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A maid for him batch 1


A Maid For Him 🌺🌺
(Mum brought her )

Episode 1
By Simrah Saeed

🌹 Evan 🌹

” yes, Evan! Harder ”

” Oh heaven, don’t stop!”

” Ahh! You are so sweet!”

The bitch under me m0aned as I f*”k her tirelessly!

I brought out the tip of my c*”k before inserting it into her again.

” Who is your daddy ” I asked slapping her perfect rounded a*s.

” Evan is my daddy, ah! You are my daddy” she mo*ned in pleasure.

I increased my pace going harder and faster in her!

” Oh! My! Ah! God! Daddy! Yes! Evan! ”

She continue yelling!
I took a mouthful of her big br**st in my mouth while still deep into her.

I gave it a soft bite as she gasped!

” I love you Evan ”

Idiot! Love yourself not me!

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” Ah!!! Oh God! E.. Evan ”

I thr*st into her in the roughest way you can ever imagine! She’s a slut with a wide pu**y , you don’t expect her to feel any pain!

I reached my climax and pulled out of her.

” That was hell of a s*x ” she said.

” I need you out of my room now bitch, take this and get out ” I snapped the money in front of her and she smiled widely, collected the money and wore her dress.

” I will be always available Evan ” she said seductively while I scoffed!

” Get out ” I yelled. She nodded in fright and dashed out!


Oh well! I am Evan Scott! Youngest billionaire in America!

I don’t know what’s your view about me already but you have the right to think about it how you wish!

I am 24years old! No father, brother nor a sister but my Mum.
If you touch her then you are gone!

People says I am arrogant but that’s their headache! I am just me!

The way I f*”k women? Well! I derive pleasure from having them on my bed every freaking day!

I gat the cash to offer, a nice look and I am a star!

Who wouldn’t want a night with a hot dude like me, I am rich and extremely handsome so what else.

After all, ladies are after every guy’s wealth.
I don’t have a girlfriend but I can pick any lady I want to f*”k with just my fame!

Tend me as a flirt, it’s your business!

I came down from the bed and entered into the bathroom!


” I don’t want a maid Mum, I don’t remember telling you that ” I said loosing my cool!

” Of course son, you didn’t tell me but I know what’s good for you. You need a lady in this house to help you in the chores and prepare your meals too ” she said and I snorted.

I really don’t want to scoff because it’s disrespectful!

” If I need someone to clean up my house, I will hire people to do it and if I want to eat, I know lots of restaurants Mum ” I replied and she shook her head!

” Look at the house, it’s so unkept ” she said looking around.

Seriously? The house that I hired people to clean this morning is unkept?

” And are you talking about the junks you eat out there? I am bringing someone who will cook better ”

” I don’t…”

” Say no more Evan, you will receive your new maid tomorrow. Take care Son, I love you ” she kissed my cheeks and hurried out!

Gosh! Mum!




🏵️ Nora 🏵️

Wow! Is this a house or paradise? How can one person own this type of place?

It’s freaking beautiful! Every single thing in this compound is eye-catching.

I looked around like a lost puppy! You wouldn’t blame me, I have never been to this type of house before!

Not even in my dreams have I imagined been in this type of house!

The Mr Evan guy is truly rich! Very, very rich!

” C’mon Nora, get in ” Mrs Scott urged me and I quickly ran to meet up with her!

My jaw practically dropped immediately I entered into the sitting room!

This is heaven! I am not mistaking!

” Evan, we are here already. Come down stairs ” Mrs Scott yelled.

I went to the wall and touched it, it seems different from the one I live in.
The table seems to be made from gold.

All the things are enticing! Am I really going to live in this house?

I will surely enjoy my life to the fullest! This is my time to enjoy!

I chuckled to myself remembering I will be nothing but a maid!

Keep dreaming Nora!

” Sit ” she instructed!

Oh well! I am Nora Hans. 21 years old. My poor parents died when I was 12 so it’s only me in the world struggling so hard with life just to survive.

No one, I mean, no relative! Just me!

Nothing interesting about me so, I don’t have any other thing to say!

I raised my head to see a hot looking guy coming down the stairs!

Wow! He’s well built, handsome!
I guess he must be Mr Evan!

Yes, he’s popular but I don’t know him, how is that possible when I don’t have a TV in my house ?

” Good morning Mum ” he greeted as his eyes landed on me.

I quickly bowed my head gulping nothing!

” Yes , Son. Here is Nora, your new maid, I don’t want to hear any complaint Evan, I brought her and you will do me a favour by showing her around and to her room too. I have an important meeting to attend to ” she said to him who threw me a stare!

” Mum…I thought…”

” No complaint Ev…”

” You are here Baby ”

A beautiful lady said climbing down the stairs!
Wow! She’s a perfect creature! Straight legs, curvy and s£xy! .

Mrs Scott threw a hateful look at her while Mr Evan stared at her.

” Who’s she?” Mrs Scott asked irritatingly.

