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A little touch of roses episode 14


๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน A Little Touch Of Roses ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

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๐ŸŒน Chapter Fourteen: always love you ๐ŸŒน

Zedekiah’s standpoint

“Come on, you’ll love it,” Rosita laughed as she continued to pull me into the noisy building while I struggled to remain where I was. After she practically assured me that she already spoke to Meena and encouraged her to date Odin, she promised to help me fix Isaac and the next thing I know, she’s trying to pull me into a arcade.

“But, what if someone recognise me?”

“That’s the point of the disguise, genius,” she rolled her eyes, “no one will recognise you. To them you are practically my hot boyfriend wearing a cute pink cap, come on.” I looked around nervously, and finally let her pull me into the arcade.

The door slide shut after we step in. She was very excited and bouncing with joy. Rosita was wearing a red tracksuit, some kind of crop top that framed her body and sneakers. The sleeves of the top stopped at her elbows, revealing her artificial tattoo. She could clean it off if she wants to, but she chooses not to. I changed into what she gave me: a small shadow grey sleeveless jacket over a yellow long sleeve shirt and faded grey jeans. She just had to make me wear a pink cap.

“I haven’t been in an arcade since the last time your mother and Terry’s brought us to one. Remember that day?” She asked, looking at me over her shoulder.

“Yes, how can I forget? You locked me up in a smelly toilet and made me spend the next five days unconscious in a hospital.” I chided. She grinned.

“Yes, that was what made my day. I got grounded though. Dad made me watch romance movie,” she said with pout. I chuckled.

“So you haven’t been to an arcade for seven years,” I said as a matter-of-fact. She nodded and looked ahead. “What do you even do with your life?”

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“Many deadly things, Zedd!ck, many deadly things,” she said jokingly. She stopped in front of a dance machine.

“Really?” I groaned.

“Oh come on, I haven’t dance since you ran me over with your bike,” she whined. I smirked. We have tried to kill each other a lot.

“Yeah, then you lock me up in the same room with a viper,”

“Even, boy, even,” she said with a conceited smile. “After dancing, we’ll see who’s the best at racing… No, who’ll win the highest tickets and get a gift. You in?” I shrugged.

“Wouldn’t hurt to dance,”

“Be prepared to lose, Zeddy boy,” I was a little bit puzzled on how nice and cheerful she was. She was acting like we were friends, best friends. It was weird that even I was comfortable with it.

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We were both too stressed out to care.

Rosita might be talented with sport, but when it comes to things like dancing and singing, she had nothing on me. I won. We played different games in which I won almost all. She didn’t remember how bad she was at video games or anything that related to games. She was disappointed by the time we were done, so I used my tickets to get her a fluffy animal I don’t even know.

“It’s so cute,” she squealed, squeezing the life out of the gold and red animal. “And it isn’t pink! For once in my entire life, someone got me something my colour. Zedd!ck, I owe you a new kind of respect.”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t get use to it. By tomorrow, we are back to hating each other.”

“You just had to ruin it,” she scoffed. My phone vibrated in my pocket. I brought it out and sighed when I saw the caller.

“Well, back to work. Rosita, you are walking home because I’m taking my car and there is no way I’m driving you all the way to home. I’m not your boyfriend, friend or brother.”

“d!ck,” she cursed. She got closer to me, kicked my shin weakly and then ran off to the bike that stopped itself close by. It drove itself. “Good luck getting home,” she said with a smirk. I watched her get on the bike, keep the toy safely and wore her helmet. “Goodnight, Zedd!ck!” She shouted before she drove off laughing.

I sighed and walked to my car to open it. I checked myself, my car keys was gone. I almost screamed out. She took my keys! I angrily searched for my wallet, gone. My credit card, everything was gone. But the most surprising thing was how she was able steal my phones, including the one in my hand. I can swear she was standing far away from me! I was stranded. No phones, no money, no car.

And then the sky rumbled and the heavens poured.


๐ŸŒธ Sakura’s standpoint ๐ŸŒธ

‘Make sure Isaac eats, Zed said he hasn’t eaten for three days. Please, sakura-chan, for me.’

I read the message from Neesan over and over again. I didn’t know how to react to the new information, but anger was my first option. Isaac not eating meant he’s depress about something, something he doesn’t want to talk about. I’d always warned him to take care of his health or the other sickness would return, but he never seems to listen.

I exhaled through my nostrils and looked up at him from where he sat across the table, trying his best to focus and write. He was hopeless with what he was doing, but I wanted to make sure he at least made some effort to assist me. I already wrote his own and kept it at home, but I wasn’t going to tell him that. Let’s call it a small punishment for being my partner.

