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A night with him episode 73

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Zeemah Writes

Chapter 73


“You’re a vi0lent little th!ng, aren’t you? Fight all you want but don’t hurt my baby” h£ said, stuff!ng h£r !n th£ [email protected]¢kseat of a wait!ng limo.

“Go ©vt for a moment” Harold said to h¡s driver.
Irene stopped fight!ng and stared at h¡m !n surprise..did h£ j√$t say,h¡s baby?
F!nally h£’s ready to fight for it.
h£r stomach churned !n excitement and a big smile lit up h£r face.
“Did you j√$t say your baby?” $h£ asked to confirm.
“Yes, my baby. Th£ fath£r is yet to be known though but for now, it’s m!ne and I’m go!ng to fight for it” Harold said and Irene bl!nked [email protected]¢k tears.
$h£ knew h£ was go!ng to come @r0vnd.
$h£ knew h£ was never go!ng to abandon h£r.
$h£ knew h£ was go!ng to come [email protected]¢k for h£r.
Harold loves h£r than to abandon h£r.

“Irene,I’m sorry. For everyth!ng” h£ said, hold!ng h£r [email protected] .
$h£ looked like a baby h£rself as $h£ stared !nto h¡s eyes.
“Come h£re” $h£ said, hugg!ng h¡m t!ghtly.
No doubt h£r broken h£art mended already, it’s start!ng to pound perfectly.
“I knew you were go!ng to come [email protected]¢k for me” $h£ sobb£d on h¡s shoulders and h£ rubb£d h£r [email protected]¢k gently.
h£ klzzed h£r hair ” I can never abandon you, i was so broken th£n that i didn’t even knew what i was do!ng”
“I understand you Harold, i know what Ethan once did to you,i know you’re still yet to h£al from h£lena’s death, everyth!ng is j√$t so [email protected] on you. Anyone would act th£ same way” Irene said, dis£ngag!ng from th£ hug.
“Yeah and Irene,i hadn’t meant to drop you off !n th£ ra!n…” Harold was say!ng.
“You did that cause you didn’t want me to get hurt with you, you knew your [email protected] couldn’t ¢©Πtr0| th£ wh£el for long anym©r£” Irene completed h¡s statement and h£ stared at h£r !n awe.

“H..how could you understand me th¡s much? You’ve only spent months with me and you’ve known so much ab©vt me.” Harold was touch£d deeply.
If h£ doesn’t end up with Irene,h£’s j√$t go!ng to kill h¡mself.
“Of course i know you’re not that h£artless.” Irene smiled.
$h£’s so happy h£’s right h£re with h£r.
$h£ had thought h£ wasn’t go!ng to come [email protected]¢k anym©r£ but h£re h£ is mak!ng h£r h£art b**t f*ster than normal.

“I know how quickly you get emotional, you must have cried a lot” Harold said and $h£ nodded with a p©vt.
“I’m sorry” h£ said cupp!ng h£r ch£eks !n h¡s palms.
“I know you are. Who were you on th£ call with before park!ng th£ car? Who made you so angry? You almost broke th£ wh£el” Irene said.
“It was Ethan, tell!ng me how h£ slept with you and how h£’s com!ng to claim h¡s baby” Harold said.
“Ohh” Irene said, understand!ng what has gotten Harold so worked up.
“But how did h£ found ©vt so soon? How? We were j√$t leav!ng th£ hospital wh£n h£ called” Irene wondered aloud.

“Ethan always have h¡s way @r0vnd th!ngs. I told you before we left th£ hospital that h£’s go!ng to f!nd ©vt soon and come for th£ baby” Harold said.
“Yes you did but h£ can’t always have h¡s way @r0vnd th!ngs that easily, are you say!ng h£ was !n th£ hospital wh£n Doc Fern announced to us that i was pregnant” Irene said.
“h£ said you told h¡m, though i didn’t believe cause i know th£re’s no way you could have gotten h¡s contact,not to talk of call!ng h¡m to !nform h¡m of your pregnancy,I’ve not know you for so long but i don’t th!nk you’re someone like that”
“What th£ fv¢k! That sly fox! I didn’t tell h¡m anyth!ng,i don’t even have h¡s fv¢k!ng contact and even if i do,th£re’s no way I’m go!ng to contact h¡m. I can’t believe h£ lied” Irene was pissed.

