A Guy Named Available

A Guy Named Available Episode 35 -38


A Guy Named Available Episode 35 – 38


It’s not every day that you get to see a lady act so nice, if you ask me I had seen the worst of them
all. Thandiwe was a wonder, everything about her was strange. She was so beautiful and cheerful,
most of the time however she looked stressed. I wondered exactly what was making her that sad
some days. Her relationship was rather strange too, this guy attended her birthday party but she
still happily gave me the honour to feed her the cake. Anyway, I guess you never know with these
ladies. Something impressed me about Thandiwe though, for a girl with such a background she
was well taught. She had some discipline and often went to church, quite rare with many women I
had met in the corporate world.
I enjoyed my dinner; she was a great cook no doubt. As I ate, I imagined the love she had put into
it but constantly had to bump my head reminding myself that she probably did it with the help of
her boyfriend. Thandiwe was a girl who would be so friendly with you but not to be fooled, she
knew exactly where her heart belonged. If you were that foolish to think she was actually being
nice for something more then you would be sorry. I always tried to keep my feelings in check each
time Thandiwe and I had an encounter. She was amazing yes but she was also taken. That went
without saying. If I was younger, I would have probably taken a bait to try my luck but that would
be really foolish.


Ndaweni joined me in the dining room and we had dinner together, my heart was in a confused
place. I still loved him without a doubt but did I really have to forget what Natasha said? How
desperate could a girl be that she would actually tell me that? she was his niece, why would she
dare try to offend me like that?
“Baby you’ve barely touched your food” he said.

I smiled before stuffing some rice in my mouth. Ndaweni seemed to be enjoying the food and I
was relieved. The more he thought I was marriage material the better. At this point I just wanted to
know if this guy was going to marry me, I had well understood by now that no man was perfect but
he did his best to keep me in his life despite his life of chasing the wind. It was frustrating going
through every detail of our relationship that I just decided to ignore for a little longer and just hope
for the best.
“Honey where do you see us heading this year?” I asked.
Ndaweni seemed a little caught off guard but he explained that he was planning on building a
“Ok… I see… I mean us… as you and me” I said.


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am hoping to settle down by the end of this year” he said.
“marriage you mean?” I asked.
“Yes I have been thinking in those lines, I just need to be sure that we can live together, Thandiwe
I love you and I really need a woman by my side who will love and support me. It’s not common
these days to meet a woman who loves you for who you are… I would have married a long time
I nodded my headed and sighed.
“I love you Ndaweni and I don’t know what you want me to do to prove my love for you” I said.


to trust me and shut your ears to the world.. People talk and in fact I never told you this but
part of the reason my immediate ex and I split is because she sought the advice of a prophet who
told her that we are not going anywhere. That I am unserious and I would never take her
anywhere. Its such insecurities of seeking people’s opinions that has led many men to settle with
other wrong women. The good ones have no patience and they are often too insecure. You have
been to my house; you have a key and are free to come any time. Aside that, you also met my
sisters and I hope that you meet my mother too very soon. I really love you honey”
I was quiet the whole time until dinner was done; I washed the plates and joined Ndaweni in the
bedroom. It seemed he was passing the night and well we slept that night in each other’s arms.
Ndaweni assured me the whole night how beautiful I was; how he loved me so much and how I
was the best woman he had ever met. Lastly, he mentioned how he couldn’t wait to spend the rest
of his life with me. I must say I had never felt so secure. That’s all I wanted to hear.



I must mention that there was something really special about Ndaweni, I had never felt that way
for a man. He was so smooth with his words. He knew how to make feel good in every way. I was
madly in love with this guy and waking up next to him made me feel like an angel floating in air. He
was my dream man, ever met one of those men who just do all the right things and make you feel
like the world is yours? I remember kissing Ndaweni and begging time to stop for a minute
because in my head he was the best kisser I had ever met and when I passed the night in his
arms, I felt like I could die in those arms. I did not for a second even care whether I got pregnant or
not. I wouldn’t have imagined a better father for my children than Ndaweni. Many men are good
they are just misunderstood.. Ndaweni just needed a woman who would believe in him and trust

The following morning Ndaweni left early while I prepared to go for work. He didn’t even have his
bath as he had to rush home to pick some files that were needed at the office. I understood, I was
grateful either way that he spent the night with me despite having so much work to do. Only a
caring man would do that. By the time I was ready for work Henry was equally just stepping out.