Of course I knew he wasn’t eating, even before Neesan sent the text. He had gotten thinner within the days and he looked sick, really sick. I told myself that it was okay and I shouldn’t care. It wasn’t working but Neesan sending this message meant I had to do it. For me and him.

“Isaac-kun,” I called. He raised his gaze from the book and looked at me from underneath his short but silk lashes. He had a bad habit of chewing the cap of his pen, which always made him look like a small cute boy. “Stop chewing your pen cap,” he rolled his eyes back to the book and continued chewing.


“Leave me alone,” he murmured before his eyes lit up and he quickly wrote down what he thought. I continued writing until I was too tired to continue writing gibberish. All I kept thinking about was how to get him to eat.

Isaac stood up and stretched, but then staggered forward and collapsed on the chair. “Isaac-kun!” I flew out of my seat and rushed to his side. “Are you okay? Of course you are not, what happened?”

“I’m fine,” he said weakly, shoving me out of his side. He stood up again, grabbed his bag and scurried out to avoid me. He knew I would figure it out. I honestly don’t know why he keeps suffering himself. I quickly gathered my things, flung my bag over my shoulder and ran to the exit door.

“Ume-chan, I’m leaving now, cover up for me as one of my IOUs!” I shouted.

“Nani! Sakura-chan!” She shouted, ready to protest, but I was already out of the door. I used my eyes to search for any car that might show that he brought it. I was still searching when I caught sight of his back. He was leaning on a black sedan like his life depended on it. I immediately ran towards him. I didn’t speak, I snatch the keys from his hand and ran around to the driver seat.


“Get in, or I’m going to remove your disguise right here and now,” I threatened. He knew I would, and he was too weak to stop me. He quietly opened the door and slip in. I smiled victoriously and opened the driver door too.

It was silent the whole way, except for the music playing and his fingers vaguely tapping to the rhythm. I drove into the fast food, parked the car, got out with the key and locked him inside. I rushed inside to buy him what I knew he would eat. I returned to the car with the food and drinks, set them on the dash board and helped him remove his seatbelt.

“Isaac-kun, I bought Asian chicken salad and thai salad with coconut lime dressing. I don’t know which one will settle well, so I bought both. I also got you fries like you love eating along with your salads and of course, chilli sauce and cold cola beverage…”

“I don’t want to eat, I’m not hungry,” he said drowsily.

“Isaac, shut up and let me feed you,” I commanded. He opened his eyes instantly and turned his head to look at me.

“You’ll feed me?” I nodded. “Why are you being nice to me? I thought you hate me?” His doleful eyes were clouded with sleep, and his tone was desperate. Sometimes, I think he do love me but chose to throw me away because I was a nobody.

Ever since we broke up, the weird guy in the glasses always followed me around… Few times. Now, it was him. Why was he following me around? Doesn’t it mean he do love and miss me? It means that he didn’t lie when he told me he loved me. But why? Why did he leave me? Why did he put me through so much pain? Why?

“Please, don’t cry,” he whispered sadly, “I’ll eat, I’ll eat if that would make you stop crying.” I nodded and wiped my tears. I fed him in silence, the two of us just looking into each others eyes. Different emotions slowly crept back into his eyes, making my heart thump faster from every silent message I received from his intense gaze.

He loves me, Isaac still loves me.

Why? Why then did you leave me? Why did you trample on my heart? Why?

I held back the tears, I promised I wouldn’t cry again over our breakup. My heart wasn’t helping as it squeeze itself, causing a pang of pain to jolt through my body. The veins around my head tightened, like I was forcing myself to understand something. Indeed, I was. I was trying to understand why he would do such a thing. He told me he didn’t care, told me he would never turn his back on me.

The memory replayed itself in my head. I was in his own house, in his bedroom. I sat on his wingback bed with back rest on the headboard and knees pressed against my chest. Isaac knelt in front of my legs, palms swallowing my small feet. He was really annoyed as the pressure on my feet increased.

“Sakura, I thought we agreed to do this today? What is the meaning of this?”

I wrapped my hands around my knees and looked at him with wโ‚ฌt puppy eyes. “I’m scared,” I cried. He exhaled with frustration.

“I’ve told you over and over again, you don’t have to be afraid, Sakura, I would never leave you…”

“You don’t know that, you can leave me…”

“Why?” He asked, almost like a growl, “tell me, Sugimoto, why would I leave the girl I love?”

