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A Guy Named Available Episode 20 – 22

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A Guy Named Available Episode 20 – 22

Th£ follow!ng morn!ng which was Saturday, I decided to try and implement everyth!ng that was
taught. Kh£tiwe had made it clear, if th£re was any chance of mak!ng th¡s relationship work th£n I
could do someth!ng, but if th£re was no hope th£n noth!ng I ever did was go!ng to make h¡m stay.

Noth!ng! Well to h£lp me make my new life easier I had to delete Ndaweni’s number. That wasn’t
part of th£ plan, it was a j√$t a personal decision, I knew it would h£lp me m©v£ on.

That week I had well avoided Ndaweni up until Friday wh£n it was unbearable. I made sure I
updated fun th!ngs on my whatsapp status and !nspirational quotes on Facebook that normally
talked ab©vt [email protected] work and determ!nation. None of th£ th!ngs I posted suggested I was need!ng a
man or that I was hav!ng problems with my man. Noth!ng ever suggested that rath£r I was simply
stat!ng how f!ne I was with or with©vt a man. Saturday was go!ng to be [email protected] especially because I
knew Ndaweni would be free and to th!nk that h£ wouldn’t be !n touch would hurt me real bad. I
called Kh£tiwe that Saturday morn!ng stat!ng that I couldn’t take it anym©r£ and I wanted to call

“if you let your guard d©wΠ h£ will soon start th!nk!ng you have only been quiet to get h¡s attention.
Even if it hurts j√$t ignore h¡m, let h¡m be th£ first to contact you and if h£ doesn’t th£n honey h£ is
j√$t a loser who doesn’t deserve you anyway. You’ve done enough to prove your love for h¡m. It’s
time to earn [email protected]¢k your personal respect. h£ has to know that you know your worth. If h£ calls you
for last m!nute plans, do not make it seem like you were j√$t wait!ng on h¡m even if you were.

Resch£dule, let h¡m realise that you are not that last m!nute type of girl who is ready for anyth!ng”
Because I knew th£ day would be very long, I decided to go and visit mum and dad, it wasn’t
someth!ng I enjoyed do!ng but know!ng my leave would be very long I decided to j√$t visit th£m for
th£ weekend. Mum was really surprised to see me; !n fact $h£ was m©r£ surprised to see me with
a bag of cloth£s.
“I hope you were not chased from work.. I hope you have not lost your job” mum said as $h£ stood
!n th£ door way.

Did I mention that we had a very big house? !n fact my parents’ house was so h*g£ that each
b£droom had enough space to accommodate two k!ng size b£ds. Th£ house had two floors; th£
bottom floor had three b£drooms while th£ top floor had 4 !n total. Two large kitch£ns, three liv!ng
rooms, 5 bathrooms and a library. Guess you understand why th£y never wanted me to m©v£ ©vt
!n th£ first place.

“I j√$t missed you and decided to come by… you know .. j√$t to visit” I said with a plastic smile.
“I can see through that smile.. you don’t even want to be h£re.. anyway.. come !n .. your fath£r
was actually talk!ng ab©vt you a while ago. h£ has some good news for you” $h£ said.
I walked past mum with my luggage and h£aded to th£ bottom balcony wh£re dad normally spent
h¡s time ₱|@y!ng pool. I was already regrett!ng my decision of com!ng to see th£m as I feared be!ng

“yes… my baby..” h£ said with a smile as I approach£d h¡m.
“th£ bags?” h£ added
“why are you all surprised? Can’t I visit? I j√$t came to visit…” I replied.
“great.. well your mum and i were actually talk!ng ab©vt you” h£ said as h£ ₱v||ed a seat by th£
bar. Th£ balcony had a m!ni bar.
I ₱v||ed a chair next to h¡m and sat as I put my bag on th£ floor.
“what were you discuss!ng concern!ng me?” I asked.

“your mum th!nks that maybe we should have a birthday party for you.. its th£ big thirty you know”
I looked at dad and realised my birthday was !n two weeks.

“wow.. I am turn!ng 30…” I mumbled.
“you are our last baby you deserve th£ best.. anyway so th¡s birthday party I !ntend to !nvite all my
friends children, I mean all my a$$ociates will have to s£nd th£ir eligible sons”
“hold up.. why? Are you try!ng to embarra$$ me dad? Its [email protected] enough that at 30 I will be hav!ng a
birthday party 0rg*nised by my parents.. must you also let th£ world know I am s!ngle?”
“we will fund th£ birthday but we won’t be too !nvolved.. I mean I will be j√$t a little.. I want all my
friends to s£nd th£ir sons and daughters of course..”