“Good morning beautiful” he smiled.
wow is that to say I am forgiven” I said as I unlocked my car.
“you are.. please don’t worry about it. It’s in the past now. I am actually over it”
“really?” I asked
“yes.. The food.. The food was really nice. I was thinking.. since you did the dinner allow me return
the favour but my strength is desserts. So maybe I can make some dessert later” he said.

Before I could respond Ndaweni was calling and I just nodded my head.
“Halo honey…” I said
“hai baby.. Im on my way to work now.. I hope you have well rested. I love you so much” he said.
“ I love you too honey.. and take care” I said.
I felt so chaffed, it’s like the real Ndaweni was back and I was not going to nag him, this time I
wasn’t going to be insecure. I was going to stick around and just do what I needed to do as a
supportive girlfriend. After all I knew my place, I was his choice and he wanted us to get married.

Why would I worry about small things that had no value?
Henry and I agreed that we would try and prepare dessert together on Friday after work as I had
many things to catch up on. He initially wanted to do it alone but I begged to keep him company in
the kitchen as I loved to cook. When I drove to work I realised I had just basically asked henry to
cook with me. More or less like a date. That was wrong and I had to cancel immediately. I had it at
the back of my mind that I needed to cancel but it kept slipping my mind, each time I planned
something happened and it slipped my mind. That night as I attempted to call Ndaweni his phone
rang but immediately he cut and sent a text saying he would call me back. It was past 21hrs and I
was wondering what would honestly keep him busy at that time. Ndaweni finally managed to get
in touch at 23hrs and he was so sleepy.
“Honey.. I was working on some work assignment. You know I had so much work and I have been
unable to balance the accounts. I am so sleepy and can you imagine I haven’t even managed to
finish?” he said.
“im sorry honey.. I understand, I would have really loved us to talk anyway.. please rest. I love
“I love you too honey… mum is also unwell and everything. I’m so troubled my love” he said.
“I am here honey.. I will always be here”

The following day I was so busy at work too and my boss was on my case. Ndaweni did call and
sent me messages that I felt better knowing he was fine. His mum was equally doing fine. He
however did mention that he was still very busy and he needed time to finish up the accounts. We
didn’t speak much at night but he popped by my office the following two days with some packed
lunch for me. That was charming and I could see the effort on his end to make it work. He was
really trying.

Friday approached and I only realised I had made plans with Henry when he sent me a text at
lunch time letting me know that he was buying ingredients for our dessert. It was 4pm when I saw
the message but henry did the shopping over lunch as he had a free Friday. It was too late for me
to change my mind and my worry came in. what If Ndaweni showed up and found me cooking with
Henry? To avoid this drama, I called his phone but he did not pick up. I decided to surprise him
home with our favourite cake as a couple.. red velvet. I hoped to just drop it and buy sometime
from him before rushing back to prepare dessert with Henry. Henry already knew I would be late.
The first thing I noticed as I stepped out of the vehicle was that Ndaweni’s vehicle wasn’t home but
I hoped he would be home soon. I knocked and to my surprise Natasha opened the door.
“”wow.. we finally meet again. Isn’t this God so good? I hoped we would meet someday” I said with
a smile
Natasha had a smirk on her face almost as if she thought I was foolish.


“I believe he isn’t here..” I said to Natasha.
“Ndaweni you mean? No he isn’t… if you don’t storm out this time around we can confront him
together” she said. My tummy rumbled
“Are you still keeping up with your lies?” I asked her angrily
I quickly removed my phone to make a call to Ndaweni but Natasha grabbed my phone.
“are you that dumb? If you call Ndaweni he will not come here. Lets just wait for him to arrive..”
she said.

