A Night With Him

A Night With Him episode 17 – 18



🍂Chapter 17


“Why the hell are you stalking me!” Damien yelled at the man who suddenly grabbed his phone while he was speaking to Irene.
It was the same man who had took him to Ethan’s building.
Damien jerked his phone back from him.

They were on a busy street so people didn’t really noticed what was going on.
His school is right by the corner of the street but he had stopped here to speak to Irene.
That issue had been bothering him and he’s not someone to hide something from his sister.
Though he knows she’s coming home for the weekend but he can’t wait.
He knew he’ll feel better after talking to her.
But then this man just appeared..

“Do not ever in your life interrupt my call again!” Damien yelled, pissed.
“Get into the car” The man ordered calmly.
“You must be insane to think I’ll follow you like i did the other day. ” Damien said regretting he followed the man the other day.
“Mind your words boy! It won’t take me a second to break your wrist” The man threatened, looking around.
“And it won’t take me a second to call the cops. Stay clear of me and my sister! ” Damien gritted his teeth.

“We will if she quits that job” The man said.
“Well…she’s not quitting that job! She will whenever she wants to” Damien said.
“Whatever! Boss Ethan said to come meet you one more time and confirm if you’ll agree to convince your sister or he should carry out his threat”
“I’m not going to convince her, i won’t even suggest it to her but tell your boss, a billionaire who behaves like a frustrated poor man. If he dares hurt my sister…”
“You’ll call the cops?” The man mocked.
“Cops? Hell no! He definitely have the cops wrapped round his fingers but trust me when i say I’ll kill everyone of you with my bare hands if anything should happen to Irene” Damien threatened.
“Really?” The man laughed mockingly.
“You think i can’t do it. Then try me” Damien said.
“As i said earlier, i can break your wrist in a second” The man said.
“Ofcourse all foolish people knows best is to throw fist” Damien said.
He didn’t know where he got the courage to speak from.
The words just kept flowing from his mouth.


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The man looked pissed.
“What?” Damien asked. “Does that mean you’re foolish, if you’re not,then you won’t be bothered by my words” Damien said.
“Shut up!” The man barked, looking more pissed.
“Don’t take me for a fool cause i followed you the last time, i did that cause you mentioned my sister and that should tell you the length i can go for her. if you hurt her like i said earlier…then be prepared for me. I rarely give threats but once i do, i make sure i carry it out” Damien smiled, slipping his phone back in his pocket.


man looked at him in awe, he never thought he was this bold.
They had all this he was a weak ass.

“And Guy! You should know life isn’t about been bulky, if you go about threatening people with your build, you’ll one day meet your match and you won’t find it funny” Damien said glancing at his wristwatch.

“I should go to class now and if you’re wise enough, you should relay my message to “your boss” ” Damien said before walking away.

The man stared after him as he left.
“Woah!” He exclaimed.

What a psychopath!
Damien brought out his phone and quickly placed a call across Irene.
She had been ringing him while he was with that man and he had no choice but to keep rejecting the calls.

📞Hey sis.

📞Dam! Are you okay?” Irene asked and he could sense the worry in her voice.

📞Yeah i am, i got interrupted.

📞By what?

📞A large mouse” Damien laughed and Irene laughed at the other end too.

📞I’m glad you’re fine, so you wanted to tell me something.

📞Yeah but that’ll be when you come home for the weekend, i have to go to class now”

📞Ohh..okay, have a nice day.

📞And you too sis. I love you .

📞I love you more” Irene smiled before disconnecting the call.

She’s glad he’s okay, her heart had been in her throat when the call was suddenly interrupted.

“It’s my brother” Irene laughed, after noticing Tom’s curious look.

They were just arriving home and she can’t wait to be out of Alex view.
“Ohh, you have a brother” Tom said.
“Yeah” Irene smiled.


parked the car and they all alighted except Eric who moved to the car to the garage..
“See you later Irene” Tom said.
“Okay bye” Irene said and headed for the door.
She noticed Alex was following her and her heart skipped a beat but then she remembered he’s one of the bodyguards meant to be inside the house .

