A Guy Named Available

A Guy Named Available Episode 26 – 28


A Guy Named Available Episode 26 – 28

“No this can’t be.. I burst into laughter”
“what? I mean how is that even possible?” Henry giggled.
“so you are Mr Phiri’s daughter? Oh my Lord”
Henry couldn’t believe his eyes but we eventually hugged and got over the shock.

“so we really don’t know each other’s voices.. this is interesting” I said.
Henry gave me a hand as I cut the cake when everyone sung the happy birthday hymn. I heard
Khetiwe whisper in my ear but between the cocktails I had taken and the wonderful music on the
background, something made that message slip away.

“can I have the honours to feed you the cake?” he asked.
“no problem..” I said.
I chewed slowly and hugged him before we shared the cake. It was amazing, everyone was
cheering and for some unknown reason it seemed henry had made my date for the night much to
Khetiwe’s dismay.
“follow me” she said grabbing my hand as we headed to the bathroom.
“what did I do?” I asked wonderingly.
“well good question, are you aware Ndaweni is here?” she asked.
My eyes nearly popped from their sockets.
“what do you mean? Is he really here?” i asked.

“yes and he was there when you cut the cake and hugged the guy you met, he was there when
you giggled through the evening and he was there when the guy gave you a gift”
“oh ya talking of which henry gave me a gift, where is it?” I asked in my drunken
“you don’t get it do you? Now you have just made it seem like you are a cheap woman or a
cheat… whats wrong with you? listen Thandiwe I am only helping you.. I am just helping..”
I was very sad, despite how useless this Ndaweni’s character was I just secretly liked him and I
really wanted to give it another shot.
“don’t even try to act sad.. just compose yourself and clear the mess you have created”
“but I didn’t even do anything that bad” I said.

“you went a little too extra, a lady can’t have a man who isn’t her boyfriend feed her a cake. He
isn’t your boyfriend and besides this was your opportunity to meet an eligible bachelor, I’m sure
that’s how your parents planned it. But there you go entertaining one person and make it seem like
he is your boyfriend. No he isn’t”
I was looking at her quietly as I slowly sobered up and the feeling I was avoiding suddenly started
creeping in.


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please don’t tell me I am 30” I said emotionally.
“You are and it’s not the worst thing that can ever happen to you.. go back there and own it.
Ndaweni isn’t even worth your time and effort anyway”
“ I still want him.. we were trying to make it work”
When we headed back inside I was determined to make the most of the remaining time of my
party. It was great, the time was amazing and Henry and I joked around a lot. I made sure to act
like I did not know Ndaweni was there, I did not at all look for him. As everyone settled having their
food I took a moment to sit alone as Henry was chatting with his workmates.
“So that’s it…” I heard Ndaweni say as he got closer to me from behind.’
I did not turn to look at him but waited for him to sit next to me and I reluctantly said hai.
“I was here all along.. I thought you would lie when I called you”
“why would i?”
“so why wasn’t I invited from the start? It doesn’t seem like this party was planned out yesterday.
Thandiwe what is going on?”
I sighed as I looked Ndaweni in the eyes.


two whole weeks you were quiet. Prior to that, I would be the only one getting in touch
with you. Do you still want to know why I did not invite you to my party?” I asked calmly.
“Work was…”
“Forget about work for a second.. I work in a marketing department. I know what it is like to get
home and only be reminded that next week is my birthday and my parents are planning something
for me… through all that I knew where to find you and I knew I had to call you and just hear from
my man. Ultimately Ndaweni, people make time for what’s important to them” I interrupted.

Ndaweni was quiet and staring at his brandy glass before him.
“I guess I just had a lot to think about and maybe I just needed a little more time. However, I have
wanted to reach out to you and just let you know that I am in this for real. I really meant every word
I said to you and i miss you. We are so perfect together and we are really in love… I miss your
touch in my kitchen, the house misses your presence… let’s have a weekend out and rekindle our
I nearly burst in laughter as he sounded like a broken record. Was I was charmed by those words?
No. it all sounded like one thing only… “I want to sleep with you again and leave you feeling
“I love you” he said.


was quiet for a little while and told him that I needed to conclude my party well before him and I
could have such a conversation.
“ok.. but I really miss you” he said
“By the way, your friend has an interesting sense of style” he said
‘who? you mean Khetiwe?” I asked.
“no your special friend.. the one who fed you your cake”
“oh henry.. he is just my friend” I said.
“yes I can tell.. I know you can do better than that” he said before leaving my presence.
I looked at Henry wonderingly from a distance and tried to pick one wrong thing about him but he
looked amazing. He saw me looking his direction and he winked before he continued chatting with
his friend. Ndaweni was soon chatting with other guys too and he looked handsomely gorgeous I
must say.


