A Little Too Late

A little too late – episode 5

A Little Too Late (episode 5)

A wise person once said, there’s no better satisfaction than being financially secured on your own without depending on anyone; with that way, you’ll hærdly get excited about material things or anything in general anyone offers you in the bid to get you into their lives. When you’re contented or successful on your own, your mind would be clear enough to make sound decisions when faced with important issues of life, without compromising.

It was apparent that Maria was blinded by the flashy deceptive lifestyle of Josh, which made her unable to see the red flags on the wall. She was so money conscious and it made her give flimsy excuses for Josh’s inadequacies. Maria was headed towards a dead end!

On seeing Josh’s supposed mansion, Maria’s joy knew no bound and her mouth was wide opened in awe. “Is this your house? It’s so beautiful and huge” she complimented, “Well this is one of my houses, I have another one in my hometown” Josh lied, “Come in!” He added.

As they walked in,side, Maria already started to picture herself as the madam of the house when she finally gets married to Josh. Deep down in her heart, she was overjoyed because she felt she had hit the jack pot. “What a house! Josh is just too good to be true, thank you Lord” she silently said to herself.

They settled down in,side the house and Josh went to the fridge to get some refreshments. He served Maria some juice and ch¡ps and she gladly accepted them. They talked and laughed about random things till it was time for Maria to leave.

Josh didn’t want her to go so he begged her to spend the night. “This house is always lonely, I would appreciate it if you stayed the night” he said and Maria smiled. In her mind, she felt Josh had already started seeing her as the first lady of the house, hence the invitation to sleep over. Her head swelled and she smiled warmly, “I don’t think spending the night would be a good idea, we just met not long ago so I feel this is too soon” she said in pretence, just so she doesn’t look too easy and cheap.

Her reason for wanting to decline his invitation was good, but Josh already sensed it wasn’t from her heart so he tried to play with her emotions. “I honestly understand if you don’t want to stay, but I would really love it if you stayed” he said and Maria suddenly became weak. She remained mute for a little while and finally agreed to spend the night over.

The atmosphere was filled with excitement as Josh couldn’t hold back his emotions. “Thank you!” He happily said, “now what do you want us to do before bed time? Watch a movie?” He asked and Maria said “Sure”.

Josh turned on the television and they both watched a movie that was ongoing. They argued and talked about the movie till they both started feeling sleepy. Maria requested to take a shower and was directed to the bathroom by Josh. He gave her his clothes to wear afterwards before he went in to take his own bath too.

While Josh was bathing, Maria couldn’t help the big smile on her face as she thought of how comfortable life with Josh seemed. She blushed at the reminder that he was a doctor too. “What a full package” she thought to herself as she laid on the bed.

In no time, Josh was done bathing and joined Maria in the bedroom. He tried to play the gentleman game by asking Maria if she was comfortable having him in the same bedroom, or she preferred him to stay in another room. “Oh no it’s fine, stay here with me because I’ll be kinda scared if you leave” she said. Josh smiled and joined her on the bed.

The atmosphere was a bit awkward and tensed as they both laid there without knowing what next to do. They were too tired to start any conversation so they just stared into each other’s eyes. Maria’s heart skipped several beats as she gazed into Josh’s eyes. She felt secured and protected just by being there with him. I guess the security she felt was that of financial security and the protection she felt was for the fact that she thought Josh was a doctor. What a big lie she was wallowing in!

Unfortunately, Josh cared less about the future because if he did care, he wouldn’t build the present on a foundation of lies. He just wanted to live in the moment and also enjoy the best he could from his relationsh¡p with Maria.

He initially tried to k-ss her but she shifted her face, in a bid to prevent him. Maria was shy and didn’t want to come off as loose or easy. Josh made advances towards her again and this time around, she gave in.

They k-ssed passionately for a while and finally started car-ssing each other. Josh was a bad guy and a chronic player for fact. He knew how to handle any woman and make her beg for more. Maria was an easy prey for him as he could already tell she was into him.

Everything happened so fast that night and Josh ended up making love to Maria. They cuddled up and slept off afterwards. While Maria laid on his arms, one thing was clear and it was the fact that Josh took something from her and didn’t give back. He made the wh0le love making all about himself without considering Maria’s satisfaction or feelings too.

Maria felt empty while Josh felt satisfied and filled up. She tried to console herself with the thought that doctors are always giving life to people, so maybe it wouldn’t be bad if they received more than their partners in love making. That night wasn’t the best of nights for Maria, but she just had to let it go and force herself to sleep.

The next day, Maria had a make-up appointment with a client so she had to leave earlier. She figured Josh wasn’t dressing up to leave for work too, so she felt he was in the afternoon or night shift.

As she was about leaving, she felt Josh would drop her off but that was not the case. “Baby, I would have dropped you off but I don’t think I have fuel in my car” he explained, “It’s all good, you don’t have to bother, I’ll order an Uber” she said.

The Uber arrived in no time and Maria boarded to leave. “I’ll call you later in the day, driver please drive safely” Josh said and bid Maria goodbye.

While on her way home, she kept thinking of why Josh didn’t even suggest to pay for her fare home. “Nawa oh! This guy might just be stingy though, why hasn’t he done anything nice for me since we met?” Maria wondered, “Anyway, he’s rich and might just be testing me” she thought, just so she could console herself. In no time, she arrived home, quickly prepared and headed out for work.

While all this was going on, Nathan was busy preparing for his next presentation at the government house. He researched and studied 3 times h-rder than before. This was his final chance to sell his idea, so he wasn’t joking around with his preparation.

The scheduled day for his last appointment came and Nathan first began the day with his knees on the ground. He prayed to God and asked God to take the wheel. Nathan poured his heart out in prayer and told God to remember him for good that day.

After praying, he proceeded to put on his only suit he spent hours ironing. In no time, he was done dressing. He packed his presentation materials and headed to the government house.

Nathan arrived four hours earlier before the appointed time and was seated at the reception. The time finally came and Nathan went into the conference room like a man with one life remaining. He did the final presentation and was made to wait at the reception while the panel made their final decision.

While Nathan waited, his hands kept shaking as he prayed silently. His heart was hanging and didn’t want to come down. Nathan was anxious, tensed and nervous of what the outcome would be. He prayed over again and handed everything in God’s hands.

After about an hour, a lady walked up to Nathan and beckoned on him to follow her. He followed her back to the conference room and the panel told him to sit down. “We have taken a final look at your proposal and it doesn’t look 100 percent convincing, but however, we have decided to give you a chance to prove to us all you have said so far. I thereby, approve the funds for this project to be started with immediate effect. Congratulations Nathan!” One of the panelist said.

Nathan almost dropped dead and scre-med “What!”

End of episode 5 😉

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