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A Guy Named Available Episode 8 – 10



Episode 8 – 10

For church that Sunday I dressed modestly, one of those long maxi dresses. It was floral with a lot
of red, brown and black The dress was made of chitenge sewn by my dear friend Tasha, she was
a great designer and she picked the best designs for me. I paired it with red wedges which were
hidden under the dress and I had a red clutch, brown and red beads on my left hand and small red
earrings. The brazillian wig was combed out below my shoulders
“you look gorgeous honey” he said.
I smiled with my teeth I believe looking like that rabbit on a toothpaste advert. He led me to his car
and we settled in.

“I noticed you liked my bible so I also got you one” he said.
“awwww….” I marvelled as I unwrapped the beautiful bible he gave me.
Ndaweni drove to church while holding my right hand with his left, we blushed at each other and I
must say that church service was tense. You know that moment when you are with someone who
has or professed their love for you. Ndaweni was so awesome, he gave me Goosebumps… ok let
me describe Ndaweni.

A breath of fresh air on a hot day, a touch of warmness on a cold day.. make sure you add a cup
of hot chocolate with a lot of milk as you relax on the couch watching your favourite
show. A light in a path that seemed grieved with darkness, a thrill of excitement… Almost like
when you take a sip from your favourite chilled cocktail on a lazy summer afternoon…. with just a
little liquor to tickle your taste buds, a cup of shredded ice by the beach, the cherry on a perfect
sundae and the pop in a Popsicle. Need I say more?
“honey how was church?” he asked as we settled in the car.
I mean church was awesome no doubt but I was constantly aware of this shadow of greatness
next to me. Ndaweni Musa Alinani… those were his three names. You bet he was my prayer point.
That Sunday was unlike any other Sunday, I had said a prayer and my prayer was that God
blesses my knight in shining armour. The only guy who was brave enough to penetrate through
my shielded heart and see the best in me.

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“Can we go for lunch?” he asked as he looked me in the eyes.
“Yes…no problem…”
Ndaweni drove to Taj Pamodzi Hotel. I looked at him wonderingly as he pulled over in the parking
“is this our lunch location?” I asked.
“Yes… this is where I would like us to have our lunch please” he said.
My heart trembled as I slowly walked had in hand with him. Firstly I had never been to Taj
Pamodzi Hotel and secondly hotels had their rules and regulations such that I just didn’t want to
look lost. Don’t worry, I had been to hotels before in the past but every first time always gives you
that uneasiness. Taj wasn’t a new hotel in fact it had been there for years before I was born I
presume… however, the standards were
always upgraded and you couldn’t afford to show up looking like a drunk. It was one of those
modest places.


on lets go” he said
Ndaweni and I walked hand in hand as we headed to the revolving door entrance, there was a
gentleman in a black suit who welcomed us and for a moment I almost had an awkward minute
trying to get myself in but Ndaweni pulled me along.
“Never been here” I said with a gentle smile.
“Oh … it’s beautiful… you will like it” he said.
“I can tell already… my family likes Protea and Radisson blu hotel” I quickly interrupted trying not
to seem unexposed.
“Oh ya?… Those are nice too” he said.
As we walked down what seemed like a foyer, I constantly thought of my panty liner which for
some reason or out of nervousness felt like it had lost position. I was looking for that moment we
would sit and I would ask to use the bathroom.

We finally came to what looked like a lounging area while there was a bar one side. A few people
were having a meal while the open bar had three guys gulping some beer.
“let’s have the meal then we can come and have cocktails if you so wish” he said.
“cool.. Meanwhile I want to use the bathroom” I whispered.
Ndaweni pointed the direction I had to take and he also showed me where I would find him. My
panty liner was indeed almost falling, it had lost its adhesive but luckily my clutch had an extra one
and I quickly changed. Touched my
face a little making sure my brazzilian closure wig sat perfectly on my head and my maxi dress
was worn perfectly.
“ok.. so what should we have?” Ndaweni asked I settled down.
“I will have …” I said as I flipped through the menu.
“Ok I will have quails with mashed potato” I said.
“Great I will have the same” he responded as we handed the menus to the waiter.


drinks?” he asked.
I honestly wanted to ask for a mojito but for the love of God in me I knew I didn’t need alcohol, I
needed to talk to this guy seriously.
“Let me have apple juice…” I said.
“I will equally have the same” he said.
“hey why are you getting everything I am picking?” I giggled.
“because today is special.. its about you”
Dude had to take a chill, I hadn’t even accepted him yet but for all that’s it worth I would like to
mention there was only one answer. Yes!
They say; when you’ve been hurt before in the past you become more critical. You are more alert
and aware of all the significant other does for fear of finding yourself in that place of hurt again.
You never put your best foot forward, which was just me. I was very critical and I appreciated if
someone understood that I just needed time to do things in my time and at a slow pace.

