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A Guy Named Available Episode 3 – 4



Episode 3-4

“Lucky how?” I asked
“Because I like you and I want to see you again…” he said.
I nodded my head and brushed the thought. I had met his type before. The type that will say all the
nice things when you meet and then you later realise he was just looking for a good time. I wasn’t
going to be swept by those sweet words. They meant nothing to me.
The food was soon served and we both rinsed our hands before digging into the platter. The food
was great, ribs with fries and some dipping sauce.
“You like?” he asked as I ate.
“Ya… my favourite when I’m here” I said.
“so you come here often” he asked.
“To be perfectly honest yes.. “
Ndaweni was quiet for a little while as he observed me dip my fries in the sauce.
“Thandiwe what’s the truth? I mean tell me honestly.. are you nursing a broken heart? Is your man
cheating? Are you just lonely? Like I’ve been trying to get you.. Ladies don’t just hang out alone
like that” he said.
I smiled as I dipped a chip into the sauce.
“Well I do… I see nothing wrong with that… I don’t blame you… I also thought like you at one point.
But ladies can equally have fun.. enjoy some alone time” I said.

“oh.. really?
“yes really” I replied
Ndaweni nodded his head as we continued eating. The food was so good and we ate to our hearts
content. In my heart, I was thanking him for making my night and I would care less whether he left
without my number after this but he was just not going to do that.
“Dear I wish I could stay longer but I can already feel myself getting sleepy. I’m exhausted” he said
as he wiped his hands.
“No I understand… its only 21.. I will leave at 23” I said.
“Wow… 23? For a lady? Why would you return home at 23 you are a lady” he said.
“you know you need to tone down on some of these misconceptions you have about ladies. I am a
lady quite alright but that doesn’t mean that I can’t have fun” I said.
“so what do you do up to 23hrs?”
“enjoy my cocktails and when I am done I go to sleep.. that’s it” I said.
“I see.. well.. I just feel for a lady….”


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I am not the everyday lady and I am certainly not bothered by how men feel about my
kind of personality. I am not a prostitute. I hang out, eat, have a drink and go to bed. I work a lot
and this is my way of relaxing. I honestly have no interest in books or television. I only watch
television on Sunday after church” I replied.
“oh.. so you are a Christian?” he asked.
I must say I was almost bursting into laughter.
“of course.. what did you think? I am a Christian of course.. I am catholic.. as a matter of fact I am
going to church tomorrow” I said.
“after leaving this place at 23hrs? are you sure you will wake up early enough for church?” he
“yes.. I will.. I always do. I never sleep beyond 6hrs no and if I sleep early I tend to be awake by
4am” I said.
“I see.. you are a light sleeper.. so what service do you go?”
“11hrs… by saint Ignatius” I said
“ok.. I am catholic too and i don’t believe you.. so.. I am hoping to get your number and I will pick
you up for church tomorrow” he said.
“you go to saint Ignatius?’ I asked wonderingly.
“no.. I live in avondale so the nearest is chelstone catholic church or Chainda but seeing that you
are convincing me about this church thing I will drive to your apartment and pick you up” he said.

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It was 9am on the clock and i had just finished with my bath, I quickly changed into a black peplum
dress and wore some light makeup before having a quick meal. I had given my number to
Ndaweni the previous night before he left the club and I was certain he wouldn’t call. Much to my
surprise Ndaweni called me immediately at 23hrs asking if I was leaving the club and I told him I
was just walking to my car. He asked me to call him when I got home but I chose not to. That
Sunday morning he called me to make sure I was awake just past 7am. He was surprised when I
picked the call lively. I was watching television and he asked if I was going to church. When I
agreed he said he would come as promised and he needed my directions.
I had just finished with my breakfast when my phone started buzzing uncontrollably.
‘hai I’m at the gate” he said.
I was thinking to myself as I walked to the gate.. “lord let this guy not be nice to me.. I don’t want to
like him”
Ndaweni had a nice Mercedes.. white in colour and he dressed fine. Nice smart checked shirt with
a black trousers and he had a jacket hanged on his seat.


look great” he complimented.
‘thanks.. you look great too..” I said before realising how awkward it was. We met the previous
night in the club now we were going to church. My life was weird.
I must say walking into church with this handsome gentleman felt great, he wasn’t even my man
but the amount of affection he showed could get any lady envious. I remember us sitting next to
each other and him sharing his bible and also the hymn book. When it was time for offertory he
gave me way to be ahead of him as we joined the queue leading to the altar for offertory, a
complete gentleman he was. He did the same when it was Holy Communion and finally when
leaving the church. I was blown away.