“That’s expected of Ethan,you shouldn’t be surprised” Harold said.
“I didn’t tell h¡m,h£ lied that i did, try!ng to cover th£ person who told h¡m.” Irene said.
“Exactly!” Harold said.
“Th£n someone who was @r0vnd us at that moment !nformed h¡m, th£re’s no way h£ could have known” Irene said.

“Wait..i never thought of that, you might be right! ” Harold said.
“A spy… Who were those @r0vnd us th£ moment Doc Fern announced it to us?” Irene asked.
“No one, except my b©dyguards who stood by th£ door and were only do!ng th£ir duty, i even doubt th£y overh£ard us cause Doc Fern wasn’t so loud” Harold said.
“Who are th£ b©dyguards?” Irene asked.
“h£y! Stop be!ng a detective” Harold t£@$ed and th£y smiled.
“Alex and Robb!ns” Harold said..
“Alex??” Irene asked, h£r m!nd giv!ng h£r th£ answer already.

Could Alex be a spy?
Or was $h£ th!nk!ng th¡s way because $h£ doesn’t like h¡m.

“Listen Irene, i know you do not like Alex but th£re’s no way h£ would betray me,i trust h¡m so much like i trust every of my b©dyguards, everyone of th£m has been loyal to me for years now” Harold said.
“You never can tell, Harold! You don’t know what’s go!ng on |ns!de th£m,you do not know what th£y are do!ng beh!nd you, don’t be so sure none of th£m can betray you,we live !n a funny world” Irene said and Harold stared at h£r thoughtfvlly.

h£ truly shouldn’t trust people so deeply but h£ can vouch for h¡s b©dyguards especially Alex..

“But i still th!nk your dislike for Alex is cloud!ng your judgement” Harold said.
“No..well, not really. Why did you say that?” $h£ asked.
“Alex wasn’t th£ only one at th£ door. Robb!ns was too”
“Okay well..th£y are both suspects but i don’t know why Alex came to my m!nd first and trust me Harold,my !ntuitions are always right” Irene said.
“What if it’s neith£r Alex nor Robb!ns. What if it’s a nurse that agreed to always keep tab on us after Ethan probably promised to give h£r a wh0l£ lot of money. Ethan knows i don’t use any hospital asides Fern’s” Harold said.

“You might be right!. It could be that too, what are we go!ng to do?” Irene sigh£d.
“I don’t know cause we’re not even sure ab©vt th£ suspect yet”
“We’re go!ng to ch£ck th£ hospital’s CCTV footage!” Irene said.
“Hmm…good thought” Harold smiled,h£r smartness amazes h¡m at times.
h£ hadn’t even thought of that.

“And after ch£ck!ng th£ footage, we’d know at least someone who seems suspicious, we’ll tell th£ detectives ab©vt it and !nvestigation would beg!n” Irene said.
“Good but is that really necessary?” Harold asked.
“Yes! Harold,a spy can be dangerous, th£y mostly destroy th!ngs beh!nd closed doors and whatever th£y are bent on destroy!ng would have gone ©vt of repair before th£ victim f!nds ©vt. I don’t want anyone hurt!ng you, please” Irene said and Harold nodded.
“I’m go!ng to meet with th£ security department of Fern’s hospital” Harold said.
“How come you’re look!ng m©r£ pretty, is it my baby? ” Harold asked and $h£ laugh£d.
For th£ first time,$h£ was happy to be carry!ng a baby.
“I didn’t expect you to look th¡s [email protected] too . I thought th£ accident would have left some ugly scratch£s on your face” Irene scoffed ₱|@yfvlly.
“I protected my face, i wouldn’t want my baby to grow up to an ugly fath£r” Harold said and if th£re was anyth!ng Irene wi$h£d for most, it’s for th£ baby to turn ©vt to be Harold’s.
See!ng how happy h£ looks now with th£ thought of th£ baby be!ng h¡s, brought tears to h£r eyes.
“Com’on, you have to stop cry!ng every now and th£n, you’re hurt!ng th£ baby” Harold dabb£d h£r tears with h¡s [email protected] and th£n klzzed h£r lightly on th£ l¡ps.
$h£ beamed brightly.

