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Zeemah Writes

Chapter 82


‘im !n deep shit’!’ $h£ said !nwardly.

$h£ sigh£d and sat up on th£ fluffy b£d.
$h£ looked round th£ room, Ethan really did a great job !n mak!ng it look spectacular, it was th£ most beautiful room $h£ has ever seen.
And how h£ knew one of h£r best colours was scarlet was still surpris!ng to h£r.
$h£ rarely tell anyone.

$h£ stood up know!ng $h£ needs to tell Tom th£re’s a camera !nstalled !n h£r room.
$h£ must have been so dumb to th!nk Ethan would trust h£r easily.
h£’s a smart and sneaky man.
Though $h£ knows h¡s love for h£r is genu!ne,$h£ could feel it but h£ hadn’t allowed th£ love cloud h¡s judgement.
h£ isn’t a weak man who can be easily tamed.
$h£’s not h£re to tame h¡m though but to get what belongs to Harold.

h£lena’s necklace.

Harold might look happy on th£ ©vtside but $h£ knows h£ feels !ncomplete with©vt th£ necklace.
And h£ was always constantly th!nk!ng ab©vt it.
~if th£re’s anyth!ng i wish for most,it’s to get [email protected]¢k h£lena’s necklace~ h£ had said to h£r.

And with all h£ had done for h£r and h£r family, h£lp!ng h¡m get [email protected]¢k th£ necklace h£ so much ch£ri$h£d shouldn’t be too much.
$h£ loves h¡m so much and would do anyth!ng to make h¡m feel happy and complete.

While $h£’s h£re for th£ necklace, $h£’ll make sure to get all Ethan’s bad deeds and also th£ spy who keeps supply!ng h¡m !nformation ab©vt th£m.
If $h£’s successful with h£r plan th£n Ethan will be h£ad!ng to prison !n one week.
$h£’s not sure it’ll be easy though,now $h£ gat a steady camera on h£r.

$h£ j√$t got !nto th£ room th¡s morn!ng and $h£’s glad $h£ hasn’t done anyth!ng suspicious.
Tom was so wise to suggest $h£ makes call !n th£ bathroom.

What if h£ has a camera !nstalled !n th£ bathroom also.

$h£ walked !nto th£ bathroom and looked @r0vnd ¢ar£fvlly,th£ search for anoth£r camera went on for m!nutes and $h£ was glad $h£ didn’t f!nd one.
$h£ spla$h£d water on h£r face and grabb£d a towel which $h£ wiped h£r face with.
$h£ search£d h£r pocket for h£r phone to call Tom and realized $h£ left !n th£ room.
$h£ stepped [email protected]¢k !nto h£r room and s¢r**med as $h£ saw Ethan sitt!ng on h£r b£d.
“OMG! Did i startle you?” h£ asked gently.
“Ahh” Irene sigh£d !n relief.
“You startled me” $h£ said, walk!ng closer to h¡m.
$h£ picked h£r phone beside h¡m on th£ b£d.
“You didn’t ask ab©vt my bus!ness meet!ng” Ethan smiled and someth!ng suddenly came to Irene’s m!nd.
$h£ closed h£r eyes t!ghtly and tried [email protected] to remember th£ night h£r fath£r had died.
$h£ bursted !nto tears and Ethan quickly got to h¡s feet.
“What’s wrong?” h£ asked worriedly.
Irene cont!nued cry!ng and Ethan sat h£r d©wΠ, h£ gazed d©wΠ at h£r worriedly.
“What’s wrong darl!ng?” h£ asked and Irene sniffed.
“I can’t believe you could do th¡s” $h£ said, wip!ng h£r tears with h£r palm.
“What?” Ethan asked,so s¢ar£d $h£ might have found ©vt someth!ng unpleasant ab©vt h¡m.
“How could you !nstall a camera !n my room, you claim to love me but you don’t even trust me a bit and to th!nk i was start!ng to love you” Irene said and sniffed as drops of tears fell from h£r eyes.
“OMG” Ethan sigh£d.
“I’m so sorry” h£ said, ¢rov¢h!ng before h£r.
h£ was so touch£d by h£r tears that h¡s h£art ach£,th¡s is so unusual of h¡m.

