A Road to Nowhere

A Road to Nowhere (episode 17)

© Oby Chinyere
 Oscar Waited for days which turned into weeks but didn’t here from Melinda, he called her and she will say she’s busy at the hospital, after a month of trying to reach her, he even went to the hospital but he will always be told that she was busy and can’t see him, if he goes to the house she was not always around, so he decided to go over to her place and wait until he sees her, on getting there her colleague Binta, told him that she was not around just as expected,

He decided to wait for her in his car, he was there for over an hour waiting for her and she didn’t come back, he tried calling her again but she wasn’t taking his calls, night was already approaching, darkness has come to settle, he has being there for hours but no sign of Melinda, he stayed quietly in his car waiting, just when he was about to give up and go home he saw a car light coming toward her house, he stayed in,side the car as the car stopped in front of her us, and parked, nobody came down from the car, whoever that was in there stayed for another fifteen minute, before the passenger door opened and Melinda came down, the doctor also came down from his side, and they stood, talking about something, which the doctor was doing most of the talking while Melinda was just laughing and said few things, Oscar stomach tightened as the doctor gently drew her to himself and k-ssed her fully on the mouth, before going back to his car and drove off, Oscar was in rage as he watched the wh0le thing,
He swore under his breath and quickly came down from his car and walked up to Melinda who was going in,side the house, Melinda saw him coming and kept walking, she didn’t bother to stop, Oscar walked up to her and jerked her around with force, holding her with anger..