I was deep !n thought and j√$t imag!n!ng how miserable my life must be that my dad had to
0rg*nise a husband for me.
“do you have anyth!ng to say?” h£ asked.
“Yes.. I want it to be a masquerade party and I want it at Radisson blu h°tel” I said.
“well consider it done” dad said ch£erfvlly.
“If I’m go!ng to be that stupid i might as well enjoy it” I muttered.
“I beg your pardon?”
“noth!ng dad… let me ch£ck on mum” I said while gett!ng up


Th£ weekend was great apparently and I enjoyed th£ late night chats with mum, sleep!ng was
much easier because I was exhausted by th£ time mum left my room that I had no time to th!nk of
Ndaweni. I did not !nform mum and dad of my leave j√$t so th£y wouldn’t make me stay longer, I
actually only told th£m that my holiday was on Monday which was moth£rs day but I would return
to work on Tuesday. For that reason, I had to leave for my apartment Monday even!ng.

I was now count!ng d©wΠ 10 days of not h£ar!ng from Ndaweni and h£ didn’t even feel th£ need to
pick up h¡s car. I had some money saved up somewh£re that I could use to take a short vacation
although I had !nitially kept that money for a short course I !ntended to do !n report writ!ng. I don’t
th!nk anyb©dy would understand th£ pa!n and anxiety a woman goes through wh£n $h£ loses a
man $h£ had grown to like a lot. I was not myself, I couldn’t th!nk straight I was hurt!ng so bad over
a guy I had j√$t known for a few months. Soon we were go!ng to be count!ng d©wΠ to 6 months
but th£ truth is th£ relationship had only survived th£ first three months. Th£ last 3 months were a
struggle, I was dragg!ng for th!ngs to work and I was not ready to let go.
Kh£tiwe burst !nto laughter wh£n I told h£r that I had decided to take a m!ni vacation all by myself.
$h£ had come by !n th£ even!ngs j√$t to ch£ck on me and my state wasn’t impressive.
“my love, that vacation you !ntend to take alone isn’t necessary.. j√$t try to f!nd a new focus or try
and ..”
“you don’t get it do you?” I asked h£r angrily.

Kh£tiwe shook h£r h£ad arrogantly.. “no I don’t, th¡s man isn’t your god. Can you get a hold of
“mama it’s not easy, I gave my time and energy, we’ve always been good togeth£r.. I really like
h¡m a lot and to be honest I can’t h£lp but imag!ne what my life would be like all by myself aga!n” I
“Th£ same way it was before you met h¡m… what’s wrong with you? Are you crazy? You don’t
even know th¡s guy very well. For all you know h£ might even be married or has a fiancée
somewh£re or someth!ng. Th¡s guy might be ly!ng ab©vt h¡s life. Why are you stress!ng yourself
like th¡s?”

“j√$t let me take th¡s vacation Kh£tiwe.. I j√$t want to relax please”
Kh£tiwe wasn’t buy!ng it and $h£ a$$ured me $h£ would m©v£ !n th£ follow!ng day after work.
“I promise I will m©v£ !n with you up until you put yourself togeth£r… I promise immediately after
work I am com!ng h£re tomorrow” $h£ said.

!n my h£art I was hop!ng I don’t make th£ foolish mistake of call!ng Ndaweni before $h£ came and
thank God I didn’t. Kh£tiwe m©v£d !n with me as promised, $h£ only came with h£r cloth£s and
makeup. Time with h£r was fun and I must say I became stronger each day, wh£n $h£ went for
work I spent my time at th£ gym !n th£ morn!ng and I watch£d movies !n th£ afternoon until
even!ng wh£n we usually stepped ©vt.
Time flew by quickly and I must say I eventually made peace with myself, it was exactly 14 days
s!nce I last saw or h£ard from Ndaweni, th£ follow!ng week would be my masquerade party which I
was so excited ab©vt. I had put !n various plans and I had even s£nt ©vt !nvites. That weekend I
gath£red enough courage and with Kh£tiwe’s permission, I drove th£ Mercedes benz [email protected]¢k to its
owner. I don’t know why Ndaweni had decided to keep th£ benz !n my park!ng lot but I drove it
[email protected]¢k to h¡s house. I didn’t expect to f!nd h¡m home that afternoon but to my surprise h£ was home.
Wh£n I ₱v||ed over !n th£ park!ng lot and look!ng very elegant, I saw Ndaweni peep through th£
kitch£n w!ndow and h£ h£aded to th£ door.

“hai..” h£ greeted calmly..
Ndaweni was clad !n denim short and a black vest. h£ had that [email protected] [email protected]¢k look, [email protected] as
always and my h£art skipped a little.
“you are no longer us!ng it?” h£ asked.
A part of me really wanted to ask what h£ took me for or why h£ had been so quiet with©vt an
explanation. I really wanted to know why h£ didn’t ¢ar£ all of a sudden. My h£art was h£avy for a
moment but I ma!nta!ned a steady smile.
“It’s not good to keep valuable property, I don’t want to be !n trouble !n case I get robb£d” I said.
Ndaweni m©v£d closer to me as if try!ng to give me a hug but I gave h¡m my [email protected]¢k. h£ h£ld me
from my [email protected]¡$t and wh¡spered.
“I miss you so much… I’ve j√$t had a lot on m!nd and…”
“No I understand… we all do have such moments.. I am actually rush!ng.. I j√$t thought I drop it off’
I said as I placed th£ key !n h¡s [email protected]
“how are you go!ng home though?” h£ asked.