And did $h£ j√$t said $h£’s start!ng to love h¡m?
Gosh..h¡s h£art felt like burst!ng.

“Irene, I’m so sorry. Its not me actually. Carrle suggested it, trust me,i have no [email protected] !n th¡s. I trust you Irene”
“I swear”
“Th£n why did you allow h£r do it?” Irene asked.
“Carrle is obst!nate, $h£ does whatever $h£ wants, i couldn’t have stopped h£r even if i wanted to but…how did you f!nd ©vt ab©vt th£ camera?” Ethan asked.

“I..i was search!ng for my bracelet wh£n i sighted it by th£ b£dside lamp”
“I hope th£ love you’re start!ng to have for me hasn’t dim!ni$h£d yet cause thought i didn’t trust you?” Ethan asked hopefvlly.
“It almost did” Irene.
“Gosh!” Ethan sigh£d.
“But now I’m sure you trust me and have no [email protected] !n it” Irene said.
” I’m go!ng to order th£m to rem©v£ it right now.”
“Please do” Irene said.
[email protected]!n” Ethan called.
“Yes boss” [email protected]!n opened th£ door and walked !n.
h£ bowed.

“Disconnect th£ CCTV by th£ b£dside lamp immediately” Ethan ordered.
“Okay boss” [email protected]!n bowed before carry!ng ©vt th£ order.
“Are you sure that’s th£ only one !n my room” Irene asked.
“Yeah,$h£ !nstalled j√$t one” Ethan said.

[email protected]!n was done disconnect!ng it !n m!nutes,h£ walked ©vt of th£ room and went to thrash it.

Irene felt relieved and a smile lit up h£r l¡ps.
“Thanks Ethan, i hope Carrle wouldn’t be mad at you”
“I don’t ¢ar£, it’s my house and $h£ should be f!ne with whatever i do !n it. I’ll do anyth!ng to make you happy Irene”
Irene almost felt bad us!ng h¡s feel!ngs for h£r as an advantage but Ethan is a bad person also,$h£ shouldn’t feel pity for h¡m.
It’s someth!ng h£ could have done also.
“How was your bus!ness meet!ng?” $h£ asked.
“Great” h£ smiled .
“Th£ transaction was successful” h£ added.

“What’s happen!ng h£re?” Th£y h£ard Carrle sh©vt.
Ethan got on h¡s feet,so did Irene.
Th£ door opened and Carrle walked !n.
“That th!ng j√$t told me $h£ has become a personal maid to Irene, how did that happen? h£y, you can’t j√$t make decisions. You need to consult me first” Carrle yelled at Irene.
“Carrle,i gave h£r th£ go ah£ad,$h£ asked me before do!ng it” Ethan said.
” I don’t ¢ar£, $h£’ll need to consult me first before mak!ng any m©v£ !n th¡s house. Th¡s is my house” Carrle stated clearly.
“You have tons of personal maids,why can’t i have one?” Irene asked.
“Really?” Carrle asked gett!ng pissed off.
“Yeah” Irene said.

“Ethan,come to th£ room right now” Carrle said before walk!ng ©vt and bang!ng th£ door..
“I’ll be [email protected]¢k Irene” Ethan said to Irene who nodded.

$h£ walked !nto th£ bathroom immediately h£ left and placed a call across Tom.
Tom,i found th£ camera like you said. By my b£dside lamp!
I knew it! Damn.
But it’s gone now” Irene smiled.
What? How? Did you disconnect it yourself. Damn, th£y are go!ng to be suspicious.
I didn’t. Ethan did.
What! How?
I actually performed some drama” Irene laugh£d.
Go ah£ad and fill me !n” Tom said !nterest!ngly.
Wow!” Tom laugh£d after Irene narrated th£ ordeal to h¡m.
What a wise m©v£. Now h£’s go!ng to trust you cause h£ now knows how hurt you were know!ng h£ doesn’t trust you. You’ve ga!ned h¡s trust now,th!ngs will be m©r£ easy.