“Damn! You’re not try!ng to make my breath seize with your beauty,are you?” Harold [email protected] and $h£ laugh£d.
$h£ felt so at peace now.

Harold leaned forward to klzz h£r aga!n and th¡s time it was a long sizzl!ng klzz.
Th£y both stopped to catch th£ir breath and th£y laugh£d see!ng how flu$h£d th£y both look.
“Geez! My mum’s medications. I have to go” Irene said.
“Wait…you didn’t even asked how i knew you were at th£ pharmacy.” Harold said.
“I need to get th¡s medication to my mum first” Irene said worriedly.
“Doc Fern is !n your house now, tak!ng ¢ar£ of your mum” Harold.
“What? How?” Irene asked.
“I went to your house and Mrs Neave answered th£ door, i noticed $h£ was d©wΠ with fever and $h£ confirmed it even though,i called Doc Fern immediy” Harold said.
“I forwarded your home address to h¡m and i made sure h£ arrived before com!ng to f!nd you”
“Ohh” Irene said, relieved h£r Mum is gett!ng treatment.
“Thank you Harold” $h£ smiled.
“So, how did you know i was at th£ pharmacy?” Irene asked.
“Your mum told me, even though $h£ seemed angry with me” Harold smiled.

“Yeah $h£ is” Irene sigh£d.
“I bet Damien must be angry with me too. h£ probably didn’t come to me because i was at th£ hospital” Harold laugh£d.
“Damien was not so angry and that was because h£ likes you so much, h£ understands you and h£ had even advised me to be patient,that you’re go!ng to come @r0vnd soon” Irene said.
“Really? Wow! ” Harold smiled.
“You won h¡s h£art already” Irene chuckled.
“Obviously” Harold said.

“Irene, I’m sorry to have not let you !nto my ward wh£n you came to ch£ck on me. I was still pissed ” Harold said.
“It’s f!ne, I knew you weren’t ready to see me th£n” Irene said.
“I was still burn!ng with rage th£n but i told Alex to come get you [email protected]¢k but you already went ©vt with Ethan” Harold h¡ssed jealously.
“Went off with Ethan?” Irene asked.
“Yeah, Alex returned to me and said you went off with Ethan” Harold said.
“I met Ethan ©vtside th£ hospital truly but i didn’t went off with me, did you actually believed i entered h¡s car?” Irene asked.

“You mean,you didn’t?” Harold asked.
“I didn’t! h£ only said some thrash ab©vt want!ng h¡s baby and i didn’t even gave enough chance to have a long convo with me before walk!ng away “.
“Uhhhh” Harold said s1©wly, wonder!ng why Alex had told h¡m a different th!ng.
“I seriously don’t know what sort of game Alex is try!ng to ₱|@y, I’m start!ng to th!nk h£’s th£ suspect” Irene said.
“Com’on, i guess h£ was mistaken. You know how much Ethan womanizes,h£ might have made anoth£r lady get !nto h¡s car after you left and Alex had thought it was you” Harold said.
“Oh… really?” Irene said thoughtfvlly.
“Yeah. I’m so relieved you hadn’t gotten !nto h¡s car with h¡m though” h£ said.

$h£ smiled even though $h£ hadn’t agreed to th£ excuse Harold gave.
Alex had lied!
But why??

“My parents are aware” Harold said and Irene’s eyes widened.
“Of everyth!ng” h£ added.
“Huh?” Irene asked, panicky.
“Yeah and th£y took it better than i thought, th£y are still okay with me gett!ng married to you” Harold said.
“What! Are you be!ng serious?” Irene asked and Harold nodded with a smile.
“I was surprised also” h£ said.
“With your Mum too?” Irene asked.
“Yes!” Harold said.
“Oh..my.. God!” Irene s¢r**med,$h£ was stunned!

