A Guy Named Available

A Guy Named Available Episode 20 – 22


A Guy Named Available Episode 20 – 22

The following morning which was Saturday, I decided to try and implement everything that was
taught. Khetiwe had made it clear, if there was any chance of making this relationship work then I
could do something, but if there was no hope then nothing I ever did was going to make him stay.

Nothing! Well to help me make my new life easier I had to delete Ndaweni’s number. That wasn’t
part of the plan, it was a just a personal decision, I knew it would help me move on.

That week I had well avoided Ndaweni up until Friday when it was unbearable. I made sure I
updated fun things on my whatsapp status and inspirational quotes on Facebook that normally
talked about hard work and determination. None of the things I posted suggested I was needing a
man or that I was having problems with my man. Nothing ever suggested that rather I was simply
stating how fine I was with or without a man. Saturday was going to be hard especially because I
knew Ndaweni would be free and to think that he wouldn’t be in touch would hurt me real bad. I
called Khetiwe that Saturday morning stating that I couldn’t take it anymore and I wanted to call

“if you let your guard down he will soon start thinking you have only been quiet to get his attention.
Even if it hurts just ignore him, let him be the first to contact you and if he doesn’t then honey he is
just a loser who doesn’t deserve you anyway. You’ve done enough to prove your love for him. It’s
time to earn back your personal respect. He has to know that you know your worth. If he calls you
for last minute plans, do not make it seem like you were just waiting on him even if you were.

Reschedule, let him realise that you are not that last minute type of girl who is ready for anything”
Because I knew the day would be very long, I decided to go and visit mum and dad, it wasn’t
something I enjoyed doing but knowing my leave would be very long I decided to just visit them for
the weekend. Mum was really surprised to see me; in fact she was more surprised to see me with
a bag of clothes.
“I hope you were not chased from work.. I hope you have not lost your job” mum said as she stood
in the door way.


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I mention that we had a very big house? in fact my parents’ house was so huge that each
bedroom had enough space to accommodate two king size beds. The house had two floors; the
bottom floor had three bedrooms while the top floor had 4 in total. Two large kitchens, three living
rooms, 5 bathrooms and a library. Guess you understand why they never wanted me to move out
in the first place.

“I just missed you and decided to come by… you know .. just to visit” I said with a plastic smile.
“I can see through that smile.. you don’t even want to be here.. anyway.. come in .. your father
was actually talking about you a while ago. He has some good news for you” she said.
I walked past mum with my luggage and headed to the bottom balcony where dad normally spent
his time playing pool. I was already regretting my decision of coming to see them as I feared being


my baby..” he said with a smile as I approached him.
“the bags?” he added
“why are you all surprised? Can’t I visit? I just came to visit…” I replied.
“great.. well your mum and i were actually talking about you” he said as he pulled a seat by the
bar. The balcony had a mini bar.
I pulled a chair next to him and sat as I put my bag on the floor.
“what were you discussing concerning me?” I asked.

“your mum thinks that maybe we should have a birthday party for you.. its the big thirty you know”
I looked at dad and realised my birthday was in two weeks.

“wow.. I am turning 30…” I mumbled.
“you are our last baby you deserve the best.. anyway so this birthday party I intend to invite all my
friends children, I mean all my associates will have to send their eligible sons”
“hold up.. why? Are you trying to embarrass me dad? Its hard enough that at 30 I will be having a
birthday party organised by my parents.. must you also let the world know I am single?”
“we will fund the birthday but we won’t be too involved.. I mean I will be just a little.. I want all my
friends to send their sons and daughters of course..”


was deep in thought and just imagining how miserable my life must be that my dad had to
organise a husband for me.
“do you have anything to say?” he asked.
“Yes.. I want it to be a masquerade party and I want it at Radisson blu hotel” I said.
“well consider it done” dad said cheerfully.
“If I’m going to be that stupid i might as well enjoy it” I muttered.
“I beg your pardon?”
“nothing dad… let me check on mum” I said while getting up


The weekend was great apparently and I enjoyed the late night chats with mum, sleeping was
much easier because I was exhausted by the time mum left my room that I had no time to think of
Ndaweni. I did not inform mum and dad of my leave just so they wouldn’t make me stay longer, I
actually only told them that my holiday was on Monday which was mothers day but I would return
to work on Tuesday. For that reason, I had to leave for my apartment Monday evening.