Okay,so our first problem is solved,which is trust. What’s next?” Irene asked.
Sw!ng!ng !nto action” Tom said.
Th£ first th!ng i want to do is get th£ necklace,do i have to go through Carrle’s jewelry box?
Yes because we’re not sure wh£re it might be, if Carrle really took it,it should be !n h£r jewelry box and if it isn’t, you’ll have to search Ethan’s room also. Irene,you need to be very ¢ar£ful. If you’re caught, Ethan might not spare you.

Okay” Irene sigh£d.
I j√$t have to sneak !nto h£r room right?
Do not dare! You’ll be caught. Carrle’s as smart as Ethan, $h£ doesn’t trust you a bit and believe me,$h£ already have people watch!ng you” Tom said.
What should i do th£n?” Irene asked.
You can politely ask h£r to show you h£r collection of jewelries, you’ll say it !n a way that really shows you admire every jewelry $h£ puts on.
Okay” Irene smiled.

$h£ had made no mistake !n mak!ng Tom know of h£r plans,th£y had both sat togeth£r to plan it ©vt,th£ day h£ brought h£r luggage to h£r house.
h£ was m©r£ !nterested !n reveal!ng Ethan’s bad deeds though while $h£’s !nterested !n th£ necklace and th£ spy!
Th£y had concluded not to !nform Harold cause h£’s never go!ng to allow h£r do it.
Thank you Tom.
Com’on, i should thank you for sacrific!ng to br!ng Ethan to book. Not everyone can do that.
What ab©vt Cory?” $h£ asked.
Th£y had !ncluded Tom’s friend also,who’s a trustworthy police and detective j√$t wait!ng for evidence to br!ng Ethan !nto book.
Ethan has almost all th£ cops wr*₱ped @r0vnd h¡s f!ng£r but not Cory.
$h£ had planted th£ tape recorder Cory had given h£r !n Ethan’s room, it’s automatically connected to Cory’s laptop,h£’s go!ng to h£ar everyth!ng that’s be!ng discussed !n th£ room and file th£ important details.

h£’s ever ready,j√$t wait!ng for evidence.
Cool, but are you sure i can garner enough evidence !n j√$t six days. We have six days left Tom.
Of course you can,once you’re done gett!ng th£ necklace, we’ll proceed with th£ next plan. We shouldn’t rush or th£y’ll suspect.
Okay. How’s Harold?” $h£ asked worriedly.
h£y, you need to stop ask!ng ab©vt h¡m and focus. You’re go!ng to get [email protected]¢k to h¡m after you’re done. You’re do!ng th¡s for h¡m,do not let h¡m distract you okay?”
Okay Tom.

And i th!nk i should wait till it’s tomorrow before approach!ng Carrle,$h£’s a bit pissed now.
And make sure to approach h£r wh£n $h£’s !n a great mood.
I gotta go.
Okay boss” Irene t£@$ed and th£y both laugh£d.
Bye detective Irene.

$h£ smiled as $h£ walked ©vt of th£ bathroom.
$h£’s not yet done with h£r education,if th£y succeed !n th¡s plan,th£n $h£’s go!ng to work towards becom!ng an undercover detective.
$h£ had always loved look!ng !nto th!ngs.

$h£ sat on th£ b£d and !nvited Christiana !n.

“Can i get a gla$$ of strawberry juice please” $h£ said.
“Right away ma’am” Tiana bowed, happy to carry ©vt Irene’s order..
Irene smiled as $h£ watch£d h£r leave.
$h£ couldn’t tell th£ reason $h£’s drawn to h£r, maybe it’s because h£r story is quite touch!ng.

“j√$t shut up Ethan! How could you allow h£r have a personal maid with©vt seek!ng my permission first! And i can’t believe you dared disconnect th£ camera. Are you !nsane?” Carrle raged.
“You really need to chill Carl! You should be happy $h£’s feel!ng m©r£ at home, that means $h£’s never go!ng to return to Harold” Ethan said and Carrle’s anger was abated.

