A Road to Nowhere

A Road to Nowhere (episode 13)

© Oby Chinyere
“Are you okay…you have being cold and quiet…what’s wrong…
“Yea…I’m fine…
Oscar smiled, trying to sound fine and to convince a worried Melinda that he was okay, deep down he wasn’t, since Sarah broke the news of her pregnancy, he has resumed thinking again and was finding it difficult to concentrate, Sarah did not say that he was responsible neither did she mention Ryan, or probably she wasn’t even sure, he slept with her and after five days he caught her with Ryan in bed, so it was confusing for him to ascertain if the baby was his or Ryan, he can’t even speak to Melinda about it, he was afraid that she will leave him, and he can’t afford to loose her now because he needs her, he doesn’t want to go over to Sarah’s place, he maybe emotionally trapped down with her, he has not fully gotten over her and something else may happen if he eventually go over to her place to see her and ask her who she was pregnant for, he wants to clear his mind, so that he can be at rest but he can’t afford to be alone with Sarah, which he was trying hærd to avoid, he doesn’t want to have anything to do with Sarah again.
Oscar thought of Ryan and frowned, “Sarah is probably pregnant for that idiot not me, and Clara too is also pregnant for him, so terrible, he will soon learn his lesson in a big way, Becca was coming for him and Clara, she doesn’t know yet that Ryan was Clara’s maga, she will soon find out and let’s hope it doesn’t get bloody for Ryan and the two women, and Becca was very serious about dealing with Ryan, Becca is not the kind of lady that forgives easily, she likes revenge, and won’t feel at peace until she achieve her aim, I would have being happy if Sarah’s baby was mine, even If I don’t end up with Sarah having a child with her will be consoling even though I know is probably Ryan’s child she’s carrying, he met with her last, but is all good, Ryan is the winner, She chose him over me, is sad but I have accepted it already, I accepted my fate and defeat, Melinda has being doing great in helping me put Sarah behind me, I was almost putting her behind me and she came with the news of her pregnancy, now I can’t even concentrate, even though I know the baby may not be mine, why I’m I so worked up about Sarah, this is crazy…
Oscar breathed deeply as different thought crosses his mind, he stood up and walk to the kitchen not looking for anything in particular but was just trying to avoid Melinda’s gaze, Melinda was just looking at him and couldn’t place what was going through Oscar’s mind but she knew he was bothered about something and wouldn’t say what it was,


