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A Road to Nowhere (episode 12)


© Oby Chinyere

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“I have to go please…
“then go…I’m not stopping you…is always like this with you…always…I’m just sick and tired, go…leave at once…this whole week has being terrible for me…and you caused it all…now you want to go…just as usual…please go…go back to your whore…
“please stop…stop this…I still feel pains…not just my head…but all my body…but is better off now than before…all thanks to you…you took care of me…stepping in when I needed you…thank you for always being there for me…but I still have to go…please…she has being calling and threatening…you know how she is…and I can’t just leave her in her condition…she needs me…
“and I said you should go…why are you still here…is always your usual way, running to me when things are bad for you and then disappearing again like thin air…is my fault for loving you too much…for caring and putting you first before every thing and everyone…I’m tired of doing that…she’s being calling and threatening…so what…you are running off to her again…I’m…I’m just so tired of this…being your fool…tired of you using me all the time, you are totally confuse…and can’t even tell who love you and who don’t…I have risk so much all in the name of love…I’m sick of it…please leave…
“Sarah…I expected you to understand the condition I am…I didn’t bargain for this, I love you…I just can’t do anything right now…I’m in a tight corner…Clara is there…she’s pregnant and I’m going to be a father very soon, that’s the only thing giving me joy, having my baby, despite Clara is hell to live with but I just have to accept my fate because of the child she will give me, she is going to have my baby, although in the beginning I didn’t want it because is going to distraught a whole lot of thing in my life but I just have to accept it and take up the responsibility as a father to be, is a good thing Sarah, be happy for me, why I act like a fool and does whatever Clara ask of me is because of the baby, I have already invested so much into her for the baby sake, I need to be there, I need to, please…
“Nobody is stopping you from being in your child’s life, you are just terrible Ryan, now you want to become responsible, if you have a problem out there you will come running to me, always using me to get away from your troubles, you have watched your women trying to tear me apart, you never raise a finger to defend me or a voice to stop them, I fought for you Ryan, I broke Oscar’s head because of you, Oscar is a good person, yet I chose you over him and hurt him so bad, which you never did for me, I was afraid he was going to kill you, that is what real love is, don’t just tell me you love me prove it, prove it to me Ryan, not with your mouth but with your action, one of us would have being dead that day, all for nothing, that day is the day I don’t want to remember, I hurt a nice man because of you, I nursed you back to health and now you are well you want to run back to your whores so what happens to me, you were just playing with my feeling…I thought it was one woman…then I found out that we are three, three women… Ryan, you almost got me killed, if that girl has succeeded in stabbing me with that knife that day I will probably be dead by now or disfigured…and what is the use, I died for a man who wouldn’t even shed a tear for me, I regretted knowing you…just leave… how do I even make amend with Oscar, I have ruin every chance of ever being with him again, do you see the way he defended me, he never allowed Becca to hurt me, he was very angry and yet he did not allow a strand of my hair to be hurt, you will never do that Ryan, you will rather stand there and watch while I’m stabbed to death…just leave…I love you so very much but you don’t deserve anything from me… you don’t worth it Ryan, you deserve whatever Clara is doing to you, and she will do worst to you once the baby is born, just be prepared it, I will not be your way of escape anymore, I will get over you… I will, and this time around I’m serious, I will get over you and move on without looking back, I will is just a matter of time but I will…
Ryan walked out sadly, while Sarah sat hard on the chair and wept, she knows that Ryan was off again and will come back if things becomes too rough for him and he needs to cool off, he will come running to her, he has loved Ryan with all her whole being but Ryan doesn’t know what he want, he was force to take responsibility of Clara’s pregnancy, and he has being living in hell ever since, she has risked so much for Ryan, and ended up hurting Oscar that she has promised never to hurt just because of Ryan, she will try to move on with her life and not allow Ryan into it again no matter what, and she was determined to try this time even though is not going to be easy but she was ready to put Ryan behind her, she will find a way to go and plead with Oscar, is not to take her back but to forgive her for hurting him and choosing a confused man over him who doesn’t worth it, Sarah cried silently, all by herself in her sitting room, all she wanted to do was to cry and she felt relieved after that.
Oscar shave off his hair, his head was on skin no hair on it except for the plaster, he was given some drugs, he was also granted a month leave from his work place to be able to treat himself from the injury he sustained from the accident just like he lied to them, and to everyone who cared to know why he has plaster on his head.
Melinda told him to come two times in a week for cleaning and redressing his wound, for quick healing, he kept to but when it was becoming humiliating he stopped, Melinda was still acting official around him, he even waited to speak to her in his car after work since she will not talk to him inside the hospital, she came out and didn’t give him a second look, she went straight to her doctor’s friend, a black tall young man who has stethoscope around his neck, the guy hugged her and they drove off together, the second time and also the third was all the same thing so Oscar decided not to go see her in the hospital again, he decided to wait for her in her house, he parked outside knowing that her doctor friend will be dropping her off,
He saw the car coming and stayed inside, Melinda came down, and bent over towards the driver side, Oscar watch as the doctor gave her a kissed on her both chicks before she waved him good bye, Oscar bite his lower lips as he watched, immediately the young doctor drove off he came down from his car and approached Melinda who was not surprise to see him, she still ignored him as she walked to her apartment that she share with her colleague who was just leaving for her night duty, Melinda as used the doctor to put Oscar away from her, she doesn’t want him back to her life so that he doesn’t come and ruined it again, doctor Philip who has being her good friend has asked her for date severally but she has refuse because she doesn’t feel connected with him, they agreed to remain friends, so Melinda has being using him to scare Oscar off, even doctor Philip was surprise of Melinda sudden change of attitude towards him, but he was happy and was hoping she will finally consider him for a date, Melinda has already sighted Oscar’s car parked at a little distance from her house and knew what to do to send him away, Oscar stood as the two lady’s stopped and talked,