“Anything can happen, you can never be sure of the future. What if a time comes you have to show your girlfriend? Will you be comfortable going with a thing like me? What if after sleeping with me, you get bored and decide to move on? What if you later realise that I am not your class?”

“For goodness sake, Sakura, we have been over this about a million times. I don’t want anyone else, I don’t need anyone else. My heart chose you, my soul chose you, my body wants you alone. How do I choose someone else when I love you? I love you, Sakura, and nothing will change that. Stop trying to convince yourself that I would cheat on you or abandon you along the road. I don’t care about your background or where you live or what you do for s living. I don’t care if your mother doesn’t have a mansion, I don’t care if she is not married to a wealthy man. I don’t care if you can’t drive around in a fancy car, or dress like the girls that you claim is my class. If I have to, I’ll buy you a mansion, I’ll buy you a car, I’ll buy people that would worship the ground you walk on if that would make you see my sincerity. Sugimoto Sakura, I love you and I promise on my life that I will never turn my back on you.”

“What if…”

“Do you love me, Sakura?” I nodded. “Do you trust me?” I nodded. “Then know that I would never do anything to hurt you, ever, ever.”

I looked into his eyes and saw his sincerity, saw his love and passion for me. I believed him, I trusted him and gave myself to him. He promised me that he would never turn his back to me… Well, promised are meant to be broken.

I came back to reality, he was done eating. He seemed to be far away in thought just like I was. I quietly packed the disposable plates and bottle. I got out of the car with my backpack, disposed of them and left him there. He could find his way from there.

๐ŸŒผ Meena’s standpoint ๐ŸŒผ

I walked into the living room of Zodiac mansion, at least, one of the living rooms. Zedekiah sat there, his phones and laptops scattered allover the glass center table as he worked on all of them at the same time. He was always been overstressed, and he never complained. Then I realise something.

Zedekiah was shirtless!

The shock of it made me stumble forward and almost fell flat on the floor. I was screaming internally because you know, hot shirtless boy sitting across the room with nonchalance. It’s my fault for coming in unannounced. Yet, did he have to work half [email protected]?

“Meena?” I coughed before standing up straight to see him face. Mine was flushed from embarrassment. My eyes almost popped out when it fell on his chest again.

Oh God!

Oh gosh, oh gosh!

My jaw fell open. It’s not like I haven’t seen him without a shirt, but it was my usual reaction whenever I behold his glamorous body. Zedekiah barely opened his chest, but when he did, all the kitty cats meow. He had the thick muscles framing his hands, chest, hard stomach and forming some kind of sยฃxy touch to the V his pants swallowed. His hair was wโ‚ฌt like he just took a shower, and it stuck to his forehead, face and neck which was glistering with wโ‚ฌt droplets.

Salivating, I was salivating.

“Zedekiah, did you take my pills?” Odin’s voice snapped me out of it. I turned my attention to the guy walking in with lazy strides and once again, my eyes popped out. Unlike Odin, I didn’t have feelings for Zed so my reaction was simply normal like most girls. For Odin’s however, my heart began hammering against my chest to my eardrums. My neck, ears and cheeks warmed up even hotter.

Odin was in nothing but a black towel. His hair was wโ‚ฌt too, meaning he just stepped out of the shower. That stupid desire swept through me again, automatically turning me to the miserable horny girl I usually am around him.

“Sweet mother of hot!” I found myself exclaiming. Usually, that exclamation stayed in my head, but I accidentally said it out loud.

Okay, who cares? I’m here to make him mine anyways.

“Meena? What are you doing here?” Odin asked quizzically. My feet moved me, something it had never done before. Maybe it was the fact that I already agreed with both my mind, spirit, soul and body that it was time to get Odin to be my boyfriend, so my body was doing what it had always wanted to do.

“So sยฃxy,” I said absent mindedly. When I got to him, I dazedly trailed my fingers along the lines of his abs. Odin and Zedekiah were the only ones in the team that actually had muscles to die for. Isaac tried, but he was nothing compared to the both of them.

“Meena, are you okay?” He asked in bewilderedly. I nodded absent mindedly. The only thing my brain could string together was how hot my soon-to-be boyfriend was. “You are not alright… Meena!” He gasped when I abruptly bent down and took one of his n!pole into my mouth. I leisurely ran my tongue over it, getting a taste of his sweetened skin.

I’ve always fantasised about it and I was finally doing it.

“Meena,” he held my shoulders and pushed me to stand straight, “snap out of it,” I shook my head to regain my senses. At least enough to listen to what he wanted to say. “Are you drunk? Did Hime give you alcohol again?” He asked upsettingly.

