A Little Too Late

A little too late – Final episode


A Little Too Late (episode 10)
Last episode!

Defeat is a bitter experience no one wishes to encounter because it usually cripples it’s victims. Only the brave can survive defeat and still come out with renewed enthusiasm to do better. The moment a person realises that they’ve lost something or someone valuable due to their carelessness, the feeling that usually overtakes that person can empty his or her zeal to live.

Maria had gotten to that state where life meant absolutely nothing to her anymore. She was bruised, broken and torn beyond repair. She just couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that she had lost Nathan for good because of her greed and carelessness. Maria felt that life wasn’t worth living anymore, she blamed herself for all that had happened between her and Nathan and she hated herself for being the cause of her loss. Too bad!

Immediately Nathan rushed out and saw her lying almost lifeless on the ground, he scre-med and ran to where she laid. “Maria! Maria! Can you hear me?” He scre-med but she wasn’t responding to him.

Scared of the worst, Nathan instructed the gateman to get his car keys so he could rush her to the hospital. The gateman ran as far as his legs could carry him and returned a few minutes later with the car key. Nathan jacked Maria up, laid her on his back seat and drove off with speed.

On his way to the hospital, he kept calling her but she just laid there without uttering any word in return. Nathan was a bit scared and kept praying within that all should be fine.

In no time, they arrived at the hospital. Nathan hurriedly jacked her from the backseat and carried her in,side the emergency ward. The nurses directed him on where to lay her so they could revive her with immediate effect. Nathan hurriedly laid her on the bed he was instructed to and stood at one corner watching and praying that nothing too serious happens.

As God may have it, Maria was revived and given some medication so as to make her stable and also cool her high temperature down. When Nathan was informed on the latest development, he thanked the doctor and cleared the hospital bill immediately.

When he was done clearing the bill, he went to where Maria laid and stood beside her. “Hello madam, are you alright” He enquired and Maria smiled, “Yes I’m alright. I’m sorry for the wh0le drama, thanks for caring!” She replied. Nathan looked into her eyes and walked closer to her, he sat on her bed and held her soft hands. “Are you still a make-up artist?” He asked, “Yes I still am” she replied. Nathan paused for a while and continued, “which business do you want to do?” He asked, “To have my own make-up studio I guess” she replied in a low tone.

As they conversed, Maria had no idea why he was asking those questions. She felt he was just trying to catch up on some details about her life, hence the questions. Unknown to her, Nathan had something up his sleeves and was about surprising her beyond her widest imaginations.

When Nathan was done with the questions, he sighed in relief and said, “I’ll give you three(3) million naira tomorrow, use it and start up your studio. I might not have feelings for you anymore but that doesn’t mean I don’t wish you well. I’ll be leaving now, just send your account number to me when you can. The doctor said you are fit to go home, I have cleared the hospital bill so you don’t have to worry about that. Try and be happy Mimi, I wish you all the best in your life endeavours. Goodbye!”.

He gently left her hands, cleaned the tears on her face and left the hospital. While he walked away, Maria was still dumbfounded and just laid there crying. It broke her heart when she realised that she might never find such a man like Nathan again. She realised that she had missed out on a lifetime of happiness with a man that truly loved her.

Maria couldn’t help but cry silently within. It was painful for her to realise that she lost Nathan for a lair like Josh. “I would never forgive myself for losing Nathan due to mere material things, I just might never remain the same knowing that I lost a good man like this” she sadly said to herself.

She laid on the hospital bed till night fall due to the shock she was still feeling. Maria beat herself up within and cried bitterly because her life might just never remain the same again.

Let’s all be careful with the way we treat people, I can’t stress this enough. Everyone is valuable and desires the best of life. Don’t be too quick to write someone off and determine whom they would turn out to be in future, when you are not God.

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Treat people well even if you have nothing to gain from them. The universe will smile at you and would order your steps to where you would be greatly favoured, when you treat people nicely. Remember, if you can’t be kind, be quiet!

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