybe I should ask you to do something else. Can you do whatever I ask?”

He rolled his eyes. “So long as it’s something within my power.” He replied.

“My first experience of sèx wasn’t appealing. Justin, show me what love making is about.”

“Huh?! Sophia, you are so young and… I can’t take advantage of…”

“Shut up! I’m old enough to know what I want and you know that this is not what I consider taking advantage of, it’s my decision.”

She gazed at him with eyes burning with desire as she opened the one button holding her night wear together and sat there naked.

“I knew from the first day I set my eyes on you that you are naturally stubborn, but I didn’t think it would be to this extent. I will give you what you want and make sure I leave no room for regret.”

He moved away from her and undressed with swift movements. When he joined her in bed, he found out that his world revolves around her and she knew that he was going to be her forever.

From that moment that she gave herself to him, life began for her and she couldn’t ask for more.


To God Almighty for wisdom, knowledge, understanding and guidance.

To my family, friends, fans, well wishers and those wey dey comment, you guys made this happen.

I love you all ❣️

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