“Okay, I’m f!ne with th£ personal maid shitty stuff, i have ten myself but how dare you disconnect th£ camera,that lady is not to be trusted,we need to keep watch!ng h£r” Carrle said.
“You can tell th£ b©dyguards to do that but $h£ was so hurt wh£n $h£ found ©vt we were keep!ng a tab on h£r, $h£ felt we didn’t trust h£r and that made h£r uncomfortable, if we keep mak!ng h£r feel uncomfortable,$h£ might return to h¡m and you’ll lose your chance!” Ethan said.

Carrle bl!nked reasonably. “I never thought of that”
“That’s why you have me,who th!nk from every angle” Ethan w!nked and $h£ smiled.
“But seriously th£re’s noth!ng suspicious ab©vt h£r, th£ camera was on h£r s!nce morn!ng and $h£ didn’t do anyth!ng suspicious” Ethan said.
“Yeah but $h£ might be wait!ng to fvlly settle !n” Carrle said.
“I don’t th!nk so” Ethan said.
“Whatever” $h£ rolled h£r eyes, dropp!ng h£r bag on th£ b£d.

“Wh£n do you th!nk i can approach Harold?” $h£ asked.
“Alex told me h£’s not go!ng to be at any of h¡s companies for days, h£’s still nurs!ng th£ wound of Irene walk!ng ©vt of h¡s life. I would have loved to visit h¡m at th£ office and taunt h¡m with it though” Ethan laugh£d.
“And i can’t possibly go to h¡s house. h¡s parents and that little witch is th£re and th£y hate me” Carrle [email protected]
“You’re go!ng th£re for Harold,not th£m. And aren’t you go!ng to be visit!ng your daughter soon? You should use that opportunity” Ethan said.
“Wow, you’re such a great th!nker.” Carrle klzzed h¡m.

“I hope you made Doc Donovan drop th£ money before kill!ng h¡m?” Carrle asked !n a wh¡sper.
“Of course, i gave th£ same money to Doc Cyril and you won’t believe th£ tough look!ng man melted at th£ sight of money” Ethan laugh£d [email protected]
“OMG! Really?” Carrle jo!ned !n th£ laughter.
“Yes, h£ agreed to do it with©vt h£sitat!ng”
“Wow! We shouldn’t trust people’s looks after all” Carrle said.
“Trust me, h£ looked like someone who can’t be m©v£d by anyth!ng and to th!nk h£ had even rejected th£ friendship i stretch£d to h¡m” Ethan laugh£d.

“I’m sure h£ doesn’t know h£’s go!ng to die soon” Carrle said.
“Of course h£ doesn’t know, once th£ result is ©vt and th£ baby is confirmed m!ne, h£’ll be gone. I can’t have anyone leak!ng my secrets to th£ media though h£’s not a blabberm©vth like Donovan but i j√$t have to do it” Ethan said.

“Of course, you need to ch£ck ©vt th£ s€×y wears i got from Tanya’s store,I’m so sure Harold will be unable to resist me th¡s time” Carrle gr!nned.


Zeemah Writes

Chapter 83


Harold stayed at th£ office until nearly eight o’clock !n th£ night,por!ng over files, answer!ng emails,and fill!ng th!ngs.
h£ realised h£ was avoid!ng go!ng home.
h£ had deeply engrossed h¡mself !n h¡s work j√$t to forget Irene.

But could $h£ really do that to h¡m?
h£’s still f!nd!ng it [email protected] to believe even though it seems real.
Irene had left h¡m…for Ethan.
Because of some stupid revenge?
h£ never knew h£r to be someone like that, could it be that $h£ changed overnight.
h£ really missed h£r and h¡s h£art ach£ for h£r every seconds, h£’s try!ng to hate h£r for what $h£ did to h¡m but h£ j√$t couldn’t.
$h£ kept com!ng to h¡s h£ad even while h£ was work!ng.
How could $h£ hurt h¡m th¡s much.
What h£’s feel!ng now is beyond h£artbreak.

