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A Cracked life episode 49

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Chapter 49 🔞

The cops ransacked the Assassinators camp and arrested everyone remaining in the camp including Stella and Gena who were locked up.

Xena stared sadly at the amazing foundation Mrs Smith was able to raise on her own, for the good of the society, she bathed her hands with blood and spent a whole lot of money, time and energy.

There’s an advantage and disadvantage to everything… And one of the advantages of the organization to her was giving her home and hope when she least expected it and needed it the most.

She doesn’t know if she could tag a disadvantage of the organization to her own part because there’s nothing she regrets about joining them.

And working under Mrs Smith with loyalty still intact as of today even when she doesn’t know where or how it is going to end soon is the best thing she has done and the people she has spent months with are her only family and she will cherish the memories for the rest of her life.

Skyler sat down at the backseat of the police car with two cops at each side of him. He kept glancing at the main building of the assassins camp and felt broken as the police car drove out of that vicinity.

He remembered wandering around in the streets as a pickpocket. He has never been in a real home. A family comprises father, mother and child(ren) so he has never been in a home as a family.

He was a mistake to the person that birthed him, so he was taken to the orphanage home where he grew up and was adopted by a homosexual.

He didn’t like what the man does to him every night, so he ran away and searched for what to do to feed. He was ridiculed and rejected by the good people of his country.

Skyler can’t blame them, who would accept a stranger into their home without getting to know him or her? He turned out a pickpocket so he could eat when he couldn’t find work, not even a scavenging work came his way.

When Mrs Smith met him was when he stole from someone in a bus and didn’t know that the woman seated behind him saw what he did.

So she tapped him and signaled him to return the purse he took. He obediently did and told the driver that he’s dropping.

When he left the bus, he didn’t know she was following him. He got afraid and tried to run when he noticed, but she caught up to him and that woman changed his life.

She gave him a home full of people like himself. There’s no room for regret in the hearts of all the assassins except those who didn’t abide by the rules guiding the organization.

Stella and Gena were among the few people who regret ever letting jealousy overrule their hearts. Ivy hated being a part of their evil plans because she faced the penalty with them.

Gena particularly was downcast when she heard that Alex was shot and he died. She felt like she was the person that pushed him to his end.

If she hadn’t shot Sophia out of jealousy that she was going to take him away from her, all those things wouldn’t have happened and they would still be together in the camp, training, conquering missions and celebrating together.

Who lost now? How will she be able to live now with the guilt?

“It’s all over now, Angel.” Fred whispered to the phone, not sure his wife heard him clearly.

“Your voice doesn’t concur with your words, are you sure it’s really over now? I called you and you didn’t pick up, hope you didn’t hurt yourself?” Her voice was trembling.

Fred didn’t know if it was out of fear or worry. “Sweetheart, I am fine. I was almost late, and… well, she will survive it, she’s a fighter.”

She hesitated before asking, “What happened to her?”

“I…” he was about to reply when a male nurse waved at him to call his attention. “I will call you later, Angel.” He cut the call, came down from his car and went to meet the nurse.

“She’s awake and has been disturbing us about some guy like that…” the nurse said as they walked hastily to the VIP ward.

“A guy? Could it be that she has a lover? Anyway, I hope there’s no serious damage…”

“Nope! She will manage a bandaged arm for some weeks. You trained your gun well so you don’t have to worry, the doctor said it’s a minor injury on her left arm.” The nurse replied, cutting him off.

“Oh, thank God! I was really worried and I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if I had mistakenly shot her at the wrong place. I’m glad.” Fred almost jumped up in jubilation as they entered the ward.

Sophia’s eyes opened slightly when she heard voices. “Where’s Justin?” She asked as she slowly turned her head to look at the people that came to see her.

“You… who are you? Why did you shoot me? I hope you didn’t hurt Justin?” She asked with a husky voice.

“Don’t be afraid. I didn’t mean to hurt you, and I don’t know who you are talking about. Tell me a way to get to him and I will bring whoever he is to you immediately!”

“He… loved me back to life.” She managed to speak out before her eyes closed again.

“Who could that be?” Fred was concerned because he knew such a person would help her recover quickly since it seemed she was shocked.

As he left the ward, an interrogator called him from the police headquarters. He rushed over to the police station.

“He said he wanted to speak to only you.” The interrogator said to him immediately he got to the police station.

“Alright. No problems, I will take it from here. Thank you.” Fred appreciated the man’s efforts and sat down to face Mr. Smith.

“You already know my crimes and the evidence is everywhere you look. Go to the sluts foundation and get the last evidence. I guess that would be the answer to any question you would want to ask me.” Mr. Smith told Fred.