They didn’t speak to each other as they walked into the house .
Irene headed to the kitchen while Alex headed to wherever.
“Heyyo!” Irene said entering the kitchen.
“Holla!” Nola smiled, seeing Irene’s back.
“I’m hungry” Irene said picking a plate.
She started dishing out her breakfast.
“Of course you should be. So how was the ride with the new bodyguard?” Nola asked.

“It was okay, even if no one spoke to one another in the car” Irene said, placing her meal on the table.
She walked to the fridge to grab a chilled bottle of water.
“Really?” Nola asked.
“Of course, it was so boring. Though i wouldn’t even have joined in the conversation if he had attempted it.” Irene shrugged.
“I can clearly see you don’t like Alex.” Nola noted.
“Maybe” Irene said, taking a seat opposite Nola.
“Why?” Nola asked.
“I don’t know but…nevermind” Irene said.
“Alex is actually a good guy, you’ll get to like him” Nola said.
“Uhmm” Irene said with her mouth full.

“Slow down with the food, it doesn’t have legs” Nola said and Irene laughed.
“Alright” Irene said pouring herself some water.
“I’m just so glad you weren’t hurt yesterday” Nola said.
Though Harold had said not to leak what happened to anyone but Nola is an exception.
Harold had narrated the incidence to her himself.
“It was a near-death experience, the shock was…damn!” Irene shook her head.
“So sorry about that, but that incidence wasn’t to hurt you but Harold . I’m so worried for him,so many people are after his life” Nola said.
“Really?” Irene dropped her spoon slowly.
“Yes” Nola sighed.

Irene’s moist mouth went dry, her heart pounded slowly and she could tell she’s starting to get really worried too.
Nothing must happen to him.
“Does he get death threats?” She asked Nola.
“Severally but Harold loves keeping things to himself, I’m sure he wouldn’t have been bothered if it was him the incidence had happened to”
“What!, that’s not good” Irene said.
She would talk to him when he’s back from work.

“Harold just have this special grace, cause the amount of dead threats he receives is enough to have killed him”
“Wow!” Irene blinked.
“I don’t know who’s so wicked to the extent of trying to kill a man who has been benevolent all his life, Harold doesn’t hurt people, and i don’t get why people would want to hurt him” Nola said.
“This life is just so fvcked up, bad things tend to happen to good people. Mr Harold has been nothing but nice to me all along. It’s … It’s just so, i..i don’t want to lose anyone close to me again” Irene said,her bright face turning dark.

“Again?” Nola asked.
“Yes” Irene said, tearing up.”
“What happened?” Nola asked.
“I lost my parents years ago” Irene bursted into tears.
“Oh…my” Nola quickly rose to her feet and walked to her.
“I’m so sorry about that dear” she said wiping Irene’s tears with her apron.

So sad.
She never knew Irene was an orphan.
She must have gone through a lot.

“What really happened? Was it an accident?” Nola asked, sadly.
“No, my mum died years before my dad, she died of cardiac arrest while my dad..he died when his fashion store crumbled” Irene said.
“That’s so sad, I’m so sorry about that Irene, y..you must have gone through a lot” Nola said,close to tears too.
“Ofcourse” Irene smiled sadly. “But thankfully it’s a phrase we’ve passed” Irene cleaned her tears.

“We? You have siblings?” Nola asked.
“Just one, my younger brother. Damien and i have a stepmother too” Irene smiled.
“I hope she isn’t mean to you guys” Nola asked.
“Not at all, she’s been a great mum to us” Irene said.
“Wow, I’m glad” Nola smiled.
“Com’on stop the tears” She urged Irene who nodded.