Ryan sat at the dining trying to eat but the way Clara was pacing up and down, angrily shouting at him, he could not lift the spoon of food to his mouth, he was really tired from the mess he found himself into, he has no money again and he has being thinking of where to even borrow money if Clara wants to give birth, she has practically run down his business, dried up his account, anytime he get paid Clara will come demanding for money for she and the baby upkeep, which he will end up giving since he doesn’t want trouble, his only joy is that he will soon be welcoming his baby, he can’t wait for Clara to give birth to his child, so that they can do co parenting, the only connection Clara will have with him will be his child, he can’t wait to get away from her, his life is turned upside down already, she drained him off the last money he was saving for his child by demanding for a car because she can’t be walking up and down with heavy pregnancy, he pleaded for her to understand that the only money with him was to buy things for the baby and upkeep when she finally gives birth but Clara doesn’t want to hear of it and he ended up giving her the last money with him for peace to reign, now she came again demanding for a house with five years rent, where did she expect him to even get such money, he doesn’t have a dime again, let her rather kill him because he was even tired of living this kind of sad life he created for himself, everything around him was frustrating, Clara was making his life a living hell, he hated himself for ever getting involve with many women, if he has known better he would have stick to one, either Sarah or Becca, Sarah was calm and very forgiving, Becca can be very aggressive, he would have love to be with Sarah who has always forgiven and accepted him no matter what he does, in truth he doesn’t even deserve her, he has hurt her beyond word, he was ready to turn a new leaf and make amend, Sarah deserve somebody like Oscar but she always chose him over Oscar, he wish he has appreciated her more and stick with her, she would have made a great man out of him but instead he ended up with Clara, Becca was also loving and only becomes crazy if she’s crossed, she can set a wh0le house on fire if she get’s angry, he was dating Becca before he met Sarah, Becca was in love with him right from the first day, and did not stop loving him until the last struck that almost got him and Sarah killed, he wish he has not double dated, involving too much women in his life, hurting some and the last one is just about to send him to his early grave with her pregnancy and excess demand, she was determined to s-ck him dry, getting Clara pregnant is his biggest mistake and also gain, at lease she will bear a child for him, he can’t continue with his useless life style with women, he has always been careful but got caught down with Clara of all women, he was happy now that he didn’t angrily succeed in terminating Clara’s pregnancy which he has tried to do severally, Clara even drank some of the mix portion without knowing and nothing happened to her, while she poured away some of the abortion mixture when she suspected him, he thought he has succeeded but was surprise when Clara was still pregnant, he eventually accepted his fate, now the baby is his happiness, all the money he spent on her wasn’t in vain because he will soon carry his baby, he wish he has lived responsibly a decent life like Oscar, Oscar warned him severally about his life style but he never listened now he is suffering from it, suffering real hærd, he has slime down from frustration and thinking too much, life is not more interesting to him, he wish he can undo what he has done in the past, and focused on one woman instead of three that’s almost killing him,
Ryan tried to shut his mind and ear from Clara’s shout but he can still hear her, he put his two hands to his ears, trying to shut the terrible noise coming from Clara, and just then Clara came to where he sat and emptied the plate of food on his head, she picked up the water and poured on top of the food that was on Ryan’s head, Ryan held his anger, he can’t raise his hand on a pregnant woman, he has never raised his hand on a woman before, he can’t try that now, not even with Clara’s condition, no matter how he is being provokes him, water and food mixed together was plastered on his body, all over him, he shut his eyes so that the pepper will not get to his eyes, he tried to go to the bathroom to clean up but Clara was still scre-ming at him, and blocked him from moving with her fake baby bump, which was protruding out like real pregnancy,
“you don’t know the kind of person I am yet, I will show you…I will make life difficult for you…I have not started yet and you are already crying, I will make life miserable for you.. Ryan if you don’t give me the money to go and get the apartment you will regret ever knowing me, I told you I needed a car and apartment with five years rent paid and you gave me money just for the car and told me you don’t have money again for an apartment, what kind of talk is that, where are mine suppose to live with my child when i give birth, because I can’t live here with you except you want to dig your grave, I don’t even want anything with you again, I just need my apartment as quick as possible, I just don’t want to hear that excuse you are given Ryan, I don’t care if you have money or not, just make it available, go and steal, borrow do whatever I don’t care, just provide it…Ryan provide it, give me the money or there’s no peace in this house for you…my baby and I need a comfortable place to live …I was talking to you and you were shutting your ears with your hand, how stupid can you be, I am talking about an important thing, for me and my child and you are shutting your ears from hearing me, are you high, do you know who I am…
Clara pushed him and hit his back as he rushed to the bathroom and shut the door, Ryan stayed there, trying to clean up his body, which was messed up from the food and water that Clara poured on him, tears filled his eyes and he hit the bathroom mirror and it shattered, and he mistakenly injured his hand with the glass and was bleeding in not time from the cut, his life was really a mess, he gave in to his silent pain and allowed the tears that clouded his eyes to flow out freely, he was tired of everything, tired of Clara and life itself, the truth is that he doesn’t have money again and Clara will not want to hear that, she will definitely kill him, he just wants to go out there, not into a woman’s arm but to just stay out there and breath, and appreciate everything he has ever taken for granted before.
Becca paid the cab that dropped her, she did not understand what Oscar was trying to warn her about but she was prepared for anything she was going to meet, she was here to pay Ryan her last hærd visit, she has allowed him to cool off and get healed from Oscar’s wound now it was time for her own wound on him after which she will leave him for good, she likes revenge, and no one crosses her and get away with it, and Ryan has crossed her in a hærd way, he took her for granted, she will leave everlasting mark on him, so that whenever he sees it he will remember her, and have the fear of women which was the beginning of his destruction, she has a bag filled with different weapons, and a pepper spray mix with powerful chemical, he will use that to destabilize him before tying him up and with any weapon he chose she will use it on him, she can be very loving and can also be a wicked witch depends on which was necessary at that moment.
She didn’t call Clara to tell her of her plans she needed to do this without anybody discouraging her, and Clara was 8months pregnant she need to concentrate on her due date, she will tell her everything after she was done with her deed, and any woman she see’s with Ryan is in a big trouble, even if is that stupid Sarah, she will be in deep mess, she will deal with any woman she finds with Ryan, she just hope that Ryan will be alone, she may even pity him small and cut off one of his finger instead and leave him in pain instead of inflicting much wound on him, and it all depends on how he plead, she was expecting the unexpected.


Becca got close to the house she can hear a woman shouting at somebody in,side Ryan’s house, the voice sound familiar, she smiled because whoever that was in there with Ryan was just unlucky, the person must be so unfortunate, she double tap on the door, no respond came, she knocked h-rder again and waited with her mixed pepper spray in hand, the woman will get it first before Ryan, she will blind her will the hot spray before attacking,
Becca can hear foot sound coming towards the door, and it was a familiar lady’s voice who was angrily shouting at something or someone.
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