“Okay. But I still have a few questions. How did you all end up in that army base together?” Fred asked.

Mr. Smith told him everything. “About the girl, I didn’t really know her, if I had met her in person before, it would have been easy for me to identify her before now. I guess she was lucky I only get people to work for me and I was unlucky by not recognizing her even when I saw her face in a picture once.” He finished.

“I can’t imagine what the situation would be if you had known her before now. It’s a good thing you didn’t. Do you know if she had a lover?”

“That part… I can’t tell. I only knew my son was all over her the last time I went to the Assassinators camp. And come to think of it, before he got into the accident that wiped off his memory, we had a fight because I drugged him and used him on that girl’s birthday night. That was the reason why he was going to leave and keep looking for her for reasons best known to him.”

“So those videos were edited and fake?”

“Not really, he fûcked her for real, so his face was cut off somehow. I paid the editor a huge sum to do a good job.”

What is your son’s name and where is he now?”

“His name is Justin. He was the guy you took to the hospital. He was unconscious and I hope he is still alive.”

“Alright, I have a lot of questions to ask you, but I guess we will end it here and meet again in court. Thanks for your cooperation.” Fred said and left immediately.

He has the relevant answers he needs for now. The rest can be sorted out in court for the world to see how evil doers end. If only others would learn their lesson and never do bad!

“Love is another thing, how can two enemies fall in love with each other? Does it even make sense? Maybe they don’t know yet” Fred mumbled as he drove to the sluts foundation to get the last evidence.

“Are you really going to jump down there? Aish! It was a good idea to follow you, after all!!”

Molly thought her head was deceiving her with Tyler’s voice, so she shook her head, closed her eyes and tried to focus on jumping. Her heart was racing.

Tyler hugged her from behind and carried her away from the crest of the hill. “When did you turn deaf and dumb?” He asked when he let her feet land softly on the ground.

Molly wasn’t just surprised, she was shocked. “No, this is not true! You…” her voice trailed off when his head bent slowly towards her and she knew he was going to kiss her.

“Is this enough to show you how real I am? Eve will make a good broadcaster.” He grinned. “I know that I am a coward, but I couldn’t go like that, I had other dreams.”

“Jerk! Why did you scare me like that? I thought I would never see you again and I was going to end it here.” She cupped his face.

“It wasn’t intentional. I accepted to leave, but I was able to convince my father and he had a fight with my grandparents. It was a good fight, so my parents and I left their wealth for them.” He explained curtly.

“Which other dreams do you have? Now that I really think about it, I feel sad that you and your parents are going to start from scratch instead of enjoying the already made wealth they took part in acquiring.”

“You are my other dream, Molly. I remember when you asked me why I was so proud of wealth that I didn’t know when and how it was made. Are you taking your words back?” He teased her.

“Did I say something like that? I must’ve forgotten, I said that out of ignorance because I didn’t understand your notion back then.” She pinched his nose.

He kissed her forehead. “Let’s go to your house, I already explained everything to my parents. Your parents and mine are probably waiting for us.”

“I offended my parents, I hope they don’t toss me out for speaking informally to them. I shouldn’t have poured my anger on them like that, it was too much and they must hate the sight of me now.” She confessed grossly.

“That wasn’t particularly your fault, your father goes to extremes in protecting you. And it was all my fault for not coming in on time, if only I knew on time that my friends were going to spread the news and Eve would rush to tell you without hesitation.”

“She was only looking out for me, I must have hurt her feelings too, she didn’t expect that. Anyway, it can’t be undone, can it?”

“That’s why we should forget about all that.”

“Alright then. Are we writing the final exams together?” She asked, paying much attention to his pursed lips.

“Yes, as a couple!” He mused.

That made her think of Sophia, but she pushed that aside and occupied her mind with this guy that loves a human wreck like her. “Did anyone else follow you here?”

“No, I…”

She went on tiptoe and kissed him passionately pushing her tongue into his mouth. She wrapped her arms around his neck as she deepened the kiss.

His hands travelled down her backside and grabbed it. He felt her tremble in his arms and laughter escaped her lips.

“You are such a boring girlfriend. Other girls moan when the pleasure is driving them crazy and you are here laughing” he teased her.

She pushed him away and twitched her lips in amusement. “I’m not like other girls! Besides, it’s funny that your dîck is poking me, you’d better caution it. It just reminded me of that day in the back of the school building!!” She laughed again shyly as she started running down the hill.

Tyler laughed too as his hands cautiously held his penis in protection. “It’s a good thing you didn’t kick me again!”


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