“You are hurting me Oscar…let go of my hand now…
Oscar quickly left her, he was breathing hærd,
“So is because of him you have not being taking my calls, or returning any of my messages, or even wanting to see me, is over a month Melinda…so is all because of the doctor…I saw him k-ss you, I saw everything…so you don’t need to deny it..
“I wasn’t going to deny it, he k-ssed me…so what…
“Melinda, oh my God…Melinda you are cheating on me and you are proud to admit it to my face…
“hmm…I’m not cheating on you Oscar, I’m done with you…I don’t want to play this game any more, I don’t want to be a looser, I’m just tired of baby sitting you, trying to make our relationsh¡p work but you kept on pulling back, I’m tired of your cold behavior, when last did we have fun, play together, go to the movies, or even have one of those sweet moment together, when last was that, I can’t even remember, I tried to draw you out of whatever the problem was but you kept on pulling back, I tried Oscar, I really tried and I got tired, for every of your cold behavior, the love kept on fading, I have cried over you, lost appetite because of you, sometime, I will hold a hot coffee at the hospital cafeteria until it turns cold in my hand, and I will just remembered how loving and hot you use to be and you suddenly went cold, I will sit out there thinking about you, I love you Oscar, I still do, I love you so very much that my wh0le being evolves around you, if you are happy I’m happy, if you are sad I’m sad, I love you so much that it hurt anytime I see you going deeper into thinking that you have refuse to share with me, and whenever I ask you, you will lie and say is nothing, whereas there’s something bothering you, if you love me enough or value and trust me like I do then you will lay out your worries and we will talk about it and look for a way forward, no matter what it is, I am very understanding, Oscar, when it comes to you, I was ready to over look, and do anything that will make you happy, I tried to make our relationsh¡p work, it was as if I was the only one in it, you were friending your thought and left me outside, I just couldn’t take it anymore, all I want is to be happy, doctor Phil was there for me when you chased me off and took Sarah, those time I couldn’t concentrate at work always thinking of you and the way you cut me off from your life, Doctor Philip was always there to help me out, he cracks jokes, get me stuff and was very supportive, those night I couldn’t sleep just crying over you, doctor Phil will call and will tell me stories over the phone, he will make sure I feel sleepy before he drops the call, he was always there and yet when he asked me to date him I refuse with the hope you may still come back, he begged severally, I said no, I was just hoping you may come back to me, and when you did, I was so happy, nothing and nobody matters again, not even doctor Phil, you Oscar was all that matters, and I couldn’t just deny the fact that I still love you Oscar, so I have to put everything aside and started again with you, and just when I thought we were heading somewhere, you started misbehaving again, acting cold all of a sudden, I tried to keep it alive, I wanted “us” back, I did everything possible but Oscar you were in another world entirely, I can’t even reach you, you don’t look at me like you will do in the beginning or k-ss me or even want me, we don’t go out anymore, you always forming busy or too tired from work, I was just tired Oscar, I don’t want to be hurt again, I can’t allow myself to be hurt again by you, it was time to move and be in the life of somebody that cherish me, Phil love and cherish me, I’m still learning to love him like I should, I gave all the love to you Oscar and now, I want to learn how to love another, and I’m already falling in line for that, Phil can sweep any woman off her feet, he has being great, and I can say I’m going deeper into him, that’s what I want and I know it will happen, I will learn to love him like he deserve, you were already hurting me with your actions, the wh0le relationsh¡p thing was becoming boring, I hate such, I will rather quit and make good use of my life, go and be with whoever you have being thinking off, I’m off your life now, no one is stopping you…but I can’t allow myself to be hurt anymore…no, not again…
“Mel..i…I’m sorry…I’m deeply sorr…y…please don’t do this to me, how do you want me to start my life again…how do I begin again…I do love you…I was just going through something which I never know was going to result to this, I just do not want to drag you into my troubles that was why I kept it all to myself, I want you back Mel, I miss you around me, I miss you Mel, you are my best friend, I know you have never stopped loving me, I took the first for granted which I regretted, I never intend to hurt you again, never, please give me another chance to make it right, Mel don’t leave me now, my life is in shamble, I don’t have anybody right now except you, if you leave i will be more devastated than I ever want to be…come back to me, I’m ready to love you more than I ever did, I’m ready to drop anything that will bring sadness in our togetherness, I’m here for you now, please Mel, I will k-ss you like you have always wanted, I will look at you like you are the must precious jewel on earth, I can’t cope alone without you, I need you, I will be all yours, please don’t leave me.., I’m ready to tell you whatever that bothers me, I will tell you everything, the wh0le truth because you are my only friend, yeah, you were right, it was Sarah, is being Sarah, I’m sorry I lied, I lied because I was afraid of loosing you, I don’t want to loose you Melinda, my coldness started when she came some months back telling me of her pregnancy, at first she was sober and was crying and I held her, I…I k-ssed her, it was just nothing, just wanted to console her, I wasn’t thinking Mel, and she went throwing up in my bathroom all of a sudden and then before she left she told me that she was pregnant but never said who was responsible, I asked but she wouldn’t say Mel, and I just kept thinking, I don’t know why I still think of her, I wasn’t suppose to but sometime I can’t just help it, I just find myself thinking about her and wondering who was responsible for her pregnancy, I went looking for her the day I met you outside the house waiting for me, just to clear the air, I wanted to get my life together and to concentrate with you, that was why I went over to her place but I was told she has relocated, she moved out, I’m sorry Mel, I can do anything right now to have you back to me, I can prove to you that the baby is not mine and even if is mine that will not change my love for you, please just hold on, let me call her and see if she will pick today…please just a sec…I’m ready to do anything…
Oscar brought out his phone and dialed Sarah’s number and was surprise as it started ringing, Sarah didn’t pick at first ring but later picked, and when she spoke Oscar have to swallow hærd, he has not hærd her voice for months, and suddenly hearing it triggered something in him, he knew he loves Sarah, but Sarah was gone and he will not allow her to spoil his relationsh¡p with Mel, anything that will make Mel to stay he will do it..
“Hello Sarah, how…how.. are you…
“I’m fine, and you…is being a while, how are you Oscar…
Oscar wondered why Sarah number decided to go today and why was she acting so nice and her voice was still lovely like ever, he really missed her and wondered where she could be and how she was coping with life, he wondered if she’s well and the pregnancy too… Oscar had lots of question to ask but all he could say was
“I didn’t call for all this complimentary, stop trying to act nice, you are not, you ruin my life and now you want to ruin my relationsh¡p, you said you were pregnant the last time I saw you, and is being months now…and I didn’t call to…to