Th£ two women h£ loved !n h¡s life had been robb£d off h¡m by th£ same man!
And h£ couldn’t do anyth!ng than j√$t sit and nurse h¡s h£artbreak.
Well…what could h£ have done?
Noth!ng, because th£ ladies chose to be with h¡m.
Th£y chose Ethan over h¡m.
Do women like deceptive,tricky,evil, unfavorable and unpleasant men??
Cause h£ j√$t doesn’t seem to understand why Ethan keeps gett!ng chos£n.

$h£ had said $h£ doesn’t even ¢ar£ if th£ baby was h¡s.
That simply means,if th£ baby is even confirmed as h¡s, $h£’s still go!ng to rema!n with Ethan.
And if th£ baby belongs to Ethan,h£’s go!ng to lose h£r forever.

Why does h£ keep hop!ng $h£’ll be [email protected]¢k to h¡m.
h£ had hoped Carrle will be [email protected]¢k to h¡m but $h£ rema!ned with Ethan for years.

h£ shut h¡s laptop,grabb£d h¡s jacket and strode ©vt of th£ door.
Alex and Robb!ns followed h¡m immediately.

Th£re were j√$t few staff left !n th£ company.
Robb!ns and Alex hadn’t disturb£d Harold cause th£y knew how troubled and h£artbroken h£ is.
h¡s driver got h¡s car ready wh£n h£ saw h¡m approach!ng and th£ car door was opened for h¡m, h£ got !n and picked th£ laptop that’s meant for th£ car alone.
h£ opened it and switch£d it on.
h£ needed someth!ng to divert h¡s thoughts to, h£ can’t j√$t keep th!nk!ng of Irene wh£n $h£’s !n a man’s house.

Th£ same man that had taken h¡s first wife from h¡m.

Though h£ hadn’t been th¡s hurt dur!ng Carrle’s own.
But h£ had put so much trust !nto Irene.
h£ doubt if h£’ll be able to go to th£ hospital wh£n th£ result is ready.
Whatever th£ result is,h£ doesn’t ¢ar£.
“Mr Harold,your phone is r!ng!ng” Robb!ns tapped Harold who seems to have dwelled !n h¡s own thought.
“Ohh..fv¢k!” Harold swore, h£ hadn’t even h£ard h¡s phone r!ng.
Robb!ns pa$$ed it to h¡m.

It was h¡s Mum.

Wh£re are you?” h£r t!ny stern voice filled h¡s ear.
I’m not seventeen any longer Mum.
I know,i only want to be sure you’re not somewh£re dr!nk!ng or th!nk!ng of committ!ng suicide.
C’mon, i wouldn’t do that.
I j√$t want you to know that we your family would never leave you, any oth£r person can but we’ll always be h£re for you. I love you my baby boy” Mrs Marshall said and Harold was close to tears by th£ time $h£ was done.

h£ couldn’t speak,h£ only tried not to cry.

You know what? j√$t get married to me,I’m never gonna leave you,you don’t have to propose,i said yes! already” Mrs Marshall said and Harold bursted ©vt laugh!ng.
Drops of tears fell from h¡s eyes and h£ quickly wiped th£m off.
Thanks Mum. I love you so much.
I love you m©r£ son.
I’ll be home soon.
Alright, Bye.

h£ dropped h¡s phone and sigh£d softly.
h¡s mum j√$t lifted h¡s spirit,h£ felt good.

h£ closed h¡s laptop and pa$$ed it to Robb!ns.

“Mum” Harold hugged Mrs Marshall t!ghtly as h£ walked !nto th£ liv!ng room.
$h£ was wait!ng for h¡m after putt!ng Ivory to b£d.
$h£ klzzed h¡m on both ch£eks and led h¡m to th£ d!n!ng room.
Th¡s is one of th£ few times h¡m Mum di$h£s ©vt meal for h¡m.
Almost all th£ workers were asleep.
Harold ate hungrily and h£ was almost done with th£ portion Mrs Marshall di$h£d for h¡m,$h£ di$h£d m©r£ for h¡m.
$h£ know h£ probably sat !n h¡s office work!ng and ate noth!ng all day.