My heart missed several beats, I didn’t want to believe this girl was actually telling the truth from
the beginning but if she was lying then why would she be so confident? A part of me wanted to
escape and maybe just believe the lie or live with the lie somehow because I felt at that point that I
couldn’t take it anymore. There’s no way Ndaweni would have lied to me like that.
“look have you been around all this while? where were you when he has been coming to my home
and he even spent the night?” I asked her.

“talking is a waste of time just come in and let’s wait for him” Natasha said.
I must admit I felt really insulted. Standing there with a 22 year old over the same man. To make
matters worse she was more confident than I would ever be about any man. At that point honestly
I would have rather he came and just say he had decided to pick me despite being with her. The
humiliation was way too much on my part. At 30 my Lord I deserved better.
I stayed by the door step foolishly waiting on a man who had clearly shown me he didn’t respect
me. Natasha was so calm and collected while I, the 30yr old woman was busy trying to fight my
way in Ndaweni’s life. I was so nervous that I imagined everything that he would say to me.
Perhaps deny me or maybe just say I was a desperate woman. How could this girl honestly be so
confident? Was this a dream?
I waited for 30 minutes and Ndaweni was no show. Henry was actually asking if everything was ok
and I thought.. “why waste my time waiting on him when I could be happy elsewhere?”

“He said he was heading home, wonder what’s keeping him long” Natasha said.
By this time Natasha and I were sitting by the balcony. Ndaweni dropped me a text assuring me of
his love and I read the message before showing it to Natasha. The young girl smiled and handed
my phone back to me.

“we will wait for him” she said.
“he said you are his niece from his sisters side.. he lied again” I said.
Natasha didn’t seem much interested in whatever I had to say. She was only anxiously waiting on
Ndaweni and her behaviour made me nervous. Her confidence was out of this world. What if
Ndaweni denied me in front of her? at that pint I was begging Jesus to take my cross.
“you know what dear.. I am done with Ndaweni.. you can have him” I said as I got up.

“not too fast” she said rudely.
“I am equally tired of this cat and mouse play. Don’t say I can have him when you don’t mean it.
You left this place the last time acting like you were done with him but he convinced you all sorts
of lies. I am very positive he will lie to you again and I know you have so much hope in this guy.

Let him come and lets face this once and for all. At least for me” she said.
“you have been with him for five years. You seem to have handled everything.. why the urgency to
prove anything now?” I asked
“I have been and I don’t intend to go anywhere in all honesty. I just want you to know the man you
are dealing with. Ndaweni and I share a bond that can’t easily be broken. Many women come and
go. I am not asking you to go, in fact if we can stay together the better. I just want you to be sure
as obviously your years and mine are quite far apart. You don’t want your time to be wasted” she

As I was listening to her mockery, her phone rang and Ndaweni was calling. She picked up and
put him on loud speaker.
“hai honey..” she said.
“hai my love.. I’m heading home. Do you need me to get you anything?” he asked..
“Yes watermelon honey. I’m craving for watermelon” she said.
“baby.. are you sure nothing is baking in that oven? Why water melon? You’ve been having it for
the past two weeks”
“I don’t know.. But I’m positive nothing is baking ..” she replied flirtatiously
“It wouldn’t be a bad idea though.. it would make our marriage quicker. I love you my queen. I will
be home shortly” he said before hanging up.

“do you have any more questions?” Natasha asked me.
I tried to get up but Natasha stopped me.
“No… its better you face him.. Look Ndaweni will convince you otherwise even after everything you
have heard. I know you will still believe him after this so Please just stay..” she said.
To be honest at this point even jumping the fence felt better than facing the truth.