“Mel, your mom stopped by, she dropped some food stuff for you, I put some inside the fridge, I made plantain porridge out of the things she brought, you are such a lucky girl, baby of the house, they are always checking on you to make sure you are okay…please don’t finish the porridge, reserve some for me….
“ooh Binta…sure I will, thanks for making something, that’s so sweet of you because I’m so hungry, thank you Binta…be good.
Binta greeted Oscar happily as she walked past him, Melinda’s mother who was a retired matron has never stopped caring for her daughter despite Melinda lives far away from them she still find a way to visit her bringing things for her, she drives long distance almost every week to come see Melinda.
“Melinda…please… stop Melinda…
Melinda ignored and try to go inside Oscar followed, she stood by the door annoyed
“What do you want…do you want to follow me into the house…I thought we only have appointment at the hospital not my house…what do you want me to do for you..
“I just want to talk….please…Melinda stop doing this…this is not fair…

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“oh is not fair now because she broke your head and your heart and you suddenly remembered there’s Melinda somewhere…you lied and told me it was an accident because you are ashamed to tell me Sarah smashed your head, she went back to her ex again and you remembered that Melinda can cure heart break and head ach, what do you even take me for…you are on a wrong road Oscar because I will never help beyond your head, you told me to stayed away from you and your relationship… and I promise to do just that and I have kept to that promise, stay away from me because I can only treat your head not your heart, we are not friends, our friendship ended the day you told me you don’t want to be friends with me anymore because your woman will not be happy with that, and I told you I will never…ever interfere or be there to help you get through if you are hurt just like the last time and you assured me such thing will never happen…now what do you want…what do you want from me…
“I’m sorry Melinda…I’m deeply sorry…I’m going through a very difficult time and I just need a friend…if not for anything but for what we once share together…please Melinda, forgive and try to understand why I have to do what I did, please be my friend again, don’t count me as an enemy, forget whatever I said, is hard to get through a day, is difficult, I want somebody I can talk to and rely on, please Mel, please…I’m begging you.
“well, I’m sorry I can’t help you, I have a boyfriend, yes, I’m in a fantastic relationship now and my man will not be comfortable with you coming around me, or be happy with that idea of having a male friend, you can only be my patient and our appointment ends in the hospital please don’t come to my house again, keep away from me, go and look for somebody to help you through but not me, I can’t do that…
Melinda went inside and locked the door, Oscar stood for sometime before going back to his car and driving off,
Oscar was becoming more frustrated as each day comes, even when he resumed work he can’t concentrate he was given another week to fully get himself, the more he thinks of Sarah the more sad and hurt he comes, he can’t believe that Sarah will hurt him this way, he has loved her and given all he got to her and yet she went back to the same man who hurt her and cheated on her, he can’t even sleep at night or eat well, he needed to do something to distract himself from thinking too much, but no matter what he does he still fills empty, he wish Melinda was here, he regretted treating her bad, he wish to have her close because she has always being a great friend to him but she warned him to keep away from her, he knows Melinda was angry, who wouldn’t be. he was having another troubling headache again, some of the drugs that Melinda prescribed for him has finished while he stopped taking some, he can’t even find where he kept the remaining ones, and his temperature was rising day by day, he was really falling sick, he called Melinda but she didn’t pick up, he decided to see if he can shut his mind and sleep, and within five minutes he slept off, and was awaken by a hard knock on the door, and his head was really aching, he stood up want went to the door, and it was Melinda, Oscar was happy on seeing her, she came inside and Oscar told her the way he was feeling, Melinda felt his temperature with her hand and it was high, she asked him to lay down while she attends to him, she asked him if he has eaten and he said he couldn’t eat much, Melinda gave him drugs which made him to sleep off again, she later left and just within thirty minutes she returned with food stuffs, and entered the kitchen, as she cook she arranged the whole house and cleaned the whole place, when the food was ready she woke Oscar up to eat and he did, and he felt way better, Melinda stayed with him, and when she wanted to go Oscar pleaded for her to stay and she stayed, while Oscar slept she covered him up and kept checking his temperature to the following morning, Melinda nursed him back to health, and just in no time he was able to resume back to work fully, Melinda took him out to see a movie most weekend, Oscar was so happy having Melinda back again.