” Oh! One of those sluts of yours right? And you, as beautiful as you look, you don’t have an atom of shame in you, jumping from a man to another, you are so shameless ”

” I am disappointed in you Evan ” she said took her bag and left angrily.

” Mum!” Mr Evan called after her but she already left!

He sighed and picked up the lady earlier.
They began k*sing pushing their tongues in each other’s mouth!

What the hell? Did they forget I am here?

” Let’s get back to what we started baby ” the lady said and Mr Evan turned to me and smirked!

He placed the lady on the dinning table and began sucking her bo*bs after he raised up her top.

Holy Molly! Arggh! What’s this? Is he a flirt or what?

I quickly turned away but his voice stopped me.

” Nora right? ” He asked and I nodded nervously!

” You can equally join us as well ”


A Maid For Him 🌺🌺
(Mum brought her)

Episode 2

🏵️ Nora 🏵️

” You can equally join us as well ”

W.. what? Is he really kidding me? I watched as his hand went into the lady’s skirt caressing her thigh.

” No, thanks ”
I replied sharply turning away.

I was welcomed with my boss having s*x on a freaking table.

What the hell is that? How’s the rest of my stay in here going to be?

Maybe I should start getting used to it but he should not drink beer and come to me because I will kick his balls and beat the living out of him.

” Then, you can sit and watch while I….”

I quickly picked up my bag and ascended the stairs.

I can’t stand it seeing a guy bring out his d*”k.

Wait! Is that man alright? Was he really going to pull off his trousers in my presence ?

Now where to? .
There were three rooms upstairs and I actually don’t know which to enter.

My eyes circled the rooms and I decided to go into the first one .

I gently opened the door.
Oh my goodness! I dropped my bag on the floor jumping on the king size bed I have never slept on.

I spread my legs widely on it making me feel more comfortable!

There were four pillows, I placed my head on one, took one in my hand and left the remaining two .

This is heaven!
I feel so tired right now, I will just unpack later but for now. This bed will be my best friend!



🎀 Evan 🎀

” Oww! ”

” Best s*x ever ”

” you gat a huge d*”k ”

” Yes daddy ”

” Harder ”

” More ”

” Ow! ”

” Ahh”

” Yes, that’s it! Faster ”

” I love the way you go into me Evan ”

The idiot kept mo*ning till I was done. We both reached our climax and I pulled out of her .

She took my d*”k in her mouth licking my sp*rm .

She gently stroke it as she pushed everything into her mouth till I released all.

I pushed her to the table, picked up my trouser and shirt before putting it on.

” I have paid you right? So out! Your service just ended ” I snapped coldly.

” Really? No second round? You are so sweet Evan ” she said rubbing abs

I pushed her hand away glaring at her.

” Get out sl*t ” I yelled.

” Okay, okay, I will but there’s a next time right? I love you Evan ” she passed me a flying kiss and left .

Fool! Not only love! Idiot!

I climbed the stairs heading back to my room.

Where’s the Nora girl?
Gosh! Mum’s mad at me! Oh well I will apologize to her later

I wonder where the hell that lady went to! Although I don’t care if she gets lost in this house!
I need to take a cold shower!

I opened my door and I met with a shocker!

What the hell?
Nora was peacefully sleeping on my bed!

How did she get in here?
I furiously tapped her and she jerked up.

” What are you doing in my room and on my bed ?” I flared.
She looked around and her eyes widened.

” Your room? ”

” Stop asking me a silly question and get the f*”k out of my room this minute. Your room is the one after mine ” I yelled.

” Calm down Sir,I didn’t know it was your room ” she said bashfully still sitting comfortably on my bed

Is this lady okay? How sure am I she’s not insane?

” Now you know, can you now leave?”

She yawned coming down from the bed but she slipped and fell down which gave me a glimpse of her thigh!

Wow! This lady is a killer! She has the shape of a model! I didn’t notice that earlier and to worsen it all, she’s clumsy.

” Oh sorry ” she said and left for the door.

” Hey , your bag ” I snapped. She took her bag and left my room.


🏵️ Nora 🏵️

” Argh ” I covered my ears with the pillow but it wasn’t working!

Can’t I have a peaceful sleep without hearing those m0ans from Mr Evans room?

This is my first night! Lord! I am sure going to quit after a year!

” Ow Evan, ”

” You are ahhhh”

I stood up angrily on my feet heading to his room.

I badged in and their eyes landed on me. Both him and the lady.

Wait! Doesn’t he get tired of s*x? Just today, this is the fourth lady!

What the hell? Did they curse him?

” What are you doing here Nora?” He asked with his eyes wide opened.

” I am sorry I came, but can you tell the bitch to reduce the way she m0ans like a pig?”

The lady’s eyes held lots of shock like wise Mr Evan?

It’s only a pig that makes lots of noise right?

Episode 3
By Simrah Saeed

🏵️ Nora 🏵️

They both stared widely at me under the faint bedroom light in Mr Evan’s room.

