A Little Too Late

A Little too Late – episode 2

A Little Too Late (episode 2)

The worst thing you can do to a promising potential relationsh¡p, is to build it on a foundation of lies. Not all truths are pleasant to the ears but it’s better to come clean with the truth than stand boldly on lies. Nathan’s revelation of being a struggling driver at that stage in his life wasn’t an easy thing to reveal to a lady he was attracted to. Deep down in his heart, he had already accepted his fate that Maria would lose interest in him and turn down any further advances he would make towards her. For the first time in a long while, Nathan felt broken!

“How long have you been a driver?” Maria politely asked, “Not too long ago, I also have other things I do just to make ends meet but that doesn’t mean I have ever taken my eyes off where I know is right for me” Nathan replied. Maria looked at him and asked “Where exactly is right for you?”, “Becoming successful someday” he confidently replied.

Nathan’s positive confession and outlook towards life despite his current state was worth admiring. Maria respected him for being hopeful and not giving up on his vision and dreams. “I commend your positive attitude, keep it up and I wish you all the best” she said, “Thank you! I’m happy you weren’t too judgmental and in a hurry to ridicule me; your type is rare” Nathan complimented and Maria smiled. “Why would you ever think that you should be subject to ridicule just because you’re a driver?” Maria questioned, “Well, maybe because a lot of girls would probably look down on me the very moment I reveal my occupation to them” Nathan responded.

Those words were touching, as Maria could feel how much pain and rejection Nathan was suffering from. She looked into his eyes, gave a faint smile and said “Don’t blame or be too hærd on yourself for things you can’t control; especially if you put in your best to ensure that things happen differently than they presently are. You are doing the best you can and would eventually make it to the top, so far as you remain focused and never settle for less”.

Oh my! You need to feel how much impact Maria’s words had on Nathan. It felt like his mind was re-birthed and his drive for success was re-energized. There was no doubt that Maria was the lady he wanted to call his own. She was the perfect example of beauty, brains and strong. Nathan wanted her dearly, but had to take things extremely slow because he had no clue if she liked him back or saw him as a mere friend to lend a helping hand to.

“Thank you so much for your kind words, I honestly appreciate. You might not know but you just touched a life” He said. Maria thanked him for giving a listening ear and finally got up to leave. Nathan’s heart skipped several beats as she stood up because he couldn’t imagine his life again without Maria’s friendsh¡p and constant uplifting words. He didn’t want to lose her so he had to act fast, “Before you leave, can you please give me your number? I really need people like you in my life, can you be my friend? Nathan said, looking into her eyes.

At first, Maria wanted to turn his friendsh¡p proposal down but quickly changed her mind when she remembered the conversation they had earlier about rejection. “I actually want people like you around as friends because you’re hærdworking and that can have a positive influence on me” she said.

After all said and done, they exchanged numbers and finally bid each other goodbye. All through the remaining hours of that day, Nathan couldn’t stop thinking about his encounter with Maria. It was evident that she had influenced him positively and it felt good.

On the other hand, Maria acknowledged her friendsh¡p with Nathan, but that didn’t mean there were any strings attached. She liked him as a person and did enjoyed his company, that’s all.

Unknowingly to her, Nathan was already in love but was hiding under the shadow of friendsh¡p. He was scared of letting his feelings out because he didn’t want to ruin their friendsh¡p. Nathan never disclosed how he felt to her, as he felt his feelings were better left unexpressed.

Life continued and they resumed their daily struggle for daily bread, but the difference this time was that Nathan doubled his efforts towards attaining success and started leaving no stone unturned; in the bid to break free from poverty. He always confided in Maria regarding anything he needed help with, and she never hesitated in being there for him.

Their friendsh¡p waxed stronger and got to an extent where they barely did anything without first sharing with each other. Maria was Nathan’s safety blanket and his confidant. They became extremely fond of each other.

Things were getting a bit better in Nathan’s life and the results started showing little by little. He took up a new career path and did everything he could to perfect himself in it. Whenever Nathan wasn’t working, he would occupy himself with educating materials that pertained to the new career path he was taking. He was a bit closer to his big break and could feel it.

In the midst of everything that happened in Nathan’s life and that of Maria’s, they still couldn’t deny the fact that they had grown so fond of each other. Nathan still wasn’t sure if she truly liked him but was bound on taking that big step of confessing his feelings for her.

One evening, they had a meet up at a cozy restaurant because they hadn’t seen each other in a while. Maria was happy to see Nathan and they smiled at the sight of each other. “Hey Mimi, how have you been?” He asked, “I’ve been good dear, how about you?” She replied and Nathan said “Great!”.

One look at Nathan and Maria could tell that he was greatly improving. “Someone is looking good” she complimented and Nathan smiled, “Thanks alot, please seat” he said and removed the chair for her to sit down.

They got talking and tried to catch up in everything they had missed out in each other’s life. They ordered food and ate with so much joy. Nathan was getting the signal that it was the perfect moment to pour his heart out to Maria.

After they were done eating, Nathan leaned back on his chair and stared at her as she talked. He was smitten by her gesticulations and the way she demonstrated everything she said. He was truly in love!

When Maria was done talking, Nathan took a deep breath and said “You are beautiful and I’m so happy you are here with me. However, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t in love with you. Maria, you are a priceless jewel and someone I would love to have in my life as a partner. I love you and want you in my life, would you please let me into your heart?”.

His heartfelt relationsh¡p proposal was unexpected. Maria was a bit surprised and didn’t believe their little meet up would turn out this way. She kept staring at him and didn’t know what to say. “Would you let me into your heart?” Nathan repeated, looking right into her eyes.

Maria looked into his eyes and said “I’m so sorry, I can’t let you in!”

End of episode 2

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