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A Guy Named Available Episode 5 – 7



Episode 5 – 7

I had declined Ndaweni’s suggestion not because I didn’t want but I wasn’t one to take things too
fast. We had just spent some time together and now he wanted to see me again. I didn’t think that
was necessary. Trust me I would do anything to see him again and spend time with him but I was
trying not to get too attached too quickly. It was bound to happen, such things would never be
planned but suddenly you would find yourself drooling over a guy who you hardly even know.

The novel eventually got boring and I turned on the t.v which I had purposely put in my bedroom,
there was no need to have it in the living room when I lived alone. Seeing that my favourite shows
would only be starting in an hour I went to the kitchen and prepared enough corn. I then lay
comfortably on my bed and watched some music while I waited on my shows to start. The rest of
the afternoon had been amazing; I had absolutely nothing to complain about. That’s exactly how
my life was; I was always making the most of each moment and before you knew it life continued
It was evening around 18hrs when I received a call from Ndaweni, he was at my gate and he had
brought me supper. A thought struck me, this guy was probably already into me and he couldn’t
just admit it, however, it had only been hours.

“I will be coming shortly” I responded.
Slowly I walked there only to find him outside with my food for sure. It was pizza and I loved to
have pizza once in a while. He equally got himself one too.
“I just got done with the game and I thought I grab you supper, I hope you don’t mind” he said
I shook my head and smiled “no absolutely not” I said.
I saw the hesitation in his eyes; he didn’t want to leave so I decided to slip into his car so we enjoy
the pizza together.

“I already have mine” he opposed.
“Well I think we can share, we can eat both together. Sometimes the appetite is better when you
share” my paranoid self replied. I was a bit sceptical about this caring
“I will have to agree” he said.
Ndaweni and I got eating and chatting and I must say we were both blessed with the grace to talk.
I never got tired of hearing him share his stories and I shared mine. He often giggled when I made
reference to my family and how they thought I was a stubborn child for choosing to live alone. It’s
rare to have those moments where someone just listens to you, someone other than yourself. I
was used to talking to myself.


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was such a pleasure seeing you again.. I guess we will see each other again next time” he said.
We were both very satisfied with the food and we had actually been talking up to 21hrs. Ndaweni
was great company and trust me you would never get bored.
“Yes sure… see you next time then” I said.
Ndaweni waited for me to walk in before he drove off.


week that followed would be busy but having Ndaweni calling me every day was like heaven
on earth. Ndaweni would call me when I woke up, at lunch while I was at work and even in the
evenings just before I slept. He was always checking on me and if I wanted to talk that much we
would talk for hour’s especially at night. That week cruised like no man’s business and we were
set to see each other again on Friday. The weekend was fun with us chilling at keg every other
night except Sunday when we just went to church and then for a movie after lunch.
The following week was the same, he called every day and I was to see him on Friday. I had been
looking at houses simply because I wanted to move to another place away from the guest wing.

The guest wing was initially supposed to house me temporarily only before I found a permanent
place after the flat I was renting got sold. A workmate had tipped me about leaving her flat for a
much bigger house with her husband and I loved it. The flat was in chudleigh.
I had hired a truck which arrived around 12hrs just after I returned from work, I had told my boss of
this shifting and he gave me the day off. I only had to show up in the morning to attend a meeting.
Ndaweni got the directions to my new apartment and he was there by 14hrs to help me set up my
new home. I had also purchased extra furniture which included a dining suite and a coffee table. I
equally got an extra television which I was going to place in the living room as this flat was now big
enough to accommodate visitors. I wanted my cousins visiting and staying over if they so wished



The house looked pretty good, I was so proud of myself. The art on the wall was my best part. I
had put in so much money to have this art, I was specific like that. Ndaweni had been lifting items
and he eventually lay on my couch to rest as I swept the corridor.
“Hey..” I shook him.
“oh.. sorry.. I fell asleep” he groaned.
“no I understand… you must be tired.. I prepared some food. I would like you to join me by the
dining table I said”
Ndaweni immediately got up and we walked to the dining table where we enjoyed the pasta,
mince, egg salad and some lettuce tossed with cucvmber feta and olives.
“You know I still can’t believe you prepared all this while I slept. I’m such a douche bag… I should
have come to help” he said.
I giggled at that statement because I knew what he really meant was he was ashamed to sleep so
much in my apartment.