“No, you got me drunk in… Odin, did you mean what you said that day? Is that all you think of me? I want you to tell me the truth, don’t lie to me. Odin-kun, are you in love with me?”

“No,” the word left his mouth within a second. That would have hurt but I knew him. When he doesn’t want to admit something, he blunts it out without thinking it through.

“Oh please, give it up already,” Zed said, “he has been in love with you his whole life. He wouldn’t say it because he was scared you’ll end your friendship with him. He haven’t been able to sleep well since he spat shit to you,”

I turned and smiled at Zed who was already packing up his stuff. “Thank you, Zed-kun,” he rolled his eyes.

“Just make sure you turn the music up in your room and keep your voice down when you begin,” was all he said before he walked out. I turned back to Odin with a grin. His cheeks were flushed. My heart was doing flips, I wasn’t alone in loving him.

“I will ask you again, do you love me?” My eyes sting with tears and the tears escaped when he nodded in confirmation. “Really? You are in love with me?” He nodded again. “So you want me as much as I do?” He raised a confuse brow. “Odin-kun, I love you, I always have and always will.” His eyes widened.

“Does this mean we can be together now?” I sobbed, “as a couple?”

“You are in love with me too?” He gasped instead. “But you dated that guy, you slept with him…”

“Does it matter? You did the same,” I sniff and wipe my tears. “Does it matter? Do you want me to leave?”

“No! Don’t leave, please stay, let’s talk…”

“Talk? Who? Me and you? To hell with talking,” I threw my hands over his shoulders and pulled his head down, so his lips would crash on mine. He staggered forward with me because of the abrupt movement, but caught us before we crashed on the floor.

I didn’t break the kiss for a second, and when he deepened the kiss by kissing me back, I was teleported to another universe. He tasted like mint and apple, his lips were strong but slippery in a erotic way I can’t describe. It drove my desire wild, just tasting him as our tongues tangled and collided.

I didn’t pay attention to my surrounding as we made our way through it, out lips glued together like inseparable sesame. He led me to his bedroom, flicked the bedroom lights to a dull one. He kicked the door shut while I slipped off his towel. As we tumbled into the dimly lit room, arms and tongue entwined, his hands grip the edge of my gown, broke the kiss for a minute to pull the dress over my head. He took in a sharp breath when he saw that I was wearing nothing inside.

He moved his hands carefully to touch me. His fingers tenderly trail down the side of my body to my hips, each second setting his eyes ablaze with passionate flame, lust, love. A sort of smile played on his lips as he took in every inch of my body.

“Beautiful,” he murmured. His mouth found mine again and we continued in our blissful exchange. He was my new addiction, even more than my crave for lemon. Every moment we spent kissing, m0aning and exploring each others body, made me lose myself to him. And when he finally slides into me, I get to experience the best feeling of bliss.

Tears ran down my cheeks, tears of joy. It still felt like a dream, but I knew it wasn’t. He m0aned, grunted, and panted as he stayed above me, giving me undeniable pleasure. He wasn’t going fast, he was taking it slow, he was making love to me. I flick my eyes open when I started hearing music, but not from the room. Odin chuckled, already knowing who turned it on so we won’t disturb him.

“Oh shit,” he gasped when I feel myself clench around him. I put my legs on his waist and pull him deeper. “That feels good,” he m0aned.

He kept going, never stopping for one second and I love as he didn’t. He thrust in and out of me, going between hard and soft to maintain a passionate pace. I watched him bathe himself in pleasure. Watching was more interesting at the moment. Every time he completely push inside me, he would flutter his eyes close and m0an loudly. The tip of his ears were pink, down to his neck and chest.

It was inexcogitablewatching him like that, it brought me joy because I did that to him.

He gripped my thighs, lift my legs higher and angled himself deeper inside me. A loud m0an left my mouth, he finally found a way to hit my G-spot. Dampness slip down from me to the bed as he did it over and over again, causing me to m0an louder at every stroke. My stomach muscles tightened. I grip his bicep as I came undone. He slowed down his thrust, screw his eyes shut and reached his limit just like me. His body shudders with pleasure, his muscles contract against mine as his cock twitch inside of me.

Odin fell forward but held himself up by his forearms. He opened his eyes and offered me a toothy grin. I blushed shyly. “What?”

“Tell me you love me, because I do.”

“I love you too.”

“Did you decide to come here? Or did Zedekiah talk to you? I know you wouldn’t come here on your own.” He said as a matter-of-fact.

“Rosita, she encouraged me. You know, I really like that girl,”

He smiled, “me too.”

To be continued.

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