Ndaweni looked me in the eyes a lot that afternoon. I was almost choking on the bird in my mouth.
“You need to eat your food” I suggested as he focussed on me more
He blushed and got to his food quietly, there was an awkward silence between us and i was
craving for an ice breaker. Something to just get this awkward moment away from our table, see I
wasn’t one to know what to say in such moments. I ate to my heart’s content and then took a long
sip from my glass.
“Ok… I’m full” I sighed.
“Too full for desert?” he asked.
“Not if its red velvet with cream cheese frosting” I said shyly.
“I love the sound of that” he smiled
We had our dessert and then finally left the table for the bar counter where we each had three

“ok we can go now..” I said tiredly.
“hold my hand…” he said.
I carefully slipped my left hand into his right and smiled sheepishly. Feeling his hand touch mine
felt like heaven on earth, I was actually more blessed to know that I could experience this for a life
time if it worked out. Well I gave myself a wakeup call and reminded myself it was only date one
and we had more to go.
“it would be great to slip a ring on these fingers” he said.
I gave a gentle smile but in my heart I was calling on Shadrech, Misheck and Abednego to
intercede for me. God knows that would be the best day of my life.
“I expected you to say something over that..” he said.
“no.. I mean.. well.. lord what am I saying?” I giggled.
“don’t worry.. you’ve just had three cocktails such is not a discussion people have after taking
alcohol. Hold me tight honey and watch your step” he said as we walked to the car park.
See I wanted this to last forever, this feeling, this joy, this wonderful experience.
“I really don’t want to go home to be honest” he said as we got to the car.
“It’s just that you look a little drunk” he added.
“Me drunk? You know me… what have three cocktails got on me? its just the shoes.. They are too
high” I said.

“ok how about we get you a change of shoes and then go have some fun?”
“home right.. ok..” I said.
“no but if you want us to go there that’s fine”
“but where am I going to get a change of clothes?’ I asked wonderingly.
“oh that… I know a nice place.. but if you want we can go home”
“no lets go to where you had in mind” I interrupted.
Ndaweni drove to mandahill mall and then walked me into wool worth to pick out anything I
wanted. Now don’t get me wrong I was and will probably always be a mud boutique girl. I mean if
God increases my levels I might consider changing but woolworths? Thats a place I only once got
bras and basically that’s it. Would only show up there if there was a reasonable discount.
“excuse me? I beg your pardon?” I said as I picked out some shorts and checked the price.

“yes honey.. you don’t like them.. we can go elsewhere if you like.. that’s not a problem”
I debated for a minute and thought “even if I choose a cheaper place he will not give me the
difference.. so why not just spend it”
After grabbing a summer short, gladiator sleepers and pink tight fitting top, we were headed to
somewhere fun. Somewhere he told me… “you will love it there”
So what was the catch? Was this man spending so much just to get my attention? Was he really
ok with flashing this amount of money on someone who did not even say yes to him?”
“Ndaweni..” I said as we settled in the car, I looked pretty good in my outfit.
“yes my love…”
“why are you doing all this?” I asked.
Ndaweni giggled. “have I really done anything much.. Anything to suit the lovely lady?”
“well I am just…’
“Thandiwe, a man has to treat a woman like a queen and if he has the money let him spend it on
her. Baby girl let no man take you for granted.. women are jewels that need to be maintained. Now
I’m not saying you should demand for money. I’m saying you demand for what you deserve… and
never settle for what you don’t deserve” he said.