After the party, Ndaweni followed me to my car and he asked if we could talk. Khetiwe was already
in the car waiting for me and I could tell she was impatient.
Call me… we will discuss or better still I will see you tomorrow” I said.
“You will come or should I pick you up?” he asked.

“No I will come.. How did you come to my party? Do you know my dad by any chance?” I asked
“No, on the contrary I don’t think he even knows me at all. My friend got an invite, he worked for
your dad some time and I tagged along. Well I had no idea it was your party. I was only here to
meet my friend and well he mentioned there was enough to eat and drink so…”
“I see… well let me go. My friend is waiting”
“Just a minute…” Ndaweni stopped me.
I stopped and looked at Khetiwe for a while but she let me go ahead.
“Please make it quick” I said impatiently
Ndaweni pulled out his house keys and removed one from the bunch which he handed over to me.

“You are free to come anytime, my home is yours. I love you” he said.
I sighed as he put the key in my hand, I wanted to say something but he quickly left before
listening to my response. I stared at the key for a minute before heading to the car. Khetiwe was
very quiet and that made me very uncomfortable. I needed her to at least say something but her
silence left me wondering what exactly was going on through her mind. We drove home with the
same silence until we were in the parking lot. Ndaweni was getting to me, just the mare fact that
he gave me his house key meant a lot to me. This is everything I ever hoped for, a man who treats
me like that. One who makes me feel that special in his life.
“It’s ok for you to feel what you are feeling” Khetiwe said as I unfastened my seatbelt.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“He is doing everything you need him to, he is sorry, he is checking on you, he gave you his house
key, I know exactly how you feel”
I was quiet for a while and stuck in thought. Suddenly the gate slid open and Henry drove in.

“Wait… did you invite this guy over? You are taking this way too…”
“Hold it… that’s what I was trying to tell you at the party but you mind was just focussed on what I
had done wrong. Anyway, henry is my next door neighbour” I said.
“Are you serious?” she asked in shock
“Yes…” I giggled.
“Wow… That actually makes things worse. You were having your neighbour feed you the cake…
that behaviour was totally unacceptable” she said.

“Henry isn’t my type. Yes he is handsome and he is very good looking and all that but he is still not
my type” I replied.
“Well that’s fine.. Let’s go in.. I’m so sleepy. I just want to shower and sleep” Khetiwe said.
I gave her the keys and stayed back in the car for a while. Henry greeted her while she unlocked
the door and when she had walked in he came to my window to greet me.
“I am so glad to have met you at the party..” he said.

“oh.. me too..” I smiled
“You look super exhausted, why don’t you go in and rest” he said.
well I would love to but first let me relax a little and think about turning 30” I giggled.
“well can I keep you company or should I go?” he asked
“no you can stay.. actually hop in.. there are mosquitoes” I said.
Henry came round the car and hopped in.
“I hope I did not put you in trouble with your boyfriend” he said.
“What makes you think he is my boyfriend?” i asked.
“I don’t want to seem inquisitive but he would come to see you a lot … only of late I don’t see him
anymore” he said.

“Oh… So you know his face that well…”
“I’m not inquisitive I just…”
“I didn’t say you are… maybe just a little weird” I giggled.
“You’re crazy. Is it because I’m usually home?” he asked
“Ya…but also because you sing so loudly when you are cleaning your apartment that I wake up
from my sleep”
“oh I’m so sorry… please forgive me” he giggled.