“Life has it’s ups and downs Irene,one just have to live with what life has to offer. I’m now your big sister Irene and you can confide in me anytime any day okay?” Nola said and Irene nodded.
“Thanks Nola” she sniffed.
“You’re most welcome darling” Nola said.
“We should do something about Mr Harold, I’m afraid those people sending death threats might end up carrying it out” Irene said, pushing her food away.

She lost her appetite already.

“So what are we gonna do?” Nola asked.


“You mean that little boy said so?!” Ethan thundered.
“Yes boss Ethan” Mark, the bodyguard who had approached Damien said.
“And he was so serious, he’s not weak as we thought boss” Mike added.

“Shut up! Are you now afraid of him? Someone you should have killed right on that spot!” Ethan hissed.
“I’m sorry boss” Mike bowed.
“Sorry for yourself! Get the fvck out of my sight!” Ethan said and Mike bowed before scurrying away.
Ethan paced his room with a fierce look.

How can that poor thing threaten him?
Like…what the fvck!
“Now is the time to carry out the real threat” He laughed wickedly.
“About the nanny right?” Carrle asked.
She was fully made up, applying more lip gloss, she permed her lips together and smiled, satisfied with her look.

Her [email protected] were almost spilling from the scarlet bustier she wore beneath a red mini gown.
She was wearing red heels to match and her dyed blonde hair was well permed.
She looked seductively beautiful.
“Yes the nanny,Alex told me she’s not even prepared to leave that job even after we scared her with the gunshot” Ethan said, his body hardening at Carrle’s sight.
He felt like having her right now.
“Ohh, fine then” carrle smiled as she selected a little black purse.
She grabbed her phone too.

“How do i look?” She asked Ethan.
“s£xy!” Ethan drawled.
“Don’t give me that look, you can’t have me now. Harold is going to first” she giggled.

She was going to seduce Harold.
It was their second plan.

“Okay okay, just go” Ethan said, planning to call a s£x worker over when she’s gone.
“Okay, bye” she grinned.

She glanced at herself for the last time in the mirror.

“Ohh…my! He won’t be able to resist me” She thought excitedly.
I’m finally getting him back.


“Get the hell out of my office! You wench!!!” Harold yelled, chasing the shocked Carrle out of his office.


🍂Chapter 18


“Get the hell out of my office! You wench!!!” Harold yelled, chasing the shocked Carrle out of his office.
He wondered who allowed her in.
If it was at his paper company, he’s so sure Thelma wouldn’t have allowed her in .
But here,they still regarded her as his wife!

“Harold! You’re sending me out of your office,after everything we’ve shared” Carrle’s voice trembled.
She still can’t believe Harold rejected her after all her efforts..
He hadn’t even spared her much glance, her [email protected] which he had always loved looked worthless to him now.

“I can’t believe you to be this cheap! You’ve actually gotten worst carrle. That guy is doing you no good! ” Harold said beating his fingers on his glass table.
“How dare you say I’m cheap!” Carrle said.
“Because you are, it’s so obvious that you came here to seduce me. Who the hell seduces the man she divorced” Harold said flatly.

“I..i wasn’t in my right senses then” Carrle said, looking down at her feet in fake remorse.
“Well, thank God you gat your senses back, will you kindly leave now or i involve the securities” Harold said.
“Harold I’m sorry” Carrle said, trying desperately for tears to flow.
Harold always fall for her tears. Then, she’d use her tears to get things from him .

“Mrs Weston” Harold mocked and carrle swore under her breath.
She truly regretted her actions.
“Don’t try to fake your tears cause i will never fall for it ‘again’ ” Harold said.
Carrle sniffed and pretended to search her purse for an handkerchief, she deliberately made her car key fall and then bent to pick it slowly with all the seductive move she can ever think of.

Harold laughed and punched some numbers in his intercom.
He placed the receiver on his ear.
📞Hey you! I gat an unwanted person in my office,come lead her out please” He said into the phone and Carrle quickly straightened up from her seductive post.

📞Okay sir.

Harold dropped the receiver and glanced at Carrle.

