A Road to Nowhere

A Road to Nowhere (episode 16)

© Oby Chinyere
Melinda’s phone was ringing and it was Doctor Philip that was calling her, she picked
“Hello Doc..
“Mel, I’m in front of your house again, you said you were going to call me today but you haven’t, I waited and is already 3pm, I have no choice than to call, guess is another disappointment, I won’t be surprise anyway…is fine Mel, I will just drive back home…
“No, hold on, don’t go I’m coming right away, please I will be right there in about thirty minutes…
“For real…I’m happy now…thanks Mel, I will be waiting here for you…
Melinda ended the call and face Oscar who spoke first
“I hope there’s no emergency at the hospital…
“Yea, there is emergency that I have to attend to, so I have to go now…whenever you are ready to tell me what exactly is bothering you, you know where to find me
“Melinda, please let’s not dwell on this, let me go and drop you at the hospital…
“Don’t worry, I will find my way Oscar..
Oscar tried to k-ss her but she turned away and walk out.
Becca woke to a call on her phone, she checked the caller it was unknown number, she picked up
“Hello, who’s this…
“Becca, please is me…
“You who, who are you exactly…speak up…can’t hear you..
“please don’t end the call, i know you will never pick my call if I use my main line… that was why I’m using a strange number, please hear me out first, I’m begging, is Clara…I know I don’t have any right to call you but I know there is still a little human in you, you maybe shrewd but I know you, an i know you have human sympathy, I need your help, Becca…I’m at your door… please open up and hear me out first…Becca…
“Yes, I’m glad you know that I’m shrewd, so what do you want witch, I don’t allow evil and manipulative enemies who act like friends around me.. I don’t allow them to my house either, say what do you want or I will end this call right now, do you think you can come to my place as you wish again, you don’t have that right anymore, you are so evil Clara, what you want before I end this nonsense call…
Clara continued begging for her to open the door, Becca thought of different thing as she finally ended the call, what if Clara has come to attack her, is being three months she striped her off her cover, maybe Clara came for payback, which she was also ready for, Becca quickly searched for where she kept her pepper spray, she covered up her skin with thick cloth and asked Clara to move far back from her door step before she open the door Clara did that immediately, Becca assessed her through her window and saw that she has a scar that has not totally healed off on her forehead, it must be one of those deep cut she gave her or the one Ryan gave her, it will always serve as a reminder to her, Clara has totally emaciated, looking so unkempt, and there’s a sign of stressed under her eyes, she was worn out, not the sparkling beautiful Clara that she use to know, she felt pity for her and instantly felt hatred as she remembered all she did, she can’t allow her close to her, because she deserve whatever she got
Becca opened the door, and didn’t allow Clara in,side, she asked her to stand at a distance or she will spray another chemical into her eyes, Clara stood at a distance as she instructed her and started begging Becca, she begged her to forgive for all she did,
“Stop all this pretense Clara, I know you are not sorry, you are only acting sorry just because you were caught, if you have gotten away with all your evil deed you would have being smiling and mocking me and everyone you have deceived by now, you would have being calling us fools, just look at you, this is what you brought upon yourself Clara and you will suffer for it alone, so I can’t pity you because you are so evil, you can kill even without a gun, your sight is even disgusting me…
“I understand you hate me, I deserve it all and even worst, but please pity me, I just need small money to care for myself…I don’t have any right to beg of any help but just pity me, I need your help Becca, I don’t have anywhere to go to, and you took all the money I had with me, Ryan beat me and dump me off by the road side, it was a good Samaritan that took me to the hospital and paid off my hospital bill after I spent weeks there, and they bought bags of blood for me, because I lost alot of blood, I was in the hospital for weeks Becca, and I was later discharged and the good man paid all my bills, and gave me small cash that I have being using to survive, I don’t have anything again, I have being eating from hand to mouth ever since….i have to summon courage to come top you, all I ask for is little help so that I can use it and move around and get a job…so that I can get my life together..
