A Little Too Late

A little too late – episode 9

A Little Too Late (episode 9)
Second-to-last episode

There’s nothing more shameful than trying to get back with someone you turned down when the going was tough, only because life smiled at the person later. A gold-digger title isn’t the best of titles so I believe no one ever wants to be perceived or referred to as such, but in a case where a person actually befits the name, then your naming ceremony is inevitable.

It was evident that Maria lacked contentment and had done alot of things that unfortunately portrayed her as a gold-digger. For her to show up at Nathan’s house unannounced was a clear sign of a lady that had little self worth and dignity.

At the mention of Maria’s name by the gateman, Nathan was shocked beyond words because he didn’t see that coming at all. “Did you ask her reason for visiting?” He enquired, “I did sir but she said it’s personal” the gateman said. Nathan was mute for a while and finally instructed him to let her in.

Immediately after he gave the order, Nathan sat up in preparation for whatever Maria was there for. After about a minute later, Maria walked in,side the living room with her fine dress. “How are you Nathan” she greeted smiling, “I’m fine dear, please sit” he replied with a faint smile on his face. Maria gently sat down, flipped her hair and looked into his eyes. “Are you surprised to see me?” She asked blushing, “Honestly I am, so what brings this surprise visit?” Nathan enquired.

Maria figured he wasn’t so happy to see her so she tried to ease the tension in the atmosphere. “You are asking many questions dear, wouldn’t you offer me something first” she jokingly said and Nathan smiled. He got up and went to the kitchen fridge to get some light refreshment for Maria.

While he was gone, Maria used that little opportunity to look around and admire his house properly. “Chai God, please I know I’m not the best person on earth but please touch Nathan’s heart to let go of the past. He is too good a man for me to lose and I can’t just picture another lady with him, please Lord” She silently said as she admired the beautiful house. Maria was regretting deeply but didn’t want to give Nathan the slightest clue that she wanted him back.

After a little while of being away, Nathan returned to the living room with some nice refreshment for Maria. He dropped it on the centre table close to her and went back to his own seat. “Wouldn’t you join me?” She asked and he nodded ‘No’. Maria began to gently munch her ch¡ps and sip her wine.

While Maria was busy eating, Nathan laid back and watched her gently. He was heartbroken to see the lady he once loved with all his heart, behaving like a stranger in his own house. “If only she believed more in me, if only she stood by my side and never despised me, all this would have been hers to enjoy but now she looks like a complete stranger to me” he sadly thought to himself.

Nathan was so uncomfortable that Maria hadn’t still revealed her reason for visiting. He didn’t want to ask her any further because he felt it would make her feel unwanted. Unable to change the situation on ground, Nathan just had to play along until she leaves.

In no time, Maria was done eating half portion of her ch¡ps so she laid back on the couch and stared at Nathan. Everywhere was silent for a while before Nathan broke the silence, “how did we get here?” He sadly asked. Maria was mute for a while because she didn’t understand his question, neither did she know the right answer to give.

“I asked you a question, how did we get here?” Nathan repeated looking into her eyes and at that point, Maria figured what he was talking about and broke down in tears. “I don’t know, I should be asking you” she soberly said, “ask me how, who left who?” He curiously asked, “I’m sorry Nathan, I was naive and wasn’t on my best behaviour then but I’m wiser now” Maria said with tears in her eyes.

Their conversation began to get emotional and eventually got deeper. Nathan took a deep breath and began to speak; “I loved you so much, you were my lifeguard. I needed you to function properly, I adored the sands your foot stepped on, I looked up to you because you were my inspiration; you were the reason I wanted to be better, you were the reason I worked h-rder than I ever did before and you were someone I would have done absolutely anything for. But what did you do to me? You left me when I needed you most, you walked away when I needed someone to always go through my plans with and you replaced me when I had only you. Maria you hurt me more than anyone ever did. You rubbed my failure to my face and told me countlessly that you couldn’t be with me even without giving me a trial. I wanted this for us so bad but it’s quite unfortunate that you aren’t here to enjoy all this with me. I might have given you another chance if I could but the truth is that I don’t have any feelings for you anyone. All the feelings I had for you died when I channelled the pain your caused me into this wealth that I have today. I would be lying to you this very moment if I tell you that ‘I love you’ because I honestly don’t and would appreciate it if you don’t show up at my house unannounced again. Try and call to inform me if you ever want to come here and I pray I’m less busy at that time. I have a lot of work to do today so I would want to enquire if you are ready to leave?”.

Words would fail me indeed to describe how Maria felt at that moment. Nathan’s words shattered her heart into tiny pieces. She was numb, heartbroken and weak. Maria figured that even a thousand ‘I’m sorry’ wouldn’t be able to fix the situation, neither would it be able to revive his lost feelings for her.

Heartbroken and disappointed, she got up from where she sat, picked her bag, looked at Nathan and said “Are you sure we can’t even try again? I’m so sorry”. He looked into her eyes and said “Not at all, it’s already a little too late”. On hearing that, Maria realised that there was no going back as regarding Nathan’s decision. She bid him goodbye and shamefully walked out of his living room.

Immediately Maria went outside, she burst into controllable tears. She cried intensely until her chest started hurting badly. The gateman tried to enquire what the problem was but Maria wasn’t in a good condition to talk.

As things started going out of control, the gateman rushed in,side to inform Nathan on what was going on. Nathan immediately rushed outside with the gateman only to find Maria lying unconscious on the ground.

He panicked and scre-med “What!”

End of episode 9 😉

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