I was now counting down 10 days of not hearing from Ndaweni and he didn’t even feel the need to
pick up his car. I had some money saved up somewhere that I could use to take a short vacation
although I had initially kept that money for a short course I intended to do in report writing. I don’t
think anybody would understand the pain and anxiety a woman goes through when she loses a
man she had grown to like a lot. I was not myself, I couldn’t think straight I was hurting so bad over
a guy I had just known for a few months. Soon we were going to be counting down to 6 months
but the truth is the relationship had only survived the first three months. The last 3 months were a
struggle, I was dragging for things to work and I was not ready to let go.
Khetiwe burst into laughter when I told her that I had decided to take a mini vacation all by myself.
She had come by in the evenings just to check on me and my state wasn’t impressive.
“my love, that vacation you intend to take alone isn’t necessary.. just try to find a new focus or try
and ..”
“you don’t get it do you?” I asked her angrily.

Khetiwe shook her head arrogantly.. “no I don’t, this man isn’t your god. Can you get a hold of
“mama it’s not easy, I gave my time and energy, we’ve always been good together.. I really like
him a lot and to be honest I can’t help but imagine what my life would be like all by myself again” I
“The same way it was before you met him… what’s wrong with you? Are you crazy? You don’t
even know this guy very well. For all you know he might even be married or has a fiancée
somewhere or something. This guy might be lying about his life. Why are you stressing yourself
like this?”

“just let me take this vacation Khetiwe.. I just want to relax please”
Khetiwe wasn’t buying it and she assured me she would move in the following day after work.
“I promise I will move in with you up until you put yourself together… I promise immediately after
work I am coming here tomorrow” she said.

In my heart I was hoping I don’t make the foolish mistake of calling Ndaweni before she came and
thank God I didn’t. Khetiwe moved in with me as promised, she only came with her clothes and
makeup. Time with her was fun and I must say I became stronger each day, when she went for
work I spent my time at the gym in the morning and I watched movies in the afternoon until
evening when we usually stepped out.
Time flew by quickly and I must say I eventually made peace with myself, it was exactly 14 days
since I last saw or heard from Ndaweni, the following week would be my masquerade party which I
was so excited about. I had put in various plans and I had even sent out invites. That weekend I
gathered enough courage and with Khetiwe’s permission, I drove the Mercedes benz back to its
owner. I don’t know why Ndaweni had decided to keep the benz in my parking lot but I drove it
back to his house. I didn’t expect to find him home that afternoon but to my surprise he was home.
When I pulled over in the parking lot and looking very elegant, I saw Ndaweni peep through the
kitchen window and he headed to the door.

“hai..” he greeted calmly..
Ndaweni was clad in denim short and a black vest. He had that lay back look, handsome as
always and my heart skipped a little.
“you are no longer using it?” he asked.
A part of me really wanted to ask what he took me for or why he had been so quiet without an
explanation. I really wanted to know why he didn’t care all of a sudden. My heart was heavy for a
moment but I maintained a steady smile.
“It’s not good to keep valuable property, I don’t want to be in trouble in case I get robbed” I said.
Ndaweni moved closer to me as if trying to give me a hug but I gave him my back. He held me
from my waist and whispered.
“I miss you so much… I’ve just had a lot on mind and…”
“No I understand… we all do have such moments.. I am actually rushing.. I just thought I drop it off’
I said as I placed the key in his hands.
“how are you going home though?” he asked.