“What a waste, you should have tried all these seductive moves when i haven’t gotten over you” Harold said, pressing his lips together.
“I wasn’t trying to seduce you! ” Carrle snapped. “My car key fell down”
“Well… only a fool would believe that” Harold said.

The door opened and three securities walked in.

“Are you seriously gonna allow them lead me out?” Carrle asked, embarrassed.
She had completely made a fool of herself.
Now the little pride she had was gone.
She shouldn’t have suggested this in the first place but she hadn’t known Harold would be able to resist her.

“You better leave gently with them, they have no mercy at all, they’ll push you out if you last one more minute” Harold said, settling back on his chair.
Carrle walked out with the securities and the door was shut.

Harold sighed and stared at the files in front of him.
What if she had tried this when he hadn’t gotten over her,then he would have fell for it and of course accept her back.
Thank goodness that’s in the past now.
He doesn’t even want anything to do with her again.
He had planned to make the court completely deny her access to her daughter but that’ll be unfair.
No matter how bad she is,she still deserves to see her ivory once in a while.
“But did he seriously resist those [email protected]?” He thought and laughed.
Those [email protected] that always made him crazy then.

Well … He should call Tom and ask how the morning went.
He really hoped nothing unusual happened again.
The FBI agents promised to get back to him tomorrow.
He suddenly smiled, thinking of Irene.
He doubt if he has ever seen a lady as decent and responsible as she is.
Even the night they spent together,she hadn’t dressed like a whore .
She had worn a red vest and black shorts and her hair was simply packed in a ponytail with tendrils framing her face.
“Is she the one?” He had confirmed from Madam Persephone and the woman had nodded, grinning.
Her body hadn’t enticed him, her beauty had and her innocent face had.
“Looks like the CEO is deep in thought” Lucy, his secretary at Marshall cosmetics interrupted his thoughts.
“Ohh… Lucy” Harold sat upright.
“Is anything wrong?” She asked.
“Definitely nothing. I’m fine”
“You didn’t even stirred when i walked in and you were so busy staring into space” Lucy said.
“Well… yeah, i was thinking about something” Harold finally admitted.
“Ohh” Lucy smiled.

Unlike Thelma, Lucy was unmarried. Engaged though and her fiance do come pick her from work everyday.
Lucy’s a beautiful young lady, smart and good at what she does.

He’s always so lucky about his employees, they’re all so good in their respective fields.

“So, do you need anything?” Harold said.
“Well…you got some letters” Lucy handed three envelopes to him.
“Why didn’t you check it out for me?” Harold asked.
“I would have done so but It’s highly confidential” Lucy said.
“Ohh” Harold said taking the envelopes from her.

“Thanks” He dropped them on his table.
“You need coffee?” Lucy asked as she walked to the door.
“Uhm…no, thanks” Harold said.
“Alright Mr Harold” she said and finally walked out of the door.

He have to call Tom.


Irene yawned as she woke up from her nap.
She laid on her bed and stared at the reflection of the sun on her wall.

“It’s a bright afternoon” She murmured feeling too lazy to get on her feet.
She know she should go help Nola in the kitchen but she’s kinda feeling tired and maybe weak.
She laid still and tried getting more sleep but it wasn’t coming.
She stared at the ceiling and started imagining how she wants her future to be, she saw Daire fashions being set up again,she saw everyone happy and fulfilled but then it’s just imagination.
Even if she knows the kind of future she wishes for is not possible, she can at least enjoy the imagination.

She smiled as her imaginations went on and on.

“Fairy fairy grant my wish” She sang and laughed.
She remembered she do sing that when she was still a child.
“Enough of the imaginations Irene” She chided herself and then sat up.
Her feet searched for her slippers and she wore it before finally rising to her feet.
She walked into the bathroom and made for the sink.
She turned on the faucet and splashed some water on her face.
She grabbed a clean towel and wiped her face with it before walking back to her room .
She stood in front of the mirror and made her ponytail more tight.
“So sorry i arrived late, chef Nola” Irene joked as she entered the kitchen and met Nola making lunch already.
“It’s fine apprentice Irene, i knew you were so enjoying that nap” Nola said and they both chuckled. Invite your friends to like and follow our page for more interesting stories.