Honestly I was already sold on that.
“So you are really catholic?” he asked teasingly as we fastened our seatbelts.
“Yes why? You thought I was lying? Why would you think that?
Ndaweni chuckled without a response. He drove to MandaHill mall where we had lunch at an
indian restaurant. The food was great but his company even made the afternoon better. It had
been a while since I experienced something like that, it felt good once in while to just feel
appreciated and loved. That’s exactly how Ndaweni made me feel. When the lunch was done i
was thankful in my spirit but knew I would never see him again. See I had been there, that place
where guys take me out and we converse and once they hear about my life and how independent
I was, they just couldn’t handle it and they left. For a moment I felt maybe I should just hide who I
am and pretend to be doing nothing but then again it was confusing, men want an ambitious
woman and men again don’t want a woman who is too independent guess it was confusing to
bridge the gap.
“I really had a great time with you Thandiwe” Ndaweni said as he parked by my gate.
“No I should be thanking you really. Thank you so much… I really appreciate” I said.
Ndaweni looked me straight in the eyes and i giggled.
“What?” He asked.
“No I’m just thinking… I can’t believe we met in the club yesterday and today we went to church
together. It’s just funny” I said.
“Well people meet in different places… it’s very possible to meet like that”
“I guess it is” I replied.

Ndaweni looked like he didn’t want to go, he was comfortably parked and chatting with me.
However, being a lady I didn’t want to seem desperate for his attention.
“Ok dear… let me go.. I want to do a bit of laundry.. I have a very busy day ahead tomorrow.
Maybe I can even a short nap” I said.
“ok sure.. let me hold you back”
Ndaweni and I shook hands and I went into the house as he drove off. My Sunday afternoons
would usually be spent watching t.v and I would take time to prepare myself a good meal but in
this case I had already been taken out for lunch so that was off the list.

Although I was living alone,
I liked to cook my own food and especially try out new recipes. See when you choose the life of a
single lady, its hard not to be idle so every minute and every second counted. I had to do
something meaningful with my life or I would be lonely and agonising. Days were there when
everything was unbearable and those were the days when I would drive to the mall to either watch
a new movie or maybe just indulge in cocktails. There’s always that cell meeting at church where
you would gather to read scripture and to interact, I was never welcome at such places. Not that
anyone would ever chase me but showing up to a place where everyone is dating but you would
be so humiliating. Everyone seated with their partner and sharing the word of God while you are
there trying to fit in. not to forget the constant “oh you came alone” statement which would be so
humiliating. Family gathering are worse. Everyone asking when the beautiful big day is.
That Sunday I changed from my church outfit and quickly washed two branded new dresses that I
had bought the previous day. I lay on my king sized bed with a book in my hand, the book was
supposed to keep me from thinking about unnecessary things. Things that would take me nowhere
but depress me. I was flipping to chapter of my novel when Ndaweni started calling.

“Hai…” I responded.
“hai I’m home..” he said
“oh that’s nice.. guess you will be resting now” I said trying not to sound like I wasn’t into the
“yes but that’s the problem…” he said
“well I don’t feel like taking a nap or resting. I hate being at home won weekens no wonder I usally
step out. Its boring” he said.
“I can imagine.. I know the feeling.. its always boring. Right now I am just reading a novel” I said.
“wHat happened to your laundry?” he asked.

“no I was just washing two specific dresses which I bought. I don’t wear clotes straight form the
“I will be going to watch soccer.. if you don’t mind I can pick you around 16hrs..” he said.
“well im not a soccer fan”
“then we can do something you like” he said.

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