“I’m speechless..” I said.
“never mind me.. I talk a lot but really I don’t mind doing anything for you.. besides I was going to
waste this money on drinks with friends had it been a normal day so why not invest it in your
“you’ve not even heard my answer…” I replied.
“Thandiwe whatever you decide I will respect it. I am a respecter of persons”
“Boyi you are not seen… everyday I’m just seeing tuma Instagram pictures and facebook stories
changing like crazy.. did you rob the bank.. our friends.. please what’s your secret?.. you are
flawless.. you are always looking beautiful”
I shyly looked at Nomsa as I held my shopping bags, we met on the top car park at mandahill and
I was driving a Mercedes from Ndaweni’s collection of cars. Let me describe how I looked a little…

I had long brazillian going all the way upto my waist, it was a 360 closure hence I tied it in a pony,
my face was well beat by the best makeup artist in town and I wore one of those original Gucci
sunglasses that Ndaweni bought in Dubai. He went for a business meeting and he bought me so
many things. The jumpsuit I wore was made of denim and fit perfectly on my active body which
went through a series of workouts, original baby pink fenty slippers and a baby pink Versace
handbag which I accessorised with a pink pompom. I must say I looked amazing. You can call it
slaying if you may. On my right hand was the shopping bags of clothes from Woolworth, it was
now my favourite spot.
“no.. not that Nomsa..” I giggled.
I could have almost bypassed you.. I didn’t recognise you.. njebele our friends things are
happening” she said.

I giggled at the sound of that because I knew Nomsa. Nomsa was one of those friends who liked
to be ahead and just show off for no apparent reason. Perhaps she thought I would never make it
in life. For instance when she got her first vitz we did not drink water. I personally couldn’t afford a
car at that time and I was still living with my parents and dad dropped me at work every morning.
In her words she said.. “its not advisable for a lady to still be driven to work by her dad at 24, that’s
the age when people mature and can afford their own lives” I remember that day being very
depressed and telling dad to loan me money to get a car as I knew he could well afford. However,
dad promised he would freely get me one when I finished my final level of the chartered institute of
marketing but not a chance. I was already satisfied with my level and I didn’t want to risk a bad
grade again. I had failed it twice already.

“my love you’ve been quiet.. I was going to update you on everything” I said as I pressed unlock
on the Mercedes. I could tell Nomsa was now driving the latest corolla.
See although we grew up in the same neighbourhood and even attended the same school, Nomsa
was never that person you would call a sister. She was always liked by the richest kids in school
and I was more like the sheepish girl who hardly got any attention. I was better than her in school
though but she was more ambitious. When I could have aced accounting, I chose marketing
because I was now ready to face my fears. That was only after going to Ibenga Girls boarding
school in secondary. I was pushed further into being out spoken as you couldn’t afford to be an
introvert or the older pupils would take advantage of you. Despite being an introvert in primary
school I secretly admired Beyonce and I often practiced her dance moves in my room, because of
that ibenga girls became my place to show case my dancing skills where no one really knew who I
was. That timid girl went to sleep the moment I stepped into the grounds of ibenga, I was excited
to introduce myself to my dorm-mates and I was even quick to adjust as I was always trained to
take up after myself at home. I was the only girl. Nomsa went to Roma girls and completed her
secondary there, we hardly got in touch especially because I was looking for that opportunity to
stop being intimidated by her. Well after school we were together again and she progressed to
university of Zambia while I went to ZCAS to study marketing. I must say days were there where I
just felt like she was better than me just because she went to the university despite having better
grades than her.
Nomsa quietly looked at me and I’m guessing she realised she was never a friend so she had no
reason to call me out on not being a good friend.
“ok.. have my number and make sure you call me.. we can keep in touch and maybe hang out
later” she said.
I quickly typed her number and as if not trusting me she asked me to beep her phone.

“ok I got it.. I will call you” she said.
“not a problem dear..” I said as I loaded my things in the boot.
Nomsa hurried away and I stood for a second wondering if I could actually tell Nomsa why my life
had drastically changed. No.. bae is bae.. you don’t discuss bae. For that reason I vowed not to let
any person know about my boyfriend.
My phone immediately rang as I got to the drivers seat and i picked up.
“honey can you hurry.. we can’t be late” Ndaweni said.

“my love I’m coming.. I’m done I will just be changing into my dress from home and heading that
side.. I’m at mandahill now.. just got my face done and managed to buy my dress” I said.
“I’m heading to your place soon let me find you ready” he said.
I could hear the anxiety in his voice as he rushed me. It was the end of year party at his work
place and the party was held at Radisson hotel. He had a strong feeling he had an award to get
and I just had to be his company.

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