A Little Too Late

A little too late – episode 4

A Little Too Late (episode 4)

There’s no better feeling in life than being in a relationsh¡p with an honest person who loves you more than any temporary comfort of lies. Most people admire the container in which something is packaged, more than the content. Not all the beautiful things of life comes in a flashy way. Some have less attractive outlook but have the ability to blow your mind if you can just be patient enough to look beyond the outward appearance.

Maria was in for a shocker and an inevitable drastic end with Josh. It’s so sad that she let her hunger for the beautiful comforts of life, blind her from sensing the danger ahead of her.
If only she was patient enough to give Nathan a chance, if only she knew that things were about to change for good in Nathan’s life, if only she knew that his love for her was genuine and pure; a love far better than what any man could have given her. Maria allowed the consciousness for comfort to steal what was supposed to be a lifetime happy ending with a man that would have adored her for life. So sad!

On hearing that Josh was a doctor, Maria smiled warmly and blinked her eyes in excitement. “I would never have thought that someone as fashionable as you are, is a doctor” she said and Josh blushed. “I guess I would take that as a compliment, thanks all the same” he said and they both laughed.

The party got more exciting as everyone was called up to the dance floor to showcase their dancing skills. Maria had the fun of her life as she happily danced with most of her friends. The party lasted for a little longer till it finally came to an end.

Everyone took turns to give Maria the gifts they came along with, and those who didn’t come with gifts gave cash(money). Maria received lots of gifts that day and was expecting to get something from Josh too.

While the gift presentation was going on, Josh walked up to her and informed her that he was about to leave. “I just got an urgent call now from the hospital so I have to leave” he said, “Oh really, ok no problem” Maria responded. Josh figured that she was expecting at least cash gift from him so he had to come up with a fast lie to cover up his inadequacy. “So sorry for not presenting a gift to you, I forgot my wallet and credit card at home if not, I would have done something” he sadly said, “Oh no it’s fine, I wasn’t even expecting anything from you” she lied.

They both exchanged numbers and bid each other ‘Goodbye’. Josh walked to where he parked the car he came with, entered and drove off. While he was gone, Maria kept blushing and thanked her friend over again for introducing Josh to her. “Where has this guy been all my life that I’m just seeing him now?” Maria excitedly asked her friend, “I just met him a while ago at a friend’s party. When I told him I was coming here today, he told me he was bored and requested to follow me to your party” Her friend said. They gist as they packed the refreshment remnants from the party.

All through the remaining hours of that day, Maria had a big smile on her face. She felt God had answered her prayers and have given her the man of her dreams. Maria was caught up in the moment that she even forgot to call Nathan to enquired if he got home safe and also thank him for the beautiful gift he gave to her.

At around passed 9pm, Maria’s phone rang and she checked to see who was calling and it was Nathan. Tired, she sighed and silenced the call. Nathan called the second time and she managed to pick this time around. “Hi dear” she greeted, “Hello Mimi, how are you doing?” Nathan asked, “I’m fine” she replied. “I just wanted to check up on you and also enquire if the party was a success” He said and Maria told him everything went well. She thanked him for calling and they said goodnight to each other.

Nathan’s call wasn’t the ideal call Maria was expecting. She was expecting Josh’s call and not Nathan’s. All through that night, she anticipated Josh’s call but non was forth coming so she sadly retired to bed.

The next day was a good one for Nathan because he was called for a presentation at the government house. The presentation didn’t actually mean his troubles were over neither did it mean his project was approved, but it was indeed a positive sign that things were heading towards the right direction.

Nathan prepared himself and was at the government house two hours before his appointment time. The presentation time finally came and Nathan gave it his best shot as though his life depended on it. Those who were present tackled him with difficult questions and scenarios regarding the effectiveness of his project but Nathan answered brilliantly and gave them a run for their money.

The panel received his proposal for further review and gave him an appointment for another presentation. Nathan thanked them and left the government house feeling like his victory was close.

While Nathan was working towards his big break, Maria was love struck and all over the idea of Josh and her being in a relationsh¡p sooner. Josh called her that morning and they arranged to meet at a nice restaurant later in the evening. Initially, Maria wondered why he didn’t request to come and pick her up from her house. She let it slide and pretended as though it didn’t bother her.

The time scheduled for the date came and they both dressed to kill. Josh was happy to see her and didn’t hesitate to remove the chair for her to sit. “You look gorgeous” he complimented and she blushed, “Thank you” she replied.

They got talking before the waiter came to take their orders. In no time, food was served and they ate happily. Maria couldn’t help but admire Josh and how body built he was. “How can a doctor be this hot?” She thought to herself as they ate.

After about an hour later, they finished eating and the waiter came with the bill. Josh’s heart skipped several beats when he saw the amount on the receipt. He gave his credit card to the waiter and it was returned after a while by the waiter, saying the card declined payment.

Josh brought another card from his wallet and they tried again but it still declined. Maria was getting a bit uncomfortable so she decided to give her own card for trials to see if the fault was from the restaurant, but the transaction went through.

Maria almost died deep down because her money had been used to pay for their meal. She tried to act matured and pretended as though all was cool. “Thanks for footing the bill, I’ll reimburse you the money” Josh said and Maria smiled faintly.

As they talked further, she was lost in thoughts trying to figure out what was going on. “He’s a doctor, he can’t be struggling” she consoled herself within. Josh figured Maria might be sensing that things weren’t adding up with him, so he decided to act fast.

After their date, he took her in his car to where he stayed; just so he can show off. “Where are we going to?” Maria curiously asked as they drove off from the restaurant, “To my house, so you can know where I live” Josh replied.

Maria was a bit excited to see where he lived. They arrived at the mansion that supposedly belonged to his friend that stays abroad.

One look at the house and Maria was blown away. ” Oh my! Is this your house?” She surprisingly asked and Josh said “Yes of course!”

End of episode 4 😉

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