“Thank you Melinda, thank you for forgiving me and coming back…what could I have done without you..
Melinda looked at him and smile in her usual way, Oscar bent over and kissed her just as she as anticipated, and Melinda responded well, and it was just like before as their friendship kicked off.
Becca called Oscar to check up, and told Oscar she has not gone to pay Ryan a visit yet that she was going there tomorrow well prepared for anything, she has being waiting to fully get back herself together before going to say good bye to Ryan in a hard way, Oscar warned her to be prepared for anything before she goes there because she may have to discover unexpected things that will shock her. Becca laughed and said she was ready for any thing.
Oscar was home one weekend when he hard a knock and rush to open thinking is Melinda, but his heart almost pulp up to his mouth as he saw Sarah, they stood at the door looking at each other, she asked Oscar to let her in and he did, as she came in she started apologizing to Oscar who was acting unconcerned
“you are here to tell me that you are sorry, well is all good, I have forgiven and I have moved on, please I don’t need you coming around here anymore, what you did still baffles me but I’m not surprise, I saw it all coming when you kept calling me Ryan, and never stopped mentioning him in our conversation, I thought is all going to stop but it got worst…the wound on my head wasn’t even painful enough compare to my heart, that I sold out to you and…hmmm, is all good Sarah, I have hard you, you are forgiven…
“I…just want to apologies…I’m deeply sorry Oscar… I can’t right my wrongs, i am really sorry for everything, Ryan left again, as usual, he left me for his pregnant girlfriend…and has never came back since then…but I have already ended things with him…is all over with me and Ryan, I’m serious this time Oscar…
“is non of my business Sarah, congratulation for ending things with him, but I seriously don’t care about you or Ryan, I got a life of my own to live, so let’s all do what makes us happy…your apology is accepted…you can leave now, have a good life Sarah out there…
Oscar who still has a soft spot for Sarah, and as much as he was trying to act calm he wanted to scream and shake her and ask her why she will hurt him the way she did, he wanted to do so many things but all he did was to speak calmly as if he doesn’t truly care, but deep down he knows he does,
Sarah turned and started walking towards the door, Oscar stretched his hand to stop her but held back, seeing her again was bringing back things he was trying to forget, as she got to the door she paused, and breathed deeply, she suddenly turned rushed into Oscar arm, crying heavily, Oscar couldn’t push her away, he held and found himself bending over to kiss her and clean her eyes, he quickly got himself and walked away from her and stood at a distance asking her to leave his house, Sarah felt like throwing up and rushed to Oscar’s bathroom, Oscar can hear from where he stood in the living room, he asked her if she was alright, but got no reply, he breathed deeply, he wanted to go check her but held himself, after some time she came out, Oscar still insisted that she leaves his house immediately, he doesn’t want Melinda to come and meet her and he was also trying to keep his emotion together.


“you need to leave right now Sarah and can’t give room for you to torment me again, is all over, we are done, you wanted Ryan… is fine by me, I have accepted defeat, and i have moved on…I put you behind me and the truth is I don’t want to have anything to do with you ever again, I don’t Sarah, I can’t be your scape goat and when Ryan comes back again you dump me aside and go straight to him, I’m trying to make things work out with me and Melinda, Melinda is a sweet girl, she has forgiven me and I’m seriously trying not to hurt her again because she deserve better than that, I don’t want to ruin my chance with her again because of you, please leave and don’t come back…don’t.
“I’m pregnant Oscar…
Oscar looked her and trying to understand what she just said, he stood in shock looking at her.
“You are what…you are preg….I mean pregnant for who…me…is it for me or Ryan…answer me…
Sarah wanted to talk but shut her mouth instead and hurriedly walk out of the house, ignoring Oscar who was calling her.

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