Well not to worry.. I am not complaining” I said.
I could tell Ndaweni really enjoyed the food because he constantly looked at me with every bite
almost like saying “girl you can cook” the meal was great. Ndaweni helped do the dishes and pack
up before he left to go and rest.
“You are not stepping into the club today?” I asked as he got into his car.
“No dear, when my evenings are occupied I really have no business being in the club unless of
course I want to get my favourite ribs. But what could be better than the meal you just prepared for
me. A homemade meal is always great”
I Smiled and waved.

“Sleep tight beautiful…” he said.
“Thanks… you sleep well too”
The flat I moved into was part of a block of 2 flats but in total the yard had six flats. The flats were
semi-detached in a way that two flats had their own place while another two flats were at a
distance. Each flat had its own car park and it was big enough to park four cars if you liked. The
back was open for you to start a garden if you were that handy and it was in such a way that you
could have your private space as there was a fence separating each yard but still open one side,
so you had the freedom to get to the back without passing through the house. The back of my flat
already had a well maintained green lawn and some beautiful shrubs and lilies. I was so grateful
because for the life of me, starting landscaping was not my portion. However I was soon to learn
that the owner of the flats actually paid a gardener to do the work. It was part of the rent.
I loved the self-contained bedroom as I was now having my own space, just in case someone
visited I could still have my bathroom to myself.
The following day Ndaweni was working while my weekend was off, he called in the morning to
mention he would pass by when he knocked off and true to his word he was by my house at
“I hope you prepared enough lunch” he announced as he entered the front door.
I had rushed to change into something more appealing when I heard him pull over.

“Yes.. I’m coming just a minute” I shouted from my room.
Ndaweni was in the living room with some supplies. I was wondering what that was all about.
“What is in the bags?” I asked.
“When I looked at your coffee table yesterday I thought something would match.. I have a similar
coffee table and I bought the exact same centre piece” he said.
When I opened the plastic that he handed over to me I immediately fell in love with the vase.
“wow.. I would never have thought of something so nice” I said with a genuine smile as I
unwrapped my present.

“Sorry I pulled a fast one on you” he said
I was so chaffed. How often do you meet a guy so particular” rarely. Very rare in fact and I must
say I was really impressed.
I placed the vase on the tabke and asked him what ese he had bought.
“well these shopping bags.. I decided to get you some food while I bought mine. I actually was
buying some house hold supplies from twin palm mall and I got two of each so I bring for you.
Don’t mind me.. I can be a little extra like that”
“Ndaweni you didn’t have to” I said.
“come on.. I went all the way atleast don’t reject them” he said.
“no of course not..” I replied while getting the bags.
As I carried everything to the kitchen I must say I was in a dilemma. It was enough that the past
two weeks were awesome and I started to like him without a doubt but I had no idea where he
lived or whether he was actually what he said he was. Here I was liking him. was I stupid?
As we sat to have lunch Ndaweni asked if I had any plans of stepping out that evening.
“yes actually.. I really don’t mind…” I replied.

“so where?”
“granddaddys for a change” I replied. You can call me mad but I chose a location near his home
only to see if he would actually take me to his home.
Well guess what? as we drove to granddaddys pub around 17hrs, he actually mentioned he
wanted to just have a change of clothes by his house and he let me see his place. it was nice. A
nice flat and very neat, his maid hadn’t yet left when we got there but she was just about leaving. I
was glad I met her because i would have begun wondering why his house was so nice.

“dear… we can go now” he said.
I nodded my head as I stepped out with some grapes in my palm which I got from his fridge. When
we settled in the car he grabbed some from my palm and we giggled as he drove to where we
would spend our evening.
Ndaweni was such a gentleman, we had a great time and he dropped me back home after our
outing without attempting anything silly. Our conversations were all jokes and laughter as we
discussed everything from family to work and many other things. I really liked him a lot. I was very
appreciative of such a guy who knew the value of true friendship without engaging me in any
uncomfortable topics.