“Please my b©dyguards and driver needs to eat too” Harold said and Mrs Marshall nodded…
$h£ called on a maid to take th£ir meal to th£m and watch£d Harold eat.
“How’s Ivory?” h£ asked.
“$h£’s asleep already and $h£ waited to see you home but i guess $h£ couldn’t wait any longer” Mrs Marshall said and Harold nodded.
“How’s Allysia too?” h£ asked.
h£ doesn’t see much of h£r th£se days.
“$h£ said $h£’s go!ng to see you tomorrow morn!ng”

“Do you want m©r£?” Mrs Marshall asked and h£ shook h¡s h£ad.
“I’m f!ne” h£ said, lift!ng th£ gla$$ cup of h¡s favorite w!ne to h¡s l¡ps.
“How was work?” Mrs Neave asked.
“Great. I was able to cover th£ th!ngs I’ve missed, though my employees weren’t expect!ng me that soon, you know i told Alex to !nform my companies that i won’t be @r0vnd for a while”
“Ohh…yeah” Mrs Marshall nodded.

Harold m©v£d on to des**t and $h£ watch£d h¡m !nterest!ngly.
$h£ has always been proud to have such a good-look!ng and goal driven son.
$h£ wonder which lady !n h£r right s£nse would actually leave h¡m for Ethan.
Harold’s looks alone could make one drool,h£’s a top notch bus!ness man, [email protected]!ng,!ncredibly wealthy! Companies could kill to partner with Harold.
$h£ couldn’t even count th£ amount of cla$$y women that had made friends with h£r because th£y wanted Harold for th£ir daughters.
“Hmm…are you really serious ab©vt mak!ng me your husband?” Harold t£@$ed, see!ng th£ admiration !n h¡s moth£r’s eyes as $h£ gazed at h¡m.
“Of course, i already said yes on th£ phone” Mrs Marshall w!nked, wav!ng h£r wedd!ng r!ng !n h¡s face.
“My husband is go!ng to kill you” $h£ added with a smile and h£ laugh£d.
“I know right”

“You should go to b£d Mum” Harold said.
“Once you’re done” Mrs Marshall said.
“I bet Dad is wait!ng for you already” Harold said.
“h£ is, I’m glad some movies kept h¡m busy or h£ would have come get me”
“Ohh…i was wonder!ng why h£ hasn’t come to get you”

“Arrrgh,I’m so fvll” Harold sigh£d.
“You tend to eat m©r£ wh£n i serve you” Mrs Marshall noted proudly.
“Ohh…your husband wants you already” Harold said, see!ng Mr Marshall’s personal b©dyguard approach th£ d!n!ng room.

“h£llo Mr Harold” h£ greeted.
“Hi James” Harold said.
“Ma’am, Mr Marshall wa..”
“I’ll be right th£re” Mrs Marshall cut h¡m short.
“Alright ma’am” h£ turned and walked away.

“I’m also done eat!ng” Harold stood up and stretch£d.
h£ hadn’t even fre$h£ned up before hav!ng d!nner.

Th£y both walked up th£ stairs and h£ klzzed h¡s Mum goodnight wh£n th£y got to th£ door of h£r room.
h£ walked !nto Ivory’s room after that and gently $tr*me h£r hair, h£ covered h£r properly with h£r blanket and klzzed h£r on h£r ch£ek.
h£ smiled as $h£ stirred.
“Sleep!ng beauty,sweet dreams” h£ said before walk!ng ©vt of h£r room,h£ had tried not to glance at th£ adjo!n!ng door connect!ng Ivory’s room to Irene’s.
h£ doesn’t want to th!nk ab©vt h£r anym©r£, h£ wants to have a good night sleep and go to work tomorrow morn!ng like noth!ng has happened.

h£ dropped h¡s jacket on th£ couch !n h¡s room, ₱v||ed h¡s shoes, loos£ned th£ buttons of h¡s shirt before walk!ng !nto th£ bathroom.
h£ fell straight !nto b£d after fre$h£n!ng up and chang!ng !nto h¡s pajamas.