“oh not to worry I will get a taxi.. take care..” I said before hurrying off. I didn’t give him the chance
to make me change my mind.
Luckily a taxi passed by quickly and I got on one. As the taxi drove off I saw Ndaweni stand by the
gate but I was at peace with how composed I was. I thanked God and headed along.


As soon as I got home Ndaweni was calling. I knew I was not going to answer the phone so I let it
ring without a care but it started ringing again. I got the phone and rushed to the bedroom where
Khetiwe was and I showed her that he was calling. The line cut and he started calling again for the
third time.

“Pick up… but let him know you are not available and you will reschedule”
I sat on the bed next to her and took a deep breath before picking up.
“Halo..” I said reluctantly as if I was just woken from my sleep.
“hai… I’ve been calling…”
“oh.. ya.. phone was in the bedroom” I replied reluctantly.
“and where were you?” he asked.
“In the kitchen”
“I see… I was actually going to come by today, its funny how you showed up just before I got
ready to come. I wanted us to talk over a drink or something… you know I’ve been busy and…”

“uhmm not today” I interrupted.
“oh you’re busy? what are you up to?” he asked inquisitively.
To think this is the guy who had been tripping on me for so long, I couldn’t believe my ears.
“Oh… I have a movie I would like to see… it’s something I had planned out” I replied.
“Oh really? Great then maybe we can see that movie together” he suggested.
“See the thing is I had already made plans with a friend and you know my friend might not be
comfortable if..”

“Friend won’t be comfortable? Is it a guy? So you’re dating now? Just like that?”
I gave a calm giggle. “it’s my girlfriend she is visiting and we had some things planned out so ya..”
I heard Ndaweni take a deep sigh and I knew he was worried, that excited me a little. He offered
again to drop me off but I made sure to state that I had everything figured out and he needed not

“ok.. so maybe we can hang out tomorrow” he said.
I didn’t reply rather I just waited for him to say bye.
Khetiwe looked me in the eyes and said.. “now we have to go and see a movie”
“but why? That was just an excuse… I really didn’t have any movie plans…”
“well now you do.. let me check what sterkinekor is showing.. we need to see a movie”

As Khetiwe got ready I sat by the mirror and thought of how much I really missed him, he meant
the world to me and in such a short time I was losing myself. I thought of how good we had been
together and how he was so wonderful to me. how he made me feel like the only woman in the
universe and now he was tripping. Lord knows I missed his kisses and his wonderful compliments.
I missed how he complimented my dressing and how he loved seeing me happy. Now here I was
playing a fool just to get his attention.
“I know that look” Khetiwe said
She had just left the shower and she was drying herself with a towel.

“Is this worth it?” I asked
“Thandiwe, if you want the honest truth no its not. I think he is really silly, I don’t think any good
man needs to get to the verge of losing his woman for him to realise how valuable she is. No that’s
not right in fact it isn’t necessary to go through that just to get his attention. That’s degrading
oneself. However, if what you want to know is whether this will do you any good.. then yes.. you
might win him back but you will also win back your self-respect. That’s it..”
“so in short he isn’t right for me?” I asked ready to give up.
“we don’t know that yet.. let’s see how far this goes”
I reluctantly got up and headed to my wardrobe to look for something classy that I could wear and
I found a pretty dress, it was little short and flowy but it was my favourite colour pink and I could
pair it with my wedges.

“that will be excellent” Khetiwe said as she noticed I was examining the dress.
I quickly changed and retouched my makeup, Khetiwe took a couple of pics and updated my
whatsapp status constantly.
“after the movie we can go and have some cocktails” I suggested.
‘now you are talking…” Khetiwe said
We drove in Khetiwe’s car and made sure we played some nice love jams as we approached the
mall. A number of people had sent me messages concerning my status which caught attention. As
I checked the messages I realised somebody had decided to view my status..

Ndaweni. I never
knew he could actually do that, as far as I was concerned he had no idea how to do that and he
wasn’t really an internet person like he often put it. That was far from the truth as he was often

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