I didn’t say anything bad right? I only told the lady to reduce her m0ans.

That’s making me wanna puke !

” Did you just insulted me?” She asked blinking her eyes in disbelief and I scoffed.

” Of course not Miss,how can I insult someone like you? I am just telling you how your m0ans sounds like in my ear ”

I replied hands akimbo while smirking mischievously at her.

I wonder why Mr Evan is just staring at me like a lost puppy.

The lady stood up with fury half [email protected] coming to slap me but I held her hand in the air.

” If you try this next time, you won’t go unpunished ”

She jerked off her hand burning with fury.

” Are you going to sit there and watch your maid insult me Evan?” She asked facing him.

Evan stared at me then at her !

” First, who gave you the permission to badge into my room Nora?” He finally spoke up.

” I am sorry Sir but….”

” Shut the f*”k up , you do not have any right whatsoever to talk to her in that manner and the last time I checked, this is my house, I have every right to do whatever I want ”

” S…”

” I didn’t ask you to speak Nora, now get yourself out of my room this instant ” he yelled angrily.

The lady sat on his thigh stroking something I don’t wish to mention! Gosh! Dirty!

” Of course Sir, I am already out of my way but like I said sto…”

” Get out Nora ” he snapped.
I quickly opened the door and headed to my room.

He’s such a man whore. I pity his poor mother!

Isn’t he old enough to settle down instead of taking different ladies around?

I did my prayers again before climbing on the bed .

I didn’t hear any noise from his bedroom again, I guess I ruined their night already.

That’s what’s going to make me have a good sleep.

With that, I drifted to the dream la la Land

Next morning…….

I woke up as early as I could , clean up the house, kitchen, watched the dishes, did Mr Evan’s laundry and prepared breakfast before he could wake up with that lady!

Everywhere was sparking ! I arranged the sitting room too

I can be very lousy but I am hardworking! Very hard-working.
That’s what poverty thought me.

I set the table ready to go wake Mr Evan when I heard footsteps from the stairs.

It was him and that lady wasn’t with him! Maybe she’s gone already!

Well that’s non of my business!

” Good morning Sir ” I greeted politely.

He just nodded his head and sat down.

I served his breakfast without uttering a word.

Maybe he’s mad at me over yesterday’s incident. I don’t care okay? I am in his house but I have freedom of speech!

It’s in every Constitution!
He glanced at the pasta salad then at me!

” Are you sure this isn’t tasting bad? I don’t want to eat poison ” he said staring at me while I rolled my eyes.

” I don’t know how to prepare poison Sir ” I replied bashfully.

This man shouldn’t get on my nerves please!

He pick a fork and took a little out of it in his mouth.

I can’t stay here and be watching him, left to the kitchen. I need to take my breakfast too and I am feeling tired from all the works this morning.

I am sure going to have a very long sleep after now.

I mean nothing to do , the house is freaking boring with no one to talk to and my boss is a d!ckhead!

He only knows how to do business and f*”k.



🎀 Evan 🎀

I think Mum was right! This food tastes different from the one I eat in the restaurant.

Nora can be clumsy but I think she’s a good cook.

Her food taste so delicious! In just three minutes, I was done with the one she dished out for me.
I dished out more for myself digging it !

It’s really been a while I ate a tasty food as this.

Well, I haven’t visited mum for a long time.

I quickly finished up my meal and headed back in to prepare for work!

I don’t know who gave Nora the guts yesterday!

She doesn’t seem scared of me!
I seriously wanted to laugh at the bitch I brought yesterday when she called her a pig!

What sort of guts is that? Gosh!
She looks so innocent yet a great talker!


” There are all in other right? ” I asked Nikki who nodded seductively.

She wore a skimpy skirt that was barely reaching her knee

What the hell? Is it to seduce me or? Oh well! That’s what I am good at.

” Okay, you can go back to your office ” I said to her.

She turned to go but her pen fell from her pocket!

I know she’s doing this on purpose!

She stylishly bent down showing me her perfect a*s.

I could see the colour of the p*nt she was wearing. Light blue. A lace pant at that was almost exposing her pu*sy .

I licked my lips at the sight before me

” Nikki ” I called huskily

” Y..yeah Sir ”

” Come here ” she walked closer to me and without any warning.

I drew up her skirt, tore her f*”king pant dipping two of my fingers into her

” Uhmm, ahh” she m0aned bitchily.

” This is what you want right? ”

” Y..yes, I want more, oh God!”

” Oh yes! There you go ”

I removed my hand taking it to her b**bs before I began fondling them.

I took my mouth to her right b**bs with my hands spanking her butts , I bit her n**ple.

She m0aned in ectacy as I pushed her on my desk.

I took off my trouser bringing out my rod before thr*sting into her.

Very roughly!

The image of Nora flashed in my head! I wish it was her I am f*”king right now!

I am sure going to have her on my bed, she will be counted among the numerous ladies I have f*”ked .

I know she must be very sweet down there!


Evan must be crazy!

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