“Why do you call, what do you want Oscar…I’m off your life, very far from you and from everyone else, I can’t destroy your life or your relationsh¡p because I’m far away from you, I started my life again and I’m trying to make good meaning out of it, I don’t want to fight with you… you are a good man I’m still very sorry I ruined what we had, I regret it everyday of my life, I was stupid, I know I hurt you deeply, seeing me like that with Ryan in bed was very bad, I’m very sorry Oscar, those are one of my regrets, I wish I can undo what has being done, but I count it as one of life sad experiences, I was loving the wrong person who doesn’t even deserve it and I ignored the man who loved me with his life, I can’t tell you how sorry I am, I have learnt now I’m not looking back anymore, I’m moving forward and trying to be better, I don’t know why you called but you seriously don’t have to call like this, please don’t hold unforgiveness in your heart against me, I was ignorant, I was foolish, I admit my wrongs, please forgive me and move on, like I have done, we all hurt at some point but that’s in the past now, let’s all be happy and not let what happened to keep hurting us…yes, I said I was pregnant and I never asked you to come and take responsibility of it, I’m fine, taking care of myself…I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me some day…hello Oscar…
Oscar breathed deeply, he wish he can see Sarah right now, she didn’t say if she was still pregnant or not, and she still didn’t say who the pregnancy was for, Oscar’s hand was sweating, he did not want to hurt Sarah but he has to say anything right now for Mel who was just standing under their tree light looking at him, he looked at her as he listened to Sarah on phone, her voice kept hitting him like a pebble, his heart was beating, he knows he has to concentrate or he will loose Melinda, who was already getting irritated with his action, so he spoke
“listen Sarah, I don’t care about you, and that’s the fact, and I don’t care if you are pregnant or not, is non of my business, the baby is not for me, even if you lay the child to my feet I will walk away, it belong to your lover Ryan, your cheat of a boyfriend, I don’t care about you or your pregnancy, that is if you are even pregnant, don’t call me in the future about anything concerning the child that’s if you have not aborted the baby, because you are capable of evil, I don’t even know why you told me you are pregnant when you know who you are suppose to take the news to, and you almost ruin my relationsh¡p, I just wanted to make it clear to you, so that we will have a mutual understanding that I still ha..te..hate you and I hate everything about you Sarah, stay off my path and remain where you are…you are very wicked and senseless, you are…hello…hello
The line went dead. He combed his hand into his hair, he breathed deeply, he hated himself more for saying all that to Sarah, he never meant any of those things he said, he wondered why Sarah’s line that has not being going all this while decided to go today that he was trying to prove a point to Melinda, he has to say all those things he doesn’t mean to Sarah so that Melinda can believe him, he wish he can see Sarah and apologies, is true that Sarah hurt him and he has hated her for that but he is hurting himself even more now by just calling and hearing her voice again, all the feelings and memory came rushing back like flood, and him standing in front of Melinda’s gaze who seem to be like his judge, he has to do and say all he did just to convince her, and with the way Melinda was looking at him he wish the he can just disappear, but he need to win Melinda back, he wants her back and he wants to concentrate with her, he want to make amend for his wrongs, she has being patient with him.
“Yeah, Mel you can see I got nothing with her…I hope she got the message, I just want to prove to you that nothing will come between us ever again…please don’t leave me, please Mel..
“Look at the way you are shaking, you still love that girl Oscar, and you don’t mean any of those things you said to her, you are just trying too hærd to prove a nonsense point to me, you are obviously in love with Sarah and you are trying too hærd to win me over, I know you Oscar, I read you like book, you can deceive everyone but not me, I know you like my own palm, I’m done Oscar, I know this is not the way I planned it to be, I never wanted it to end, but I’m sorry this is the final bustop for me, I can’t do this any more, let me stay with the man that love me and that will cherish me more than you will, is better off that way than being in a hopeless relationsh¡p with a man who is still in love with his ex girlfriend who cheated on him and he still k-ssed her when she came begging, I’m just done Oscar, I can’t wait for you to hurt me again…just go to your house…is over…we can still be friends, I’m not cutting you off totally like you once did to me, but we can’t be intimate anymore, I’m involve with the doctor now, and I will love him like he deserve is just a matter of time…
Oscar kept pleading and promising heaven and earth, he pleaded, he held Melinda but she pushed him away and ran in,side, leaving Oscar standing and looking like a lost child, he was confuse as he stood there not knowing what to do, he later went back to his car and drove home, day to day, he tried to win Melinda back, but he saw that her mind was made up, she left him for the doctor and they both seem like an item, as the doctor was always looking happy as if he has won a medal, doctor Phil obviously love Melinda and Melinda was gradually falling for him, and after months of being together Melinda came to love the doctor more than she expected and within a year, the doctor propose to Melinda, he asked her to marry him.
Oscar was finding it hærd to move on, he has come to accept defeat again, first it was Sarah and now it was Melinda, he look defeated, he wish he can make amend, and redo those things he has done wrongly, he was sad, he became more cold and distance himself from people, he buried himself in his work so that he will stop thinking, he was sad most times, he tried to do many things, different activity but he still retire to his house and lock himself and all he could do was to think, he doesn’t drink or smoke, he could have drank himself to stupor, he knows he will be fine with time,
There’s lots of failure and defeats in life, all he wanted is to over look everything that caused him heartbreak and move and live like nothing happens. But he was finding it difficult to do that,


If Sarah was ever pregnant she will be a mother by now, she has refused taking his calls again, she must be happy wherever she is and has probably found love again and Melinda is getting married to doctor Philip, Ryan and Becca have started all over again, Becca called to tell him, she and Ryan are back together, and that Ryan is now a changed man, and they are just starting off as friends again and she was ready to give him another chance. Becca sound happy with that, he was happy for them as well, but they are not his problem, he doesn’t even know what exactly is his problem,
Oscar wondered why he hasn’t move on like everyone else is doing, he is just the only one that is still on the ground, still at a s₱0t, he is just here accepting everyday as it comes, he knows he will be fine eventually. Maybe he will just relocate to another city, because everything around him here reminds him of sadness, failure and defeat, he doesn’t want to be reminded of that anymore, all he wanted is to breathe new air, and start all over again just like everyone else.
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