A night with a cute guy episode 3 – 5

A ~NIGHT WITH A CUTE G~ UY … Episode 3

A night with a
Cute guy
😭Took my virginity😭

Episode three


What is wrong with me?

“lisa, tell me what’s going on”,mum half yelled.

“mum nothing”,I replied and she dragged me close and checked my eyes and touched my breast.

“you are pregnant”,she half yelled.

“mum no…..

“lisa…where did I fail you as a mother?”,she asked.


“just keep quiet. I don’t want to hear a word from you. We are going to the hospital”,she replied.

I dressed up and we got to the hospital.

The doctor ran some series of test on me.

“yes, she is pregnant”,he said and my mum fainted

“mum”,I called out. We sprinkled water on her, and she regained consciousness.

“you went to that prom right?”,she asked, as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“mum…am sorry, I should have listened”.

“who is the father of the child?”,she asked.

“mum..I …don’t know”,I replied and she gasped.

“you don’t know the father of your child? Geez! Lisa you are a disgrace to womanhood”,mum said, crying.

“mum am sorry”,I pleaded.

“oh, you are sorry? Well lemme tell you, this child, you will keep it, and you will go to school”,she replied.

“what?”,I shouted.

“it was because of school that you came with pregnancy, so you will continue going to school”,mum said.

Oh geez! This is humiliation in the highest order, but thanks goodness school will résumé in three months time……oh geez!


“come on guys, we can’t abandon our friend when she needs us most”,I said.

“well, I am in. I want to help her”,Sofia said.

“me too”,Vicky said.

“i didn’t ask her to open her legs for a guy, so am out”,Daniella said and left.

“Whatever, the three of us can do without her”,Sofia said.

“ok, first, let’s check the room for evidence”,I said.

We followed the window, and entered the room….

We spread out, and began searching everywhere……

“wait, I found this”,Sofia said. It was a necklace.

“thats Lisa’s necklace”,Vicky replied.

“i found this….”,I said.

It was a phone…. “check”,Sofia said, bit damn! There Is a password.

We can’t have access to the phone…

I banged my hand hard against the wall.

“what are we going to do?”,vickky asked.


A night with a Cute guy

Episode four


My life is a mess.

Now I hate all guys. People can be so wicked..

I entered my room and locked the door. I laid on my bed trying to recall at least a bit of what happened that night. Blake….blake….he was the only guy I was with….how did I loose consciousness????? I can only remember…..blake handed me a glass of wine which I gulped in….BLAKE!

I dressed up and went to Vera’s house.

“vera is not home”,her sung said.

Just then, she walked in….

“hey girlie, what’s up?”,she asked.

“i am pregnant”,I said in form of a whisper.

”WHAT!!!”,she shouted, but I covered her mouth.

“sorry”,she replied.

We sat down close to the pillar.

“so does your mum know about this?”,she asked and I nodded.

“well, what did she say?”,she asked.

”she said I won’t terminate the pregnancy and am also going to school”,I replied sadly.

“come on, cheer up, that’s good news. Wait, don’t tell me you wanna be a dropout?”,she asked.

“well, until I deliver”,I replied.

“your mum did the right thing”,she replied and I stared st her.

“how come you never get pregnant?”,I asked.

“am always protected”,she replied.

“i should have just listened to my mum. If I had listened, I wouldn’t have gotten myself into this mess”,I replied, crying.

“sorry”,she replied, rubbing my back.

“my mum was right! Being 19 doesn’t make me mature”,I replied.

“well, I came here for a reason!”,I replied, drying my tears.

“well, did you remember anything?”,she asked.

“Uhmn well, not really but….blake….he gave me a glass of wine, then…..

“yes? Then what?”,she asked eagerly.

“then I…I…he…he ……ugh!”,I groaned cause I couldn’t recall more.

“think lisa,think”,vera persisted

“well, he…took…took me to his private room”,I replied, thinking hard…..


Lisa said he took her to his private room, but he told me that lisa said she wanted to rest, so he handed her the keys to his private room.

Something is really fishy! I suspect blake, but I got no evidence.

“so you mean you never told blake you were tired?”,I asked.

“no, I never told blake I was tired”,she replied.

Oh geez! This is getting more confusing.. But if its blake…..what is his motive for doing that???


Oh my gosh! Lisa is carrying my child!

This is crazy!

I thought she was on drugs like the rest if her classmates whom I have had a taste of.

I am happy and now I feel kinda guilty, but I can’t own up………..she will have to wait till am done with school, I am not ready to be a father…..


A night with a
Cute guy💄

Episode five


I can’t let any of them see me, but what can I do?

Let me call my friend, Andrew.

I picked my phone…..no….his number is in my second phone.

Wait…..where is my second phone????

Oh my gosh! Its in my private room!

Lemme go get it. No one should find that phone.

It has many call recordings between Andrew and I, which can be used against me.

I dressed up, and stormed out.

I got to school and ran to my private room.

I searched everywhere……no one could have gotten in cause I was with the keys, but where is the phone????

Geez! I sat on the bed, trying to recalled where I kept it……in the drawer…..but its not here…then where could it be?


I got to a phone repair shop.

“sir, pls can you open this password?”,I asked the man.

“uhmn….well yea..I will have to flash the phone”,he replied.

“no,no, is there no other way you can open it without flashing? Cause if you flash the phone, all info will be lost”,I replied.

“well….it will take time”,he replied.

“sure, ok, can I come next week for it?”,I asked.

“yea”,he replied and I left.

I went to Vicky’s house and informed her.

“sure”,she replied and I left.


My life is a mess!

I just want to die right now!

I left from Vera’s house and went to s close bush.

I tied a rope to a tree and put my neck in.

“stop!!”,someone yelled.

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