“No need to be..”
Henry and I ended up looking at each other and for a moment I realised I had actually asked this
guy to feed me my birthday cake. I mastered his face a little and I spotted all the attractive features
about, I was immediately reminded that he was just my neighbour and I had crossed the line with
what I did. I didn’t have to be that emotionally vulnerable and unstable all the time. I needed to
learn to put my emotions in the right place.

“Hey.. I need to go now. My boyfriend might actually be calling. My battery is drained. Let me tell
him I’m home” I said.
“ok goodnight” henry said as he opened the door.
I stepped out too and locked the car before rushing into the house. I laughed at myself for telling
such a pathetic lie but I was just avoiding any further mind games.


The day that followed, I was having a mental debate on my bed. I had so many gifts to open that I
had carried in my boot and Khetiwe was excited to see me open them. However, I couldn’t help
but stare at the key by my headboard cupboard. Ndaweni had given me his key and I wouldn’t just
ignore this gesture, he respected me and loved me enough to give me a key to his house. That
meant so much to me, I Can’t begin to explain the love I felt in my heart.
“maybe give it another shot” Khetiwe said as she stared at me.

“you think so?” I asked wonderingly
“Thandiwe, you know that’s exactly what you want to hear.. I can tell you many other things but at
the end of the day your heart beats for Ndaweni. You have taught him a lesson and in all honesty
at this point you can give it another shot. This time however, you need to set standards.. You’ve
taught him that he can’t easily take you for granted. Set your standards as you go. Don’t let him
take you for granted”
I nodded my head and rushed for the shower, I had missed Ndaweni so much. I knew one thing, if
he wanted to make it work then I too was willing. This guy had been so nice to me to just give up
on him like that. He had learnt his lesson and from then onwards I expected him to act right.
I called Ndaweni and explained that I would be visiting. He was so excited and even told me that I
would find something special waiting for me. When I saw Ndaweni my heart skipped and we went
in a very long embrace. I was so emotional and literally wanted to cry but I held back the tears.
“I am so sorry” he whispered.
“Please never do that again” I whispered back
Ndaweni rubbed my back assuring me this wouldn’t repeat itself. We had a meal together before
we lay on the couch watching television and discussing the future. Ndaweni had so many
promises, some which I chose not to remember. Ndaweni excused himself and returned with a
briefcase .

“what’s going on?” I asked
Ndaweni opened his brief case and removed some docvments which he begun to show me. The
docvments included four titles for plots which he had obtained and was yet to start building. I
wondered why he felt the need to show me but nonetheless I loved the gesture. I observed him so
much and I still wanted to know why he suddenly went quiet and then just suddenly returned like
nothing had happened. Remembering all we had been through hurt so bad, however I held on to
that hope and gave him a chance. Ndaweni and I did not do anything together that day.

The days that followed Ndaweni was as usual coming around and this time I set some standards
and priorities. For the one month we got along so well without any intimacy, we hang out a lot and
I was excited to post us on Instagram. We were intimate again and this time he did not act up until
he told me that he was travelling to mansa for a work related issue. He would only be back after
two weeks. I trusted him with my heart and in fact the day before his journey I chose to spend a
night by his house. We had so much fun and I really hoped that’s the memory he would stay with
while in mansa on his work trip. The first day we spoke very well and he told me how he had
travelled but after that the communication was hard.

I would call so many times without a response and other times he would cut my line and a short
test message would follow stating that he was busy and he would get in touch but unfortunately
that never happened. I was getting dead worried and sick in my stomach,. I had enjoyed how
smoothly our relationship went after our reconciliation and as usual I flaunted us all over social
media. My heart ached so bad, where would I start from again to cover up for what he had done?.

I thought he was sorry; I had given him a chance but now this? my heart ached all the more I tried
until I decided not to stress myself. I knew where he lived so I could as well go there unannounced
and settle my confusion. When I got to his house I noticed his maid looked a bit worried as she
told me that he wasn’t around.
“I know I am just here to have a meal before proceeding to work. what have you cooked?’ i asked.

The maid did not respond but I walked in and headed straight to the kitchen. I don’t know what
made me head straight there but I was well on time as I was about to meet Natasha, a 22year old
economics student at the university of Zambia. She was in an apron cooking and even greeted me
asking if I was looking for anybody by any chance.

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