“$h£ won’t even pick our calls” Mrs Neave said to Damien as h£ ate h¡s breakf*st.
“$h£ doesn’t want to be distracted..i guess” Damien said,even though h£ longed to h£ar from h¡s sister.
“Irene is j√$t so stubborn, i hope $h£ doesn’t get hurt” Mrs Neave said worriedly.
Damien was worried also but h£ didn’t voice it ©vt.
h£ knew how dangerous Ethan is.

“$h£’ll be f!ne, Mum” h£ a$$ured h£r.
h£ d©wΠed a gla$$ cup of water after eat!ng and klzzed h£r goodbye.
“Have a nice day” Mrs Neave said after h¡m.
“You too Mum” Damien said before walk!ng ©vt of th£ door.

h£ met Bla!ne wait!ng ©vtside th£ gate.
“h£y buddy” th£y greeted each°th£r with smiles.
Th£y both waited for th£ car that conveyed Damien to school with Ivory and Allysia. Bla!ne wanted to see Allysia before go!ng to school, h£ does that every morn!ng.

“You should come to our school !nstead of wait!ng to see Allysia every morn!ng” Damien t£@$ed and Bla!ne punch£d h¡m ₱|@yfvlly.
“How’s Irene?” Bla!ne asked.
“$h£’s f!ne, though not @r0vnd for now,$h£’s deal!ng with some shitty stuff” Damien said.
“Does it !nvolve Mr Harold?” Bla!ne asked.
“Of course”
Bla!ne smiled “silly couple fights”
“I hope that’s what it is th¡s time but it looks pretty serious” Damien said.
“Uh..” Bla!ne sigh£d.
“Th£y would solve it ©vt” Damien said.

“Th£ir car is approach!ng” Bla!ne smiled.

Mrs Neave h£ard a knock on th£ door while cook!ng lunch, $h£ quickly went to get it and $h£ wasn’t surprised to f!nd Harold stand!ng th£re.
“I know $h£’s not home but is $h£ home?” Harold asked and Mrs Neave sigh£d.
$h£ !nvited h¡m !n.

“Irene left with Ethan, Harold” $h£ said, sitt!ng beside h¡m on th£ couch.
“$h£ told me,i know but did $h£ really left me for h¡m?” Harold smiled, shak!ng h¡s h£ad.
“I was shocked also” Mrs Neave said,$h£ wanted to tell h¡m that Irene might be plann!ng someth!ng but what if $h£’s not, $h£ doesn’t want to give th£ poor man false hope.

“Is Irene really revengeful?” h£ asked.
“Yes but $h£ dropped th£ act long ago” Mrs Neave said.
“$h£ picked it up aga!n! I know i hurt h£r but..$h£ shouldn’t have hurt me th¡s much and i can’t even get h£r ©vt of my h£ad” h£ breath£d ©vt.
“I’m so sorry ab©vt that Harold, i have a feel!ng Irene’s com!ng [email protected]¢k to you,$h£ will” Mrs Neave said.

“I still do not want to believe $h£ can do that to me” Harold said.
“Me neith£r,but I’ll advise you wait till th£ result is ©vt” Mrs Neave said and Harold shrugged.
h£ doesn’t even ¢ar£ ab©vt th£ ©vtcome of th£ result any longer.

“Do you want some pizza rolls?” $h£ asked.
“Perhaps th£y’ll..” Mrs Neave was say!ng wh£n h£r phone started r!ng!ng.
$h£ picked it from th£ table.

“It’s Irene, $h£’s th£ one call!ng” $h£ said to Harold and h£ knew $h£ wouldn’t even speak to h¡m.
But h¡s h£art ach£d to h£ar h£r sooth!ng voice.

Mrs Neave placed th£ call on loudspeaker.

h£y Mum” $h£ said and Harold’s b©dy system reacted shamelessly to h£r voice.

Irene, Harold’s h£re” Mrs Neave said and silence followed from th£ oth£r end before th£y both h£ard a disconnect!ng sound.



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