A Guy Named Available




Episode 1-2

Where did it all start? It was summer of 2016, I was drained with so much work and I just needed a
break. A time to hang out and just relax could help. But then again I knew getting home would be
another chapter. I would probably just sleep instead. See, if you’re in marketing like me, it’s
important to note that you cannot afford some decent rest. Sleep is apparently too expensive. You
always have to meet deadlines because for every sale you make, the money comes in. How much
you want all goes to how much you put in. I loved my job because it accorded me the opportunity
to meet new people. And I mean people from all walks of life. The company I worked for sold
printers and computers to firms or willing individuals. I joined mid-2015 and by 2016 I got an award
for the most motivated employee. I made a decent amount from it. All was going perfectly fine but
one part… the relationship life.
You know when you describe bad lack in relationships that was me. I seemed to start so well with
all these guys but as time went on I just couldn’t. Let me mention that I have this zero tolerance for
nonsense that whenever I noticed a guy was being difficult I simply just packed my bags and left
him in the relationship alone. I was blessed with strength of letting go, that I really appreciate. One
person who could hardly stay in a relationship for more than 5 months was me. I tell you it took� only a few days to know where I am headed with a guy and I would already be looking for my
exist. Of course I would stick around for a little bit just to give it a benefit of a doubt but really,.. I
would always be right. Firstly I must mention that I knew what I wanted as a lady and therefore any
man who came in my life had to have it figured out. Many would encourage starting together but I
beg to disagree.. I knew what it meant to start with someone and simply remaining in the dark,
rather by the streets of nowhere wondering how the relationship ended. On that note, let me state
that a guy who was still having his life figured out did not fit in my books.
I know you must be judging me by now but hey I tried it all, sticking around when things were bad.
Cooking food from my home to take it for the ungrateful man only for him to change colours the
moment he had enough money. So if we are still discussing helping a man, I would like to mention
my only form of help would be asking him to leave me. He would be doing himself a favour. In fact
if such a man loved me I would only pray for a day when he would love himself to leave.


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so let me mention how Ndaweni and i met. After having been through very short relationships
that went nowhere, usually this would only happen after I fell too deep and they would start
tripping… I decided it was time to play it solo. All by myself without caring about a man. So I made
a resolution in 2016. I was going to enjoy spending my money; I was living alone anyway so that
was going to be easy. Being the last born in a family of 5, mum and dad were not ready to let me
live alone but by my 25th birthday I was ready to get them a restraining order for stepping into my
apartment and demanding that I return home. I have four older brothers; you must imagine they
were in the forefront to get me to obey my parents’ wish of staying in the family house until I got
married. Well I was not as peaceful with them as I was with mum and dad. I got them a restraining
order. Again I am not dramatic. Just a normal child with normal choices.
Pay day was always exciting because I knew I would get to buy a few new outfits. I told myself
despite my tight budget I would always spoil myself with some clothes every month. That was my
prayer and that pay day of September 2016 I was shopping form Mud boutique. That’s not like I
really shopped from anywhere else anyway. That was my usual place and i love it. Upon picking
three outfits, I stopped by debonairs to enjoy a mini pizza before heading to my small apartment in
Northmead. It was a guest wing, two bedrooms and quite accommodating. I bathed, changed and
headed for the night out at Keg and Lion. I chose such sophisticated places for two reasons only.
Reason one, I was not going to date a broke guy so I could not go to a broke place. Secondly I
was trying to be in a happy place where it wouldn’t look awkward if i just sat all by myself and took
some special cocktail while eating my food. I would normally have two or three people talking to
me but I would usually end at accepting drinks. Unless of course I wanted to feature on one of
those pages that exposed sidechicks. The unfortunate part about such places was that it was
difficult to find a single guy there. Well not until I felt a tap on my back as I sat by the counter
ordering my drink.
“hai.. can I join you?” the handsome gentleman said

“Sure no problem” I replied.
This gentleman pulled up a chair and called for the barman for three shots of tequila. I was
thinking to myself “this guy is such a heavy drinker” he gulped down the shots without making an� ugly face, almost like he had just taken water.
“wow…” i I’mmarvelled.


sorry… long week” he said as he pulled out his phone from his jean.
Did I mention that this guy was fine?… superfine. He was clad in a black and white striped gold
tshirt paired with blue jeans and black nikes. I took a moment to scan his outfit as he tapped his
phone before finally putting it away.
“Ndaweni is my name” he said.
I was quietly sipping on my cocktail and I nodded my head.
“I see. Well that’s good” I said.
“well?” he asked suggestively
“well what?”
“your name..” he said.
“oh I see..” I giggled.
“what did you think I was talking about?” he asked with a teasing smile.
His smile, lord his smile could brighten many days.
“Don’t mind me.. just a little absent minded… stressful week as well. I am Thandiwe” I said.