“Yeah, i enjoyed it. ” Irene said while she washed her hands.
“Thank God you’re here, I’m feeling pressed. Please continue with the cooking” Nola said.
“Okay” Irene said grabbing a clean apron.

She wore it over her blue satiny gown while Nola walked out of the kitchen.
Irene took over gladly.


Ivory grinned as Irene helped her dress up.
She’s back from school and Irene selected her wears for her.

It’s a floral jumpsuit which suited ivory’s caramel skin.
Irene made her wear pink footwear and then tried comb her hair but then she remembered she’s not allowed to.
She gently dropped the comb.
“I don’t need to comb my hair, my ponytail is still in place” ivory said.
“Ohh.. yeah” Irene nodded.
“You’ve been grinning since you arrived from school” Irene noted.
“Yeah, I’ll clock nine next month” Ivory said happily.
“Ohh, happy birthday in advance sweetheart” Irene smiled.
“Thank you” Ivory said.
“My younger brother also get excited a month to his birth month” Irene said.
“You have a younger brother?” Ivory asked in surprise.
“Of course” Irene smiled.
“Is he my age mate? Will you bring him over to play with me?” Ivory asked excitedly and Irene laughed.
“No! He’s seventeen” Irene said.
“Ohh” Ivory said disappointedly.

“Sorry” Irene smiled.
“How come you never talked about him” Ivory pouted.
“You never asked” Irene said.

“Now I’m asking” Ivory said.
“His name is Damien Noris and he’s in high school” Irene said.
“When are you bringing him over?” Ivory asked.
“I’m not bringing him over” Irene said.
“Why not?” Ivory asked.
“This is my workplace Ivory, not some playground” Irene said calmly.
“If you’re worried about Dad, I’m sure he won’t be against it” Ivory said.
“No, Damien can’t come here Ivory, i can’t take advantage of the fact that you guys are nice to me and then start inviting every member of my family over” Irene said.
“You don’t have to invite your parents” Ivory said and Irene felt a stinging pain in her heart.
She didn’t know they were dead or she wouldn’t have mentioned them.
“Just your brother” Ivory said and Irene sighed.

“You want to meet him that badly?” Irene asked.
“Yes” Ivory said.
“You will, one day” Irene said.
“By fate” She added inwardly.

“Let’s go have lunch” She said taking ivory’s tiny hand in hers.


Irene packed the leftover fruits on Ivory’s bedside stool .
She had had the fruits before taking her nap.

She covered ivory properly before taking the leftover fruits to the kitchen.

They had lunch minutes ago and ivory and Nola were nor taking their nap.
One can see she’s bored as she walked out of the kitchen.
She tried to watch the quiz show that was being displayed on the TV but she had no interest.
She stood up from the couch,she doesn’t feel like reading too.
Should she go chat with Tom and Eric?

She should go check out the building again then and probably stop by the pool.


“Wow!” Irene grinned on sighting the pool.
This isn’t the first time she’ll be seeing it but it keeps appearing more and more beautiful.
The reflection of the sun even made the water sparkle brightly.
Irene smiled walking towards it.
She passed the late Helena’s room without even noticing, all her mind was on the pool.

She finally stood in front of the water and she was about bending to scoop the water in her palm when she heard a startling sound.
She paused but thought it could be one of the workers, not until she saw a shadow in the water.
Someone was behind her and whomever that was, she could tell it was a woman.

She was about turning to find out who it is when the person grabbed her neck with cold fingers.
Irene screamed but the unknown woman didn’t make her scream for long before pushing her into the water.


Carrle is really desperate!🤦🏿
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