“I hope you had a great time” he said as he pulled over in front of my flat.
“I had more than that… as usual you were great company. Thanks…” I said.
“Ok… I guess tomorrow then at church?” he asked.
“ok.. I will pick you up as usual” he added
I looked at him with a very charming smile, I could tell from his expression that he was loving my
“I know that look on your face” he giggled.
“yes… I am actually sleepy”
For sure, I was normally smiling like a fool when I was sleepy or intoxicated with alcohol.

“Take care” he said.
“I will… thanks for your time again”
I walked into my flat and Ndaweni watched me unlock and he waved. As I entered into my house I
couldn’t help but think of how wonderful these two weeks had been. I had only known Ndaweni for
the shortest period of time ever but we talked about everything. We were always talking and
I changed into my nightie and crawled into bed immediately. I usually waited for Ndaweni to call
and tell me he was home before I could finally sleep. Ndaweni did that and he let me go to bed
quickly as I was sleepy.

“Ok good night…” I mumbled.
Soon my body had slipped into deep sleep and I didn’t realise I had slept with my light on. I hated
to sleep that way as it always gave me a terrible headache. Around 2am I woke up in deep agony
as my head ached terribly, I rolled out of bed and headed to the kitchen to take a glass of water
and for a moment I felt better. I was suddenly also quite hungry and I quickly grabbed some
yoghurt and a spoon before heading to my room reluctantly. Every inch of sleep had escaped my
eyes and I decided to watch the Kardashians from my bed. I noticed my phone had the notification
light coming on and I opened to check. To my surprise my dear Ndaweni was the one who left me
messages. They were actually photos that we had taken together as we were out.
“Wow…” I marvelled as I saw how great I actually looked and of course how good he also looked.
The messages that followed after the pictures were… “You are so beautiful and intelligent. You
lighten up my day… the time I spend with you is always valuable. You are special”
See the cupid’s arrow had struck my direction and I couldn’t help it. My excited self couldn’t help it,
I was already responding with my heart out.

“Thank you so much for your time too… Ndaweni you are a friend every girl needs… I really
appreciate our friendship”
When I sent the message I was shocked to see Ndaweni immediately come online and he replied.
“Hey you… why aren’t you sleeping?”
“I was… I kept my light on it gave me a terrible headache” I replied.
Ndaweni was typing for a while without sending the message and I was wondering what on earth
he was trying to say. For a moment I felt like rebooting my phone thinking the internet network had
jammed but he was actually just typing.
“I hoped I could tell you this when we are together but I am not as courageous as you think.

Today, I looked you in the eyes and still failed to say what I felt. Thandiwe, you are an amazing
woman and honestly I don’t just want to be your friend. Thandiwe I want to be more than that. The
past days I find myself smiling and constantly checking on you… I’m sure I annoy you sometimes
with constant calls and messages but I guess it’s just the fear of what your answer will be”
“Answer to what?” I asked.
“If you would be my girlfriend.. I know its old school… other guys don’t even ask these days, they
just kick it off but I really want to be your boyfriend”
I remember starting to type something and stopping and starting again and stopping. I honestly
wanted to say yes BUT I just wanted to be sure. To be sure that he will forever be like this. That he
would never change.
“Ndaweni… are you sure? We have barely known each other for two weeks” I stated.

“But also the most adventurous, fun filled two weeks. We literally talk all the time. I am not asking
you to marry me… at least not just yet. I am asking you to just be my girlfriend… we can see
where it goes from there” I said.
I didn’t want to annoy him or seem impossible. I liked him and so I guess I could give it a try. I
must admit again that I wanted to just be sure if all this fairytale would come to an end quickly but I
also really liked him to say no. I didn’t know if he would exercise the patience to wait on me.
“listen can we talk about this when we meet?” I asked.
“yes sure.. sleep tight my angel”

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