“oh.. nice name. Tell me about your stressful week while I get you another cocktail” he said.
Ndaweni ordered me a cocktail and he got himself an Amstel Lite, as he made the order I couldn’t
help but scan his finger. I just wanted a mark to show he had a ring somewhere but to no avail. His
ring finger looked clean, no mark whatsoever. I automatically concluded he is one of those guys
who never move around with a ring or he just has this complicated baby mama drama.
“I’m waiting for you to tell me about work” he said.
“oh work.. well I’m into marketing. Sales and marketing. Its good I like it”
“I see.. Well I’m an accountant.. Just trying but hey life goes on” he said.
“I see…” I replied before sipping my cocktail.
“You are here alone? Why is that?” he asked.
“you are here by yourself too”
He burst out in laughter and nodded his head.
“ya you got me.. guess what I just want to know is why you are not with someone .. I mean for us
guys its normal but ladies…”
“I see you think its suggestive? Like I came looking for a man?” I asked wonderingly.
“Don’t blame me.. society set these standards not me” he said teasingly
“well society has set many standards for women.. its hard to breath”
Ndaweni pulled out his phone and begun texting, I noticed he was very busy with his phone
because it was the third he was checking on it. I was beginning to think his woman was checking
on him.
“so.. your boyfriend is fine with you being here?” he asked after putting his phone away.
“well I don’t think this a bad place therefore no one would have issues with me being here.. not
even my boyfriend if I had one. It seems however your madam is not comfortable with that” I said.
Ndaweni looked at me wonderingly as I focussed on his pocket and his phone was flashing.

“no.. not at all.. it’s actually not a woman I’m chatting with. Its my supervisor. He is attending the� annual general meeting in south Africa… he is the reason I left the office late. Fridays I’m usually
out by 3pm, take a nap and then find my way out but this AGM has had me working late. Ya so he
keeps checking on me to confirm certain things.. you know its hard to present a report you did not
write” he said
“oh I see” I replied
Ndaweni excused himself to make a call outside while I remained imagining he wouldn’t come
back, not that any guy ever did that to me but I just didn’t trust men. He was probably talking to his
woman and he had to step outside.
“Excuse me..” I said to the bar man.
“how much is the bill? Including his drinks?” I asked.
“that will be k180” he said.
“this foolish guy seriously has me paying for a bill I didn’t intend to” I sighed.

I removed a k200 from my purse and I placed it on the table while the barman prepared another
cocktail for me.
“why is this money here?” I suddenly heard ndaweni ask.
“oh hi..” I said.
“you didn’t think I would come back? It was just a call” he said.
“ya that took over 20minutes” I replied.
“madam keep you money.. I will take the bill.. including your bill” he said.
I took a sigh of relief and packed my money back without hesitation.
“so you live with your parents?” he asked.

“no.. I’m alone”
“I see.. miss independent right?”
“ya.. I try.. I guess you could say that” I replied.
“well.. thandiwe I will be honest with you.. My day was hectic and I just wanted to take a few drinks
before I can finally go to sleep. Im actually on my way from work direct. So…”

“so you have to go” I interrupted.
“no I need to buy a meal and then I can leave after that..” he said.
Ndaweni ordered a meal and we moved from the counter and instead sat by the outdoor sitting
area, soon many people were coming and music was playing really loud.
“thank goodness.. I hate when the music is too loud” I said.
“I see.. you know you’re beautiful” ndaweni said as he leaned forward on the table that separated

“I see.. well thank you.. you are not bad yourself” I said.
“your boyfriend is lucky” he said.
I thought of running him through the drama I had been through with men but I held back. It wasn’t
necessary … I was probably never going to see him again. He was nothing to me.
“I thought you would oppose and say you don’t have a man” he added.
“well I already told you I don’t”
“I want to be convinced.” He said.
“why?” I asked.�
well because today is my lucky day”

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