“hope you didn’t scam that your good Samaritan that helped you, because you are a stupid senseless scammer, anyway I’m not so evil, I will give you some cash, after all you worked for it, I’m wealthy all thanks to you for working for me, carrying fake pregnancy and duping Ryan out of his hærd money, well, I couldn’t have done that, I don’t have that kind of nerve because I’m wise enough to know what’s appropriate and what’s not, you over did your evil, so greedy, you could have walked away at the early stage with enough money in your account, but no you didn’t, you wanted a car and a house, a greedy fool like you, and nemesis caught up with you, you suppose to go and thank God that you are still breathing, because I would have killed you that day Clara or even Ryan whom you gave hope of a child and he kept doing your bidding until the last struck, it must have being so difficult for him to even go close to women again, I don’t pity him at all, neither do I pity you, you both deserve what you got, just thank God that Ryan didn’t kill you, you are so evil, how could you Clara, I can not even start to imagine all your atrocities, if I remember all you did i will want to do worst that what I did to you…
Becca went in,side and got a bundle of cash and came out again, she threw it at Clara and ask her to leave immediately, and Clara thanked her very well before leaving.
Becca was in,side thinking of what could have happened to Ryan, is being months since they all clashed, and he has not hærd from him ever since, she knew he must be broken and devastated after realizing he was deceived for almost a year with Clara’s pregnancy, she thought of the good time they shared before he decided to scatter it all with his own hands, Becca has planned leaving the country with all the cash she had or starting a good business but her mind will not let her, she wanted to start her life afresh after all the chaos of boyfriend and her fake girlfriend, she wanted to be far from everyone and everything, but something kept her back, as much as she doesn’t want to pity Ryan because he got himself into the mess he is into, she can’t still deny the fact that it was all his money that made her wealthy and left him penniless, she once loved him but he threw everything away with his reckless life style and ended up with Clara that could have rendered him useless or probably killed him. Maybe she will take the remaining money back to him, she can’t claim wealthy with another man’s pain, she will make her own legal money, even though it looks like a blessing in disguise she can’t get herself to do what she wanted with the wh0le money, her conscience will not let her, she knew Ryan must have learnt his lesson in a hærd way.
Ryan took a motorbike home from work, he paid the man and went straight to his house, his car is bad and he has not being able to change the car engine because he doesn’t have the money yet, he was putting all his effort in working so that he can bounce back to his feet, he was scared of every woman he comes across, he kept them all at a distance, he hærdly reply to their cordial greetings, he was truly scared of all of them, since after the incident with Clara, finding out that she wasn’t pregnant after all, he has locked himself for days and almost drank himself to death, Clara was so evil, to have deceived him all those while, and drained him off of every penny he had, he was grateful to Becca for coming and exposing every of Clara’s secret even without knowing, all hidden thing was revealed, maybe if Becca hasn’t showed up he would have being jobless by now or probably kill himself out of frustration that Clara dragged him into, it was Becca that made him to know the truth about Clara, and Becca took every of his sweat, “well the money was better off with Becca than with the gold digger called Clara”,
Ryan just wanted to live his life and value all that he took for granted, he learnt never to take anyone for granted, he took both Becca and Sarah for granted, and they are both gone, he doesn’t even have any right to go and look for Sarah again, because he doesn’t deserve her, he has gone to her house after one month, not for her to take him back but to knell and ask for her forgiveness and really mean it this time, after begging he will leave her, she deserve somebody like Oscar not him, he is a confuse being, and life is really dealing with him, he has gone to see Sarah but he was told she moved out, which was even the best, she need to move away from all the trouble he caused her, Becca was a jealous lover, he knew all that and yet he still went ahead double dating, thinking he was smart, he deserved everything he got, he was grateful that he still has a life to live, what if Clara has killed him, or thought of poisoning him to death, what if Becca has came with a gun and shoot him to death, what if Oscar has killed him that day he caught him and Sarah in bed, what good would have being his death, what gain would it have been for him, all the wh0le thing he did thinking he was enjoying life, was all in vain,
Ryan who has not being able to get another television after Becca destroyed the one he had, everything in the house was destroyed, so he was trying to start living a good and different life, he felt more at peace with himself than before, when he has enough money he will replace his home appliance that was destroyed, right now he just want to have his peace and rest of mind which he has not being able to get for so long,
Ryan hærd a knock and he wondered who was at the door, it has being a long time some one came knocking at his door that must be since the day Becca came and caught him and Clara, and his life has never remained the same ever since, he has wanted to create a h0le on the door to be able to know whoever that comes knocking, he has lived very peaceful and quiet life, trying to recover from all he lost, he doesn’t want anybody to come and destroy the peace of mind that he was beginning to enjoy, women are the last thing in his mind, he has being beaten too hærd by them to go close to anyone, he was trading very careful anywhere they are,
Ryan stood at the door without opening it, he asked who was knocking and the voice came and it was Becca’s voice,
His heart began to beat again as he wondered why Becca came again, what do she want from him again, they have taking all he had, why did she come back after months.