Th£ Marshalls accepted h£r even with h£r dirty past!
$h£ was beyond happy.
Harold laugh£d “Com’on,even if th£y hadn’t accepted you,it wouldn’t have stopped me from tak!ng th!ngs furth£r with you. Th£y won’t have any oth£r choice than to respect my decision”
“But th£ir approval really means a lot and I’m glad we got it already” Irene beamed, filled with happ!ness.
“Yeah right…so will you come [email protected]¢k to th£ house please?” Harold asked.
“I would love to but i th!nk th£ only reason Ethan hasn’t made a drastic m©v£ is because h£ th!nks I’m carry!ng h¡s baby and also because h£ knows th!ngs went sour b£tweeΠ us. Ethan might hurt you if i go [email protected]¢k with you Harold. You know how dangerous h£ is.” Irene said and Harold sigh£d sadly.
“Why don’t we do th£ test soon, it’ll be safe to return to your house after th£ test, h£ won’t want to hurt you th£n cause if th£ baby turns ©vt to be h¡s,h£ would def!nitely want you to be alive so h£ can taunt you with it” Irene said.

“You know h¡m so much, Ethan loves to taunt people” Harold said.
“So..wh£n are we do!ng th£ test?” h£ asked.

Ivy Royals

“I seriously don’t know what’s go!ng on also” Allysia said to Damien dur!ng lunch break.

Th£y’ve both been unhappy over what’s go!ng on b£tweeΠ Harold and Irene, Marlene was unhappy too cause neith£r Allysia nor Damien looks happy.

“$h£ doesn’t eat until we have to force h£r,$h£ cries all th£ time” Damien said worriedly.
Marlene sigh£d. “Do you want me to place a call through h£r and make h£r happy for at least a moment?”
“No Marl, thank you” Damien said.
“h£ was discharged yesterday and im not sure h£ came ©vt of h¡s room” Allysia sigh£d.

“Believe me guys, th¡s is normal.” Marlene said.
$h£ and Allysia was well aware of th£ wh0l£ story, Damien had told th£m, th£y were all unhappy.
“I don’t want to get angry at Mr Harold for mak!ng my sister go through all th¡s,but one th!ng i hate so much is see!ng h£r cry, it breaks my h£art” Damien said ₱ush!ng h¡s lunch away.
Marlene rubb£d h¡s [email protected]¢k. “Everyth!ng will be f!ne” $h£ a$$ured.
“Thank you” Damien said. h£ was so glad to have Marlene !n h¡s life.
$h£ was always ready to comfort h¡m and Allysia,$h£ shared th£ir sad moments with th£m like a good friend should.
h¡s feel!ngs for h£r didn’t falter for once, it keeps !ncreas!ng to h¡s surprise and h£ had planned to ask h£r ©vt before all th¡s happened.

“Okay…th£ both of you have to eat, you won’t want to look like broomsticks once th£y f!nally reconcile” Marlene said and th£y laugh£d.


Harold sat !n h¡s office, work!ng.
h£ has not had a rest or eaten s!nce morn!ng.
h£ has to catch up on all th£ works that has been left beh!nd for days.
h¡s manager can do that but Harold loves do!ng th!ngs h¡mself,h£ loves do!ng th!ngs to h¡s own [email protected]!$faction.

And th£ great time h£ had spent with Irene yesterday,made h¡m work happily.

Th£ !ntercom buzzed and h£ picked it up.

h£y” h£ said.
Mr Harold, Ethan Weston is h£re to see you” h¡s secretary said.
Ohh… really?” Harold asked,not surprised a bit.
But i told h¡m th£re’s no way h£ can,h£ refused to leave but th£ securities are on th£ir way to lead h¡m ©vt. I j√$t wanted to !nform you.
Let h¡m !n” Harold said.
Let h¡m !n” Harold repeated.
Ohh…okay sir”

Th£ call disconnected and th£ secretary turned to face Ethan and h¡s multiple b©dyguards.

“Uhh..h£ said you can come !n” $h£ said and Ethan gave h£r a one sided smiled.
“I told you h£ won’t dare refuse to let me !n.” Ethan gr!nned.
“You’ll be led to h¡s office” $h£ said.
“I know my way” Ethan said and th£n walked to th£ elevator with h¡s b©dyguards.
h£ was friends with Harold for years and even though hates to admit it, Harold had a [email protected] !n mak!ng h¡m th¡s successful today.

“Have you gotten that stuff ready?” Ethan wh¡spered to one of h¡s b©dyguards.
“Yes boss” Th£ b©dyguard bowed and Ethan laugh£d as h£ got !nto th£ elevator.

What is Ethan really plann!ng now?

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