“oh not to worry I will get a taxi.. take ¢ar£..” I said before hurry!ng off. I didn’t give h¡m th£ chance
to make me change my m!nd.
Luckily a taxi pa$$ed by quickly and I got on one. As th£ taxi drove off I saw Ndaweni stand by th£
gate but I was at peace with how composed I was. I thanked God and h£aded along.


As soon as I got home Ndaweni was call!ng. I knew I was not go!ng to answer th£ phone so I let it
r!ng with©vt a ¢ar£ but it started r!ng!ng aga!n. I got th£ phone and ru$h£d to th£ b£droom wh£re
Kh£tiwe was and I showed h£r that h£ was call!ng. Th£ l!ne cut and h£ started call!ng aga!n for th£
third time.

“Pick up… but let h¡m know you are not available and you will resch£dule”
I sat on th£ b£d next to h£r and took a deep breath before pick!ng up.
“Halo..” I said reluctantly as if I was j√$t woken from my sleep.
“hai… I’ve been call!ng…”
“oh.. ya.. phone was !n th£ b£droom” I replied reluctantly.
“and wh£re were you?” h£ asked.
“!n th£ kitch£n”
“I see… I was actually go!ng to come by today, its funny how you showed up j√$t before I got
ready to come. I wanted us to talk over a dr!nk or someth!ng… you know I’ve been busy and…”

“uhmm not today” I !nterrupted.
“oh you’re busy? what are you up to?” h£ asked !nquisitively.
To th!nk th¡s is th£ guy who had been tripp!ng on me for so long, I couldn’t believe my ears.
“Oh… I have a movie I would like to see… it’s someth!ng I had planned ©vt” I replied.
“Oh really? Great th£n maybe we can see that movie togeth£r” h£ suggested.
“See th£ th!ng is I had already made plans with a friend and you know my friend might not be
comfortable if..”

“Friend won’t be comfortable? Is it a guy? So you’re dat!ng now? j√$t like that?”
I gave a calm giggle. “it’s my girlfriend $h£ is visit!ng and we had some th!ngs planned ©vt so ya..”
I h£ard Ndaweni take a deep sigh and I knew h£ was worried, that excited me a little. h£ offered
aga!n to drop me off but I made sure to state that I had everyth!ng figured ©vt and h£ needed not

“ok.. so maybe we can hang ©vt tomorrow” h£ said.
I didn’t reply rath£r I j√$t waited for h¡m to say bye.
Kh£tiwe looked me !n th£ eyes and said.. “now we have to go and see a movie”
“but why? That was j√$t an excuse… I really didn’t have any movie plans…”
“well now you do.. let me ch£ck what sterk!nekor is show!ng.. we need to see a movie”

As Kh£tiwe got ready I sat by th£ mirror and thought of how much I really missed h¡m, h£ meant
th£ world to me and !n such a short time I was los!ng myself. I thought of how good we had been
togeth£r and how h£ was so wonderful to me. how h£ made me feel like th£ only woman !n th£
universe and now h£ was tripp!ng. Lord knows I missed h¡s klzzes and h¡s wonderful compliments.
I missed how h£ complimented my dress!ng and how h£ loved see!ng me happy. Now h£re I was
₱|@y!ng a fool j√$t to get h¡s attention.
“I know that look” Kh£tiwe said
$h£ had j√$t left th£ shower and $h£ was dry!ng h£rself with a towel.

“Is th¡s worth it?” I asked
[email protected], if you want th£ honest truth no its not. I th!nk h£ is really silly, I don’t th!nk any good
man needs to get to th£ verge of los!ng h¡s woman for h¡m to realise how valuable $h£ is. No that’s
not right !n fact it isn’t necessary to go through that j√$t to get h¡s attention. That’s degrad!ng
oneself. However, if what you want to know is wh£th£r th¡s will do you any good.. th£n yes.. you
might w!n h¡m [email protected]¢k but you will also w!n [email protected]¢k your self-respect. That’s it..”
“so !n short h£ isn’t right for me?” I asked ready to give up.
“we don’t know that yet.. let’s see how far th¡s goes”
I reluctantly got up and h£aded to my wardrobe to look for someth!ng cla$$y that I could wear and
I found a pretty dress, it was little short and flowy but it was my favourite colour p!nk and I could
pair it with my wedges.

“that will be excellent” Kh£tiwe said as $h£ noticed I was exam!n!ng th£ dress.
I quickly changed and retouch£d my makeup, Kh£tiwe took a couple of pics and updated my
whatsapp status constantly.
“after th£ movie we can go and have some c*cktails” I suggested.
‘now you are talk!ng…” Kh£tiwe said
We drove !n Kh£tiwe’s car and made sure we ₱|@yed some nice love jams as we approach£d th£
mall. A number of people had s£nt me messages concern!ng my status which caught attention. As
I ch£cked th£ messages I realised someb©dy had decided to view my status..

Ndaweni. I never
knew h£ could actually do that, as far as I was concerned h£ had no idea how to do that and h£
wasn’t really an !nternet person like h£ often put it. That was far from th£ truth as h£ was often

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