A Little Too Late

A little too late – episode 7

A Little Too Late (episode 7)

There’s a popular saying that when life gives you lemons, make lemonades off them. Instead of wallowing in self pity and rejection; Nathan channelled the pain he was feeling due to all the constant setbacks in his life, into something productive and it resulted to a great outcome. No one has the power to shatter your dreams unless you give it to them. It’s apparent Nathan never gave anyone that power, despite his unpleasant life situations.

The sight of Nathan in a cute sophisticated car, almost gave Maria a heart attack. She wouldn’t have believed in a thousand years that Nathan was going to be that successful, although she knew he was hærdworking. Thank goodness man isn’t God!

In Maria’s mind, she felt that the farthest Nathan might ever get to would be to earn a few bucks ever now and then and probably get a nicer apartment. Never in her dreams did she picture his future shinning so bright like that of the man she was staring at. She was shocked beyond words could say.

“Nathan is this truly you?” Maria shockingly repeated, “Yes it’s me ma’am, where are you going to?” Nathan enquired, “I’m going home but can’t find any taxi heading towards my direction” she responded. Nathan paused for a while and said “I have an urgent meeting that I need to get to in a few minute, but I’ll call someone to pick you up now”.

As Nathan spoke, he brought out his phone and dialed a number immediately. Maria was still standing so she used that opportunity to observe his car and the suit he was wearing. “Oh God, is this truly Nathan? This dude is very fine oh, see freshness” she thought to herself.

While Maria was lost in thoughts, she was brought back to life by what Nathan was saying on phone with the person he was talking to. “Bring a car from the house to heavens junction and pick up a friend of mine who would be waiting for you. Take her to wherever she wants to go to and make sure she’s safe. Come immediately!” He said and ended the call.

The revelation of Nathan, having more than one car was too much shock for Maria to handle. At that moment, she started thinking about her life and didn’t know what to say or do. “Just wait for a little while, someone is coming to pick you up. I have sent your number to him so he can call you once he gets here” Nathan said. “Thank you very much” she managed to say before Nathan drove off.

Immediately he left, Maria held her stomach and her chest afterwards due to shock. She felt so ashamed that Nathan treated her nicely after everything she did to him in the past. Tears almost dropped from her eyes but she tried her possible best to hold herself. In no time, the car arrived and they drove off.

While Maria was seated in the car, she couldn’t help but admire the beautiful interior and sweet scent of the car. She was curious to know if Nathan was now married so she asked the driver. “Hello sir, I don’t mean to be too inquisitive but is my friend now married?” She enquired. The driver chuckled and said “No, he isn’t”. Maria sighed in relief and smiled faintly.

They arrived at her destination and she thanked the driver for being too kind and coming in such a short notice. She entered her house and fell on the bed. Maria thought of all that had happened and pinched herself occasionally to know if it was all a dream, but it sadly wasn’t.

As Maria was lost in deep thoughts, Josh called and she smiled for the first time since after her meeting with Nathan. “Hi baby” she greeted, “Hey darling, how are you?” Josh enquired, “I’m fine baby” she replied. “I miss you and want to see you, can I come over?” She added and Josh was mute.

The sudden silence that followed was a bit confusing to Maria, as she didn’t understand why Josh hadn’t responded to her request to come over. What Maria didn’t know was that the main owner of the house was back from abroad so Josh was more like a squatter now.

The deceiving game was over and their relationsh¡p was headed to an end. Josh wanted to silently discard Maria and move on to his next target but it was sad that Maria was so in love with him and actually pictured her forever with him.

“You are not saying anything, why?” She enquired, “Nothing babe, I was just lost for a second” he replied. Maria didn’t want to leave the topic they were on so she repeated herself, “I said I miss you and want to come over” she said. Josh needed to cover the truth so he had to act fast. “This week is a very busy one for me at work, so I can’t promise to see you anytime soon” he said. Maria felt a bit disappointed and heartbroken because she really needed to be around Josh, in order to wipe Nathan off her mind. “It’s ok, I understand” she sadly said and ended the call.

That day wasn’t a pleasant one for Maria because different emotions were springing up at the same time. Those emotions were a combination of regret, fear, and rage. She felt regret because of Nathan, fear because of what her fate with Josh would be and rage because she felt Josh was avoiding her.

In all her thoughts that night as regarding Nathan, Maria felt relieved because of one thing and it’s because she felt Josh was a doctor and had a big mansion. With that in mind, she didn’t feel like she had lost everything entirely. Maria remembered that she hadn’t thanked Nathan for the ride he gave to her earlier that day, so she called him. “Hello Nathan, how was your day?” She greeted, “Very hectic but good, did you get home safe” he asked and she said “Yes”.

Nathan was a gentleman indeed and Maria couldn’t help but admire that aspect of him. “I just wanted to thank you for today, I really appreciate” she said, “it’s nothing dear, I’m here if you need anything” Nathan said. They bid each other goodbye and ended the call. Maria did the needful and forced herself to sleep.

While Nathan was living his best life, Maria was busy suspecting Josh for cheating on her. It’s been over two weeks since Josh had been stopping her from coming over to his house. Maria started suspecting that something was wrong, “he’s probably cheating on me” she thought.

The unexpected happened one morning when Maria went to Josh ‘supposed’ house without informing him. The gateman knew her so he didn’t bother alerting Josh that someone wanted to see him.

As Maria stepped into the compound, she could see some changes and the first were the cars parked outside. “Did my baby buy another car? Please I pray they are his so he can dash me one” she said to herself.

Maria walked towards the main door and knocked because the door was locked. After three knocks, a cute guy opened the door with a glass of wine in his hand. “Who are you?” He politely asked, “I’m looking for the owner of this house” she confidential said.

The guy was confused for a moment and said “But this is my house, so who are you talking about?”. “Maybe you are mistaken, Ok I’m looking for the doctor that owns this house, his name is Josh” she confusingly said and the guy laughed, “I know a Josh and the one I know isn’t a doctor neither does he own this house, so maybe you are the one who’s mistaken. This is my house and I would appreciate it if you leave” He said

At that point, Maria was more confused and lost. Before she could utter another word, Josh came through the door and almost dropped dead when he saw her.

Maria looked at him with tears in her eyes and said “What’s going on?”

End of episode 7 😉

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