A Road to Nowhere

A Road to Nowhere (episode 1)

© Oby Chinyere

Ryan walked round the room, he checked the cabinets where he locked Sarah’s things, she was around yesterday, and spent the night, she always Leave some of her things, like her undies and other personal things behind, even Becca also leave hers whenever she comes, so he has two different cabinets for two of them which is always Lock and he only open the cabinet according to the person it belongs to, whenever each one is around, he was always careful not to get caught from any of the Ladies..he opened Becca’s cabinet and left it open.

he nodded with a smile as he look round and walk back to the bed, it was neatly arranged, everything was in place, he walk to into the living room, he put the throw pillows on each chair, he checked everything around the living room it was in order, he walked into the kitchen, he has made one of Becca’s favorite, pasta with chicken sauce, he was a good cook, and he felt so proud with himself,
After inspecting the wh0le place to make sure there was no trace of Sarah’s things around the house, the house was clean enough, he makes sure everything was in place, he felt satisfied within himself,
The other room was occupied by Oscar, his bosom friend who knows his in and out and covers him up, Oscar doesn’t always agreed with all the things he does but he let him be and doesn’t disturb him with all that “churchy good boy preaching” which Ryan was not in for.
Oscar live his own life and minds his business, which has being more reason him and Ryan are very cool,
Oscar is pharmacist, while Ryan is a computer engineer, they have being cool friends from way back school days, Oscar later had accommodation problem and Ryan asked him to move in, and they agreed to split the rent of which Ryan pays more than Oscar, they have being doing so without any problem.


Ryan was a chronic womanizer and was always good with his game, he knows he was good looking which was an added advantage to him, and he was smart and outspoken too, he played a very neat game, he doesn’t want to be caught by any of his ladies,
Ryan decided to call Becca to know if she was close,
“Hello baby, where are you now?
” I just got to your bustop, I’m close, don’t worry you will see me soon..I know you are missing me even though we were together three days ago, a passing day without you in it is so empty, no matter how Long we speak on the phone I always want to be in your arms my love…
“Same here baby, Oh please tell the cab man to hurry up, I can’t wait to see you, I miss you so much my love…I also made your favorite…
After the call with Becca, Ryan looked around the house again just to be satisfied with his conscience, and when he felt there was nothing to worry about he sat on the cushion and change the television channels to afro beat music, one of his best, he sat and wait while watching the music on the screen.
Becca was so happy as she alighted from the taxi, she and Ryan has being dating for over a year now, and Ryan has proven to be her dream man, tall and handsome, he works in a good company and he is well paid, he live in a very comfortable place, drives a fine car, she doesn’t really like his friend, Oscar because he seem to be occupying space in her boyfriend’s house, she Wonder why he can’t get his own place to live in, although Oscar was always nice to her, And he was very handsome too like Ryan but she doesn’t like a man who is not well to do, who doesn’t earn good money and live in his own place,those kind of men does not appeal to her.
Her phone was ringing and she thought it was Ryan again but It was Clara, her girl friend


” babe was up, where are you…
“I just got to Ryan’s place now…
” ooh, i thought you are home, but Becca, you went to see him over the weekend, which was three days ago, today is Tuesday..
“Ahh, if I don’t see him everyday like this my heart beat rises, he is my antidote to loneliness and sadness, I can’t live without my Ryan, you know how much I love him, I want to always be close to him before another woman takes him from me, you know how desperate some Ladies can be when they see a handsome man that is well to do, you know how cute Ryan is and he cooks well too, or have you forgotten the first day you saw him, you mentioned how handsome he was, don’t worry on a good day I will come along with you, he is so loving and so accommodating Clara, I’m so happy that he is mine alone, I can’t even share him even if I’m offered billions, I love him too much Clara…
” hmmm, lover girl, this your love is so strong, my greetings to him, make sure you tell him I said hi…alright, we will talk later…bring goodies home, hope you are coming back today?
“No, I’m not, I’m passing the night here, maybe two nights here…but not to worry I Will let him know you said hi…
Ryan opened the door and Becca stepped in, they k-ssed and hugged, his phone started ringing and it was Sarah, he ignored the call,
Sarah kept calling but he didn’t pick up Becca who couldn’t bear the continues phone noise spoke up


” baby, pick your call or put off the Phone, who’s that calling you by the way..
“Is my cousin sister, the one I always tell you about, she needs some money for her school project, I promised to give her but i don’t have money right now and she’s being calling… Just don’t know what to tell her…
” doesn’t she have a boyfriend or a father to go to, why is she disturbing you, please off the phone, let nothing spoil our today’s fun…
Ryan put off his phone.
Sarah was wondering why Ryan was not picking his call again, she just left his house this morning after spending a night with him, Ryan told her to leave because he said his mother was coming and he doesn’t want to give her a wrong impression about living with his girlfriend,
Ryan always ask her to leave anytime the mother was coming over, she has to leave, but she just remembered she forgot her phone charger, she needs to go get it because she will be traveling with it tomorrow
She tried Ryan’s line, thinking he may drive down and bring the charger for her, but his line was off, she bit her l-ips not knowing what to do


She later decided to go over to Ryan ‘s house and pick up her stuff since Ryan is not picking up his phone and suddenly his line is off.
She picked up her handbag and stepped out, she saw a bike man and called him to carry her to her loving boyfriend’s house.
The only man she has loved with her life, she practically worsh¡p the ground he walks on, she can swear with anything that Ryan can never cheat on her, she feel so proud to be his Woman, she love him so dearly, is being eight months they have being together and he still manages to take her breath away
Thinking of Ryan makes her so happy,


She gave the bike man direction on where she’s going,
she just need to pick up her charger, she doesn’t want to spend much time there because of Ryan’s mother who Ryan said will be around, but if she’s not yet around and Ryan wants her to spend another night with him she will be glad to do that.
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