“Yes, what do you want Becca…how can I help you…
“I returned something that belongs to you…open the door, I’m not here for another fight, I guess the last was still fresh in our memory, I just want to hand you back your stuff and I will leave immediately.
Ryan opened the door, he saw Becca, still very beautiful but he can’t be deceived by a woman’s beauty again, Becca looked at him and gave him something wrapped in a big envelope,
“this belong to you, is not mine, so I returned it to the rightful owner, I could have done anything I want with it, but no, I have a good conscience, and this is not the way I want to live or how I want to make it in life, not through another’s sweat or pain, take it is yours, I will find my footing and be happy with all that’s mine, everyone must not be mad at same time, not every woman you came across is a thief or gold digger, some are just naturally crazy when they are crossed, they are jealous lovers and can kill for what is there’s or if they are taking for granted, but they hærdly take what belongs to another…and I brought back this, the remaining of what I took from you, I couldn’t spend it all, had lots of plan, what I intend to do with it but I couldn’t just do it, there’s still a lot in,side the envelope that will be very useful to you…
Ryan saw that she was serious, and looks sincere, he doesn’t know what was in,side the envelope yet so he took it from her and quickly opened it, he saw wads of cash, he was shock and wondered the kind of person Becca was, why would she return so much amount of money she took from an unfaithful and foolish man like he use to be, other lady will be glad to do away with it, but she spent and remained for him, which means she still have conscience, and she is still very human after all not like Clara… she took the money from Clara and returned some back to him, he opened his mouth but words didn’t come out,
Becca turned and started walking away, Ryan wondered what to do as he watch her walk away, he doesn’t know if Becca has truly forgiven him for not only cheating or lying to her but also got entangled with her bosom friend, which was the last struck of madness for her, this was a good opportunity to beg her for everything he ever did, as much as he doesn’t want anyone in his life right now he still want to plead to be forgiven to those he has hurt in the past, and Becca was one of them,
Becca came with a taxi who she has asked to wait, just as she was about to get in,side the car, Ryan called her to wait, he ran and caught up with her, he stood in front of her, not knowing what to say, as he bite his lower l-ips severally, before saying,
“thank you…for this, i never expected it Becca, not from you, i’m really grateful,I just want to start all over, I know I don’t deserve another chance, but could you please start by been my friend, I don’t want to take you to bed or have all the dirty fun like we use to have in the past, not like before again, no far from that, all I want is to introduce myself as a changed person and try to see if I can be your friend and not the enemy we created, I don’t want to talk about the past, it hurt all of us, it still hurt when I think of it, but let it remain where it belong, please permit me to be just a friend, I don’t deserve it but you could at least try to see how life transformed me to a better man…I will start by introducing myself again…I’m Ryan, and it will be my pleasure to have you as a friend, if you will let me…please
Becca looked at the man standing before her, is either he has totally gone mad or he has really changed as he said , all she could do was to smile and went in,side the car that brought her, and the driver zoomed off, Ryan smiled and waved before going in,side with the money envelope still in his hand,
now he can fix his car and get few things for the house.he thought withing himself, he was happy to receive unexpected money from an unexpected person.

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