A New Dawn

A New Dawn – episode 1

A New Dawn (episode 1)

Have you ever lied to someone you love and almost lost them when the truth surfaced? Well, that’s the tale of a beautiful lady named Caro. It all started years ago, when Caro was at the peak of her youth. She was known for her immoral lifestyle and reckless living. Caro changed men frequently, which resulted to having numerous body counts. She gave up on genuine love, she had a son outside Wedlock!

Life wasn’t a bed of roses for her growing up, so she felt the best way to assist herself through school was to occasionally sell her body for money. Years passed by and Caro turned a new leaf, but the stigma of her past wouldn’t go away, worst part was that she had a son as a constant reminder of the reckless lifestyle she lived years ago.

Caro was a graduate and had a good job that paid well. She joined the ushering department in her church so she could serve God better. Everything seemed to be going well for her but the only problem she had was the fact that every man she met, took a hike immediately she informed them that she had a son. This went on for a long time and out of frustration, she decided never to tell any other guy she met about her son, as she was tired of the usual outcome. Her son lived with her mother because her life was extremely busy and occupied, from waking up early for work to returning late at night.

Years passed and Caro remained single regardless. She gave up on love and focused all her love and energy to her son and her service to God. Caro was one of the first persons that came to church every Sunday. She would help the sanitary department to clean up the church in preparation for service. She was very dedicated and committed to her local assembly, she tried to be a low-key member and never discussed her life with anyone in church.

Everything remained unchanged until one fateful day. On that day, she was positioned at the entrance of the church as her duty post for ushering people into the church. Caro was well known for the unending warm smiles she welcomed people that walked into the church with.

As she was about her work that day, a well built handsome gentleman walked into the church and Caro beckoned on him to come forward with a beautiful smile on her face. She directed him to his seat and continued with her duty. One thing she didn’t know was that the gentleman was dazzled by her beauty and warm smile, he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

As the service went on, Caro’s smile kept driving the mysterious gentleman crazy, “Who’s this lady that has made me lose concentration today?” He asked himself, still staring at her.

The service came to an end and he felt sad that it was time to leave. “I wish I can just say Hello to her before leaving” he thought, but it wasn’t possible because Caro was out of sight.

All through his ride home, he thought of the beautiful lady with the killer smile. He couldn’t wait for the next Sunday to come so he could see her again. Everyday, he woke up thinking of Caro and practised over a hundred times on how he would approach her the next Sunday, he prayed and hoped to see her again.

The Big day finally came and the mysterious gentleman made sure to arrive early to church. He came a bit too early and was ushered in by another lady who wasn’t Caro. He was a bit sad that the lady he seek wasn’t the one that welcomed him to service that day and he kept wondering where she might have been. His eyes wandered around every nook and cranny of the church in search of Caro but he couldn’t catch any sight of her. Exhausted, he laid back on his chair and waited for the service to begin.

Just as he was about to take a deep sigh of disappointment, he sighted a beautiful lady sweeping the choir section. He was trying to get a perfect view of her face but couldn’t because she was bending down as she swept. After a while of struggling to see her face perfectly but couldn’t, she got up and Voila! She was the beautiful lady from last Sunday. “Wow! She is so graceful and charming” he said to himself as his heart skipped several beats. Before he could dwell deeper in his thoughts, a minister climbed the pulpit and the service began.

All through the opening prayer, the mysterious gentleman couldn’t concentrate as he was excited to see the lady that drove him crazy all week and couldn’t wait to talk to her after service. His eyes were fixed on her as she gracefully carried out her ushering duties with a big smile on her face. “Oh! How I wish this lady knows how much she has got me hooked on her” he occasionally said to himself.

As the service was about to come to an end, the minister came up with a prayer point and instructed everyone to hold their neighbour’s hands. Fortunately for him, Caro was standing opposite his seat row so she stretched her hands out to him. The mysterious gentleman was so happy and almost jumped for joy, he tried his best to conceal his feelings and not let it show. He stretched his hands out too and held hers. Caro had no idea about what was going on in the strangers mind so she was just normal.

The prayer came to an end and he painfully let go of her hands. He couldn’t wait for the grace to be shared so he could talk to her. The service finally came to an end and everyone started leaving the church. His eyes was fixed on Caro because he didn’t want to lose her again this time. After waiting for a while, he went outside the church premises and stood in front of his car, with his eyes fixed on the exit door.

10 minutes into waiting, Caro walked out from the church’s exit door and went to where her car was parked. As she was about to get in, she heard someone from behind say “Hello”, so she turned to see who it was and Voila! It was the very handsome man she held hands with not long ago. “Hi, can I help you?” She politely asked as she tried to open her car door. “Yes! I actually need your help” he replied, “please what for? She asked, “I need your help to know your name” he responded.

She smiled and said “Ok, my name is Caro and you?”, He smiled too and replied “My name is Tony”.

End of episode 1

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