Ndaweni called me as he drove home and I equally put him on loud speaker. In our conversation
he explained how his mum was still not fine and how stressed he was. He hoped to see me the
following day as he just needed to rest and he loved me very much. I listened attentively all the
while hoping he arrived sooner. I was getting impatient. As he spoke to me tears lingered in my
eyes and I felt like a fool. Here I was with a 22 year old girl who was so confident and I was an
emotional wreck. Something was seriously wrong with me.
“I love you so much” Ndaweni concluded.
Tears ran down my cheeks as Natasha looked on.

“I love you too” I said.
Natasha had a smirk on her face as she watched me shed tears. I was so humiliated, I was the
30year old fool who had splashed Ndaweni all over Instagram. Everyone was just waiting for the
wedding bells, everyone was excited about my newly found love while Ndaweni was the guy that
never even talked about me anywhere on his social media platforms. He not once changed his
relationship status or made anyone believe that he was taken. I was in this confusion while next to
me was a 22year old girl who had nothing much to lose. She still had 8 years before my age to
possibly meet a better man. I felt so stupid. Words cannot describe my humiliation. I had a home,
a car, a career, everything this young girl could only dream of but here we were on a battle field
over one man. Did I deserve this kind of humiliation?
“I’m hoping he has no idea that I am here” I said to Natasha as it became dark. It was almost 7pm
and i sent henry a text (hey, we are still making the dessert. Traffic just got crazy) he quickly
replied (cool)
I looked at Natasha and saw the calmness on her face and I thought of asking her a few

“where did you and Ndaweni meet?” I asked her.
Natasha smiled before rubbing her hands. She was comfortably seated in the door way, her long
perm was in a pony while she clad in a string top and chitenge. I could guess there was only under
wear in her chitenge. She was quite shorter than me but very curvy. Her beautiful light skin tone
made me feel like I didn’t bath, but hey I had a gorgeous brown skin tone too. Natasha was just
one of those people who really needed no beauty enhancers. The girl was beautiful.

“Well, we met at east park mall..” she started.
My heart skipped, I met him at East Park too and I was beginning to think that was his spot to
meet women. I did not tell her though, I kept quiet and waited for her to finish.
“I was with a friend and I was stranded by the toilet. The mall toilets” she said.
“stranded how?” I asked.
“I had no idea my period would start and my friends and I were just planning on a date at hungry
lion. We were young and in 12th grade at Munali girls” she said.
“oh I see. So you were in your uniform?” I asked.

“no.. it wasn’t a school day. It was actually a Saturday, we met just to have lunch and just talk.. we
would usually bank money for such outings. Sometimes we would go out for movies. Usually those
dates were meant to be study sessions but you know how you get excited in high school. We
would leave home saying we were going to study. Well other days we would actually study but
most days we went by the mall to either eat something or watch a movie” she said.
As she explained I imagined every event she was narrating.
“I felt myself getting w€t as we sat to have our meal and I asked one of my friends to escort me to
the bathroom. She gave me her hoodie and I covered my bottom and we headed to the bathroom.

I checked myself and I was a mess. I was in white shorts and just a black string top. I was over
dressed then, we came from simple backgrounds so that for me was stylish. Well we had limited
money on us and I couldn’t afford a packet of sanitary pads. While in the toilets I stuffed tissue so I
could at least survive the walk back home. I stayed in Ng’ombe compound. We usually just walked
back and forth. Even when going to school. Ndaweni found my friend and I planning on what to do
as he was heading to the gents, he stopped to say hallo. He was an adult so I figured he read our
body language and when he returned he offered to take us home. My friend wasn’t for the idea so
he offered money instead. He gave us two fifty kwacha notes and he even gave me his card to call
him and assure him I had arrived home safely. At that time, he was just a kind gentleman who I
had no idea would ever be anything to me. I had no phone so I did not get in touch immediately
but I kept that card safely and just hoped I would one day find a phone to call him. I remember
keeping coins meant for my lunch just to call him on a pay phone” she said
As Natasha narrated all this, my heart felt some pain, if you were in my shoes you would
understand why. Judging from how they met and how long they stayed together, I had a feeling
this girl had a special place in Ndaweni’s heart. I continued listening nonetheless and put up a
brave face.

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